College Life 101 Ch. 4

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Chapter 4: Strip Poker

It was two days before Christmas, and I already had received and abundance of gifts from my loving sisters. Rose and I decided to keep our little meetings a secret from Kayla. Rose, however, often hid in the closet while Kayla and I had sex.

The first week of winter vacation was great, but I soon was bored with having sex with my two sisters. My experiences with Rose at her apartment and with Carlie weighed heavily on my mind and I wanted something new, something that would top it all. I spent the next week reading books on better orgasms and books about new sex techniques. Still nothing I tried was very appealing. I kept thinking how erotic it was to fuck Carlie, and how exciting it felt to taste Rose’s piss. I ruled out sex with animals, which was too weird. I thought about a threesome with my sisters but how could I get them both into it…Rose would be no problem, but Kayla was utterly sickened by the idea of being with another woman.

When I talked it over with Rose she suggested a game of Strip Poker; it had always worked for her. Hmmm….

The next day, New Year’s Eve, I invited my sisters to a game of poker. Our parents had gone to an office party of my dad’s and would come home late. I knew Rose and I had ample time to work our little magic on Kayla. Only one thing stood in our way. Just before my parents left, my dad dropped a bombshell on all of us. A co-worker of his asked if his son could spend the evening with us, since he didn’t want him to be alone. My dad readily excepted ofcourse and we were now stuck with a fourth player.

Not to be stopped by this Rose devised a plan. We would start drinking after they left, no college guy could turn down free beer, and maybe he would get so drunk he’d pass out. Leaving us free to persuade Kayla to have a little family get together. Or maybe he’d go along with playing strip poker with us, and at least Rose and I could have a little fun later. This thought did nothing to excite me but anything was worth a shot or a beer, or both in his case.

About 6:10, David arrived. David was about my size, not exactly an athletic type, more of the nerdy guy look. But Rose thought he was cute in a nerdy way and at least he wasn’t fat. We all sat around for an hour or so playing black jack and spades, and drinking a few beers and doing some shots of tequila. Rose then got up the ball to announce that she wanted to have some fun.

“Guys, I am really drunk, I think we should play strip poker,” she slurred.

“Err, umm, I’m not sure that is such Şişli Escort a good idea, Rose, I mean, you guys are like related and shit!” David managed to shout.

“Aww, that don’t matter, we’ll stop before we get to far,” Kayla added.

I couldn’t believe what I was hearing, Kayla was willing to play, but everyone but me seemed to be plastered. Dammit. They were all going to pass out before anyone lost a hand.

Rose dealt the first hand, and Kayla lost her sweater, I lost my sweatshirt and good ole’ David lost his stomach. After we lay him down on the couch with a blanket, and gave him a wet towel and trash can, we continued our game. I could tell Kayla was a bit excited because of her erect nipples showing through her t-shirt. I loved those nipples. The way they felt when my tongue lightly flicked them, and the way she moaned when I squeezed them. On the next hand Rose lost her top and I lost my t-shirt. Rose too, was excited, but her tits were larger than Kayla’s and her nipples were more noticeable than Kayla’s. Apparently Kayla thought so too because she made it a point to tell her.

“A bit chilly sis, or does the thought of me losing another hand excite you that much,” she commented.

“Oh bite me bitch,” responded Rose.

“Where at?”

“Right her on my left nipple.”

What happened next was a complete surprise, Kayla stood up and walked over to Rose and bit her nipple. Not in a playful way, but in the way I did. Just as abruptly as it happened it was over. Kayla sat back down and commanded me to deal the cards. I obliged her and with that hand, I lost my pants and Kayla lost that half cut t-shirt of hers. She was wearing a silk bra that showed her curves nicely and showed those nipples I loved even more. It was now Rose’s turn to reciprocate the bite and as Kayla sat back down Rose stood up and gently kissed Kayla’s nipple.

“Payback, slut,” was her only comment.

Kayla sat there in shock. She was obviously aroused by this and wanted the game to go all the way. I too was very aroused by the game within our game and decided to lose the next hand on purpose. Rose lost her bra and I lost my last article of clothing, my boxers. Kayla noticing my excitement, reached over and grabbed my pulsating dick. Her hand was met with company as Rose too had decided to give me a little pleasure.

“I guess I am out,” I joked.

“Well depends on what you want,” giggled Kayla. “I think tonight, you could be in a lot of things.”

