Courtney Texts a Stranger Ch. 01

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I was encouraged by the reaction to my first set of stories and decided to write some new material with new characters. As other authors have pointed out, I strongly encourage you to leave a rating and/or feedback. Feedback is what helps me to determine if I’m on the right track in providing something enjoyable for your reading pleasure. I look forward to reading your comments!


Courtney slightly adjusted herself in her seat. To her right, through the crystal clear pane, a lush green landscape that was interrupted by the occasional building or two was visible. The sun was slowly sliding lower from its apex in the sky resulting in a beautiful view that would have been appealing to one paying attention.

Courtney, however, had no such interest in the mesmerizing scenery at the moment. Her head was slightly lowered with phone in hand, and her eyes glazed over as she read a new mystery novel – “The Path” – by her favorite author T.J. Rauthin. It was only the second such book of the genre by the author, and Courtney would not be distracted from its engaging prose.

She typically passed this time in a similar manner. The ride home on the commuter train was over an hour in length, and Courtney had followed her usual routine by stuffing her mind into some latest work of fiction. It was also a habit that she would plug in some earbuds not to listen to music, but rather, to avoid talking to anyone who may sit down next to her.

The train ride was not a new part of her life. At 34 years old, Courtney had lived part of the dream by marrying her college sweetheart, Matt, and becoming an advertising executive for a major firm in the city. Five years ago, they moved from downtown into the suburbs, and the only major downside had been the extended commute. But at the end of the journey home, nothing was the same. The house would be as empty as her heart was now. Matt had passed away two years earlier when a drunk teenager slammed head-on into his vehicle.

The event sent reality crashing into Courtney. She recovered as best that she could and focused on her work and not much else. Her best friend, Lisa, had been there for her as much as possible. But Lisa had a family of her own, and they did not get to see each other often. Courtney would not even consider the possibility of dating as even two years later, the memories of and love for Matt were still very strong. So in between her long work days, Courtney would read and would exercise at the gym whenever possible.

The train was about ten minutes from her station, and as Courtney swiped to the next page of her e-book, she noticed a notification that she had received a text message. Not expecting to hear from anyone, she opened it up.

Unknown: “Thought you would love this picture from the trip!”

Another text arrived with a photo of two women – likely in their late 20s – standing on a beach adorned by crystal blue water and with a lighthouse in the background. One of the women was a voluptuous brunette in a two-piece bikini and the other was a slightly shorter blonde wearing a one-piece suit. They were smiling and obviously were best friends on vacation together.

Tears welled up in Courtney’s eyes because the photo showed what appeared to be the same spot in Hawaii where her and Matt took a photo on their honeymoon. That had been eight years ago, but she recognized the spot immediately. She fought back the emotional breakdown that she might have had at that moment and, not wanting to be rude, responded.

Courtney: “I received a text and a photo from you, but I don’t believe you sent it to the correct person. I love that spot though – my husband and I honeymooned there a number of years ago.”

Courtney knew that the train was almost to the station and was relieved. She was sure that she looked like she had been crying and would prefer to avoid any uneasy questions from one of the other commuters. She heard the notification sound on her phone and saw that she had another message.

Unknown: “Oh I’m so sorry about that! My boyfriend just got a new phone number and I must have programmed it wrong. It was a great vacation. I’m the brunette with the terrible tan! LOL.”

A quick giggle could be heard from Courtney. She was a bit on the pale side and couldn’t knock anyone for a bad tan. She decided to respond, if even to keep the tears from returning.

Courtney: “No way! It’s not bad at all. I’m a freckled redhead so I just burn. I’m almost to my stop but it was nice chatting with you!”

Courtney wasn’t expecting a response so quickly but was surprised when her phone dinged again just two minutes or so from her stop.

Unknown: “You too! I’m Lauren by the way. Always nice to make new acquaintances.”

Courtney felt relieved to be texting with someone who wasn’t too intrusive and wasn’t asking a bunch of questions that would make her depressed. She decided to be friendly and respond. The worst that could happen is that she never hears from the woman again.

Courtney: “Always görükle escort bayan great to make a new friend, even if virtual. I’m Courtney. Nice to meet you – kind of!”

Courtney put away her earbuds. As the train rolled to a stop, she hopped up and shuffled to her car for the remaining three minute ride to her home.

