Coming Home

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Lara looked in frustration at the clock on the kitchen wall. It was 11:05pm on Friday evening, and her 18-year-old son, Austin, still has not come home. Worse than that, the boy’s cell-phone seemed to have been turned off. He has not called since he went out with his buddies shortly after five o’clock, although his curfew was at ten.

Lara was both angry and fearful. She knew that Austin was almost certainly boozing with his no-good “friends” but she also worried that something bad might have happened to him.

Austin, her only child, was a high school senior, about to graduate in 2 months. Austin’s father and Lara’s husband, Derek, had been a manager for a large contractor company, and he died five years ago in a construction accident.

Lara has been raising Austin as a single mom since then, but things were going from bad to worse between them.

Instead of bringing them closer together, Derek’s death pushed the mother and the son further apart, and quickly.

Austin, who had been a happy, affectionate and outgoing kid until then, became irritable and angry. He had idolized his dad and wanted to find somebody to blame for Derek’s sudden loss. Lara was the only one around, and Austin focused his resentment and anger on her, with all the irrational obstinacy and determination of a stupid teenager.

Austin had never been particularly academically oriented but he has always loved music. Since his elementary school days Austin played a piano and later a guitar as well. In sixth grade he and his two best friends, Lucy and Gavin, formed a band, The Happy Alligators. Even though Lara would have appreciated lower decibels coming from the garage, she had to acknowledge that the kids were getting pretty good.

But after Derek’s death Austin drifted away from Lucy and Gavin, and The Happy Alligators were no more. He started hanging out with rougher older guys from a local community college, staying out late and drinking. His grades tanked and he began skipping school. Lara worried that he was into something worse than just alcohol, and she dreaded getting a call from the police about the boy. There was no question now of Austin going to college. Lara just hoped that he would be able to get a decent job after high school and gradually grow out of his self-destructive anger.

Apart from music, Austin also really loved swimming and was on the school’s swim team since middle school. Lara thanked the stars and the boy’s coach that Austin still continued swimming, and she hoped that this positive link with his past might help to turn the boy around.

At 18 years of age, Austin was what they call a strapping young man. He stood at 5’10” tall and had a slim lean body, with a classic swimmer’s physique. Austin had a powerful broad chest, narrow waist and strong long arms and legs that swimming kept well toned and muscled. Austin inherited beautiful large grey eyes from his mom. His eyes used to sparkle with joy, mischief and excitement but now usually held a sullen unfriendly defiant stare.

From his dad Austin got a head of soft wavy brown hair that the boy still kept short, in reverence to Derek’s preferred hairstyle. Austin was a bit of a late bloomer. He had a naturally smooth skin with little body hair and, despite his recent growth spurt, still did not have to shave.

Lara and Derek met and started dating in college, when both were just 19. Lara quickly got pregnant, and Austin was born when she was just 20. Even though they were very young at the time, Lara and Derek decided to take a chance and got married about a month before Austin’s birth. Their marriage proved a happy one, and their little family was doing well until Derek’s untimely death. Lara worked as a legal secretary at a big real estate firm. Financially she and Austin were doing well but Lara often had to work long days and she was struggling taking care of her son. Neither did she feel that she had time or much desire to date again, and she tried to concentrate on raising Austin.

Now at 38 years old, Lara still looked great. Austin inherited much of his athletic physique from her. At 5’9” tall, she was slim, almost skinny, and very limber and flexible. She still run every morning and tried to use the gym at work for at least half an our in the afternoon on most days. Lara had an unusual combination of deep blue eyes and long straight black hair that gave her a striking appearance. Austin’s birth did not much affect her figure, and she retained narrow hips and a pert compact ass of her youth. Lara had small but firm round breasts with very large brown nipples. The size of her breasts worried her when she was younger, but she was finding that even now, at 38, she got plenty of lustful looks in the gym from guys and some girls.

On this Friday in mid-Aril, Lara got home early, shortly after 4pm, hoping to catch up with Austin that evening. However, he left quickly with his buddies an hour later. Now just after 11pm she was worried sick and was pacing around the kitchen, deciding whether she bursa escort bayan should call the police and when, to start searching for Austin.

Finally, she heard a car pull up and then drive off. The front door of the house opened and her 18-year-old son stumbled in. Lara run to meet him, getting ready to unleash a stormy tirade, but the words died in her mouth when she saw the condition he was in.

