Cookie was My First

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I had just graduated high school, it was a small country school made up of mostly farming family’s but mixed in were some town people as well as suburbanites as my father called them, those that moved from the city and knew nothing of country life. I spent most of my time working on the farm and working on odd jobs for others to earn money while I was in school, so I was not as social as others. That all changed after graduation, that was when I set out on my own, well two days later when I sobered up.

I moved out and went to live with my older brother in the city for a time just to get my self started. I just enjoyed myself partying with friends for three months while looking for a job. On one of the weekends while I was out of town with a girl I went to school with, I got a call for a job interview, returning their call I explained that I could not be back home for a few more days, and we set up the interview for Monday of my return. I still had time to enjoy the weekend with my friend up on the lake, but that is a different story.

Come Monday I went for the interview at the local hardware store, it was not just a mom and pop store, but it was not a huge discount store either. It was well known and established store that was known for their service. The suburb was a well to do area of an even larger city and the hardware had been there for many years, they carried some weight in the community.

They took me on as a sales person on the floor, with my background and general familiarization of tools and plumbing I seemed to fit right in. With in six month’s I had become friends with many of the other’s that worked there and even earned my first raise. Things were going good. I got along with everyone at the store young and old. Most of the girls that worked there were in the house ware’s department. I always made an opportunity to go over to their area for one reason or another, for the job but mostly just to flirt with the girls.

That was how I got to know Cookie. She was an older woman in her late thirties my first impression was that she was rude and mouthy, even so she did look hot. I befriended the other girls of the house wares department and went out with them as a group with the other guys from work several times to party. It was during this time one of the girls confided in me that Cookie had the hot’s for me and I should give her a shot. I could not believe what I was hearing I did not know what to think.

During the next week at work I began to make more time to wander over to the house ware’s dept to flirt with the girls and Cookie. We had idle chit chat until the other girls left, (they knew when to leave), that was when Cookie handed me a piece of paper. I looked at the paper and saw it was her home phone number and directions to her apartment.

Cookie looked at me then said, “We both get off work at 6 pm tonight and don’t have to be back in until noon tomorrow, go home clean up and get what you need for work tomorrow and be at my place by 7:30 pm for dinner and you will be staying the night!”

The look on her face told me she was not going to take no for and answer so I just nodded and said, “Ok.”

As I walked back to my department, I was glad I only a few hours left before my shift ended, but then again what did I get myself into? When it was time to clock out I did not see Cookie, either she was late or I was early. I hit the clock then raced home. I took a quick shower then gathered the things I needed for work the next day and stuffed them into a backpack. My mind was racing at what was ahead of me, even though I was nervous the thoughts still made my cock grow. What did the night have in store for me?

I arrived right on time as I knocked on the door I could feel the butterflies in my stomach as well as the bulge in my pants. It seemed as if I stood there for hours as I raised my hand to knock again, the door opened. There stood Cookie, she looked much more relaxed and even sexier then when she normally Maltepe Escort does at work. She was wearing tight cut off jeans and a red lacey top with thin straps and it did not look as if she was wearing a bra, I could see her nipples standing out against the fabric. The look on my face said it all, Cookie smiled and invited me in, as she took my bag and tossed it by the stairs.

“Make your self at home,” she said as she headed to the kitchen, “dinner is almost ready, and pour us some wine. You do like wine don’t you?”

She really did not wait for a reply I opened the wine pouring us both a glass full as she came back in with our dinner. Now to be honest I really don’t remember what we had for dinner or even if it was good, it was the after dinner events that stood out in my memories.

After cleaning up the table and kitchen she grabbed a chilled bottle of wine from the fridge stuffing it in an ice bucket then grabbed my hand leading me upstairs to her bedroom. She turned a cassette tape on and dimmed the lights as we sat on the bed. That was when she kissed me I had never been kissed like that before, so that was a first. She was very active shall I say as her tongue explored my mouth, even so I found it exciting.

She sat back and said, “We are going to have fun tonight!”

Cookie got up and opened the wine pouring us both a glass before she opened a small box, it was weed. She quickly rolled up a joint then fired it up taking a big hit before handing it to me. Now this was not a first, I had smoked weed several times before, we finished the joint and drank more wine.

