Confused Ch. 01

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Both Vivian and Anna are 18 years of age. Get reading to find out who they are!


“Vivian….WAKE UP,” mum screamed from downstairs.

“Nooooo,” I moaned into my pillow. Another year of high school. The final year of high school.

I shot out of bed. “Only one more year of high school, only one more year of high school,” I proceeded to sing as I got dressed into my school uniform, which had been ironed and placed at the end of my bed by mum.

“Vivian, If you’re not down here in one minute I’ll be leaving without you,” mum shouted.

I grabbed my backpack, shoved a few pens and books into it, than bounded out of my room. I had no doubt that mum would leave the house without me. Last year I had slept in for one minute — ONE MINTUE — and she had still left me without a ride to school. I had to wait for my brother Rob to finish his morning rounds on our sugar cane farm to take me to school.

I ran into Brad, my baby brother, as I flew down stairs almost tripping over him as he put his sneakers on. “Oh, Sorry,” I said as I stumbled over to the front door to my black flats, which I quickly slipped on.

Brad stood up, pulling up his backpack. “Mum’s outside waiting in the car,” he grumbled as he clumsily slipped past me and out the door.

Brad was two years younger than me at sixteen and he was still in that awkward stage. He is all arms and legs, with a mass of dark chocolate hair surrounding his square face. His voice has also started to break over the summer holidays, so he has started to grumble his sentences to disguise it, though he isn’t fouling anyone. Also, he has grown to a staggering six foot two over the holidays, making him even clumsier with his movements. I feel sorry that he has to go through this stage at such an important phase of his teen years. Lucky for me I went through my awkward stage at twelve, but that also meant I stopped growing at a tiny five foot two.

I quickly ran a hand through my chocolate wavy – almost curly – long locks and followed Brad out the door. I hoped that I at least looked a little bit presentable for my first day back at school for the year. However, my tummy was starting to grumble audibly, making me more worried about finding some food. I love breakfast, it is one of my favourite meals of the day and now I had missed it. I sighed as I got into the truck. Maybe I could steal some food off Anna before class.

As soon as mum pulled up outside the school, I jumped out of the truck. “Bye mum,” I yelled as I quickly walked into school looking around for my best friend.

“Remember, Rob’s picking you up this arvo,” mum yelled back.

I looked over my shoulder and waved back to her, so she would understand that I heard her.

I noticed Anna propped up against one of the building walls and quickly made my way over to her. She was wearing that same red, black and white mid-thigh tartan skirt that I was wearing. Though, the skirt was meant to sit just above the knee, all the girls in school still took it up, most having it the length that Anna and I had it and some going even further. We also wore a white blouse, either a long sleeved one or a short sleeved one, but because summer was just ending all the girls were wearing their short sleeved ones, including Anna and me. The only difference between Anna’s and mine uniforms was our shoes. I had on my black ballet flats with no stockings or socks, whereas Anna was wearing a pair of black Mary Janes with white knee length socks on underneath.

With her silky straight long blond hair, perfect heart face and blue eyes she was every boy’s wet dream. She had a perfect lean and toned body at five foot five, with curves in all the right places. I was jealous of her boobs the most. She had nice C cups, while I only had baby A cups. To top it all off she had an amazing tan, while my lily white skin seemed to attract more freckles than anything else.

Anna saw me coming her way and a massive smile spread over her face exposing her perfect white teeth. We had gotten braces together at twelve and it was the one thing I wasn’t jealous about because we both had perfect teeth.

“Hey,” I said as I encased her in a hug.

“Hey, Viv,” she replied giving me a big squeeze.

We pulled back from our hug and my eyes immediately made their way to her brown satchel. “You got any food in their?” I asked, not taking my eyes off the bag. I was so hungry I could eat a horse.

Anna just laughed at me and my hungry look. “Sleep in again, did we?” She asked pulling her bag open and rummaging through it.

“Well maybe if my alarm was louder I would wake up on time,” I said crossing my arms over my chest, with an indigent look on my face.