Austin mumbled something incoherently and almost fell on Lara. She grabbed her son by the shoulders to steady him and smelled a strong odor of booze. God, the boy was completely wasted! A wave of anger and disappointment swept over Lara. Family peace be damned, there will be hell to pay for him tomorrow! Lara dragged stumbling Austin to his room and plopped him on his bed. He was already fast asleep and snoring audibly. Did the kid have the nerve! Lara took off her son’s t-shirt, sneakers and socks, and then unzipped and pulled off his jeans. She straightened the teen’s body on the bed on his back. Austin again mumbled in his sleep, wiggled his torso and pulled his hands up and above his head. The snoring continued.

Lara calmed her breath and sat on the edge of the bed. She studied her son’s outstretched body more carefully.

The boy was very smooth, even more so than she realized before, with only small patches of soft hair in his armpits and a light sprinkling of hair on his calves. His lean athletic body was well toned and beautifully sculpted, with just enough muscle in all the right places. Lara was thankful that his swimming was still keeping the teen in good shape. His flat stomach featured a nicely defined youthful six-pack, and Lara could see that he had slender but powerful lean thighs and calves. His firm pecks were crowned with small cute red nipples. Austin’s creamy white skin still had the unmistakable sheen and glow of youth combined with the sexiness of a virile young man. Her boy’s body was amazingly lovely and beautiful, and Lara saw that both as a mother and a woman.

Austin was wearing skimpy white briefs that strained a strongly bulging package underneath. In spite of herself, Lara smiled. She was going to have to take Austin shopping to buy him new underwear no matter how embarrassed that would make him. The briefs he was wearing were clearly a couple of sizes too small.

Lara scanned her son’s nearly naked body again.

No needle marks and no tattoos. Something else to be grateful for.

Austin’s face very different now that he was asleep. Gone was the angry sullen resentful expression. He looked relaxed, peaceful, almost happy. Lara could see again the sweet loving boy that Austin had been while Derek was alive. She wanted to cry. She needed to touch him so badly, to feel the warms of his body, if only for a moment.

Lara hesitantly reached out and put her hand on her son’s flat tummy. She gingerly run her hand along the smooth warm moist skin, feeling the pliant youthful muscles move underneath her fingers. It felt so incredibly nice! She let out a deep sigh. Lara had missed greatly the sweet affectionate boy that Austin had been until around 13, and having a moment of genuine physical connection with her son now filled her with joy and longing. She run her hands higher, gently caressing Austin’s smooth well defined chest. Despite herself, Lara felt a soft moan escape her lips.

She leaned forward and gently kissed both of her son’s strong young pecks.

Austin mumbled something in his sleep and shifted his body. Suddenly Lara saw that the tip of her son’s circumcised dick has just popped out from underneath the band of Austin’s briefs. Lara drew her breath in.

“Oh, god,” she thought, “I can’t leave him like this! I have to push it back in.”

Gingerly, she reached for Austin’s crotch and tried to move the band of her kid’s tighty-whities above the pink head of his cock. Austin shifted his body again, and now fully a third of his cock popped out and was laying flat on his tummy. Lara did not know whether to laugh or cry! But the die was cast, and now she really had to push his boy-thing back into his briefs. Austin was still sleeping soundly and snoring softly.

Very slowly Lara reached out with her right hand and touched he son’s soft penis. It was as if a bolt of electricity went through her body, and Lara emitted a low moan. As she was holding her boy’s tool with her trembling fingers, Austin’s cock felt marvelous in her hand, like it was at home, in a nest where it belonged. Lara was possessed now and knew that she could not resist. She slowly pulled down Austin’s briefs to his knees, fully exposing his privates.

The boy’s soft penis was about 5 inches long and rather plump, of noticeably darker color than the rest of Austin’s body. A compact pink nut-sack was tightly hugging the young cock at its base. Both her son’s dick and the ball-sack were slightly moist. looking fresh and juicy. Austin’s crotch was mostly hairless except for a patch of short brown hair above the base of his penis gorukle escort and a dusting of hair on his balls. He 18-year-old son’s package looked beautiful! Her little boy was definitely not a little boy anymore! Without realizing what she was doing, Lara licked her lips.

