Confessions of a Breast Addict

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Comedian Jeff Foxworthy’s signature routine lets people know if they might be a redneck. Well, along those same lines, here is how to tell if you might be a breast addict.

1) If you can guess the bra size of every woman you meet but don’t have any idea what color their eyes are, you might be a breast addict.

2) If you’ve spent countless hours searching for strippers that will let you suck on them in the VIP room and you know their weekly work schedules and have a “5-star” rating system for them, you might be a breast addict.

3) If the amount of money you have spent on strippers (or escorts) would have bought you a new home, or an exotic Italian sports car, you might be a breast addict.

4) If you have female friends who know about your need and allow you to suck on them without actually dating or having sex, you might be a breast addict.

5) If you have ever experienced “missing time” while enjoying a woman’s breasts; what you thought only lasted 10 minutes was actually 2 full hours, you might be a breast addict.

6) If your mouth has been conditioned to water like Pavlov’s dog whenever you see cleavage, you might be a breast addict.

7) If you’ve dated a woman with no other expectation other than getting your lips on her tits. Likewise, if you’ve ever stopped dating a woman because she doesn’t enjoy having you suck on her breasts, you might be a breast addict.

8) If the idea of a woman breastfeeding a child older than four years old disgusts everyone around you, but you secretly think “lucky kid”, you might be a breast addict.

9) If a new girl that you are dating says that she is lactating just as you get her bra off for the first time and you don’t even hesitate to latch on, you might be a breast addict.

10) Finally, if you’ve ever sucked on a woman’s breasts so long, or so hard, that your mouth was raw and your tongue changed colors from red to white, you might be a breast addict.

Hi, my name is Jay and I am a breast addict. It’s been 12 hours since my last “fix” and with a little luck it will be less than 12 hours before my next. I know that many men (and women) enjoy the look, feel, taste, comfort, or stress relief of a luscious breast, but most people are not really “addicts”; they just enjoy nice tits. It’s like the difference between someone who enjoys a few drinks during the week as opposed to someone who needs to drink every night.

I have spent a significant amount of time and resources getting my breast fix throughout my life. I have dedicated this series to sharing some of my experiences in the quest for breasts.

From the time that I had first noticed girls and started swiping my uncle’s “Playboy” magazines I knew that I was going to be a breast man. During my high school years my head seemed like it was attached to my body on ball bearings the way that my head spun around trying to take in all the scenery.

I was the “shy, quiet type” in school. I was athletically built and played all the major sports but mentally I had much more in common with the geeks and gear-heads. Therefore, I was friends with just about every guy in the school because I could find some way to relate to everyone.

Unfortunately, my social skills with the opposite sex were like a mute auctioneer; I had a lot to say but had no idea how to say it. Whenever girls were around, my mind seemed to shift into neutral and my tongue turned into a dried out chunk of leather. When ladies did talk to me I gave very short answers and I always felt awkward and out of place.

The few girls that I did get to know were the result of hanging out with two of my cousins; Julia and Deanna. Julia was my age (18) and Deanna was four years older. Since I had grown up with them, I was relaxed and could be myself around them, even when they had their girlfriends over to visit. I would later lose my virginity to Julia and be briefly involved with Deanna but that is another story.

My first experience happened during my senior year of high school. Diane was a friend of Julia and Deanna. She did not graduate from my school, but I had met her on several occasions. Diane was 20 at the time and she was attending school at the local community college while working two part mecidiyeköy esc time jobs.

Diane was a very pretty brunette with seductive brown eyes and a warm smile. At 5’1″ she was rather short. She was slim, had long curly brown hair and full 36C breasts. Like most college students, Diane needed every extra dollar that she could make, so when my parents asked her to babysit my brother on Friday nights, she accepted.

My baby brother is 10 years younger than me. I normally watched him myself, except that I was involved with sports and after school activities all school year. Since my parents bowled on a league on Friday nights, they needed someone to watch him. The arrangement with Diane was that she would stay with my brother until I arrived at home, then she could leave.

The first month went by without incident. I noticed that Diane didn’t leave right away when I got home and she usually stayed until my parents arrived. She had said that her boyfriend worked on Friday nights, so she wasn’t in any real hurry to go anywhere.

Like most girls, she talked enough for both of us and I just listened, laughed, and didn’t have to say much. Most of our time was spent watching movies. I usually sat at the end of the couch while she lay down with her feet next to my legs. I was completely smitten with Diane and she became the focus of my nightly masturbation marathons when I went to bed.

