Cocaine Cowgirls

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Disclaimer: This story involves extensive drug use. If this is not a subject you are comfortable with, the story is probably not for you.


Saniya rubbed at her nose, sniffing loudly, shivering with slight glee and anticipation of the impending rush. There were advantages to being her mother’s daughter, and one of them was knowing people who had access to the purest supply of cocaine in the city. Those importers were usually more than happy to give her and her sister freebies of the slightly pearlescent white powder heaped on the small mirror lying on the bedside, uncut and off the books, in exchange for a good word, and Southside Jack had happily fronted up for the night’s indulgence. It wasn’t the very best that Saniya had ever had, but it was still pretty damn fine, and as the tingling in her nose turned to numbness the high washed over her. Half the stuff in the city was awful, and every time she tried something another model offered it was a disappointment – and that was exactly what had brought the night’s main course to their comfortable apartment overlooking the bazaar.

Blinking away the slight wateriness of her eyes, she grinned over at the buxom young woman hovering nervously at the side of the bed. She was a little heavier than Saniya preferred, but no one would call her fat – and she certainly had the build for the kind of work she wanted. Leena (Saniya was pretty sure that was her name, at least) was one of those foolish young beauties who streamed to the city for its fashion, but unlike most, she knew where her strengths lay, and had been almost exclusively looking into lingerie modeling. Her own appetites aside, Saniya thought the girl might even have a future there, with her naturally pert but ample chest, the slight thickness of her waist, and the flare of her hips. No future at all on the main catwalk (for one thing, her legs were just too short for that, if unremarkable anywhere else at all), but in that niche… Yes, she might do. She’d do even better in a family sideline, but that was hardly her job to talent scout for.

Leena’s big eyes were wide with nerves and her teeth played over her lower lip, and it was the sort of thing that made a sadist like Saniya wet. It was the kind of cute display that, on a more experienced sub, she’d have thought was deliberate. But Leena hadn’t swanned in for sex. She was here for the twin supermodels and their connections on the one hand, and on the other… The girl, like so many of the poor sweet foolish fillies who came in to the grinder of the industry without a family name to back them up, was already desperate for good cocaine, hooked on the bad stuff and trying to find a reliable source, a good supplier. And Talia, Saniya’s sister and lover, had offered to hook her up with not only the good stuff on the bedside, but maybe even a place in a show. If she played nicely for the evening.

She had to give it to her sister. Standing there in her demo clothes – a nicely fit red lace bra, panties, and stockings with a garter belt that all showed off her pristine skin and worked with rather than against her extra padding – Leena was a delicious looking morsel, and the way she just looked more and more nervous as Saniya stared was all the sweeter! She half wanted to go ‘boo’ at her just to see if she’d flinch, but instead slid back on the bed, pointing to one of the waiting lines.

“Well? You wanted some, so get it. But watch out, this isn’t that terrible shit you usually have. I don’t wanna have to explain to mummy why there’s a dead lingerie model in my bed again when your heart explodes if you go too hard!”

“Uh-huh…” Leena offered in exchange, taking that final step in on her stiletto heels, which barely managed to raise her to an average height, and bending over to take her turn at the lines. Saniya bit her own lip, thrilling with the cocaine and the sight of the wannabe’s lush ass there in front of her, and didn’t even try to control herself. Her hands flew up to smack hard against both cheeks at once, and when Leena yelped and stiffened up suddenly, spraying a thin film of cocaine over the bedside, she burst into laughter.

“C’mon, what’d you expect, shaking your fat ass in my face like that?”

“Y-yeah, I guess.” Leena mumbled, rubbing at her nose as she slid down onto the bed beside Saniya, sniffing loudly. Saniya could see the surge of it in her body as it flushed through her blood, the little tremble and the way her eyes widened and her pupils blew out. Her eyes were already just a little too big for her head, part of that charming little girl look she had, and now they were great dark pools of innocence that stoked the coals of lust in Saniya’s belly.

Staring at the trembling Leena, Saniya could barely control herself. Sniffing heavy herself against the drip down the back of her throat, she reached out with one hand – and stopped short as the bathroom door clicked, smiling instead to turn and face it and the return of her sister. Talia’s entrance was heralded by steam billowing out around her, and the hazy sight Beylikdüzü Escort of her twin stepping out from it completely nude might have distracted her completely from Leena even if her sister hadn’t freshly shaved her pussy. Talia’s fingers traced over her soft, bare mons as she paced in, grinning back at her twin and their latest acquisition, the skin there still covered in petite bumps that begged for the touch of fingers or tongue against them.