Moving more deliberately now, she took a hold of her son’s young limp cock with both her hands.

“Oh-o-o-o!” Lara exhaled, sensing her pussy getting wet.

How could something that was so wrong feel so right?! By now, she neither knew nor cared.

Lara relished this new amazing connection with her son, so much more intimate and intense than anything she felt in years. She was determined not to let this special moment slip away.

She slowly started jacking her boy’s shaft with her right hand, while using the palm and fingers of her left hand to massage his helmet. The teen twitched a bit but remained asleep, dead to the world. Austin’s member quickly hardened in his mother’s hands and stood up vertically above his body.

In his fully erect state, Austin’s member was 8” long and impressively thick, much thicker than Lara remembered Derek’s cock being. Her baby boy has really grown up! Austin’s cock was very straight, almost as an arrow, with a shapely elongated purple helmet at the end.

Lara slowly kneaded the meaty pliant flesh of her son’s boy sausage, moving from the tip to the wide base and back. The boys’ young love muscle felt silky smooth, like delicate fine satin, and wonderfully alive, breathing and gently throbbing under her fingers. She squeezed the sweet cock harder, feeling out the muscles and the veins underneath. Lara felt both joyous pride as a mother and lust as a grown woman for having birthed and now being able to touch such a magnificent and sexy young man. Lara jacked Austin’s member again, now using both hands and with greater force and speed. The hardness of her boys’ meat and the heat radiating from it were overwhelmingly sensual. Lara was now breathing heavily and struggling to contain her moans.

While masturbating her 18-year-old son’s rigid member, she realized that she had for years been suppressing and ignoring her own sexual needs as a woman, burying her desires deep beneath her motherly duties and the daily drudgery of work. Something powerful and explosive was now building up in her mind, her chest, her pussy and her entire body.

Lara let go of Austins dick, lifted up her shirt and exposed her tender round breasts.

She leaned over her son’s naked torso, and run her large erect nipples along Austin’s body, from his cock to his stomach, chest, chin and face. The boy shifted and sighed lightly but still did not wake. Lara caressed his full pink lips with her tits. It felt wonderful, but she longed even more for him to be able to respond and to suckle on her bosom, both as her child and a lover. She felt her pussy burning hotter and hotter.

Lara moved back to Austin’s crotch and resumed jacking his throbbing young rod.

Lara cupped the boy’s pink balls that have now also considerably expanded in size. Her son’s teenage testicles were wonderfully moist and velvety under her loving touch. She gently caressed and massaged them, feeling the two precious globular treasures inside.

Lara slowly run her index finger along the spongy dark purple glans, tracing all the curves and the ridges of the beautiful rocket dome. Austin’s dick was now oozing copious pre-cum and his swollen cock-head was slick and shiny.

Lara brought her hand to her face and smelled her fingers covered in the sticky juice that was leaking her son’s hard member. The pungent young teen smell made her head swoosh.

Lara leaned forward and lightly licked the slick helmet with the very tip of her tongue. Austin’s body shuddered lightly but he did not wake up. Lara savored the taste of her son’s pre-cum, salty and sweet. She was instantly hooked. The taste was intoxicating. She leaned further forward and took Austin’s cock-head into her mouth, closing her lips tightly around the rim. The spongy slick glans felt wonderful! Lara suckled gently on the meaty helmet, savoring the tasty nectar leaking from her teenage son’s glans and gently running her tongue along its rubbery surface. The emotions sweeping over Lara were overwhelming. She was sucking her baby boy’s penis, holding his precious male part in her mouth, feeling it breathe and throb on her tongue, tasting his delicious boy essence. Their connection was now uniquely intimate, forbidden, erotic, wicked, obscene, divine.

Lara felt that some long held hidden tension inside her was being released, some secret burden that had been weighing her down like a stone was being lifted, some dark knot being unknotted. Except for the moment when Austin was born, never in her life have Lara experienced something so powerful, profound and elating, felt so happy and content as she did now, with her lips wrapped up her son’s sweet penis. Her heart was pounding, her eyes were watering, and she bursa merkez escort bayan felt that she might faint.

While his mother was sucking his young cock, Austin continued sleeping soundly, his arms still folded above his head. His body shifted slightly from time to time and he made some small mumbling noises in his slumber.

