Corey’s Christmas Ch. 02

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Corey surveyed his body in Matt’s bathroom mirror. He began at the top, with his tousled blonde hair. He played with it to correct, but found the only fitting style to be the first. His eyes fell to his face, blue eyes in a soft expression, pouty red lips he puckered when his gaze fell on them. Then he continued down, to his naked body, a smooth, pale, glistening physique, wet with a sheen of sweat worked up in the prior moments, stroking his red hardon. His hands spread out along his body, riding down, appreciating how smooth his skin was, how sexy his tummy looked, flat, hairless, exposed. He looked at his cock, then dripping precum from his tip. An idea crept into his mind as he watched the clear liquid ooze from the top. He swiped his index finger across it to pick it up, then rubbed the sticky liquid across his pouty red lips, giving them a brilliant shimmer with a salty taste.

But he felt something was missing. It was Christmas Day, after all, and he wanted his gift to Matt to be perfect. He looked down at his body, wondering what he could do. He turned around and examined his big, round ass, his most prized asset. He lifted his cheeks, then spread them, staring into the tight little hole between them. He watched it as he squeezed, tightening, then releasing, the small red dot shrinking and growing. He wiped a finger across his wet tongue and slithered it into the tight hole, watching it disappear into his ass in the mirror behind him. A moan escaped as he did so, feeling the heat of his body radiate into his finger, feeling the pleasure of being invaded, and enjoying how dirty it made him look. It was the last point that made him then remove the finger and return it to his tongue, grinning at himself as he lashed his tongue around the finger, tasting his boyhole and enjoying the flavor.

He was definitely in the mood. But still, he felt something was missing.

He peered around the bathroom and came upon a red marker on the counter. He wondered about it, considered the reason for it being there. As he did, a deliciously naughty thought crossed his mind.

He plucked the marker from the counter, pulled the top off, and placed the felt tip against his body, in the smooth expanse of his tummy between the base of his cock and his belly button. He dragged it along his flesh, watching carefully in the mirror to ensure he wrote correctly.

When he was done, he placed the cap back on the marker and returned the marker to the counter, stepping back and posing with his hip popped to the side. He looked across his belly and admired the red word he’d labeled himself: “CUMSLUT.”

He bit his lower lip, took a deep breath, and opened the bathroom door back into the living room.

His eyes first fell on the deep, beautiful browns of his lover Matt, but then they found another set he did not expect. Beside Matt on the couch, sat another large, burly man, grinning back at Corey’s nude body.

“Corey,” came Matt’s deep, confident voice.

“Yes, daddy?” replied Corey, in his higher pitched, uncertain one.

“I want you to meet my friend, Roger.” He signalled the man to his right, who was rubbing his hands together in his lap.

The man simply nodded in greeting.

“Hello, Roger,” said Corey, still feeling uncertain about the situation.

“Don’t be frightened,” said Matt. “I know you’re excited to give me my present, but I’d like to watch you enjoy mine first.”

Corey watched as the burly man rubbed his crotch and smiled.

“Roger is going to fuck you,” Matt added. “Hard. While I watch.”

Corey Sakarya Escort felt panic as he watched the massive frame of the man as he stood, but even more he felt the heat in his body flood into his cock and ass, squeezing itself in preparation. As Roger approached him, Corey felt increasingly smaller, and exposed.

“Roger is a friend of mine from earlier in my life,” Matt continued. “It was a time of experimentation, a time of rougher delights. When I met you, when I turned you into my little fucktoy, I realized how much I missed that time in my life. When you told me you loved me, I felt something, too. But I can’t give that to you without knowing you’re ready to join me on the darker side of sexuality, my naughty boy.”

“Yes, daddy,” Corey replied, still feeling the fear, but ready to transcend it for what he wanted this Christmas. And he wanted Matt more than anything.

“Shall we begin?” Matt asked.

Corey nodded obediently, and as soon as he did, he felt the hard strike of Roger’s massive hand across his right buttock. The pain was searing, and his cock spasmed, enjoying it. Then Roger’s hand wrapped around Corey’s throat and forced him against the back wall, choking him. He held the boy at arm’s length and stared down at his sweaty body, quivering.

“Cumslut,” Roger’s masculine voice read aloud. “Is that so?”