“Better be plenty left for me, sluts.” She cried, laughing and strutting over as Leena turned crimson. Saniya briefly glanced over, almost marvelling at how everything the wannabe did seemed to be just perfect for her audience, but quickly turned her attention back to her twin.

“I wouldn’t leave my sweet sister without a little pick-me-up after a long day, you know that!”

Talia bent over, wiggling her hips as she did, and Saniya bit the corner of her lip without thinking. Somehow, this was always the most erotic thing her sister did, no matter where or when or even how. Just watching her twin shiver lightly as she snorted her line and the tingling hit flooded Saniya’s pussy in a way no one else ever could, no matter what they tried, and for once she just leant forward to watch, licking her painted lips lightly. Only once Talia was done with her line did she lean forward, pressing a gentle kiss to her twin’s right buttock, pert and toned.

“Frisky already, huh?” Talia crooned at her, voice sweet as honey, reaching back to lightly stroke through Saniya’s hair before turning abruptly on her heel. Before Saniya had a moment to respond, Talia was pressing her fragrant pussy against her face and she moaned, kissing at the object of her lusts. Over their years together, both had given wonderful pleasure and terrible pains to each other’s cunts, identical once but worn unique in ways the rest of their bodies hadn’t – the slight wrinkle there that she didn’t have, the way Talia’s clitoral hood was just the tiniest bit looser. The tiny differences thrilled, and Saniya gleefully ran her tongue out over them before drawing back and laughing up at her sister, pulling her on to the bed for a kiss.

She only remembered Leena when she heard the girl snorting a second line, so absorbed was she in her other half, the part of her soul that had split off and made its own flesh in the womb. The taste of her lips, the scent of the soap and her light rose perfume, the softness of her nakedness beneath her roaming hands. It was almost annoying when that sound ripped through the gossamer fabric of her reverie, but that was alright. She could always punish Leena for it, and after one final nuzzle into her sister’s neck she rolled out from under her, sliding to the edge of the bed.

“Hey, slut!” Saniya hissed out, grabbing Leena by the hip and yanking her back from the bedside again, pulling her hard onto her lap while the girl made confused sounds, interrupted again in her hit. Before she could squirm away, Saniya’s hand clamped at her throat, and she muttered darkly in her ear. “Ask, you greedy little cunt. That’s the best stuff in the city, it’s not for little wannabe sluts like you to have whenever you want. You gotta earn it. Talia told you how, yeah?”

Leena’s shaky little nod and panicked swallow were exquisite. The sensation of her throat working under the tight grip was such a turn-on, such a feeling of power, that Saniya was sure if she could bottle it and sell it she’d be a millionaire in a week.

“Good…” She whispered, before giving in to temptation, kissing Leena hard and delighting in the way she seemed to shrink a little in her grip. It was nothing like kissing Talia, who would open up under her even if they’d been fighting, and it was exciting in the reluctance, the sense of shame she could all but taste on Leena’s lips – and the slow warming, the way after a few moments Leena began to lean back into it, parted her lips, and let Saniya’s tongue explore as it wished.

Talia’s hands roamed over Saniya’s body as she exploited their plaything, stroking over her in ways that made her shiver, unzipping her slinky little dress slowly. It was impossible to take it off with Leena held so tight against her frame, but Talia slid in to make the most, and Saniya broke the kiss for just a moment to turn her head and playfully snap her teeth at her twin when she ran her hands inside her dress, pressing up between them to cup her double’s modest chest, stroking her fingers either side of her stiff nipples. There wasn’t room for anything more, but there didn’t need to be. Each stroke sent a little lightning bolt of pleasure through Saniya, the cocaine heightening every touch.

“Please…” Whined Leena, wiggling against Saniya’s tight grip, and she realized then that her hand had tightened without her realizing as Talia touched her, teased her, and their voluptuous plaything was wheezing for air.

“You wanna breathe, huh? You want some air, slut?”