Sometime during the second month we had a snow storm and I arrived home to find Diane bundled up on the couch with a blanket. As I walked in she said, “I am absolutely freezing, I’ve been waiting for you to get here and warm up my feet.” I just smiled and said “I’ll be there in a minute.”

I changed my clothes and then took my usual place on the couch, except this time I reached over and put her feet on my lap and I started to massage them under the blanket. After a few minutes she looked over, smiled at me and said “thank you, it feels great.” Her smile nearly melted my heart; she looked so beautiful laying there. I just wished that I had the social skills to “close the deal”.

I continued to massage Diane’s feet for about 30 minutes, all the while working my strong hands up her legs to massage her calves through her jeans. Diane would occasionally purr letting me know that she was enjoying it. I eventually stopped rubbing her feet and I leaned over so that I was half way lying behind her. She responded by saying “do you want to lie down too?” I said “yes” and she slid forward allowing me to get into position behind her on my right side.

At this point my heart was beating so loudly that it felt as though it would leap from my chest. My mind was racing and my palms were starting to sweat. We adjusted the blanket so that we were both covered and I placed my left hand on her hip. I felt her shoulders wriggle against my chest as she took my left hand and wrapped it around her waist. I closed my eyes and took a deep breath of her hair; she smelled incredible. To this day when I smell the scent of “Poison’ I remember that night.

My body was screaming for me to move and to take what I wanted. My brain on the other hand was paralyzed with the fear of rejection. Over the next 30 minutes I allowed my left hand to slowly work my way up her stomach until my hand was touching the bottom of her bra; every second seemed to last an eternity.

Though I wanted to place my hand on her breast; my first breast, I couldn’t find the courage to move. I must have paused in that position for at least 10 minutes. It seemed as though Diane read my mind as she gently took my left hand into her left hand, lifted it up and pressed it against her chest. My mind finally comprehended the fact that she wanted my attention and that realization crumbled my inhibitions.

I massaged her breast through her knit sweater for about five minutes before I reached down and slid my hand up her shirt to touch her tight tummy. I slowly, but deliberately brought my hand up to her breast and resumed my massage; alternating from one breast to the other.

I could feel and hear Diane breathing deeply. Her eyes were closed and she had the most peaceful look on her face; as if she were completely relaxed. After a few minutes türbanlı esc she opened her eyes and noticed that I was watching her. She smiled, sat up and removed her bra. As she was about to lie down again I asked her if we could switch positions, to which she responded with a raspy “ok”.

I stood up and let Diane lie down towards the back of the couch. Once she adjusted her pillow I snuggled up to her with my head near her chest. We quickly pulled the blanket around us and I immediately started to pull up her shirt. She wiggled around a little to allow me to work her shirt up in order to expose her breasts.

I ducked under the blanket and found myself staring at my first “real life” breast. The object of my desire for so long was now in my right hand and just inches from my face. My mouth began to water uncontrollably as I parted my lips and let the tip of my tongue caress Diane’s nipple. I flattened my tongue and gave her areola one smooth lick before I took her entire nipple into my hungry mouth.

I suckled her breast deep and firm, but gently. Within seconds I felt Diane’s left hand on the back of my head pulling me into her breast as if encouraging me to ravish her body. I would have taken her entire breast into my mouth if I could have; I was in heaven. I heard Diane moan.

As I switched to her other breast I heard her whisper, “That feels so good”. Diane moved her left leg around my waist and I allowed my right leg to take a position between hers. We held each other tight as I continued to suckle each of her breasts for the next hour.

I kept expecting to hear my parents car pulling up the driveway any minute, but they were either running late due to the snow, or they had gone out dancing after bowling as they sometimes did.

I had the hardest erection that I can ever remember. My cock was pressed against Diane’s leg and I was sure that she could feel it pulsing and grinding against her. With my inhibitions gone and knowing that Diane had let me come this far, I decided to see if she would let me go further.

I had been holding her breast with my right hand while suckling on her. I let her breast go and my hand slid down her tummy and between her legs. I started to massage her juicy pussy through her jeans. She reached down with her left hand and grabbed mine, forcing me to stop. On the one hand I immediately felt rejected and embarrassed for pushing her so far, but on the other hand I was so thankful to have her incredible breasts.

After pulling my hand away she pulled down the blanket so she could look into my eyes. She said “I’m sorry Jay, but I can’t give you that because it’s not mine to give, it belongs to Mark (her boyfriend).” I said, “OK, I understand, I’m sorry.” She smiled and said, “Don’t be sorry, I’m sure that I can think of other ways to take care of your problem that has been poking me in the leg for the past hour.”