Anna laughed again as she pulled out a sandwich. “It’s not the alarms bursa yabancı escort fault, you could sleep through an earthquake.” She handed me the sandwich and I took it eagerly.

“But, then if I didn’t wake up late I wouldn’t have a reason to eat your yummy sandwiches,” I said taking a bite of Anna’s homemade plum jam sandwich.

Anna just smiled at my complement and gave my outfit a once over.

I looked down at myself and remembered I hadn’t put any underwear on this morning. I was too busy worried about missing my ride, I had just stripped all my clothes off and chucked my uniform on without thinking. At least you couldn’t tell if I was or wasn’t wearing panties, but my white blouse was another story.

I gulped down the sandwich. “Can you see through my blouse,” I said as I pulled it down, making it rub against my nipples, exposing them.

“Here,” Anna said, as she reached out for my blouse. She undid a few of the top buttons and ruffled the top of my blouse up a bit. “There.” She pulled back and looked at her work.

I looked down at my blouse and gasped, “You can see the top of my boobs.” I pulled the blouse back up, but when I did that you could see the pink of my nipples through the top.

Anna grasped my hands and pulled them away. “Well do you want the whole school to see a little flesh or your nipples?” she asked me, once again fixing my blouse.

“Thanks,” I said looking up into her soft blue eyes. She looked down at me, giving me a sweet smile still fiddling with my blouse. Her right hand lightly scraped along my left nibble and a tingle shot through me. We had always been comfortable with each other, since we had known each other in kindergarten, so Anna fixing my clothing was a normal occurrence, especially when she was ten times more organised then me. But, feeling her hand brush against me sent a weird tingle through me that I shouldn’t have felt. She was my best friend after all. It’s not like she had never seen me naked before.

My eyes left her face as she continued her work, that’s when my eyes locked directly on her cleavage in front of me. I wanted to close my eyes, I couldn’t though and instead I just kept staring at her amazing breasts as they jumped in front of me to her movements. I had always been jealous at the fullness of them, but I wasn’t really jealous of them now. I felt something else. I didn’t know what I felt. I didn’t want to feel it anymore.

The bell rang and I almost jumped out of my skin. “All done,” Anna said, stepping back and smiling at me again. I was really hot and blamed it on the weather and as Anna raked her eyes over my form that’s what I told myself, it was just a really hot day.

Once done with her overview of my nipple condition, Anna pulled me towards the school hall for assembly.

It was third period and I had managed to pull myself together. I was still hot, but so was everyone else as I looked around noticing half the class fanning themselves, with either their hands or exercise books.

I was fanning myself with my hand and keeping an eye on the clock over the class room door. Only one more minute, it read.

I was disappointed this morning when Anna and I had compared time tables, we were in only three of our six classes together. Last year we had fluked being in all six classes together. It was the most fun year, you would think we would have been sick to death of each other, but we weren’t and still spent all our free time together.

I was in maths, my most hated subject. Anna loved maths and science, all the classes that I didn’t. So, last year she had been there to make everything at least a little fun and I actually got by passing with high B’s. Now, without Anna in Math’s, I had no Idea how I was going to live through it all year without wanting to hang myself. At least Anna was in my Biology class.

My favourite classes where my art classes. English, drama, art. All the subjects that Anna seemed to despise. We where a good match, she would help me with maths and science, while I would help her with english and art, since she refused to take any drama classes this year.

The bell went right on time, bringing me out of my fogy haze. I jumped up out of my chair, pulled my bag over my shoulder and practically ran out of the room, running into Jay.

“Whoa, slow down their girl,” he said, steadying me with his hands.

I shook his hands of my shoulders. “I have a name you know,” I said annoyed at him. He was exactly the same, though older. Grey eyes, sandy blond wavy hair, strong jaw and cheekbones and of course the body of a dedicated Rugby and Football player – all muscle. He still had that cocky grin too, that I just wanted to smash off his pretty face.

