Cousin Anita

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I am Naveen a well-educated man well settled in life with my own business. I had fair amount of sex in my life but still till last week I had an unfulfilled fantasy that I had been having over for almost 20 years. I have entertained myself on numerous occasions where she played the starring role in my masturbatory fantasies. In fact Anita (my cousin) is a walking, talking, living wet dream.

I had met her couple of times in my childhood as her family lived in another city but I got to know her better when her father was transferred to our town and they started staying near to our house. It’s hard for me to remember exactly when I started looking at Anita in a way other than just as younger sister (she is 2 year younger to me).

In a conservative society of India 25 years back I knew it would never become a reality, also I didn’t have the nerve to even attempt to make it happen. Despite all this as she grew my desire for her grew, by the time Anita was 21 Years she seemed to develop all the physical attributes. She had great legs and very well developed thighs, a very pretty face with big beautiful eyes. Over all this her biggest assets were very big bobs and a very tight, nice ass.

Almost 20 years have passed but I still remember vividly the first time I got a little more than the normal view of Anita. It was during one of the summer months when she was probably 22 or maybe a little older. I went to Anita’s house for giving some papers that her father wanted. I was about to return after giving the papers to their servant when I noticed that the window to the Anita’s bedroom was wide open because of the heat (no air conditioner in hose). I still don’t know what pulled me to that window & I decided to take a look into the bedroom. Anita was in process of changing her clothes and was standing there in her bra and panty. Her back, ass and thighs were exposed to me. My breath was completely taken away from me. There right in front of me was a sight that I had only dreamed about. Anita’s ass was big, beautiful and looked rock solid. Her thighs were extremely shapely. This had an incredible effect on me. I was so excited I didn’t know what to do. I didn’t stare long for fear of getting caught. Coming back home I straight went to bathroom and masturbated closing my eyes and dreaming of Anita.

Then onwards, I never had any opportunity to see her naked. I did have occasions to see her cleavage, her uncovered legs & part of her thighs, her armpits (at times clean shaved and at times full off hair or stubbles) and even parts of her boobs through the loose sleeve holes of her nightie.

Her father was very strict and in those days girls and boys in India use to maintain a distance even while playing. Anita was going to an all girls’ college so there was no question of any boy friend. All the boys in the locality used to talk about her and were envy of me as I was the only proud boy in locality who had privilege to talk to her or visit her house. She never dressed provocatively but she still dressed herself well. No matter what she wore, it was hard to hide her glorious body. She was the type of girl who looks good in anything she wears.

As the custom in India Anita got married right after passing college to a boy in Bombay (now Mumbai) and my fantasy remained a fantasy. I had no means of communication with her and only saw her when she came visiting her parents or as and when she would call my mother or later my wife.

Some ten-year back I got to know that her husband has migrated to Kenya with family and with that my chances of meeting on her o n yearly home visit diminished. As she shifted to Kenya visits to her parents we very few in last ten years. I think she visited only thrice including last year when her father expired. At 38 she was still stunningly beautiful. With time she had developed extra amount of flesh but all in right area.

Even though we hardly met 4/5 times in last 10 years my attraction to Anita never died, in fact meeting her last year after a gap of 5 years my desire for her even grew. The fifteen days she stayed in Delhi last year I always tried to find excuses to be around Anita as much as possible. One day I gathered courage and flirted with her, what surprised me, however, was Anita flirting back. She was no more the Anita that I knew shy, nervous, conservative. Her stay in Kenya and times had changed a lot, she was now bold and confident. This gave me courage and I tried couple of time more and she always responded back. As the days of Anita returning neared she started giving me those looks that I really began to believe that this woman would be open to any suggestion or idea I might have concerning the two of us.

I made up my mind and even at great risk, decided that once for all I had to say or do something to her and I had to do it before she left Delhi. The problem was getting her alone long enough to tell her what I now felt was a necessity. Fifteen days flew and I could not find that right escort bayan bursa moment and situation.

The D-day arrived and she flew back once again leaving me behind with my fantasies but her visit just reinforced the fantasy that continued building in my active imagination.