If a guy can ever have a “blonde moment”, this was mine. I just stared at Diane with a blank look on my face; my mind racing trying to comprehend what she was hinting at. She just smiled at me with a devilish look in her eyes for a few seconds and then she said, “Lie down and get comfortable”.

I did as I was told and Diane slipped down to the end of the couch. She flipped the blanket over her head so that I couldn’t see what she was doing. Seconds later I felt her hands unfastening my jeans and pulling down my zipper. I arched my back and helped her push my jeans down.

After years of masturbating 3 to 5 times a day it was nice to finally feel a woman’s hands on my cock. Diane stroked my shaft slowly several times and then I felt her hot tongue lick my balls. She licked each one with the flat of her tongue a couple times and then she started to work up the length of my shaft.

I watched Diane’s head move under the blanket as she took my cock into her wet mouth and begin to give me the first blow job of my life. Though I couldn’t see what she was doing, the feeling was incredible. I closed my eyes and it seemed that every nerve in my body was focused on her warm mouth and the intense pleasure that she was giving to me.

I opened my eyes just long enough to see her head slowly bob up and down three times and I knew that şişli esc I wasn’t going to last any longer. My back arched uncontrollably as I took a deep breath and held it. Seconds later my cock began to throb as jets of jism sprayed into Diane’s throat. She grabbed my cock to hold it in her mouth while I convulsed with the strongest orgasm I had ever experienced.

As my orgasm subsided Diane continued to suck and stroke my cock trying to coax every drop of cum out of me. Satisfied that she had gotten all of my seed she licked the head of my cock several times, placed both of her hands on my hips and took my cock back into her hungry mouth. As with most teenagers, I was still hard as a rock after my initial orgasm and Diane seemed happy to continue sucking.

My first orgasm had happened so quickly that it was over before my mind really appreciated the fact that I had just had my first blow job. Now, I was able to rest my head on the pillow and really enjoy the experience. Diane started this second round slow and firm just like the first. She wasn’t taking my full length into her mouth, but I could tell that she was getting more than half of it into her throat.

After what seemed like five minutes, Diane began to pick up the pace. I opened my eyes and watched her head moving up and down like a piston under the blanket. I smiled out of pure satisfaction. I knew that several of my good friends were getting laid on a regular basis, but half of them complained that they couldn’t talk their girls into blowing them and the other half complained that their girls wouldn’t let them cum in their mouths.

Another five minutes had passed and sheer ecstasy surged through my body. Diane’s head was furiously pumping up and down now and the couch began to squeak underneath me; if she sucked any faster or harder I swear that the whole couch would have started to vibrate.

I began to feel the tell-tale tingling throughout my body letting me know that my next orgasm was just moments away. My cock ached and the head started to hurt but it felt so incredibly good at the same time. I clamped down onto sides of the couch with both hands. My back arched and my breathing stopped. Diane stopped pumping up and down and grabbed my cock with both hands. Again I shot loads of cum into Diane’s hungry mouth.

As my convulsions stopped and I started to breathe again, Diane very slowly sucked up and down on my cock. This time I began to soften. When my cock was about half soft she let it slip from her lips and she sat up while pulling the blanket off us. All I could do was say, “that was fucking incredible” and I started to laugh.

Diane lay down on top of me with her head on my chest. We hugged for a few minutes and then she said, “Jay, nobody can know about this.” I told her that I wouldn’t tell anyone. She then looked into my eyes with a very serious look on her face and said, “You’re going to find that most women have their own rules when it comes to sex. In my case, what is between my legs belongs to my boyfriend, but I give the rest of me to whomever I want and right now I want that to be you, understand?” I said, “Yes, I understand”. She smiled and said, “good, if you play your cards right we can continue to do this every Friday night.”

We got off the couch, made ourselves decent and got something to drink. We then picked out a movie and snuggled up on the couch again. This time I slid down far enough that she could see the movie over the top of my head while I sucked on her gorgeous breasts. The blanket was pulled down to Diane’s waist so that I could see her exquisite breasts and she could watch me sucking on her.

I remember her eyes were so full of warmth and care; they seemed to look through my eyes and directly into my soul. She had just a hint of a smile on her face. With her left hand she rubbed my shoulders and neck and let her fingers roam through my thick hair. Up to that point I had never felt so connected to another person in my life. Minutes gave way to hours as our bond grew stronger. At 2:30am I heard my parent’s car pull into the drive. I rushed off to bed while Diane put her bra back on and folded up the blanket.

And so my quest for breasts started. We would take turns sucking on each other every Friday night until my parent’s league finished for the year. Not long after that she graduated with her associated degree and transferred to a four year college. I didn’t see her again until several years later at Deanna’s wedding.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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