“Of course, Vivian, but I don’t bursa sınırsız escort see why you’re annoyed at me. I wasn’t the one running out of doors without looking.” He continued giving me that annoyingly cocky grin.

“I don’t have time for this,” I said under my breath as I shoved past him and into the throng of people heading towards the canteen.

Jay and I had been doing the same song and dance since the beginning of high school. Jay liked Anna and thought that befriending me would get him in her good books. Though, what we both discovered was that we couldn’t be friends and instead we exchanged the odd witty comment to each other, which could end up being one hilarious conversation to watch, if we both had the heart to do it. At the football championship party last year, Jay and I had talked (if that’s what you could call it) for four hours accumulating quite an audience. Eventually Anna pulled me away, which was not any easy feet, since I was thoroughly worked up. It had taken many a choice word from Anna, a few smashed photo frames and a nice warm shower for me to get settled down from Jay’s and mine talk and I knew Anna was not impressed with him.

That’s what Jay and I do to each other, we work each other up. But, today I didn’t feel like it and went to find Anna in our usual lunch time spot, which was situated on the grass under a massive oak tree in the main courtyard. From our sitting spot you could see almost everything going on in the school, which is why Anna and I choose it. We liked being able to keep an eye on everything and everyone.

I made a detour to the canteen before heading straight to Anna, getting us both some lunch, since I stole her’s this morning.

“So, we have the grilled chicken on a bed of baby lettuce, with a drizzle of vinaigrette, or this lovely concoction,” I said sitting down beside her and presenting her with the alternative.

“Well I have to say the first one does sound quite appetizing, but this,” she said pointing at the container I held filled with a mixture of vegetables and what looked to be cubes of chicken, “this looks…like crap and I would prefer what you offered earlier,” she finished with her perkiness decreasing and a pout forming on her perfect little pink lips.

“Sorry to disappoint, but they ran out of the first order and this is all you get,” I added.

“I guess this will just have to do then,” she huffed leaning against the tree opening the container, getting ready to take the first bite.

I hadn’t stopped looking at her the whole time she made this movement and when she noticed me watching her a smile started to build at the corners of her mouth. “What?” she asked as her forkful of salad was halfway to her mouth.

“Nothing,” I said as I sat down beside her getting ready to eat my own salad. She didn’t broach it again as we just sat their eating and watching everyone else laughing and talking with their friends.

When there was no more salad in my container and I was scrapping the plastic I turned my head to see Anna watching me. Self conscious, which I had never been before around Anna, I dropped my head to see the tops of my breasts exposed. I had managed to go around for half the day looking like this, without any teachers reprimanding me, though there was a few hot glares from some boys who had noticed. But, I wasn’t as bad as Samantha stone and the slut brigade. I think I was actually mild compared to her show as much skin as possible motto.

I felt weird with just the tops of my breasts exposed at school, but I had managed to forget about it until now. As I kept my eyes on my chest a slim hand sneaked over my line of sight and adjusted my blouse so it covered me up a bit more. “Viv, you look fine. You can hardly tell,” Anna said close to my ear. She always seemed to know what was on my mind, though she didn’t know the full extent of it.

“I ran into Jay before in the hall,” I said changing the subject. Anna finished fixing my blouse and I turned to look at her. Her head was resting against the tree and she was looking directly at me. I leaned my head against the tree and looked at my feet, waiting for her to reply.

“Is that why you’re acting weird?” she asked me in a bold voice. Anna was the nicest girl in school, which meant everyone loved her. She was miss social butterfly as head of student council, but she always seemed to have a nice shyness about her when she performed her duties, that made people fall all over her. She was only ever this bold with me, she would never go right out and tell someone what was on her mind, just like that and if she did she would seem like the shyest girl in the world.

This is why I was able to be bold with Anna and ask her a question I had asked her so many times before. “Why don’t görükle escort you go out with Jay?”

I looked at her and she kept eye contact with me. “I thought you hated Jay?” she asked.