Arriving at home, Courtney grabbed the mail out of the mailbox as she strolled into her home. It was quiet, something to which she wasn’t sure she would ever adjust. It had been a long day at the office, but thankfully, it was Friday. She ready to unwind just a bit but always brought some work home to keep her mind occupied.

Later that evening, after dining on a freshly prepared grilled chicken salad and pouring a glass of wine from the kitchen, Courtney ran a hot bath for herself. She finished up reading the novel that she was engrossed in on the train. After an hour of soaking and reading, she slid into her black nightgown and plopped herself on the bed. She turned on the television looking for a good show to leave on in the background. She preferred the noise as she did some preliminary work on a presentation that she had to give for a client next week. She had a drink from another glass of wine that she was savoring.

About an hour into her presentation work, she heard her phone ding. Reaching over to the nightstand where it was charging, Courtney noticed another text message. She didn’t think that Lisa would be texting her tonight as she was celebrating a wedding anniversary at a swanky party in the city. The text message was innocent enough.

Lauren: “Had another one I thought you might like. Hope to see you soon!”

Almost immediately after reading the message, a picture arrived. “Oh my god,” Courtney yelled out. Of course, there was no one around to hear her, but she could not help herself. The image was of Lauren, the stranger who texted her on the train, sitting at what looked to be a beachside pool. Only this time, her bikini top was pulled down, exposing her ample breasts.

While Lauren had been friendly in her text messages, Courtney did not think that she would hear from her again. She rationalized in her head that the woman had likely forgot to update her boyfriend’s number in her contact list and inadvertently sent her the picture. In Courtney’s mind, that made the most sense.

A few moments later, it dawned on Courtney that she hadn’t actually closed the text message. Her eyes were actually locked on it, looking at how happily seductive Lauren appeared in the picture. Had her blonde friend taken the picture? Was there someone else with them – maybe another friend- who had taken it. The mystery of the photo intrigued Courtney. As she moved her eyes slowly to the stranger’s breasts again, she felt a slight bit of warmth flow throughout her.

Courtney never had a sexual interest in women. Matt had been her everything, the guy to whom she lost her virginity. Since his passing, she had little desire for romance. To and from work, she would see men that she found attractive, but they never held her gaze for long. She never felt that love, or even sex for that matter, would ever be in the cards for her again.

She felt the feeling return again while looking at the photo. If it wasn’t obvious to her at first, the picture of Lauren was having a noticeable effect on her. She felt the her nipples tighten, the silky nightgown sliding against them only made them more sensitive. She put down the phone for a few minutes. “I really shouldn’t be staring at the picture,” she said to herself. “The picture wasn’t meant for me.”

Courtney adjusted herself slightly on the bed, trying to focus on the sitcom that she had left on the television for background noise. As she moved, she realized her nipples were still very hard. She hadn’t felt this sensation in so long, and it was odd to her that looking at a stranger’s breasts was turning her on to some degree. Reacting to her feeling, she picked back up the phone and looked at the picture again.

Lauren’s breasts were large compared to hers, at least two cup sizes larger. But the nipples looked similarly proportioned with an identical pinkish hue. Courtney swallowed a bit hard, her eyes focusing still on Lauren while her mind was racing. She couldn’t help but use her other hand to just lightly rub her chest, the sensitive nipples desperately needing attention. It had been so long, she thought to herself. Suddenly, she had a desire to be social, perhaps the beauty of the woman reminding her that her own sexuality was alive and well.

As she slipped her fingers in the top of her nightgown to rub her breasts, she had a crazy thought. She quickly typed out a message to Lauren.

Courtney: “I didn’t know you would be so open with a new acquaintance!”

She didn’t think that she would hear back from Lauren. They didn’t know each other, and if the other woman was embarrassed, there was no need to bring it up.

Not a minute passed before another bursa otele gelen escort text arrived.

Lauren: “Oh god! So sorry! That picture was meant for my boyfriend Chris. He wasn’t able to go with us and I promised to make it up to him.”

Courtney quickly typed out a reply.

Courtney: “Haha. Well, you certainly made it up to him with that!”

It was apparent to Courtney that Lauren was waiting her message since the reply came quickly. Courtney felt happy to engage in some socialization.