I now feel that god was by my side. Three months back I received a business inquiry from Nairobi. I have staff to take care of any new inquires but as it was from Nairobi I personally followed it up and last week when it was time to finalize the business I offered my buyers to visit them. My staff was quite surprised as the volume was not big and spending all the money to visit was not right business proposition. I am the boss so no one objected and my visit program was finalized.

I fixed my program and as the air ticket and hotel reservation were confirmed I called Anita. I had a feeling some where in my heart that time has come for me to fulfill my long cherished fantasy. My heart was pounding with nervousness as I dialed the number. Anita answered on the seventh ring (I was counting the rings). “Hi Anita,” I said. “This is Naveen. How are you doing?”

“I’m fine Naveen,” she said in that sweet voice of hers. “Are you doing alright?” She seemed to be surprised on receive my call.

“I’m doing ok,” I said. “I am coming to Nairobi next week for an business meeting so I thought of checking with you if you and Ravi (her husband) are available.” My voice was shaking and my heart was pounding and for just a brief instant I thought I was going to lose my nerve but I recovered quickly.

“That’s great, I am glad you are coming.” She replied back without giving any consideration to my excitement.

“I will arrive on Thursday but will stay over on Saturday and Sunday if you people are available”. I replied.

“Off course we are available, how about kids and Shiela (my wife), are they also coming?”

“It is examination time here so I don’t think they can make it this time.” I replied.

“Oh, anyway you should keep time for us apart from business, it is first time any of my relatives is visiting.” She replied.

“I need two days from business and I am keeping another two days just for you people, that make it four days trip”

“I think you have to give us more time, come with a open ticket and we will decide your return once you come” She replied

I said. “I will decide once I arrive as of now my plan is to come back on Sunday”.

“Ok, if you say so,” she said, “Give me your flight details I will pick you up from airport”.

“Don’t give this any thought. My hotel is confirmed and I have a free pickup. I will call you on reaching.”

Anita was furious on hearing “hotel”, “We have a nice house and can always spare you room, why you will stay in hotel.” “No way give me your flight details & you are staying with us, cancel all your hotel bookings”. She almost ordered me.

“I am on business so it will be hassle staying with you but be assured I will shift to your place once the meetings are over” I explained to her.

Anita was pacified with my explanation “Ok if you say so, but I will pick you from airport no need of pickup”.

We chatted for two or three more minutes before the conversation ended

As I hung the phone there were so many thoughts going through my head. Will I be able to fulfill my fantasy this time? Would she be willing? Does she have similar feelings for me? Will I get any free time with her or her husband will be there all the time? I could only guess at the answer to these questions.

My physical attraction to her was too natural and too real and I couldn’t deny it. Sitting in my office I started of dreaming of naked Anita with me. Her face, her big and black eyes, her soft as silk cheeks, her full and juicy lips, her firm and bib boobs, and above all her beautiful ass and thighs. All were there for me to dream. Sitting on office chair I started masturbating fantasized about having those great thighs wrapped around my head or fucking that great ass. For the first time I masturbated sitting on my office chair. That was the magic of Anita.

In the next few days, I must have dreamt of her many times, and thought what I would do when we met. I started having pangs of anxiety and finally the day arrived when I was to fly out. My wife wanted to join me but for children examination she never pushed me for taking her along.

The flight to Nairobi is not a very long one but this time I felt as if it is taking longer then required. In flight I was dreaming of Anita all the time and was looking forward to meet her.

As I came out of Customs area I saw her, she was looking around for me and I waived my hand to get her attention. When she saw me, she waived back and I started walking toward her. She rushed towards me & welcomed me with a nice hug that mashed her boobs into my chest. This was unaccepted, I was taken back but heat from her body was good enough to bursa sinirsiz eskort raise a tent in my trousers. I some how controlled as I pushed my cart to the exit.