“I never said I hated him. He is a pain in the ass sometimes, but he can provide some good entertainment at others. Are you going to answer my question?” I smiled at her, but she didn’t reciprocate my smile.

“Why don’t you go out with him then? You two are already such great friends,” she said in a mocking tone.

“I’m not the one Jay likes, everyone knows he loves you. It’s been almost six months since you last went on a date with anyone.” She was starting to annoy me. Why did she have to always reject the idea of her and Jay going out?

“What, because I don’t date every other day, I have to go out with him,” she said staring me down. “I just don’t see why everyone is so hung up about us going out. Christ,” She spat as she got up, slinging her backpack on and then storming off to class just as the bell went.

Once Anna was out of sight I got up too and made my way towards biology, one of the classes we both had together. Also, one of the classes I loathed. I just hope she wouldn’t be angry by the time I got there. She had never got this angry before when I asked about her dating Jay, even when I pushed, usually she would brush it off and say she was too busy helping me study to worry about boyfriends or guys in general. I would laugh too since the help went both ways, but we did spend most of our time around each other, leaving little time for anything or anyone else.

I contemplated this as I walked to biology and upon arriving at the room saw something I didn’t think I would ever see. Especially if my last conversation with Anna was anything to go by.

In the very front row, left hand bench, Anna was sitting with Jay. She even looked to be flirting with him as she twirled her hand around her finger and gave him sweet little knowing smiles. My tummy did a flip and I wanted to go over there and demand to know what she was doing flirting with him. I don’t know what brought my anger on, but it seemed like more than that…like I was jealous. But, I wasn’t jealous of Anna getting to sit next to Jay; I was jealous of Jay for getting to sit next to Anna.

Anna didn’t even look at me as I made my way to the back of the room to sit in the only available seat, next to Samantha Stone. I couldn’t believe Anna hadn’t saved me a seat next to her, she knew I needed her help. I wanted to demand Jay to leave his seat and sit somewhere else, but, instead I starred daggers at the both of them.

“What’s with the look?” Samantha said as she followed my line of sight. “Ooo…trouble in paradise,” she said with a mocking tone in her voice.

I turned my daggers onto her. “What the hell are you talking about Samantha?” I asked her, venom leaking from my voice.

“Don’t get angry at me Sweetie. I’m just telling it how I see it.” She started to inspect her already perfect nails.

“And how is it?” I almost whispered, my anger turning into curiosity at what she was saying.

“Like you don’t know?” She looked at me with a confused look and I shook my head in reply. She sighed. “You and Anna, you spend like all your time with each other and you never let anyone else into your tight little twosome.”

I had no idea what she was talking about. We were best friends, of course we spent all our time together and anyone entering our tight little twosome, as Samantha called it, had just never come up.

She must have read the confusion all over my face and she continued. “I guess I was wrong. Though, it always made me wet to think about two of the hottest girls in school secretly getting it on,” she sighed and continued to play with her nails.

“What are you talking about,” I nearly screamed at her. “Does everyone think that?”

Everyone in class turned in their positions to look at me. Shit, I hadn’t noticed the teacher had arrived. “Vivian, is there something you would like to share with the class?” Mr Grey asked.

“No, Sir. Sorry,” I quickly said flashing my eyes around the room, catching them on Anna’s quizzical ones.

“Ok, let’s start then,” Mr Grey said going to the board.

My face was getting flushed as I looked at Anna and immediately tore my eyes away from her and to the board, where Mr Grey was writing.

“No, I came up with that hot little scenario all on my own,” Samantha whispered in my ear.

It settled me down knowing that is was only Samantha thinking about Anna and I in that way. It didn’t really surprise me that she would think about that, since slut was practically her middle name, but it did get me thinking about the feelings that I had been feeling, maybe they hadn’t just started today and maybe they had been there all along.


Thanks for reading.

I love to hear comments or any type of feedback in general. All feedback is good feedback. I would love to know what you guys think of my first story I’ve posted.

Chapter 2 comming in one week.

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