Cookie sat me up pulling my shirt off over my head rubbing her hands all over me, then she went for my pants, I helped her with my buckle and zipper before she ripped my jeans off me leaving me in my brief’s. Cookie then crawled off of the bed cat like disappearing over the side only to stand quickly beside the bed to do a slow sexy striptease for me.

Cookie was swaying to the music as her hands caressed her body, making her nipples stand out though the thin red lace. She snaked her hand down between her legs rubbing her pussy though the denim before she unsnapped her cut off’s. As she slid them down, she looked into my eyes then licked her lips. I saw that her panties matched her red lace top. She continued with her seductive dance as she pulled her top up to just under her tits, she was teasing me, and she knew it was working I had a full tent going on in my brief’s.

Cookie then popped her tits out of the red lace top they looked great, she was a small c-cup with large nipples, great for sucking. So that is just what I did, I crawled to the edge of the bed and placed my hands on her tits and began to suck them each in turn. From the way she was moaning I knew I was on the right track until she stepped back abruptly. She then started to sway again as her hands moved over her body, rubbing her erect nipples as she licked her lips. Her hands drifted down to the red lace panties rubbing across them and her pussy before hooking a finger in the top band slowly pulling them down.

As she stood upright again that was when I saw that her pussy was completely shaven bald, I had never had a bald pussy before, another first. Cookie stepped up to the bed right in front of my face, her pussy inches from my nose her scent was intoxicating. She placed her hands atop my head then said,

“Lick me!”

I had never licked a woman’s pussy before but that did not stop me, I slowly licked right up the center and could fell her guide me with her hands, I must have caught on quickly from the way she was moaning and grinding against my face. I got bolder and reached around grabbing her tight butt cheeks to allow me to apply more pressure I shifted my mouth and tongue and found a spot that made her really scream. She gripped my head tighter almost crushing it against her pussy, but I did not let up. I kept on licking her as she quivered then screamed,

“I’m Anadolu Yakası Escort coming!” And come she did, my face was soaked.

She collapsed on top of me before rolling off to the side, I reached my hand over to caress her and cuddle but she pushed me away holding up her hand for me to stop. I did not know what to do next, so I got up off the bed and went to the bathroom to find a towel to clean my face. When I returned I brought the towel with me tossing it beside the bed.

Cookie was sitting on the edge of the bed when I returned she grabbed me by the hips and said, “Dam your good! Now let’s see what you have here.”

That was when she yanked my briefs down catching my cock in the waistband making it pop up and slap my belly, which made her smile. She gripped my cock and began licking it before taking it deep into her mouth, it felt so good I wanted to come right away, after all she had been teasing me all night and she knew it. Now I have gotten blowjobs before, but it was nothing like this, she was the best! It was the way she gripped me as she swirled her tongue around the head just before taking my length down her throat and there was a lot of slurping noises to go with it. I had never wanted to blast so hard in my life, and she knew when to back off gripping my cock to stop me. It was a game for her, and torture for me, but that was the way she liked it, she had control.

Cookie took me deep into her throat once again as she reached under cupping my balls giving them a little squeeze causing me to unleash my load into her mouth, from the force I would have thought her head would have exploded, but to my amazement and pleasure she took it all sucking and drinking it all down. She pulled off just as the last sprits hit her face and lips, before going back down on my cock again milking it for every drop.

Cookie stood up as she licked her lips then trusting her cum covered tongue into my mouth, which was a first for me also, I had never tasted my own cum. I did not think at this point I just reacted, reaching up I gripped her tits and squeezed. Her nipples were very big and I loved playing with them.

It was Cookie that broke the embrace stepping back to catch her breath and to go to the bathroom. While she was gone I poured us more wine and rolled another joint.

When she returned she said, “You are good, and a mind reader too.”

We puffed on the joint and sipped the wine. When Cookie would take a hit of the joint I could see her tits rise up as she inhaled, it looked so sexy and with in a short time my cock began to rise also. When Cookie saw this a smile came across her face, it was an impish grin. She took my hand helping me to my feet beside the bed before handing me the joint, then she reached for her glass of wine taking a gulp, but she did not swallow it, instead she cupped my balls and sucked my cock into her mouth swirling the wine around my cock as she sucked me, another first. By now I was full ridged again and ready for more, Cookie swallowed the wine before setting up taking the last of the joint for herself.