Lauren: “I think I’ll take that as a compliment. Thank you!”

Courtney: “Definitely. I wish my breasts were that size!”

Lauren: “Well, I’m sure they’re fantastic.” 😛

Courtney noticed the tongue-in-cheek emoticon. She continued sipping on her glass of wine and had a crazy idea. She slightly pulled down the neck of her gown, exposing one of her breasts. Her nipples remained very swollen, the effect of having looked at Lauren’s picture still leaving her in a state of excitement. She used her phone to snap a picture of her chest and sent it to Lauren with a message.

Courtney: “Well, you can be the judge of that.” 🙂

Again, the reply from Lauren came quickly.

Lauren: “Those are lovely Courtney. Thanks for sharing. I noticed how hard your nipples are.”

Courtney noticed the change in tone of Lauren’s text. She was no longer playful but seemed more serious. Courtney continued to gently rub her breasts under her nightgown. She wondered if she should reply back. She had never sent a naughty photo or explicit messages to anyone like this before. Throwing caution to the wind, she sent another message.

Courtney: “Well, they weren’t until I got your picture.”

Courtney re-read the message that she sent. It was definitely flirtatious in nature, but at this point, she didn’t mind much. She was enjoying herself for the first time in years. The reply arrived instantaneously.

Lauren: “Well, what about this?”

Lauren had sent another photo. It was another topless shot of the woman, except this time her long, dark hair was pulled back and her head was leaning down. Her tongue was clearly running over hard nipple.

Courtney felt flushed in her face as she saw the picture. She thought that she was having some playful banter with a potential new friend, but now, the other woman had really intensified the conversation. But it didn’t scare her. Lauren was beautiful, and even in this short time, her sad thoughts had dissipated. She felt her own nipples get even harder, and the warm, tingling sensation traveling throughout her body.

As she looked at the photo, another arrived. This one was similar, but Lauren had her lips wrapped around the nipple and looked to be nibbling on it. The image sent chills throughout the length of Courtney’s body. She didn’t know Lauren at all, other than a few friendly text messages, but the raw power of this woman’s sexuality was sending her mind into a tailspin. She gently moved on the bed again, crossing one leg over the other. She reached up to slide the straps of her gown off of her shoulders, fully exposing her chest. She started caressing each of her breasts in turn, her fingers lightly pulling on her nipples to get them harder. She was becoming very turned on.

She had not responded to Lauren in several minutes, as she had been too focused on herself. She spent a few minutes trying to think of a comparable reply. She struggled to come up with something but didn’t want to be rude and let Lauren think that she didn’t like the new photos.

Courtney: “Wow. It certainly looks like you’re having a good time over there. Your breasts are beautiful.”

Courtney sent the text and was very anxious to hear back from her new friend. The reply came immediately.

Lauren: “Why thank you. They feel great. What about you? Having a good time?” 😉

Courtney moved slightly on the bed, grabbing her wine glass for another sip. Another message came through, a photo showing Lauren’s eyes facing directly into the camera lens as she sucked on one of her erect nipples. Courtney nearly dropped her wine glass. Lauren was being very seductive, and her own curiosity over her interest in this was turning her on more. She felt a bit of dampness between her legs, and that added to her arousal. She replied back to Lauren.

Courtney: “Not nearly as good of a time as you’re having apparently.”

Lauren was waiting for her text as Courtney got the reply quickly.

Lauren: “Well, I am laying here completely naked with my tits in my mouth.”

Courtney swallowed hard. She liked how direct Lauren was being. She got a bit more comfortable on the bed, realizing now how wet she felt between her legs. She kept looking back at the pictures of the sexy brunette fondling her breasts and sucking her nipples. Oh god, she thought, Lauren is so sensual. She lifted her butt off the bed, pulling up the gown a bit, then slid her fingers slowly down from her bursa escort bayan breasts to her stomach. She opened her legs just a bit, letting her fingers slide through her thick, red bush then onto her slit. Courtney was soaked, her juices all over her labia. She brought her fingers to her lips and gently licked them all over, tasting herself.

She had another crazy idea. She could be the one to tease Lauren this time. She aimed the camera of her phone at her face and took another shot with her tongue on her fingers. She quickly sent it off to Lauren with a note.

