Confessions in a Taxicab

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There was a soft glow in the room from the flickering of candle light. The aroma from the candles sent an erotic spell into the atmosphere. The walls were painted a deep, seductive red and were accompanied by framed nude pin-ups. The music was loud and the faint smell of sweat and pussy lingered through the air. There were ten suede lounge chairs furnishing the room; only three were being occupied. A black velvet curtain hung at the entryway of the room, separating the VIP area from the bar. It had been a long, slow night and I was just finishing up a private dance for a gentleman who seemed to be one of our ‘regulars.’

“Thanks baby,” I said as I brushed my lips against his rugged, unshaven face, placing the hundred dollar bill in between the garter on my thigh.

“Nooo, thank you, doll!” he said as he stood from the chair and readjusted himself. He then made his way towards the curtain to exit the VIP lounge.

I gathered my skimpy clothes from off of the floor and wiped the perspiration from my forehead. I made my way from the VIP room to the dressing room. It had been such an endless night; I was exhausted and ready to go home. I changed into my tank top and capri’s, grabbed my belongings and headed out the door. Making my way towards the exit of the club, I said goodnight to a few of the girls.

I had become a ‘kitten’ at Pole Kittens about two months ago. I never in a million years thought of all things, I’d turn out to be a dancer. Truthfully, that’s not what I had intended to do with myself; it was sort of a last resort for my situation. I haven’t had a boyfriend in months and I have been living on my own, trying to make ends meet. I was also paying for college, which by no means could be paid for with pocket change. I had a few bullshit jobs from time to time to help get me through, but those bullshit jobs just weren’t cutting it anymore. I came home from work one day to find a final notice on my door for my rent being late. If I didn’t come up with the rent money, I was going to be evicted. Stripping was the only thing that came to mind when I thought of the best solution to make some quick cash. It was more than just ‘getting me by’ too! I was making anywhere from seven hundred dollars to two thousand dollars on a good night (usually a Friday or Saturday). I was also paying for a taxicab everywhere I went, so I was trying to buy a car as well.

I Akbatı escort exited the club and stepped outside to wait for my cab to arrive. The stench odor of cigarette smoke clung to me like a second skin; I simply couldn’t stand the smell. I wasn’t waiting long before an orange cab car pulled into the now empty lot. I opened the door and climbed into the backseat. Unlike most of the others, this cab driver was intriguing. He was rather attractive and his smile was captivating. The driver appeared to be in his late twenties or early thirties. Although I could not see his figure, he appeared to be somewhat muscular. He looked just like a brown-eyed Brad Pitt. Hello! My sudden arousal had me flushed. It had been months beyond months since a man’s hands had been anywhere on my body. (There is absolutely no touching by customers in the strip club). His presence alone was making my pussy swell.

“Where to ma’am?” he asked in a stern, but sexy voice as I climbed into the back seat.

“Um, can you take me to…,…I mean…can you just take me to 276 Jupiter Court please? That would be great.” ‘Gosh, I sure needed to get laid,’ I thought to myself.

“No problem, I’ll have you there in about fifteen minutes.” He said as he turned around and put the car in DRIVE.

It was smoldering in the car. I rolled down the window to catch the night’s breeze. I was fighting to stay awake; fighting to keep my eyes from closing. I couldn’t hold back any longer so I sunk into the seat and tried to picture my last sexual rendevous. Damn, it had been so long ago, I couldn’t even remember! So instead, I opened up my baby blue’s and shot a glance at the cabbie through the rear-view mirror. He shot a piercing smile back at me.

I unintentionally started to fantasize about him; imagining the things I’d do to him if given the chance. I tried to imagine the naughty things he’d do to me. I was soon ready to jump over the back seat and have my way with him. I wanted to so bad. But instead, I trailed my fingers down into my pants, reaching for my soft mound. My peepers didn’t move from the mirror. His face had me in a heightened state of arousal. My digits reached upon my engorged clit and I let a soft moan escape from my lips. I spread my legs a little further to give myself more access. Every so often he would glance at me through Aksaray escort bayan the mirror, sending shock waves of tingling pleasure to a place hidden by my pants.