She winked at Rose, and now my two very sexy, Şişli Escort Bayan but very intoxicated sisters began to take turns playing with my dick. The whole time David lay past out on the couch. Apparently, Kayla was so turned on and so drunk her earlier comment on having sex with a woman was out the window. She and Rose were kissing, and the site of their tongues dancing in and out of each other’s mouth made me drunk with excitement. We decided to carry our little threesome up to the room that they shared. (Mom and Dad had turned Rose’s room into an office.) After stripping down, my sisters and I began sucking and licking in what can only be described as an animalistic barrage of tongues and body parts. For a few moments of shear pleasure, I can honestly say that I may have been licking myself. I was not entirely clear who was doing what to whom, but I know that low sounds of female moaning were enough to bring me to orgasm…an we all seemed to enjoy the taste of my cum on our bodies.

Our party soon took on some semblance of organization and soon my sister were again licking and stroking my dick. While Kayla licked and tongued my ass, Rose wrapped those beautiful lips around my dick and swirled her tongue around the head. I soon managed to direct Kayla’s very wet pussy to my face and with some effort began to tongue that sweet pussy I had come to love. She tasted like a fresh spring rain. Her cum was a thinner liquid than the cream Rose seemed to produce. And her asshole was just as good. Rose soon managed to bring me orgasm. This time Kayla licked the cum from Rose’s mouth and soon the two girls were eating each other out. I then got behind Kayla and finished licking her asshole, spreading the cum from her dripping pussy to her ass. I knelt behind her and began to rub my dick against it. She moaned in ecstasy and I took this as a sign that I could now enter her.

As I did, Rose licked my dick and helped me guide it into her ass. I began to pump in and out of my little sister’s ass and Rose returned to licking her pussy and clit. She also managed to lick my dick as it entered Kayla’s ass. Kayla soon began to buck me off and with that I knew that either Rose or I had brought her to an unbearable level of pleasure. She fell quickly to the bed as soon as Rose and I removed our bodies from her. Rose then decided it was her turn so I put my dick in her and began to fuck her, as I knew she loved to be fucked. Rose began squealing with enjoyment and I began to nibble on her plump nipples as I stoked her. In one lightening Escort Şişli fast move she managed to turn us both over and was now on top of me, banging me like a poor beaten sex slave. I thought for sure she would break the bed and soon the orgasm was more than I could take. We rolled off each other and I looked over to see both my sisters passed out…or laid out!

I lay there for a moment and regained my strength, but it was all for naught. The wine, as they say, had done its job. They were both beyond the point of return. I got out of the bed and covered my two very sexy sisters and headed for the shower. I hastened my shower and headed for downstairs as I remembered our clothes scattered about the den. As I entered the room, I noticed slight movement from our couch….could our guest be awake?

I turned on the light to find David lying on the couch butt naked. It was now 11:30 and it looked like I’d be bringing in the New Year with a naked college geek.

David quickly covered himself and I went to the fridge to grab a beer. I acted as if I hadn’t noticed and began to engage David in some light conversation.

“So there Dave, how’s it hanging,” I laughed.

“Umm, err, well I am better, sorry about earlier, I am not used to Tequila,” he smiled. “So who won the game?”

“Me, I guess, I am on the only one who didn’t pass out.”

I plopped down next to David on the couch. He was apparently nervous as he pulled himself into a ball. Being the joker I am and having somewhat of a buzz from my tenth beer of the night I decided to have a little fun with him.

“You don’t have to pull away like that Dave…Can I tell you something?”

“Uhhh, sure I guess…,” he nervously replied.

“I think you are kinda cute,” I said I as stroked his leg. “In fact, when you came in the door, I thought to myself, there is a guy that looks like he’d be good in bed.”

“Really?!?,” he perked up.

This began to excite me. I was now stroking David’s leg underneath the blanket, edging closer and closer to his erect cock. David lifted up and let the blanket fall to cover only his lower half. He looked at my hand underneath the cover and then reached under it himself placing my hand on his dick. I began to have visions of Carlie in my head and my own dick stood at attention.

“I haven’t met anyone in this town like me, I don’t fit in very well,” he said. “I bet you would fit well in me,” I winked.

David took this as an invitation to try. He stood before me, his dick was larger than mine, about ten inches. I took his dick in my hand and guided it to my mouth. For the next twenty minutes I licked and sucked his huge cock and thought how great it would feel in my ass. But that would have to wait, as the next sound I heard was of my parent’s car pulling into the drive.

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