Lara impaled her mouth on a bigger portion of Austin’s cock, taking about 4 inches of the boy’s sausage in her warm wet oral cavity, laving it with saliva and sucking it like a delicious fruit. She moaned lightly in pleasure and felt her wet pussy tingle wildly with desire. Lara then pulled back and started slurping along the sides of Austin’s hard cock like a juicy meaty popsicle. She savored the smell and the taste of her teenage son’s sexual organ, running her tongue over every tiny bump, groove and ridge in its surface, trying to feel every muscle. She so much wanted to remember every moment of her oral love making to her boy, to imprint every sensation of this wonderful experience in her memory forever.

Lara took a hold of the boy’s testicles and started suckling on them, laving each swollen orb with saliva, rolling them in her mouth as sweet strawberries, flicking her tongue around the bottom of Austin’s scrotum, chewing softly on the velvety skin covering his ballsack. She felt incredibly aroused and excited. She stuck her left hand in her panties and started rubbing her clit furiously while using her right hand to continue holding Austin’s erect throbbing stalk. Lara knew that she was not going to last long, and she felt Austin’s nuts beginning to tighten as well.

Lara dove on her only child’s cock, deep-throating almost 5 inches of it and sucking voraciously like a hungry piranha, with his engorged cock-head hitting the back of her throat, while continuing to assault her hard clitoris with her fingers. Austin’s boy weapon twitched in her mouth and started spewing streams and streams of hot spunk, flooding his mother’s oral cavity with his male seed. Lara made a gurgling noise but kept her lips locked firmly around Austin’s rod, swallowing every drop of the precious love liquid he was gifting her. She pinched her push-button, dug her fingers hard into her wet cunt, and exploded in a fiery orgasm. As Lara’s pelvis convulsed and her panties were flooded with her love juices, she almost dropped Austin’s cock out of her mouth but managed to continue holding on to it with her lips. As her body was slowing calming down, she continued suckling on her boy’s glans, lapping up the remaining drops of his sweet tangy cum with her eager tongue. She finally let the fleshy tool out of her mouth and licked it clean on the outside.

Lara slowly sat back and looked down at her boy’s naked body.

She reflected on what just happened. She has tasted a forbidden fruit and has done something that the society considered a complete and utter taboo. She was supposed to feel guilty, remorseful and ashamed, and yet she felt none of these things. On the contrary, she felt deliriously happy, content and liberated. Austin was now both her boy and her man, and her love for him had grown to something much bigger, something wonderful, beautiful and unique. She experienced a level of closeness and intimacy with her son that she never knew was possible. Lara realized that this was likely to be the one and only time she was able to be connected to her boy in a sexual way, and yet she desperately wanted more. She longed to have Austin’s marvelous young dick deep inside her vaginal canal, coming home to the path from which he entered the world. She hoped against hope that such a joining might still happen.

Lara saw that Austin’s cock has softened and returned to its non-aroused state. She kissed her son’s deflated shaft gently and, with regret, pulled his white briefs back up, neatly tucking the boy’s cock inside. She softly kissed Austin’s stomach, chest, forehead and finally his lightly parted fresh pink lips. She could still taste the traces of his cum on her lips and in her mouth and hoped that Austin would taste at least a small trace of his semen from her kiss as well.

She could still hear the boy snoring sweetly.

Lara slowly pulled the comforter over her son’s body, lightly kissed him on the forehead again, and left the room, turning off the light behind her.

“What a night!” Laura thought to herself, still smiling and shaking her head. “What a night!”

Despite the wild experience she just had, Lara slept through the night like a log. She woke up shortly before 7am, feeling incredibly peaceful and content. She smiled happily, thinking back to the events of the previous evening.

Lara took a quick shower, put on a robe and went to the kitchen to prepare breakfast for herself and her son.

“Strawberry pancakes!” Lara decided. It was Austin’s favorite dish since he was a little kid, and he still loved it now. Lara decided not to give him a hard time about coming home drunk yesterday. She was feeling too happy and did not want to spoil the mood with an argument.

About 20 minutes later Austin walked into the kitchen, yawning and rubbing his eyes. Lara was relieved and little disappointed to see that he was now wearing PJs. Uncharacteristically for his recent behavior, the boy did not look sullen but was smiling broadly.

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