Courtney: “And I’m tasting something very sweet.”

At this point, Courtney figured that she would either not hear from Lauren again or that she would open a tidal wave of sexuality. She was happy that a reply came back quickly.

Lauren: “So am I Courtney.”

The text came back with a photo showing Lauren licking and sucking her fingers as well. Her large breasts were also showing, the nipples protruding a good half inch or more. “Oh god,” Courtney half moaned to herself. She could tell that Lauren was in complete ecstasy. Her blue eyes exhibited a beckoning, seductive look. Courtney felt that she was beginning to lose control a bit. She could feel the flood gates beginning to open more, the moisture between her legs making a wet spot on her bed. She couldn’t think of what to say to Lauren, but she knew that it turned her on when Lauren had used her name.

Courtney: “That sounds wonderful Lauren.”

Courtney was still running her fingers over her body, lightly trailing them through her bush. It was quite thick but tidy. She trimmed it a bit but not much else. She didn’t feel the need. As she gently pulled and caressed the hair, she got another text.

Lauren: “I’m being bold here, but I really hope you like this.”

Courtney saw the photo and subconsciously moaned out loud. Lauren had sent her a shot of her naked body. As Courtney’s eyes traced every inch, she noticed that Lauren was a bit thicker than her. She had well-proportioned curves that meshed well with her large breasts. Her hips were just a bit wider than hers but perfect for her body type. Courtney noticed her dark blue eyes looking at her, one of her fingers placed between her lips as if inviting Courtney to enjoy the sight of her. But it was something else on her body that caught her eye. Up her silky legs, she saw it. Lauren had a thick, dark patch of hair that appeared to be glistening from the flash of the camera.

Courtney could do nothing at this point. She admired how sexy her new friend was, but more than anything, it turned her on to know that Lauren wanted to show her. She had no words but could only express raw emotion at this point. The texts started going back and forth quickly.

Courtney: “Oh god Lauren. You are so beautiful.”

Lauren: “You really think so?”

Courtney: “I’ve never thought much about women, but yes, you are sexy.”

Lauren: “I know we don’t know each other, but it turns me on to know that you think as much. Thank you so much sweetie.”

Courtney: “Aww. You’re so welcome Lauren. If we are being completely honest, I am soaked.”

Lauren: “If you couldn’t tell from the picture, me too! My boyfriend is on a business trip again so I’m here all alone.”

At this point, Courtney was a puddle. Not only was Lauren sweet, but she was incredibly beautiful. Courtney reached for the bottom of her gown and pulled it over her head. She was laying now completely naked, her legs spread a bit. She grabbed her phone again and took a shot of her entire body. She sent it off to Lauren. It excited her to share her naked body with the woman. The wet spot on her bed was getting larger with each text.

Lauren: “Oh wow. I didn’t expect that. You are beautiful yourself Courtney. And I love your red bush. Mm.”

Courtney read the text. She was developing quite a wanting for Lauren. It wasn’t just her appearance but also the way she talked and her personality. She had her fingers running now down between her slit, gently rubbing her juices all over her hole. She was so turned on and began to toss away any inhibitions as she replied to Lauren.

Courtney: “Mm. As long as we’re being forward, I love your thick dark bush too.”

Lauren: “Wow. Thank you. I’m so horny right now.”

Courtney: “Oh god, me too Lauren.”

Courtney was extremely horny. She had not had sex in more than two years, and she could not remember the last time she masturbated. She could not hold back. She spread her labia open, sliding one finger, then two, into her hole as she ran her thumb in circles on her swollen clit. She was moaning loudly, her fingers performing magic for her. It was the hottest she felt in a long time, and Lauren, with her sweet but naughty texts, only encouraged her.

Lauren: “Ohh Courtney. I love looking at your picture. You are such a sexy redhead.”

Courtney: “I’m looking at your photo too sweetie.”

Courtney couldn’t stop looking at it actually. Her body was shaking, and she worked her clit more, desperate to hit the wave of the orgasm. As it flooded her, she yelled out loud as her body convulsed. She caught herself moaning Lauren’s name as she fingered herself and looked at the curvy woman’s photo. It was too much. She was still so horny. As Lauren texted her back, she felt hotter than before.

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