Conqueror of Men

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I sat in my large sleek office and for the first time in a while I was bored. I was almost 40 and yet I still felt so full of energy, and yet seemingly nothing to do with the remainder of my life.

I had always been an athlete, and I had always enjoyed working out, and so now that I was approaching middle aged life I still had the musculature and stamina of someone half my age. Plus my father lived a long life, almost 104 years he lasted before passing away, and he wasn’t half as fit as I am now, so I am pretty sure I will live at least to 100.

Being the CEO and founder of one of the most enormous investment firms in the world certainly had its benefits in that department also, yet I still felt bored with the world of business. I had conquered it and now sat at the very height of wealth and influence, and yet this conquest no longer had the same euphoric potency in my mind.

I remembered when, a decade or so ago, I had first crossed the threshold of being worth 1 billion dollars. The elation I felt knowing I had reached a truly impressive height of wealth, it was overwhelming. The days following that occasion I became almost barbarian in my habits, the euphoria in my mind from my testosterone fuelled high making me almost unable to control myself.

Now. Well a billion dollars is hardly that much to me anymore. I wanted. No. I needed some new conquest to occupy my mind. Something to distract me from the boredom that always crept in now that my well oiled goliath of an operation, that is known as Jupiter Investing, barely requires my presence to run at peak efficiency for months at a time.

I hear a knock on my door. My executive assistant Catherine I assume. I had a lot of respect for the woman, she did her job, and she did it extraordinarily well.

“You may enter Catherine.”

The tall woman, about 6 ft in height, walks in and bows her head lightly before sarışın porno placing the multi-coloured files in her hand that I requested onto my desk. I pick them up and scan through them, then nod to her to give me a report.

“Sir. After doing a thorough investigation of potential residential areas for your permanent residence, and considering the space needed for the various… facilities you specified, and taking into account your desire for cost efficiency, I have selected these 5 properties and locations as being the prime candidates that I know to meet your specifications to the highest degree possible.”

Then, upon completing her report, she bowed her head again before stepping back three times – ready to receive my feedback on her report and findings.

“Catherine, you are truly one of my finest workers. These properties are indeed good places for me to finally settle down, maybe begin a whole new project I can dedicate the next part of my life to. Won’t that be interesting?” I said, chuckling the last part – meaning it, as I did, as a mostly rhetorical question.

“Sir, you do always manage to find new ways to entertain yourself. I’m certain you will succeed this time also.” she said with the tiniest hint of sarcasm.

I laughed at her comment. She was right. Though now that I looked at her she looked anxious, as if she were pondering whether or not to ask me something.

“Something to ask, Catherine?”

“Yes sir. I would like to ask you to register my paid vacation days that I’ve accumulated over the years into one large bloc, with the first of the days starting two weeks on Thursday.”

I had a wily grin on my face from this request. Catherine and I had spent an awful lot of time together, in a strictly professional way, of course, and I have discovered that she has a hardly orthodox relationship with her quite sex hikayeleri average husband. From what I have managed to gather over the years from her comments to me during long flights or business trips and other, not so explicit clues, is that she is quite dominant in their relationship. It seemed their relationship was still going strong.

“Of course Catherine, I’ll do as you requested. If I could I’d assign you an entire year’s paid vacation I would, but without you where you are now for a whole year I am afraid this company would collapse.”

“Thank you Sir” she replied with a genuine smile.

I smiled back, even if I was thinking about all the temporary replacements I’d have who would be in no way as competent as she, but alas, she deserves the break.


Chapter 2:

I finally decided on the property I’d be living in for the foreseeable future. It was in the suburb of a small city, land was relatively cheap and plentiful, and the surrounding area still had enough population density to mean that I could easily find the amenities I enjoy so much so I wouldn’t be giving up too much by moving away from the big city.

I pressed the button on my desk that alerted Catherine that I requested her presence.

A few moments later, Catherine knocked on my door and I gave her permission to enter.

“Catherine, I have chosen candidate number 1. Please arrange all the necessary purchases, and contact with my personal attorney so that he can draft up the necessary paperwork to get this property in my hands by the end of the week.”

She nodded, clearly drafting up the necessary emails in her head – as if on auto-pilot.

“Also, I will be moving into this new place as soon as humanly possible. şişman porno Thus, so will my office. As you’re an essential part of my office, I will ask that you move to within reasonable distance of my new address. As I am asking this of you on such short notice, and you are so vital, I will cover the first year or so of rent on any property – or a deposit on a more substantial purchase of your choosing.”

Catherine shook her head, then gave an almost devilish grin.

“Sir. I won’t be requiring your assistance as I am actually originally from the location of candidate A, and so is my husband. We actually already own a house there, and so we will move into it once the transition to the new office is complete.”

I just looked at my assistant with a hint of amusement in my eyes, it seemed she had pre-planned for this very scenario. Well. Whatever, it didn’t bother me that I would be setting myself up in the home town of my assistant. Though I did wonder if she biased her selections to favour it, though I doubted it considering the location did absolutely match up to what I’d asked of her. Perhaps it was just a coincidence.#

Regardless, I dismissed Catherine to do as I had asked.

When that was done, a thought occurred to me. If Catherine came from the city I was moving to, maybe it was there where she and her husband discovered their kinky lifestyle.

I had never really been a man who pursued sex, or relationships for that matter, I had always been too focused on making money – and usually through doing that I would have the odd affair or fling, but they never really meant anything. The thought of kink and domination was now beginning to flood my mind with images of bondage and domination, and now I felt like I’d been an idiot. I’ve dominated the world of business, perhaps it is only natural I should now seek to dominate other people in more physical, rather than financial, ways.

My cock hardened at some of the more kinky images that filled my uninformed vanilla imagination, and once I had dragged my consciousness from the depths of my own mind, I knew I had found the answer to my boredom. I also felt I wouldn’t be bored for much longer.

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