College Boy and a Married Woman

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We have been emailing for a few days now. You compliment me on every picture I send you. The anticipation is at its peak. I am beyond ready to finally meet you.

I arrive at the quaint little coffee shop on the busy college street, order my hot, soothing drink, and sit at an empty table. My phone pings with an incoming text: I might be a few minutes late.

I sip occasionally, waiting for you to walk through the door. My thoughts intrude my focus. Will he look like his picture? Will he like what he sees? Will he stay true to what he has been saying in his emails? Will it dawn on him that I am 10 years older? Will it matter?

I look up. My thoughts disappear immediately. You have arrived. A long, low breath escapes your lips as you sit down across from me, your eyes never leaving mine. I hold my coffee, my finger tapping against it as you get situated.

“Hi,” I say.

“Nice to finally meet you.”

“You as well.”

Your pupils are heavily dilated. You are obviously taken aback by my appearance. I study you closely.

“Well, am I true to my pictures?” I ask.

“Better. Much better.”

I can feel my cheeks flush. I am flattered by this young, supple 18-year-old. His hands tremble a bit on the table. His breath is scattered. He is nervous.

“You aren’t so bad yourself. Thanks for meeting me.”

“Oh no, thank you for wanting to meet. You look amazing.”

“Thanks. I work with what I’ve got I suppose.”

Awkward silence hovers over us for a few moments. All we do is stare. I have no idea what is going through your head. My head swims with images of you in my van, naked, struggling to hold back an orgasm.

My daydream is cut short as you start to speak. “I can’t believe how sexy you are!”

I giggle under my breath. “Quite the charmer, aren’t you?” You nod. “You know that isn’t necessary with this type of arrangement, right?”

“Sorry.. I just hope this is all really happening.”

“Oh, I assure you it is.”

We engage in light conversation for a while. You talk of your college goals and your hobbies. I talk of my past, and what I expect from our meeting. I lean over and your eyes drop to my cleavage. You sure aren’t making a secret of it. It’s almost as if it’s out of your control. I love it.

Maybe 10 or 15 minutes pass. I can tell you are waiting for me to make the next move. You seem a tad afraid.

“Let’s go back to the van and… talk.”

Your eyes widen, and you hop out of your chair immediately, reaching out your hand to me. Your breathing quickens a bit. I smile devilishly at you. So eager.

I walk a few steps ahead of you. I can feel Fatih escort bayan your eyes on my ass. I look back and you have a new confidence about you. You want me. I am reeling.

“Holy shit, it’s freezing out here!”

“Do you want my jacket, Jen?”

“Oh no no, you don’t have to do that. This is not a date.” Such a sweet boy. You then wrap your arms around me. You are so warm. I giggle as you obviously flex your muscles, trying to impress me. It reminds me of how young and inexperienced you are with women.

“Well this would be my school bus of a vehicle. Big van, huh?”

“Yeah, do you want to sit in the front and talk?”

I put the key in the door, unlock it, and open the back door. “No, sit back there.” You gasp a bit, but hop in the back without question. This is all going exactly the way I want it to.

You sit in the backseat, legs spread a bit. I get in and kneel down on the floor. We are eye to eye. “I want you to remove your shirt and lean back.” The shirt flies off you and I throw it behind me. “Oh my, very nice. Okay, just relax. I’m going to touch you alright? I want to see how your body reacts to being touched in certain areas.”

“Go right ahead.” My hand reaches out towards your face, and I brush my fingers down your cheek. You stare at me hard. My hand travels down your neck, down your chest, and slides to your lower back. Your skin is so soft, expressing your evident youth. My hands go back up to your neck and I look deep into your eyes.

“How do you feel about getting your hair pulled?”

“I don’t–,” but before you can answer I tug your hair forcefully, bring your head to one side, exposing your neck. You gasp loudly and smile broadly.

“Okay, so we like that, don’t we?” I whisper in a sultry tone.

“Oh yes. I guess I do!” My lips find your exposed neck and I lightly nip your skin. You gasp again and I can feel your legs shaking underneath me. “Oh my god…” I release your hair, grasp your face and press my lips to yours. Your mouth overtakes mine, a bit too much. You are not a very good kisser. Poor thing, I will have to teach you at some point, but I’ll let it slide for now. You’re trying so hard, it’s adorable.

“Okay, let’s switch places. You may touch me now.” You jump up and allow me to sit in the backseat, as you kneel in front of me. Your eyes scan my body. You are unsure of where to start.

“Here, start with these,” and I lift up my shirt and bra, letting my large breasts fall out.

“Oh my god..,” and instantly your mouth is all over them. Your warm, gentle tongue circles my nipples over and over. You worship them. My Escort Fındıkzade breathing changes now. I haven’t had this sort of attention for way too long, and it feels amazing.