As we were waiting for her car to arrive chatting usual staff about family and relatives back home in India I gave a close look at her. For the first time I was seeing her in a dress other a saree or salwar kameez. She was wearing a tight top and equally tight jeans. The neck of her top was cut in the square shape and was wide and low enough so that her cleavage as well as the upper halves of her boobs could peep through it easily. The top ended right over her blue stretch jeans with buttons on her fly and blue thick-soled Adidas canvas sneakers on her feet. Her ample ass and big boobs tempted me to reach out and grab them and fulfill my long cherished fantasy but I resisted the temptation and continued to look at them as there was no harm in looking.

The drive to hotel took around 45 minutes and it was a torture for me sitting next to my fantasy women. My eyes kept looking at her bulging boobs and I think Anita noticed that, but instead of steadying herself she continued talking and her boobs continued to grab most of my attention. In the car, we chatted about her family; relatives back home in India, my kids, Indian movies & so on. She took a lot of interest in my family digging information out of me.

She was completely different person here in Nairobi. She sounded very excited as she communicated. I decided I have to give my fantasy a try so made a move to test waters. As we were chatting I commented on her looks and dress. “You look like a fashion model in this nice dress.”

Anita laughed. “When in Rome, act as the Romans.”

Getting no adverse comments I continued, “I swear, I don’t know why you only wear Saree or Salwar Kameez, this dress make you look 15 years younger.”

She patted at my thighs and said “Thanks, you know in India my dad would not have approved of all that”. She continued, “It is good to receive compliment at this age.”

I was enjoying the conversation now it was going my way. “Don’t say that, it look like you are trying to remind me of my age.” I replied.

“No, No, you are still a young man, Shiela is very lucky to have you as her husband.”

“So is the case with Ravi, in fact he is more lucky.” I replied.

As I said this I could see Anita drifting in some thoughts and I could read pain in her eyes. “Is every thing ok Anita?” I asked her.

She quickly regained composure and replied “Oh yes.” Changing topics she asked “So what exactly is it you do now, Naveen?”

I explained him about my products and after about twenty minutes we pulled into the driveway of hotel.

After I was through with formalities of check-in I turned my attention back to her and said “It’s too hot here, I hope you would definitely like to have a cold drink with me.”

She smiled at me “No, I’m have a meeting in my club so I better get going but we are definitely meeting for dinner tonight.”

“I would love that, I don’t know what time I will be free in evening. I’ll call you and most likely today will be difficult but we will definitely meet tomorrow.”

“Good Day Naveen, I’ll call you either way in evening and we will decide. And thank you for remembering me.”

She began to turn but stopped and said, “Will you please try to give me as much time as possible in the next days before you leave?” She didn’t wait for my reply and giving me another quick peck on the cheek pulled away leaving me with no chance to react or reply.

This was some thing for me. Her parting comment really threw me a curve ball, I was trying to read in-between the line looking at her as she hurriedly went.

I took my room key up to the 13th floor and follow the bellboy thinking of Anita. I wondered what she really felt about me, I smiled as I remembered the line about giving her time. Will I be able to full fill my fantasy this time? Only time would tell.

Bellboy opens the door, and I walks into a large and spacious room packed with goodies, like a Jacuzzi, a good-sized, well-stocked mini-bar, a king sized bed and a balcony.

I tip the bellboy and locking the door behind him and began to unpack and decided to take a shower and shave. I wanted to spend maximum time with Anita so had to finish my meetings fast. Before heading for shower I called my buyer and fixed meeting over lunch in my hotel.

Undressing stark naked, I stepped into the shower, the cold water flowing down the body I recalled the events of earlier, the meeting, the drive to hotel, the conversation…all the while, I couldn’t believe that we were finally together (albeit for only a short time). Every passing moment brought growth to the strength of feelings that I had for her. In no time I started masturbating once again thinking about Anita’s word “give her as time as possible” and things that I would do with her. escort bayan I imagined my dick buried deep inside her hot and wet cunt as I took her from behind! My hands groping her massive boobs, pinching her nipples! My hips smashing her beautiful and luscious ass cheeks! And above all our moaning!