Corey wrapped his hands around Roger’s wrapped around his throat.

“Answer him when he asks you a question, slut,” Matt commanded from behind Roger.

As best he could without breathing, Corey replied, “Yes, sir.”

He felt Roger’s thick fingers caress his stomach, running themselves over the letters he had written. He felt a quiver race over his belly.

“Where’s the marker you used?” Roger demanded.

“In the bathroom, sir,” Corey replied.

“Fetch it.”

The hand released and Corey pulled in a deep breath as he walked to the bathroom and retrieved the marker, ensuring his stride accentuated his fat, bubble butt. When he returned, he raised the marker between him and Roger. Roger plucked it from his hand.

“Turn around, cumslut.”

Corey obeyed.

Roger spanked him, and Corey felt blood surge to his ass. He moaned.

“You like this, don’t you?”

“Yes, sir.”

“You like being a piece of trash for me to use.”

“Yes, sir.”

“You’re a hot little twink, but you’re still just a piece of trash.”

“Yes, sir.” Each affirmative response made Corey a little harder. Precum dripped along his shaft.

“I think you need to label yourself more accurately.”

Corey heard the top pop off the marker, though with his eyes to the wall, he couldn’t see. Then he felt it pressed into the meat of his ass, and felt it drag along his soft, curvy bottom, from the outside in, then across the other cheek.

“There we go,” said Roger. “You want to know what it says?”

Corey nodded. Roger seized his neck, wrapping a strong arm around him to grab and pull back. He pressed his lips against Corey’s ear. “You want to know what I wrote on your ass?”

“Yes, sir!” Corey cried out.

Then Roger leaned in and whispered, “Twink Trash.”

Corey felt Roger’s hand strike his ass twice with increasing verocity, and felt both cheeks jiggle in the wake. He gasped and moaned throatily.

“Go to the couch,” Roger commanded, then released the boy.

Corey sauntered over, his sweaty, red ass displaying the words “twink” and “trash” across his left and right buttocks.

“Sit down.”

Corey Adapazarı Escort obeyed, and seated himself beside his lover.

“Look at your daddy.”

Corey turned his blue eyes to Matt, staring into them. Instantly, he felt fire erupt inside, like a volcano of passion filling his little twink body. Matt stared back coldly, though a grin teased at the corner of his lips.

Roger approached, unzipping his jeans. “Keep your eyes on your daddy while I throat fuck you so he can see what a filthy slut you are.”

Corey kept his eyes on Matt as he felt a strong hand grip the hair on top of his head and pull it forward, so that a massively thick cock could stuff itself into his mouth. Roger aggressively pumped his cock into Corey’s mouth, grunting as he did so, while Corey stared into the eyes of Matt, staring back at the naked boy being used beside him.

“Such a piece of shit,” Roger muttered as he fucked Corey’s mouth. He pulled Corey’s head onto his fat, long shaft and held it so Corey couldn’t breath. Corey felt tears well and spit choke him, but he kept his eyes open and on Matt.

The cock pulled out, Corey coughed and a thick stream of spit dribbled down onto his body, rolling over his smooth chest and dribbling onto his slick, pale thighs.

“Look at all that nasty spit, twink,” said Roger. “Don’t waste it, you piece of trash. Rub it all over your slutty body.”

Corey obeyed, still watching Matt watching him, his hands rolling over his whole body, smearing spit across his flesh, mixing with sweat.

“Now you’re starting to look like the worthless cumslut you are,” said Roger. “Now, present.”

“Yes, sir.” Corey obeyed, turning around, placing his hands on the back of the couch, his knees in the cushion, and lifting his ass into the air.

“Squeeze that boyhole, slut.”

Corey squeezed his asshole and moaned. Then he felt two wide fingers shove inside him, jiggling themselves forcefully, stretching him out. “Oh god,” he moaned.

“Did I say you could talk, slut?” Roger angrily asked. He pulled the fingers out of Corey’s widening butthole and shoved them into his mouth, stuffing them to the back, pressing down on his tongue. “For that, you now have to suck the taste of your asshole off my fingers like a filthy piece of twink trash.”

Corey tried not to gag as he worked his tongue over the fingers, feeling spit dribble again out of his mouth, down his chin, all while Matt watched.