Saniya turned her gaze back down to the wannabe model, staring her in her wide, Beylikdüzü Escort Bayan desperate eyes as she frantically nodded and struggled for another breath, mouth wide and cheeks flushed. Just as easily as she’d lost focus, it came back with the kind of intensity that she could never quite reach without the drugs. Every frantic pound of Leena’s heart thrummed in her hand where blood rushed through half-squeezed arteries, and every little desperate flutter of those long lashes and those innocent eyes made Saniya want more than anything to hold tighter, to see what pretty noises and colours Leena would show them on the way to passing out.

She relented only after a long moment, relaxing her hand and letting the poor creature breathe again. Leena gasped, hard and desperate, sucking in the air – and then flinched down hard against Saniya’s body as Talia leant around, spitting in her face, laughing, her own sense of sadism stirring in answer to her double’s. It landed in a sticky string that draped over her elegantly groomed eyebrow, draping onto her cheek, making a mockery of her beautiful mascara.

“Much nicer, hey Saniya?” Talia giggled louder, pinching her twin’s nipples before sliding away from them and flopping onto her back with a slight thud, casually running her hands up and down her body and parting her legs up in the air with a gymnast’s ease and a dancer’s grace. “I’ve got an idea… Why don’t you shove her pretty little head down here and see if this fat little slut likes it up the ass, sis?”

“Fuck, I love it when you’re mean.” Saniya replied, grinning ear to ear. Leena’s own answer was a sound of dismay, but she went limp as Saniya moved her around, shoving her down on the bed and grabbing a fistful of her sandy brown hair to push her face between Talia’s creamy, skinny thighs. “Treat her right!”

She pulled herself away from the sight of Talia sighing and pinching her own nipples to step up from the silk sheets, letting her black dress slip off her frame and pool around her feet before kicking them off, leaving just her panties. The cool evening air tingled on her skin, raising goosebumps for a few moments before they settled, and she took the chance for another line, sniffing it smoothly and shaking her head as the high kicked back into gear where it had been waning away.

As she sniffed and rubbed at her nose, she pulled open the bedside table’s top drawer. It was a mess inside – hairbrushes, their moisturisers and perfumes, and a large bottle of lube all competed for space with handcuffs, a riding crop, and three dildos. Saniya picked out the largest with a little malicious giggle, snatching it in one hand and the lube in the other. Over her shoulder, Talia let out a frustrated growl.

“Holy shit are you bad at eating pussy, Leena! Is this your first fucking time or something?!” The model taunted, yanking Leena’s head up by her hair and slapping her across the face before pushing her back down. “Do it like you mean it if you want more coke! …Ah, hey, sis?”

Saniya giggled again, throwing the dildo and the lube down and obliging her lover’s unspoken request, bringing the mirror over to her and holding it at just the right height for her to take a quick bump of the fine white powder before putting it back, letting it clatter down, not caring as the precious substance jumped and danced. They had enough to kill a horse, who cared if a little wound up floating away?

They was an exquisite sight when she took a moment to admire it, rubbing her finger lazily over her lips. Leena’s thick ass swayed lightly from side to side, though based on the lack of the slightest shadow of dampness in the gusset of her panties Saniya guessed from the way Talia was jerking her head around in frustration more than from arousal. Her beautiful sister’s irritation was writ large and exaggerated on her features as she tried to pull the wannabe to where she needed her, but her nipples were stiff little peaks and her body moved sensuously on the silk sheets, rolling hips and arching back an invitation she was surprised Leena wasn’t taking more advantage of.

“Let’s see if this gets her on track!” Saniya said, seizing Leena’s lacy panties and yanking them roughly down her thighs. Soft, neatly trimmed hair drew her eye to Leena’s cunt, and she idly trailed her fingers over the velvety skin and the soft hair before turning her focus back to the real treasure on display. Leena’s tight little pink pucker looked pristine, virginal, like no one had ever even thought of flipping her over and fucking her thick, inviting ass before.

The idea of being the first to use the wannabe like that was a fresh excitement of its own, and almost experimentally Saniya pressed a light kiss to the girl’s asshole. The reaction was a stiffening, a tightness of the spine and even an adorable little clench down, and the sadist in her all but beamed incandescent with glee at what that promised.

“I think we have a virgin butt, Talia! This is gonna be so much fun!”

