Corrupting Amber Ch. 15

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Sometimes I struggled to comprehend exactly what I was seeing in front of me, as it was so incredibly obscene that I had no frame of reference for it. Those times had been a far more recent occurrence in the past year and described my present state of mind perfectly. Amber’s giant swollen belly bulged out over her waist in an almost comical way, dwarfing her otherwise petite frame. There were light silvery, purple stretch marks adorning the circumference of her rotund midsection just below her belly-button that revealed how sudden her pregnancy had descended upon her unsuspecting young body. But that wasn’t the juxtaposition that had me currently at a loss for words.

Her arm was outstretched in an effort to bare her inner elbow while Amber’s somewhat unsteady gaze searched the area for a usable vein, a discovery that was becoming more and more difficult as her continuous intravenous use of heroin had resumed for nearly a year at this point. In her mouth was a rubber tourniquet wrapped around her arm just above her elbow and pulled painfully tight around her lower bicep. Finally, a gleam appeared in her eye as she carefully inserted the needle into her arm, gasping softly while pulling back the plunger and revealing a splash of red that swirled into the barrel indicating that she had hit pay dirt. Slowly and smoothly Amber plunged the contents of the syringe into her relenting vein and let the tourniquet slip from her mouth.

Right away she dropped the needle on the floor and lifted her arm above her head, allowing the recently injected heroin to circulate immediately to her opioid receptors. I could hear her breathing become audible and labored as the drug overwhelmed her pleasure centers for the 3rd time that day, a ritual that commanded a continuous increase in frequency and dosage that belied her ravenous appetite and growing tolerance. The deed finally done, the large black hands of the man whose lap she sat upon reached around from behind her back and cupped her swollen breasts. He kneaded Amber’s darker-than-normal areolas while Amber shakily leaned forward and allowed the man’s gigantic erection to spring up between her legs.

Amber reached down with her eyes closed, clearly high off her ass and in the midst of the warm embrace of heroin, and grabbed his freakishly big cock and positioned it at the entrance to her cunt. Her mouth opened slightly, revealing a small dribble of glistening drool threatening to leak from her mouth while wriggling her ass and shimmying in an attempt to get the considerable length and girth of his member to fit inside her hungry slit. The man slid his hands down from her tits to rest on Amber’s hips and used his grip as leverage to thrust his pelvis upward and sink himself into Amber at length. Amber let out a soft moan and momentarily opened her eyes as her hole stretched to its limit to accommodate his enormous prick.

The man had no interest in giving Amber time to ease into what was almost definitely an overwhelming penetration and instead had already begun to piston himself into her mercilessly. Amber’s moans were interspersed with little shrieks of what I perceived to be a mixture of pleasure and pain, all of which were ignored by the man fucking her. His stamina proved to be lacking in the face of his pace and ferocity and already I could detect his breathing and grunting to be indicative of an impending orgasm. With that on the horizon, he wrapped his arms around Amber just above her giant belly and clasped his hands, ensuring that she would be his helpless little sperm receptacle.

He made no effort to mask the fact that he was blasting the walls of Amber’s cunt with his cum, grunting, groaning, and twitching visibly as his ejaculation ripped through him. Amber was somewhere between awake and comatose as the combined sensations of a large dose of heroin and cock flooded her body with neurotransmitters. As the man’s orgasm sputtered to a close he stood up, lifting Amber to her feet as well, although her sways indicated that without his hands there to keep her up she may just fall over.

I stood up from the chair that had only been taksim esc a few feet away from the entire show and placed my hands on Amber’s shoulders freeing the man to reach down and pull up his basketball shorts and extricate himself from behind her. He reached into his pocket and handed me a $50 with a bit of a demeaning smile on his face, clearly indicating his opinion of me as what most consider a cuckold. Obviously, he didn’t know that Amber and my relationship was a little more complicated than that, but I didn’t feel the need to explain and instead just nodded to him as he left.

“Babe, cigarette,” Amber almost whispered to me, clearly still feeling the effects of her escapade.

I scooped her up as if I were crossing the threshold, her weight still posing no issues despite being almost 9 months pregnant, and lay her softly on the couch that had served as our home for what was now approaching a full year. I located her cigarettes and lighter on the counter in the kitchen and returned to Amber who was smiling softly and gazing up at me with glassy eyes with tiny pupils. I placed a cork-tipped Newport 100 between her lips and flicked the lighter to life, inching the flame towards the end of the cigarette. Amber only had to singe the Newport at the edge of the flame to immediately get it lit, her insane cheek-hollowing suction providing all the assistance needed.

