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For all of my life I have been your typical man, married with children, worked a steady job and raised my family. I began to notice some subtle changes over the past year.

I have always enjoyed various forms of porn, pictures and videos. There is nothing better than a beautiful naked woman, posing or performing various sexual activities. About this time last year I didn’t even notice but as much as I was enjoying the picture of the beautiful woman I was also beginning to pay more attention to the hard cock that was servicing her, especially when she had it in her mouth and took his load in her mouth or on her face.

The more that I watched these scenes the more I began to wonder what it was like to suck a cock and take its load. It eventually got to the point where the only porn that I was watching was blow jobs. At first I only watched women sucking men and was not interested in men on men but eventually got used to seeing that as well, I still prefer a pretty girl’s face covered in cum to that of a man.

I had no idea how you could ever find someone to experiment with, I mean you can’t just walk up to a friend and ask if you can suck his dick that would be a way too taboo. I don’t remember how but one day I stumbled across the Craigslist Personal column and was fascinated by all the ads of men wanting to service or be serviced by other men.

The more time that I spent reading these ads the more I felt drawn to them. I can’t tell you how many times that I made up a posting but always chickened out before hitting the publish button until that one morning.

It was early Monday morning and like so many times before I made up an ad offering to give a blow job. The only difference this time was that before I could back out I hit the publish button. My stomach felt like it was tied in knots as I saw my ad appear, was I really doing this?

Within seconds I got my first message. It was from a nameless man who wanted a blow job before work. My hands Casibom were vibrating as I replied, asking when and where.

It was a bit of a drive to get to the location but as I arrived I found a man, younger than myself, obviously of mixed race descent, having a cigarette while awaiting my arrival. My whole body was vibrating as I approached him.

I told him that this was my first time and asked where he wanted to do it. He took me inside his place of work and told me that we would have to hurry before his coworkers arrived. He leaned up against the wall and motioned for me to get on my knees. As I was getting into position he undid his fly and took out his semi hard cock. OMG this was really going to happen.

His cock was not huge maybe five inches at first, it was uncut, I had never seen an uncut cock before. He stroked it a couple of times then I took it in my hand after a couple of strokes I moved my head closer and took him into my mouth. I began moving my head back and forth working his cock I could feel it getting harder in my mouth. He began moving his hip in sync with my mouth and moaned frequently as I suck him. I had not even noticed me doing it but I had one hand on his ass and the other one massaging his nuts. At one point he went just a little bit too deep causing me to gag slightly.

After what seemed like about five minutes of this he warned me that he was about to come. I pull on his ass to push his cock in deeper. He sounded surprised as he asked if I wanted it in my mouth. I nodded my head and tried to say yes as much as I could with a mouth full of cock.

His cock began to erupt not like you see in porn videos but just enough that I was able to swallow every drop. I continued to suck him for a few seconds afterwards but we both knew that I had to get out of there before his coworkers showed up.

He thanked me and I thanked him then I scurried out the door to my car and left.

When I got a block away I pulled into Casibom Giriş parking lot and daydreamed about what I had just done. As I gained my composure I was totally thrilled with the fact that I had just made a total stranger cum and that I had swallowed his seed.

I never did see this man again.

While parked I checked my messages and found another reply from my ad.

I replied to the message and quickly got another response. This man was close by and wanted me to come to his home. He told me to park in the driveway, use the side door, lock it and come down to the basement. It felt strange to enter this stranger’s house for the purpose of sucking his cock.

He was waiting for me down stairs, shook my hand then dropped his pants and laid back on the bed that was in the center of the room.

I positioned myself between his legs and took his cock into my right hand. This man was a little older than myself and explained that it takes him a while to get hard.

I stroked his cock a few times then took it into my mouth. He explained that he liked the underside of his head to be licked. His cock like my first one was uncut. I removed it from my mouth, pulled back the foreskin and liked the head and the underside of his shaft, he moaned.

Between licking and sucking I managed to stiffen his cock slightly and I could tell he was enjoying it by the amount of moaning he was doing. He was not a quick cummer, I must have worked his tool for about half an hour. Finally as my knees, back and neck were getting sore he announced that he was going to cum. After swallowing his load I cleaned him up then stood up.

He thanked me and said that he hoped that we could do this again.

As I left this house I couldn’t help but feel some guilt about what I was doing.

“I’m not gay”

On my way home I received another message inviting me to taste another cock, I was feeling so guilty that I turned this one down and continued Casibom Güncel Giriş on home. Shortly after arriving home I removed my ad from Craigslist. I was totally confused. On one hand I was embarrassed and felt guilty for being so “gay” while on the other hand I was elated that I had sucked not one but two cocks.


I was sure that I had satisfied my curiosity but still every time that I entered a porn site my eyes were drawn to the sight of a nice hard penis or the girls mouth that was either sucking it or full of his cum. Every now and then I would search the C.L. listings and fantasize about sucking another cock but I would always convince myself that that was a one day occurrence.

After about five months of not tasting a cock I was searching the ads one morning and came across one that caught my attention. Some guy wanted a blowjob on his way to work. Something hit a nerve and the next thing I knew I was on my way once again to suck off a stranger.

This time we did it in his car, another first for me.

His cock was very nice, about six to seven inches, cut and very clean. I wasted no time getting it into my mouth. It felt awesome in my mouth, hard but so smooth, sliding in and out of my lips. I would occasionally move my tongue around to touch his head or the underside of his shaft, for this I was always rewarded with a moan of pleasure.

This guy had incredible stamina he was able to go much longer then I was. Reluctantly I had to take a break and he continued with his hand.

Soon afterwards he was ready to cum and resumed my position, engulfing his cock within my mouth. A few more seconds is all that it took until I felt him shoot over and over again into my mouth.

After swallowing and cleaning his cock off he returned his cock to his pants. We told each other to have a good day and I returned to my car and left. While driving away with the taste of his semen still on my tongue the guilt began to settle in once again but thinking about it now, I would suck that cock again in a heartbeat.


My question to you now is, am I Gay, Bi-Curious, Normal or just a Straight Guy who likes to Suck Cock.

Please feel free to comment.

Thank you.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32