The squirt of cool Escort Beylikdüzü lube against her hole brought a shudder from Leena, who by now was mumbling and moaning into Talia’s pussy as she tried to keep up with the demanding lube. Saniya stopped, savouring the moment, before she pressed her middle finger to Leena’s pale pink hole, pushing in firmly and quickly. The whine that the wannabe gave her in answer, the way her hole clung tight and clenched down instinctively rather than relaxing, washed away her lingering doubts.

Leena, poor Leena, was a virgin in at least that one hole, and the anticipation of the tears and crying was enough to make Saniya’s mouth water, her body tingle, and her belly tense up in anticipation. There was a desperate sort of arousal in her, a fiery warmth between her legs that warred with an almost anxious iciness in belly, both stoked on by the cocaine. It was her favourite sensation, so rare to come by now after all these years of depravity. Talia had picked perfectly for the night.

Each slow movement of her finger in and out made Leena twitch, but she quieted quickly. It was only the one finger, and Saniya didn’t expect anything different. Her protests came only briefly, once, when Talia pulled her head back up to spit in her face and slap her again for her far from adequate oral attentions, silenced again by a push back down.

“I hope her ass is worth it, because this fat little slut can’t eat pussy to save her life, Saniya!”

“Well…” Saniya breathlessly replied as she pressed a second finger against the first, forcing it slowly past the thick muscular rim of Leena’s asshole and into her warm, quivering body. “…we’ll find out in a minute, and then I’ll come get you off right, baby.”

By the time her third finger was entering Leena, it was a struggle even with fresh lashings of lube. Leena was painfully tight, too raw and new to even hope to know how to control her own body without someone telling her how, to know to push down on the invader. Her small sounds of discomfort had turned into real whimpers, and Saniya couldn’t see, but she was certain a few tears had already rolled down her slightly chubby cheeks. Talia was happier too, holding Leena’s mouth tight to her pussy, making the most of her whimpering whines for what little vibration they gave.

It was finally time to really see if Leena would measure up, and Saniya plucked the dildo from the bed, lazily slapping it down against the wannabe’s soft back. It was far from the most impressive or enormous thing they’d ever used on someone, but it was going to be a stretch for the anal virgin in front of her, even if she’d known how to help rather than just take it and cry. For the briefest moment, a small pang of conscience rose out of Saniya’s subconscious, but the sadistic glee shouted it back down and she popped her fingers free, oiling the toy with her palm before lining up, placing its broad, flaring tip to Leena’s freshly puffy hole.

The screaming made her wetter. Talia’s thighs clamped hard around Leena’s head, holding her down, feet on her back to keep her from bucking too hard as Saniya violated her, made her already aching pucker catch fire as the underlubed, oversized toy was forced slowly into her with little twisting motions.

“What’s the matter, Leena? I thought you wanted to play in the big leagues with us!” She mocked, shivering in pleasure. She hadn’t touched herself, but she was on edge just from the sense of power, the control, the way the cute little thing before her gave her exactly what she wanted with every little thrust. “You definitely wanted to do cocaine like us…”

Another push, another squeal and almost violent shudder. Leena made no effort to push away, but her breath came hard and ragged through her nose.

“You definitely wanted to walk a catwalk like us. You definitely wanted to be us.”

Saniya couldn’t help herself. She leaned in, down and close, whispering in Leena’s ear, cheek on Talia’s thigh. Each word was punctuated by the dildo screwing deeper, answered by a quake and a squeal of pain.

“Well this is how we like to fuck, you fat little slut… If you want our stuff, wanna be in our shows, you gotta fuck how we like. You wanna get our stuff?”

Leena’s answer was a slow, hesitant nodding, tears rolling down her cheeks. One fresh teardrop rolled a new course down her painted cheek, straying from the slick river, and Saniya surprised herself when she opened her mouth and reached out with her tongue to taste it, shivering with pleasure as the salt hit her tongue. But then Talia was forcing Leena back in and she was robbed of the chance for more.

Just as quickly, Saniya was bored of the dildo. Somehow fucking the wannabe had lost its spark after that taste, or maybe it was just losing sight of her innocent eyes and the way they brimmed with tears of pain and humiliation. She gave one final thrust in until the molded balls of the toy nudged against Leena’s pussy and the oversized rod was buried obscenely in her enticing asshole, and rolled away from the bed. The cocaine was starting to wane, and experience nagged in the back of her head. From here, even with the good stuff, every line was just chasing an ever further horizon – but she did one anyway, snorting loud and shaking her head after, long blonde hair flicking from side to side.

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