Coming to Terms

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I stood naked beside the bed. My hard cock jutted straight out from my body betraying my excitement.

“I have never done this before,” I said softly.

“But it excites you doesn’t it?”

“I guess so,” I answered as my cheeks flushed red with embarrassment.

“You guess so? It’s a yes or no question. Does it excite you?”

“Yes,” I replied honestly as I cast my eyes to the floor.

“Yes what!”

“Yes master,” I quickly corrected. My cock twitched as the words hit my ears. I had always been straight or maybe a little curious and I had never been with a man. I was most definitely submissive and that is where my curiosity had begun. It started with Femdom scenarios and porn. That led to Cuckolding fantasies and thoughts of forced bisexuality but in all my fantasies there was a sexy woman present. She would participate and order me to do things outside of my comfort zone but this was different. There was no woman here ordering me to do things. There was just me and him.

“Good answer slave,” he said as he reached out and flicked my cock hard with his finger.

I jumped as the sharp contact but inside I felt warm and pleased with myself.

“Undress me,” he ordered.

I moved slowly and deliberately toward him. My hands trembled slightly with a combination of nervousness and excitement. “Yes master,” I replied as I grabbed the hem of his tight fitting black tee shirt and lifted it up over his head exposing his smooth tan torso. His chest and arms were muscular and defined as if they were lifted straight from the pages of Muscle and Fitness Magazine and his abs were tight and rippled without an ounce of fat covering them. I fought the urge to touch his bare skin and unsnapped his tight jeans before slowly falling to my knees.

My face was level with his crotch and I stared at the prominent bulge as my trembling fingers hooked into his belt loops and pulled the tight dark denim to the floor.

He stepped out of his jeans with my assistance and stood quietly in front of me wearing only a pair of black bikini briefs. He allowed my eyes to soak in his powerful physique before ordering me to my feet. “Do you like what you see slave?”

“Yes master,” I answered quickly. “You have an incredible body.”

“Would you like to touch it?”

“Yes master, I would like very much to touch your body. May I please?” I asked. My voice sounded strange to me, as though the words had come from somewhere and someone else.

“Yes slave, you may touch my body but not my cock.”

“Thank you master,” I said as I reached out and touched his broad muscular chest. His skin was soft and hairless like a woman’s but beneath the skin it was hard. The combination was incredible and my hands roamed over his body and toyed with his nipples as my cock throbbed ceaselessly.

“Let me get comfortable,” he said as me climbed onto the bed and lay back with his hands behind his head. He pointed to the spot between his splayed thighs and I wordlessly climbed between his legs. “Continue,” he ordered.

My hands resumed their minstrations on his smooth chest as my hard cock rubbed lightly Sakarya Escort against his briefs. I leaned forward as I gently massaged his chest. “May I,” I asked as I lowered my lips toward his nipples.

“Yes slave, do it, give into your desires and please me.”

“Thank you master,” I said breathlessly as my lips touched his skin. I could taste the salt on his skin. My tongue flicked out and slithered across his muscular chest gliding toward his engorged left nipple.

He moaned softly as I sucked his nipple into my mouth and swirled my tongue around it just like I had done thousands of times with my wife. What would she have said if she could have witnessed my taboo adventure.

My hands continued to rub his body as I moved across the broad expanse of his chest to his other nipple. I sucked hard, drawing it into my wide stretched mouth and he moaned loudly.

“You are a good slave,” he praised as I lavished wet sloppy attention on his smooth chest. I felt his cock hard against my legs and it thrilled me to know that I was the cause of his excitement.

I slowly moved down his body, licking and sucking the soft skin of his tight well defined abs on a journey to his manhood. My mouth touched the fabric of his briefs and I inhaled his essence. I could smell the faint musk of his excitement and I fought a powerful urge to free his cock from the confines of his briefs and wrap my lips around it.

“You may touch it slave,” he said nonchalantly, “but only through my briefs.”

“Yes master, thank you sir,” I said thankfully as I pressed my lips to his cotton covered cock and ran my tongue over it. I could see a wet spot above his cock head where precum had soaked the cotton and my tongue was guided to it as if by magnetic attraction. I sucked hard on the wet spot tasting his cream for the first time. I moaned as the reality gripped me.

“You’re a hungry bitch aren’t you,” he teased as I greedily licked and sucked his cotton covered dick.

“Yes master,” I moaned as I fought to gain control of my rabid lust. I was literally shaking with excitement.

“Do you want my cock slave?” He asked in a stern commanding voice.

“Yes master, I need your cock.” It was his cock that I was after. I was filled with rabid cock lust. It

My cock lust had begun with the cuckold movies and it had consumed me. Every time I had masturbated I was filled with fantasies of sucking cock. My wife was traditional and I knew she would never understand. When I was alone I often found myself searching craigslist for couples seeking men for bisexual adventures but I never replied. When I came across my masters ad I was inexplicably drawn to it. It made no pretense to bisex but it had a picture of his naked body and the words “Cum serve me and be my slut.” I replied immediately with a picture and a short letter telling him that I was bicurious, submissive and I wanted to be his slut. I told him I could host and he told me he would be over at 6:00PM. He was promt and minutes after he arrived he led me to my bedroom and ordered me to strip for him.

“Beg for it slave. Beg like a bitch Adapazarı Escort in heat,” he ordered.