The fingers came out, covered in spit, and returned to his ass, shoving deeper and working harder against the walls of his rectum to stretch his warm butthole for the cock that was about to pump it.

Corey felt the hand pull back his head by a clump of his blonde hair. “Look into his eyes, you naughty little slut, and tell him you love him so he knows how pathetic you are.”

Corey stared into Matt’s gorgeous brown eyes and spoke, “I love you,” meaning every word as the cock that had moments prior filled his mouth fill his ass, radiating pain and pleasure, inseparable now to Corey’s mind. “Oh fuck!” he screamed as Roger slammed his massive manhood to his balls inside the little twink’s asshole. He pumped his three more times before grabbing his throat and pulling him back, choking him. Corey watched Matt smile as he felt his ass press firmly against Roger’s hard torso.

“Come, you little slut,” Roger whispered into his ear. On queue, Corey’s hard cock spurt a thick load of cum on the back of the sofa while Roger eased his grip, allowing him to suck in air and come all Serdivan Escort the harder. His cock continued to spasm as Roger forced his head down, shoving his soft face into his own load, pressing his lips and cheeks and nose into the semen collected on the back of the couch.

As he tasted his own come, Roger continued to use his ass, the sound filling the room with hard, wet, punishing claps each time Roger slammed his fat meat into Corey’s stretched asshole.

“You are such a useless piece of fuckmeat, you little twink cumslut,” Roger groaned as he fucked Corey’s ass. “Your daddy is going to punish you so hard for letting me use your hot little fuckhole.”

“Yessss,” Corey moaned, feeling his cock’s steady stream of come pumping out, sending quivering waves of pleasure throughout his warm body, screaming moans into the semen his face pressed against.

Then the cock burst inside him, filling his ass with thick, hot, gooey cream as Roger’s fat erection emptied itself. Before it finished, he felt Roger pull him away from the couch, lifting him by his throat as he carried him to the back door. He slid it open and threw Corey’s still quivering body into the snow just outside Matt’s door. The sensation stole his breath as he felt his body encased in powdery, frozen snow. He continued to feel his cock spasm as he listened to Roger’s voice, “You’re not allowed back in until you eat every drop of spunk from that filthy ass, twink.”

Corey immediately rose to his knees, leaned slightly forward, and placed his fingers into his ass, fishing out the warm cum as it leaked into his palm. He raised the first handful to his lips and sucked it clean, wrapping his mouth around each finger and ensuring every drop of Roger’s juice got licked up. His cock was on fire.

“There’s more, slut.”

Corey’s hand returned to his ass and fingered it relentlessly, stretching it out again, feeling the cum leak out from his rectum onto his hand. As he moaned, he watched a pair of men from the next apartment over as they came to their sliding glass doors, pointing and whispering to themselves as they watched.

Corey felt humiliation, as he saw their lips mouth the words “cumslut” and “twink trash,” the words he wore on his skin, the words that defined him in this moment. The humiliation was a turn on, encouraging him to complete his task. He felt the final drop empty into his hand and he lifted it before his face, sliding the palm slowly down against his lips, rubbing the cum across them and his tongue while Roger and the rest of his audience witnessed his transformation into total slut.

Roger stepped aside, and Corey fell back into Matt’s apartment, gasping, staring down at his body, adorned with a wet sheen he wasn’t sure was snow or sweat, that glistened across his body, shimmering over the smeared red letters “CUMSLUT,” which he saw Matt staring into and nodding. His face was mostly numb, but he could still feel the sticky sensation of come smeared across it, same as he could feel it on his ass. He rolled over, lifting himself onto all fours, lifting his filthy ass into the air, without a care as to who read the words “TWINK TRASH” written large across it, smeared, too, intermingled with come. He felt used and he felt amazing.

Roger lowered himself and wrapped a belt around Corey’s neck, tightening it and pulling back. Corey’s head jerked back as he felt it tight around his neck. “Good dog,” said Roger.

Corey stared up into Matt’s eyes, the brown eyes of his lover, who now owned him by his lust. Corey knew in that moment he would do anything Matt commanded.

“Merry Christmas, my naughty boy,” said Matt, warmly.

“Thank you for my present, daddy,” Corey replied.

“You’re going to be great at the New Year’s party. All my friends are going to love the dog I bring for them to play with.”

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