When I had recovered, completing my shower I dressed up and got ready to receive my buyers. The day ahead was busy for me with meeting ’till about 7 that night. My buyers were too happy to receive me and had arranged for a special dinner that night so when Anita called I excused for the dinner that night with promise to be with her next evening.. I missed her but business had to be completed first.

The buyers had arranged dinner in a very fine restaurant and after dinner they took me out to a casino. I am not a habitual gambler so just for fun played a little. Finally we adjourned for the day, fixing the final meeting next day.

I cam back at hotel almost at 2 in the morning, the flight and busy schedule had had taken its toll on me so I took a quick shower to freshen up a bit, jerked off in the shower again thinking of Anita, which brought me a little needed relief as well as disappointment, and then settled down onto the bed wearing nothing more than the hotel bathrobe that was given to every guest to use during their stay.

As I lay on bed, I could only imagine the possibilities ahead and so drifted off to sleep, and the dream already taking place of what may yet occur.

In the morning when I woke up I still had a very painful erection that was showing no signs of dissipating. I simply just want to lie on the bed and masturbate, but decided against it and quickly taking a shower dressed up for the meeting. As I was about to leave room the phone rang. It was Anita.

“Naveen?” I heard her as I picked it.

“Hi!” I said.

“How’s it going, how were your meeting yesterday?”

“They were fine I hope to finalize it today.” I replied.

“I just called to remind you that you are having dinner with us today so we will pick you at 7 to night.”

“See you later on this evening then.” I said.

As I was about to hang up she added, “Black girls are very attractive but be careful this area has high AIDS risk so no fooling around”.

“Ok…you know I am not into all this” I replied.

Anita laughed adding, “Well…..I don’t know that but all I know these African girls can seduce you fast specially Indian men.”

“I’ll see you later on this evening and we can discuss it then.” I said before hanging up.

“I hope so.” Anita replied before she hung up.

Throughout rest of the day even though I was busy in meeting and visiting factory, I felt impatient. To me the evening was too far away. I had hard on a number of times during the day as I visualized Anita’s magnificent body. Finally, the long awaited evening arrived.

Ravi & Anita arrived just after 7 to pick me. As Anita got out of car I was awe struck at her beauty. She was wearing a blue sari with golden print and a very low cut blouse. Half of her back was bare. Her sari was tied rather low, well below her lovely belly button. She wore a diamond pendant and a sleek watch. As I approached her the aroma of her perfume enamored me.

I was meeting after a long gap of may be 7/8 years. He had gained lot of weight, and partially bald. It was hard for me to recognize him. As we exchanged pleasantries I could make out that Ravi had surely made lot of money but had aged very fast. I was about his age but he looked at least 10 years older to me.

We went to restaurant, which had a band playing. It was a very nice place, Ravi & I ordered scotch and to my surprise Ravi ordered wine for Anita. We continued talking mostly about India and relatives and life in Nairobi. Most of talking was done by be and Anita with Ravi throwing in gibberish or two. I found Ravi was a heavy drinker & he continued drinking one drink after another while we chatted on about a lot of things.

As the time passed the place got very wild and crowded; every body was drinking and dancing. Sitting on our table I start looking at all the young’s black chicks in their skimpy sexy cloths and was getting really horny. I wanted to dance but was afraid to propose to Anita.

As we ordered a fresh round of drinks Ravi asked me “Do you enjoy dancing”.

I replied, “Yes”.

“Why don’t you dance with Anita?” he asked me.

”Me no, better you dance with her.” I replied.

Ravi said. “I don’t enjoy dancing, Anita loves it, & you also so better give her company.”

I looked towards Anita, she nodded with a smile on her face and we went to the dance floor. The place was packed; having suitably immersed ourselves into the crowd we began to move to the music. She followed my lead. She had beautiful rhythm and she was really moving to the music. Since the floor was packed it was hard not to keep from bumping into those around. We found ourselves uncontrollably bumping into each other. I didn’t mind.

I looked towards our table; Ravi was not looking at us and seemed to be enjoying his drinks as I was enjoying dancing with his wife.

We danced for almost half an hour or so and then Anita decided to return to table. “”We must get back” she said.

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