Confession Ch. 15

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I hurriedly dried myself then reluctantly slipped my dress over my head. I went out to see if Beth had arrived home yet. I stepped into the kitchen and looked around but the only person there was Ben who had a very large grin on his face.

“Is she here yet?”

I wasn’t sure why I was whispering other than feeling like a naughty little school girl. Ben laughed and pointed up to the wall.

“What’s the time Sis?”

I looked at the clock confused. It was saying ten past two. It was so strange, I would have sworn I heard the clock chime three. Ben laughed again.

“It’s okay to be a little paranoid Sis, hell under the circumstances I would say we were crazy not to be.”

I laughed and shook my head. I knew he was right but I wanted to be risky, I wanted to take chances, I wanted to be naked and I wanted to Fuck Ben everywhere and anywhere even if we had an audience. I wanted the world to know just how good it felt to have my brother making love to me. I even felt a bit resentful towards Beth for cramping our fun time.

I got started again on some sandwiches for lunch and while I was making them I remembered that Beth had training tonight after school anyway so she wouldn’t be home until nearly five thirty. I told Ben about her training and how silly I felt for reacting the way I did earlier.

“Like I said Sis. We would be crazy not to be a bit paranoid. If Beth, Jerome or Geoff were to see what we had been doing we would be in a world of shit, you know that.”

“I know, it’s just not fair that Geoff and Cindy get to go off and do whatever they want without anyone interrupting them.”

I know Ben thought I meant that they were doing whatever they wanted separately but I was certain they were together.

“Yeah I know, it just means we have to take advantage of the moments we get.”

I looked him in the eye and lifted the bottom of my dress, showing him that it was the only piece of fabric covering me. He smiled that same smile as before, the one that basically said he wanted to eat me alive.

“We have some time now Ben, want to take advantage of it?”

“Mmm I definitely want to but I’m not sure if I can. It’s been a long time since I’ve gone more than twice in one day. I’m really not sure if I can.”

I started rubbing my pussy right in front of him. I could still feel a mixture of our cum inside me and suddenly I wanted to taste it. I didn’t play around and although I was a little bit tender I still fairly easily slipped two fingers up in side myself. My pussy was making wet, squelchy noises as I fucked myself right in front of Ben. I told him to move his chair out from the table Halkalı Escort so I could get closer still. I straddled his legs and continued to rub our combined cum all over my pussy and especially my clit. I moved my fingers up to my mouth and tasted our creamy juices. I couldn’t believe how slutty I was behaving but it felt so good and so right. I pushed my fingers back into myself again wanting more.

“God that’s so fucking hot and sexy.”

“You make me feel all hot and sexy, besides I like the way you taste in me.”

Once again I pulled my fingers out to raise them to my mouth but Ben surprised me by grabbing my hand. He raised my fingers to his own mouth and while keeping eye contact with me he sucked my fingers into his mouth. It was such an amazing turn on watching him eat his and my cum off my own fingers. He moaned in obvious delight at the taste of our love.

He placed his hands on my hips and turned me to the side where he lifted me onto the edge of the table, placing my bare ass onto it. He then moved the chair back so that it was between my legs. He sat down as though sitting down to a delicious meal. He raised my legs up gently so that my feet were on the table too. He then began kissing his way down my thighs. They quivered under his gentle kisses that almost tickled. Further and further up my thighs they went at a regular rhythm until suddenly he stopped. I was just about to say something when I felt his tongue separate my lips. A hot shiver ran through my body as all I could think about was the fact that here was my brother eating his own cum out of my pussy in exactly the same spot as my husband ate his breakfast. It was just so wrong and slutty that he had me cumming in seconds.

I was turning into such a slut for Ben and we were both loving it. His mouth felt heavenly on my pussy as his lips and tongue went to town on me, lapping up all the juices as they poured from me. He then stood up and kissed me deeply. His tongue in my mouth tasted strongly of our combined juices and I found it intoxicating. I couldn’t believe how desperately I wanted him to fuck me again. More than anything though I wanted to be naked again with the sun on my skin while he fucked me.

I sat up and pushed him back a step. At first he looked a little confused as though I may be rejecting him but when I reached out and lifted his shirt up over his head he understood. I pulled his shorts down and helped him step out of them. He was about to step back in when I changed his mind.

“Not here Ben. I want you to fuck me outside.”