I let the lighter go out and tossed it on the coffee table next to us while Amber double-pumped the Newport and performed an impressive quick snap inhale. With her lungs completely full of smoke she pursed her lips up at me suggestively and squinted her eyes, beckoning me to lean down and taste her delicious mouth. I did as both of us wanted and leaned down just as Amber began releasing what had been two monstrous sized mouthfuls of smoke sexily from her thick sexy lips. I locked my lips with hers in a deep French kiss and allowed our tongues to dance as her breath became indistinguishable from the smoke that poured out of her ever-blackening lungs. Her taste was overwhelming and the veritable toxicity of her saliva, as if it were literally tobacco extract, sent a lightning bolt of pleasure to my nether regions.

Amber sensed this and snaked her hand out and began rubbing my cock through my shorts. I continued kissing her, unable to break free from her enrapturing mouth but managed to pull my shorts down enough that my prick could escape its fabric prison and spring out for action. Finally, Amber broke free from me and wrapped her soft hand around my shaft and pulled ever so slightly towards her mouth. I took the hint and inched myself into the right position so that I could stand over Amber and allow my cock to enter her mouth while she remained laying down on the couch. She decided to spice it up though by taking another powerful drag on her Newport before engulfing the head of my penis in a cloud of smoke. The soft warmth of her smokey breath combined with the intensely arousing sight caused my erection to surge even stronger.

Realizing that she had turned me on even more Amber took another powerful succession of drags, snapping each mouthful down her throat with big balls of smoke that popped out between her lips before being hungrily suctioned into her lungs. She looked up at me all the while, our connection as lovers as much of a tangible sense as smell or taste. Amber then opened her mouth allowing a thick torrent of smoke to jet out all-around my dick before finally wrapping her lips around me. I watched as my member disappeared into the cave of thick smoke that was her mouth at that moment and lavished the feeling as the warm wetness enveloped me.

Smoke continued to be expelled from her nostrils in twin tendrils for several seconds as she worked my length into and out of her exquisite oral cavity. She continued taking drags off her diminishing Newport and then again resume sucking me off, smoke escaping her mouth and nose through her breathing. She hadn’t even finished her cigarette before I felt the familiar tingle in my balls of an approaching orgasm. Amber never even broke stride, continuing kağıthane esc to slurp away at my cock as I blasted my cum into her mouth and down her throat. She swallowed every jet of semen and continued to milk me dry with her mouth before my erection finally subsided.

I slipped my penis back into my shorts and nearly collapsed on the floor in front of the couch. I sat on the floor with my back up against the couch and Amber laying behind me and caressing my hair. I felt her breath on the back of my neck as she leaned in and whispered for another cigarette. I reached to the coffee table in front of me and retrieved another of her Newports and her lighter, holding it above my head for her to grab from behind me. She did and I listened to the quick flick of the lighter as she chained her way into what had become a continuous series of cigarettes that she smoked each and every day.

She tossed the lighter over my head and onto the coffee table while a stream of smoke washed over me from behind where Amber had decided to bathe me in her exhale, a passive-aggressive form of seduction that she knew I’d appreciate even if I’d just come a minute ago.

“Babe, I’m still horny. Sucking you off turned me on again,” She breathed sexily in my ear.

As crazy as my libido was at 19 years old while dating my living, breathing wildest fantasy I still didn’t think my dick would cooperate with another attempt at playtime so quickly.

“Can I try something?” Amber asked somewhat meekly.

“Sure baby, go ahead,” I urged, not quite sure what she was going to do.

I heard the springs of the couch shift behind me and Amber rustling and maneuvering, still unsure of what was about to happen. I then noticed that Amber had risen up to her knees and had positioned herself above my head so if I tilted my head back on the cushion of the couch I was staring directly up at her vagina. I sensed she wanted to sit on my face, the only issue was she had just fucked some guy who had shot his load into her. Although I loved the dirtiness of fucking her when she was full of another man’s cum, I wasn’t so sure I’d be able to withstand having that cum in my mouth, even if it was from Amber’s pussy.

She was peering down at me and could obviously see my reluctance toward her idea and I detected slight disappointment wash over her features momentarily. Immediately I felt guilty, considering she had basically derailed her entire future to accommodate my fantasy and here I was resisting a mild reciprocation.

“I’m sorry babe, I wasn’t sure if you’d have a problem eating me out after… ,” She stammered and for the first time I could remember, I thought I saw a bit of shame in her eyes.

Sure, I could ask her to go take a shower and then come back but I sensed that I needed to make a point.