“Glad you approve,” you look up at me and give me a very condescending look.

“Of course I do. They’re incredible.”

“What else would you like to see?”


You place your hands on my shoulders and pin me back, kissing me again. Oh, I like this little bit of forcefulness. I reach down and unbutton my tight black pants, and slide them down. As always, I am not wearing any underwear. I scoot my bottom forward and spread my legs open. You lean down looking at my dripping wet pussy. Your fingers glide up and down my lips, and you bury your face in it. The small, delicate sucks on my clit drive me crazy. My legs start to shake as you moan into my pussy. “Fuck..” My legs tremble more and more and my moans become louder. “Oh that’s one deprived little pussy isn’t it?” You answer me with an mhmm, and the vibration resonates through my body. “I’m going to cum!” As I release around you, you start to slurp with every pulsation. You are literally sucking the cum out of me. I have never had that done before. Damn, you are driving me crazy. “Oh my god that feels so good!”

You come back up towards my face and kiss me hard. I taste my pussy on your lips. I yank your shorts down and your rock hard cock springs free. I wrap my hand around it and tug forcefully. You whisper in my ear, “oh please, can I fuck you?”

“You don’t have to ask, baby.” You exhale in relief and slide your cock inside my soaking pussy. I am still so sensitive and I clench around you as you enter. You go in and out very slowly, almost too slowly. You are trembling. I realize that you won’t go any faster in order to avoid cumming too quickly. I revel in your slowness, your gentleness. You lean your head on my shoulder and your warm breath fulfills me.

Things become awkward as we almost get caught about four times and have to stop abruptly. “I’m sorry, but let’s stop for a moment and find somewhere else to go.”


We dress and hop in the front of the van. We start driving.

“I bet you’re glad you emailed me, huh?”

“Oh, hell yeah. Without a doubt.”

“What’s going through your head so far?”

“You know what…”

“Yeah, but I want to hear you say it.”

“You are incredibly sexy and I’m the luckiest guy in the world right now.”

I blush. Such a sweetheart. “Thanks. I am certainly enjoying myself too. Remember, I still have to make you cum.”

We drive for about 5 minutes Gaziosmanpaşa escort bayan and I find a dark, hidden office complex. We won’t be seen here. We hop in the back again. “Take your pants off.” You do, and surprisingly your cock is still as hard as it was before. “Time to share some of my skills with you.” I lick your cock from the base to the tip, and then in one swift motion I take the entire thing down my throat. You exhale loudly. I bob my head up and down your amazing length, hearing small, young moans escape you. I moan around your cock and it makes your legs tremble. “Hold my hair please”.

You gather my long hair in your hand and I lean down a bit so you can see your cock go in my mouth. I stare up at you, my eyes wide and willing. You lean your head back, and instantly bring it back towards me. You stare into my eyes. “Oh yes… oh my god…”

“Mmm you like when I look at you?”

“Fuck yes. Please don’t stop.”

I continue to take you deep in my throat, holding you all the way down. I lick and suck your balls and flick my tongue on the head of your cock. I take a breather and jerk you for a while, occasionally wrapping my breasts around it. “What’s going through your head?”

“This is so hot…” Such innocence. I smile.

I take you in my mouth again, watching your face. You have a look of disbelief. I am surely pleasing you.

“Faster,” you whisper. I bob my head hard up and down for about 10 seconds. “I’m gonna cum!”

You moan so loud as your hot load pours into my mouth. You seem to cum over and over. I squeeze the base of your cock, and pull all the way up, releasing every last drop. “Wow, you’re a heavy cummer.”

“I know. Sorry.”

I snicker. “Don’t be sorry, that’s a good thing, baby.”

You shake with sensitivity, and I sit back, admiring you. We sit in silence as you catch your breath.

I break the silence. “So do you want to talk a bit? Do you have to be home?”

“I can stick around a bit, I suppose. What should we talk about?”

I shrug. “Um… well let’s see. What would you say was your best sexual experience in your life?”

“Are you kidding?! THIS!!”

I burst out in laughter, “Don’t say that! Really, what was your best one?”

“I am so not kidding, Jen. This was the hottest thing I’ve ever experienced.”

“Oh. Well, glad I could be that for you. I guess you want to see me again sometime then?”


“The feeling is certainly mutual. Let’s start heading back.”

We hop in the front seat again and I start the engine. The radio plays Mrs. Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel. We look at each other and bust out laughing. “How perfect is that?!”

“That is too funny!”

I turn up the volume and we dance like idiots to the most perfect song for the moment. I pull up to your dorm, steal one more kiss from you.

“Thanks again.”

“No, thank YOU, Jen. Best night of my life.”

I wave goodbye as I drive away.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32