It was the first time that he looked at all apprehensive and I knew he was thinking Halkalı Escort Bayan that the risk of being caught went up majorly by taking this outside but when I grabbed hold of his cock and began leading him outside he didn’t hesitate. We stepped out into the glorious sunshine and Ben looked all around as though trying to judge whether the neighbors could see or not. His gaze lingered briefly on Cathy’s place but seemed to come to the conclusion that nobody was home. I was at the point of just not caring. I raised the dress up over my head again and placed it on the ground.

I got down on my hands and knees in front of Ben and started sucking in earnest on his cock. It wasn’t fully hard in spite of the last ten minutes but then he had cum twice already today and as he said himself, it was questionable whether or not he would be able to go for a third time. I got him almost all the way hard with my mouth but by then I just had to have him inside me. This time I lay down on my back and spread my legs for him. Ben got down between my legs and with a little help he lined his cock up with my pussy. Slowly he pushed into me going deeper and deeper with each passing second. His fat cock head felt so good inside me and this time he went a lot deeper into me than he had before.

He just kept sinking into me until I felt him press against my cervix. Nothing painful but enough to make me feel really full. I moaned loud enough for the neighbors to hear if they were in their backyard but it was silent and still in the neighborhood. The only sounds I could hear were our grunts, the slapping of my thighs meeting Ben’s and the very wet sounds of our sex. I could feel my cum running down over my ass and onto the grass beneath me.

I found myself having small orgasm after small orgasm as Ben continued to pound me. I knew he would last longer this time but he was like a steam train the way he just kept going. Eventually Ben began to show signs of fatigue so I rolled us both over. Now that Ben was on his back he could lay back for a while and let me do the work. The feeling of the sun on my naked skin felt great and the fact that we were both soaked with cum and sweat just added top the amazing raw feeling. The smell of the grass crushed beneath us mixed with our own individual scents was like an aphrodisiac to me.

I began to ride Ben cowgirl style and the position allowed me to play with my own nipples while being filled with the best feeling cock I had ever had in me. Combined with the thought of being watched outside caused another orgasm to start building in me. This time though I could sense Ben’s own orgasm Escort Halkalı approaching too. It became a race to see who would get there first and I was pounding his cock into me with a real urgency now.

I saw on Ben’s face his pleasure reach a crescendo as I felt his cock expand inside me. It was so amazing to see and feel that my own orgasm exploded into existence at the same time. I found myself lying naked on Ben’s chest as his breath and my own began to settle down to a normal rhythm. I could feel him softening inside me and it was with a certain amount of sadness that I felt him slip out of me. I raised my head and looked him in the eye.

“I love you Ben. I will never stop loving you.”

“I love you too Sis.”

“I wish this didn’t have to end.”

“Me too but we both know how much of a mess this would be if it got out.”

“I know.”

I knew he was right of course but it really did feel pretty crap to admit it. We both got up in silence and walked back into the house hand in hand. After checking the time again to make sure we weren’t going to get caught out we both had another shower then got dressed.

Fortunately we got talking about photography again and spent some time going over settings, light configurations, back drops etc. We even temporarily set up some of the equipment I had so that Ben could teach me a few things. Beth turned up while we were in the middle of doing some portrait practice and watched for a little while, joining in the conversation when she could.

Later on we ordered Pizzas and watched some movies all together on the couch. Ben and I secretly held hands like a couple of teenagers while Beth sat on the other end of the couch. Eventually I got too tired to stay up any longer but Beth was in a chatty mood with Ben so after excusing myself I left them talking and went to bed.

I tossed and turned all night dreaming all kinds of crazy scenarios. Everything from being caught by pretty much every member of the family to Ben and I running away together and starting new lives. I knew it was all just some fantasy but in the morning I felt so sad to be saying goodbye to Ben again so soon.

Beth seemed to be just as melancholy as I was as we both watched Ben reverse his car down the driveway. Seconds later he was gone and Beth was on her way to her game. I knew she would be gone for three or four hours as she always stayed to watch the other games her friends were playing in too but lately she had also been going out with her girl friends to parties afterwards. Sometimes when she left on a Saturday morning I wouldn’t see her again until Sunday evening. She was always good about letting me know what she was up to and where she was going to be so I really couldn’t complain. Geoff wasn’t due home until tomorrow and I felt so cheated that he got an extra day doing what he wanted to do and I was sitting here alone pining for my brother and his wonderful cock.

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