“Don’t be sorry sweetheart, I’m fine. You’re perfect and I want to make you feel good. You’re my baby, no matter what,” I said, doing my best to erase whatever feelings of shame or embarrassment she might have been feeling as a result of my initial reticence.

She flashed me a loving smile, the kind that said more than any amount of words ever could, and lowered her glistening young pussy down towards my face. Her slit was still showing the signs of having been creampied only minutes before and there were little traces of his cum around the edges of her labia. I shuddered a little on the inside and decided to focus on the clit itself to start. I flitted my tongue out and began working my tongue across her clit rhythmically which prompted Amber to begin gyrating along with my licks. She was also intermittently mashing her cunt on my face and thrusting her cunt into my mouth and thus far I hadn’t explicitly tasted anything I knew to be cum, which helped.

As Amber’s breathing became more ragged and her hips more aggressively grinding her pussy on my face I felt her hands reach down and grip my head. She was now just grinding herself against me and even holding my head still and mashing my face and mouth against her crotch.

“Clean me out baby, clean my dirty cunt,” came her çapa esc goading command, taking me by surprise.

It was now clear that this had been more than just a spur of the moment request and that Amber had been deliberately trying to facilitate this outcome. I now felt that I had an obligation to try to fulfill her fantasy just as she had done mine. I reached out and grabbed her hips, stretching my tongue out as far as I could and plunging it into her cunt. I heard Amber squeal in delight as my tongue buried itself into her womb.

“Yeah baby, you like my dirty little pussy don’t you? Make me clean so I can get filled up with cum over and over..,” came the continued instruction from my once-sweet Amber.

Her dirty talk was actually turning me on as well as it reminded me of the dozens of men that had come and gone over the course of the last 9 months. Amber had been fucking for drugs and money and had countless cocks inside of her at this point, most which she demanded cum inside her. It was clear that pregnancy risk and internal ejaculation, especially from strangers, was a fetish of sorts for her. It was only now that I realized how serious it was.

My thoughts about this revelation were interrupted, however, as it was clear Amber had shifted into high gear as her orgasm approached.

“Oh baby, baby, yes.. yes..,” She panted erotically.

Finally, Amber let out a loud moan and began twitching and convulsing as my tongue worked her clit furiously. Suddenly, clear liquid began trickling down onto my face and mouth and I realized that Amber was squirting, something she’d never done up to this point. I didn’t have much time to ponder this amazing development as the trickle turned into several powerful sprays that drenched my face. I tried to lap up any that entered my mouth and enjoyed the strange, salty taste of it. After squirting violently Amber collapsed onto my face and I quickly adjusted my grip on her ass to hold her and prevent vaginal suffocation.

Amber continued to shudder and breathe heavily and even moan softly as she had clearly just had the orgasm of her young life. I looked at her sopping pussy and admired my work, as it was as if she’d just come out of the shower. I decided to finish the job and softly and delicately licked all around her vagina, lapping up any drips and drops of fluid I could find.

“Mmmm baby.. I love you..,” came the appreciative words of my loving girlfriend.

I murmured the same and continued cleaning her pussy until it had no traces of the days activities. I patted her softly on the ass to signal I had completed my duty and she clumsily maneuvered herself onto her back. In only seconds she had lit another cigarette and was lazily exhaling a stream of smoke towards the ceiling while I remained sitting on the floor with a sore tongue and neck and a buzzing in my mind.

“Thank you for that baby, it was amazing,” Amber cooed in between drags on her Newport.

“Of course sweety,” I replied, still trying to take mental stock of everything that had happened.

“Oh, the baby.. it’s kicking I think..,” Amber explained a few moments later.

I turned to Amber to find a look of consternation on her face.

“What is it?” I asked, curious at her demeanor.

“I think.. I think we should go to the hospital..,” She commented slowly.

“You mean..,” I began.

“Yeah, I think we need to go,” She replied before I could even finish.

Instantly my heart was in my throat beating a hundred miles an hour. I wasn’t sure what I expected but somehow Amber had avoided a miscarriage despite chainsmoking, drinking, and filling her body with more drugs than a pharmacy.

It now appeared that she was actually going to give birth. While on heroin.

I tried pushing the insanity of what was about to happen out of my mind and grabbed the keys off the coffee table.

“Ok, let’s go,” I said.

Amber looked up at me from the couch with a mixture of fear and anxiety, clearly trying to process the situation as I was. After a few moments of thought and stunned silence, she stood up carefully, managing her huge belly and the lingering effects of heroin. With one final moment of mental calculation, Amber locked eyes with me and smiled with a devious grin.

“Bring my rig and my cigarettes babe, we should have some fun with this.”

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32