My voice shuddered with raw lust as I begged my new master to let me suck and lick his cock. I was a wanton slut and I needed to feel his hard flesh inside my mouth. “Please sir, I need your cock inside me,” I pleaded, “I will do anything sir. I am begging you, please let me taste you.” The domination and my cock lust had brought me to dizzying heights of unbriddled desire.

“Not yet,” he teased as an evil grin spread across his face. “But you may take my underwear off.”

I quickly hooked my fingers in the sides of his bikini briefs and started to pull them down as he raised his ass off the bed pushing his exposed cock toward me enticingly. It was just inches from my face. I could smell his musky scent and my dick twitched and throbbed with excitement. My mouth watered with need. His cock was slightly longer than average with a thick veiny shaft. The bulbous purple head begged for my attention but I knew my role as a slave.

“Move,” he said quickly as he rolled over onto his stomach hiding his sexy cock from my hungry gaze.

I knelt between his spread thighs and looked at his muscular ass. It was firm and incredibly muscular with smooth pale skin and a rigid tan line that called out to my tongue to attention.

“Massage my back,” he ordered.

“Yes master, with pleasure,” I responded honestly as my hands ran over his wide muscular back. My cock had been hard since I had stripped for him nearly 45 minutes earlier and it showed no signs of softening as I kneaded his smooth flesh. It pointed straight out from my body and rested just below his muscular ass. I wondered what it would feel like to slide inside of his ass and fuck his tight hole. I knew it would never happen because he was a strong dominant top and I was his sissy subservient slave.

My hands continued to massage and caress his back making him moan softly as I worked the knots out of his tight muscles.

“Work on my ass and if you are good I will let you suck my cock. That is what you want right?” He teased. He knew the answer.

“Yes master. Thank you master. May I use my lips as well as my hands on your ass sir?”

“Mmmm yes you may. You are a good slave, especially considering your past.” He answered referring to my lack of experience.

I slid lower and kneaded the cheeks of his ass. My lips grazed across them and my tongue slithered along his tan line tasting the salt from his flesh. I licked the top of the crease of his ass as I pulled his cheeks apart as looked at his clean tight asshole. I had licked my wife’s asshole numerous times and we both always enjoyed it. My tongue slid wetly down his ass crack making him moan loudly. I licked his tight puckered asshole and he groaned with pleasure. My tongue slithered from his musky balls across his taint to his asshole before jabbing inside his ass and tongue fucking him as he writhed with pleasure. It was at that moment that I realized that despite his calm in control manner he wanted and needed me as badly as I did him.

He rolled over Serdivan Escort and grabbed my head guiding my mouth to his hard cock. I looked into his eyes as my lips engulfed his turgid rod. I could feel the creases and veins of his cock caress my lips as my head bobbed over his thick shaft.

“Suck harder slut,” he demanded as I noisily slurped on his salty shaft. The taste, the feel and the scent was incredible. I was consumed by the act.

He held my head tight and forced his dick down my throat until tears streamed down my cheek as I fought my gag reflex.

“Suck me bitch,” he yelled as his cock pumped into my mouth.

I felt his balls tighten and I knew he was close. I was tense with anticipation. I forced his cock deep into my throat as it started to spit. His thick cream filled my gullet as I gulped and swallowed his volumous cum shop like a common whore.

He grunted and groaned as he came in my mouth. “Swallow it bitch,” he demanded as gob after delicious gob of thick goo shot from his cock.

I swallowed every drop of his salty seed and then pulled my mouth off his cock with a loud pop. “Thank you master,” I panted.

“Keep sucking whore,” he commanded. “Keep me hard so I can deflower your sissy ass.

“Yes master,” I replied as I took his semi hard dick back into my mouth. I sucked his dick and swirled my tongue around the head for ten solid minutes until it grew hard in my mouth.

“Lay down bitch,” he ordered. I quickly scrambled onto my back and watched as he poured lube over my cock, balls and ass. He lubed his cock and then grabbed my legs. He put my ankles on his powerful shoulders and pressed the thick head of his dick against my tight asshole. His hips pushed forward and I felt an incredible pressure against my ass. He pushed harder and I relaxed my sphincter. He penetrated me with a painfully delicious pop and slowly sank balls deep into my ass. The pain was incredible but it melted with the pleasure creating an indescribable euphoria.

“Tell me what you are slave,” my master demanded.

“I am your slut master,” I moaned.

“Tell me what you want slut,” he ordered. “I want you to fuck me hard master. I want you to fuck me, cum in me and use me like the whore that I am,” I panted.

He fucked my ass with long powerful strokes as sweat covered his tan muscular body. The pain disappeared and I felt waves of pleasure wash over my body as his cock stroked deep inside me massaging my prostate and bringing me to heights of pleasure I never imagined.

The room filled with raw animalistic sounds as his cock pounded relentlessly into my ass.

“Jerk your cock slut,” my master demanded and I wrapped my fist around my shaft and stroked in time with his anal assault.

I came hard and without warning. Hot cream shot from my dick with a ferocity I had never seen. It hit my face and neck before leaving a huge puddle on my chest and stomach. My master pounded my ass as I came and then buried his cock deep inside me and filled my bowels with seering hot cream.

He pulled his dick from my ass and wiped in on my sheets before walking into the bathroom to pee.

My chest was still pounding as he picked up his shirt and jeans. He dressed without a word and then walked to the bedroom door.

“You’re a good slut slave,” he said as he left. “I’ll call you next time I’m in town.”

I knew I would never see him again.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32