I snaked my other hand up my tank top to fondle my luscious, pert globes. I slid my finger into the lacy material only to find a fully erect nipple. My juices began to flow from my smooth, fleshy folds, trickling down my crack. My breathing had turned into soft panting as I stroked my throbbing nub.

I want you to watch me,” I persuaded him as the sultry words rolled from my tongue as if possessed by the devil. What was I doing?

“Excuse me?” he asked as he looked at me through the rear-view mirror, narrowing his eyebrows.

“…watch me,” I demanded a second time, still rubbing my hand over my button.

“I’m sorry, you would like for me to watch you what?” he asked again, still unsure of what I wanted from him.

“It’s been such a long time, Mr. Cabdriver, since I’ve been with a man, and you are by far the sexiest thing I’ve ever laid my eyes on. So, if you could, I would like for you to watch me through the mirror as I play with myself. You mean you haven’t noticed yet? The driver swerved the car and cleared his throat at the same time. I guess he couldn’t believe his ears. So, do you think you can keep your eyes on me, it would turn me on?”

I lifted my shirt up over my head and my platinum tresses fell back next to my face. His eyes widened and his face grew faint. He grabbed his Coke from the cup holder, took a deep swig and readjusted the mirror the catch a better view.

“Oh, make sure you don’t wreck the car Mr. Driver…or pull over and park it so you don’t miss a second of my sexy show. And by the way, my name is Carmen…what’s yours?”

“Chris, it’s…Chris,” he replied back, watching my every move through the reflecting mirror.

I shut my eyes and tilted my head back, relaxing it against the headrest. My top front teeth grazed over my bottom lip as I rolled my sensitive pink nipple in between my fingers. Chris pulled the car into a vacant lot. I slid my middle finger in between my dripping slit, plunging deep inside myself.

“Oohh,” I let out a hard moan.

I was sure that by now Chris had removed his cock from his pants and started stroking himself; at least I had hoped anyway. Escort Ankara Male masturbation is fucking hot.

I brought my slick finger to my mouth and licked away my sweet juices. I cupped my hand over my breast and lifted it to my mouth, licking a wet trail around my engorged nipple. The tingling sensation was delivered from my nipple down to my burning groin. I was panting and moaning from my own sexual pleasure.

“Take out your cock, Chris,” I instructed in between moans. I continued to lap at my erect nipple. My body was on fire. I was nearing a climax.

“Uh…ok…are you serious?” he asked as he fumbled to get his zipper down on his jeans. I leaned forward to look over the seat that separated us. His dick was beautiful; it was full and thick and I couldn’t think of any other place for it to be other than pistoning inside of me.

“Yes, I am serious. Oh…my..God, you are sooo huge!”

“I can’t believe I am doing this,” he mumbled under his breath as he gently stroked his throbbing penis.

I penetrated two fingers inside myself and started rocking back and forth over my hand. My pussy was dripping wet. Occasionally, I pulled my fingers out from my soft folds to massage my enlarged, pulsating clit. The cab driver started letting out thunderous groans from deep within which pushed me to the edge of explosion. As his prick shot out a thick rope of semen, I cried out from the pleasure my own fingers were creating. The muscles between my thighs were throbbing viciously as I came. I gently released my soaked hand from between my limbs and slumped down into the seat as my orgasm subsided. He started the cab back up and pulled out from the paved lot after taking another gulp of his soda. As he was nearing the apartment buildings where I resided, Chris grabbed something from the passenger seat and cleaned himself off. I too, reached for my shirt and put it back on. I shot him a devious smile through the mirror.

“So, how many nights a week do you get to see something like that?” I asked as he approached my apartment complex.

“Um…well, actually never. Tonight is my first night as a cab driver, I just started.”

“Oh, really? Well, I hope you enjoyed the show. I let the seducing words leave my mouth as I winked at him and stepped out of the car. So, how much do I owe ya?”

“Uh…you don’t owe anything ma’am.”

“Carmen, remember?”

“Right, I…mean…Carmen. Tonight’s free…on me.”

“Well, thanks for the ride Chris…hope to see you soon,” I blew him a kiss goodnight as I walked towards the entrance of my building and disappeared inside.

Chris drove away with a shit-eatin’ grin on his face.

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