Laying the roach in the tray she finished her wine before saying, “Now let’s see if you know how to fuck!”

We both smiled as she lay back on the bed spreading her leg for me, I did know what to do next slowly crawling up the bed between her legs I kissed her thighs on the way before bringing my cock close to her pussy. She reached down spreading her pussy open for me to enter, I nudged the head of my cock against her open lips and pushed in slowly, she was so wet I entered with ease. The heat from her pussy as well as how wet she was made for great fucking and that was just what I gave her. I started with the slow stroke building faster and harder until she begged for more. It was more of a demand!

“Fuck me harder now!” was all she said.

So I did, our thighs slapped together while my balls slapped her ass, I was loving it and was getting the İstanbul Escort feeling that I was going to cum. Cookie was wailing now thrusting back to met my thrusts, I was pounding her hard.

“Fuck, Fuck, Fuck!” she screamed as she was coming, her pussy was like a vise on my cock.

Her legs dropped to the bed then she lay still for a moment before I started to roll off, she grabbed my ass and said, “Don’t fucking move!”

I did as I was told. With my arms extended holding my body above hers I watched her face as if it were aglow as she rubbed her nipples with my still hard cock inside her hot wet walls I could fell her pussy as it spasmed, as if it was milking my cock, it felt great! After a minute or two, (I lost count) she recovered rolling me off to the side while she caught her breath.

Sitting up she did not say a word, she just pointed toward the wine I picked up the bottle and poured more into her glass.

As she took a gulp she asked, “Are you ready for more?”

Feeling bold at this point I replied, “Are you?”

She did not expect that, but it was just what she was hoping for, I could see it in her eyes. Cookie went to her dresser pulling out a vibrator and some lube, I was a bit concerned with this and Cookie saw it on my face which made her giggle. She did not say a word she just lay back on the bed spreading her legs as she dabbed some lube onto her fingers before sliding one into her ass as I watched. My cock bobbed up and down as I watched her slide a second finger in.

That was when she looked me straight into my eyes and said, “Your next.”

I was to horny to be shocked and to my surprise she lubed my cock before she flipped onto her knees planting her face into the bed as she reached back to grab her ass cheeks spreading them open for me. Her asshole looked so inviting, that was when I heard something I had never heard before.

“Fuck my ass baby’ hard!” she demanded.

That was another first more me, I had never fucked a girls ass but I sure was not going to pass up an opportunity like this one, my cock was so very hard as I lined it up to her rose bud pushing the head slowly against it, that was when she pushed back popping the head just inside of her. The sensation was amazing she had it well lubed so I was able to slide in deeper with ease even though she was so very tight. After I had my full length deep inside her I just held myself there to get used to the sensation before slowly starting to slide in and out.

As I slowly pumped her I could feel her hand moving under herself I was not sure what she was doing at first but then I caught on, she was lubing her pussy preparing it for the vibe. I heard the buzz as she turned it on before rubbing it against her pussy lips, I too could feel the vibrations on my balls as I pushed deep into her ass. The sound muffed as it found its way into her juicy pussy as I kept a slow pace while she fucked her pussy with the toy, I could feel it through the thin wall of her pussy and asshole.

As Cookie quickened the trusting in her pussy I kept a matched pace in her ass until we were fucking very hard and fast, she was bouncing against me as fast as I was pounding her all awhile screaming for me to fuck her harder, so I did until I knew I could not take anymore.

“I am going to come!” I blurted out.

Cookie quickly pulled her ass off of my cock spinning around gripping and jacking it like a mad woman until I shot my load, the first shot went into her mouth, the next on her neck as the rest coated her tits and she did not stop jacking me until she had gotten every drop out of my dick before she released me. I just fell back onto the bed breathing heavily as I watched her lick up every bit of my come from her body licking and sucking her fingers clean.

Cookie was amazing and gave me many first’s in my sex life that I will always remember, but that was not the end of the night, after we cleaned up she finally was relaxed enough to cuddle as we drifted off to sleep, only to wake a few hours later for more fucking, and that was how it went all night and into the early morning before we had to get up and go to work.

During the time we worked together Cookie and I had many encounters but that’s a different story.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32