Class Reunion

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Our family was together one summer weekend for a BBQ. My wife, and Fraternal twin sisters Carmen and Theresa (who we lovingly call T) were seated at the kitchen table when I walked in. They were discussing their upcoming high school reunion and how excited they were about attending. They remarked about seeing old boyfriends and rivals and how they would look.

Carmen is Married to Bill her college boyfriend, she is 38 and is still quite attractive, she has two teenaged kids and is a full figured girl. Having kids did nothing but enhance the size of her tits that were at Least a 36DD. She has a well-rounded ass and curvy hips.

Theresa my other sister has a more slender build. Being a runner since High school has given her strong muscular legs, which taper up to an ass perfect in size and shape. T’s breasts although smaller than Carmen’s were perkier and defined.

The discussion continued on about the reunion and whether they would attend or not. Carmen said she was going for sure, and was trying to convince T go. T was recently divorced for the third time, being the more career driven of the two. T said she wanted to go but was not sure about bringing her ex-husband and didn’t want to go solo. That’s when Carmen and my wife got the great idea of me taking my sister.

“Yeah honey,” my wife said, “why don’t you take your sister.”

“I’m sure my sister doesn’t want me as a date,” I replied.

“Oh yes I would little brother, oh! Would you go with me? Asked Theresa. Standing up to hug me.

“Well yeah, of course, if you don’t mind, I sure don’t, “it sounds like fun.”

“Great,” Theresa said, “it’s settled then, you’re going with me and thank you so much,” she said to my wife “for letting me borrow your husband.”

My sisters and wife continued on about the upcoming event, and I headed Back outside for another beer.

Reunion night came quickly, all agreed to meet at my House being that it was centrally located to all and the closest distance to the hotel, which was still another 45 minutes away.

My wife and I were downstairs waiting when T arrived. Opening the door a knockout brunette in a clingy black floor length dress greeted me, the slit in the side went from the floor to her hip and the neckline plunged Invitingly in the front allowing ample view of her uplifted cleavage.

“How do I look?” asked my sister doing a slow spin for my wife and I. My eyes riveting themselves on her ass as she turned.

“Gorgeous, Sexy, Hot,” commented my wife,” If you weren’t his sister I think I would change my mind about letting him go.”

“Honey, what do you think about your sister” she asked turning towards me. Noticing that my eyes were transfixed on Theresa’s ass. My wife replied

“I think pervert approves,” she said laughingly.

My wife knew my sisters and I was close and had remained even after they had gotten married. We shared every aspect of our lives growing up, from childhood nightmares to sexual adventures. I had even told my wife about my teenage crush on them both and how I had often masturbated thinking about seeing them naked. My wife said it was perfectly normal and said that she too had thought the same way about her older brother.

“Yeah T, I finally blurted out, you look great.” “You’re going to have All the married men in trouble with their wives tonight and the divorced men at your heels.”

“Not tonight” she said, “It’s just you and me.”

“Ok enough already you two,” chimed my wife, “Carmen and Bill are pulling up.”

Carmen always the late one came running in thru the door.

“Sorry we’re late” she said, “You know us.”

Carmen greeted my wife and sister with kisses and hugs and then bounced her way over to me, and yes I do mean bounced. Her dress was so low cut in front that I saw T’s and my wife’s eyes lock on me instantly, checking to see where my eyes would go. Being a red blooded American male with hormones my eyes darted deep into the valley between her glandulous tits.

“See” my wife said, “He says he’s not a tit man, but look where his eyes go when Carmen’s around.”

This brought out a chuckle from everyone including bill that was now Standing in the doorway.

“Whatever,” I said in my defense, “You can’t help but look there, gees! I hope you didn’t pay much for this dress, because there’s not much to it?”

“Well” said Carmen “if you don’t like it don’t look, my honey does.”

She walked over to Bill taking one of his hands and placed it on her tit. Hefting it up and down bill gave it a gentle squeeze as we watched, this brought out another round of laughter from all.

Saying our goodnights to my wife we piled into my SUV and headed for the Reunion.

We had a lot of alcohol during cocktail hour, trying to ease the tension of seeing old friends and make the conversation flow easier. One friend of both my sisters was Beth, a knockout blonde cheerleader who still looked quite fit and trim. Carmen and Beth made there way over to where Bill and I were talking.

“Bill Kağıthane Escort honey,” said Carmen,” This is my friend Beth from high school” after exchanging Hello’s, Carmen then turned to me, “Beth you remember my little brother John.”

“Yes I do,” Beth replied “but he sure doesn’t look little anymore” she Added, laughingly extending her hand for me to shake.

“How are you Beth,” I said taking her soft warm hand in mine, “you look As beautiful as I remember you.”

“Why thank you, you charmer she said. “Are you sitting at my table?”

Luck have it that we were and we all sat down to dinner. During dinner Beth and T exchanged that they were both recently divorced and that neither had kids.

T made a remark to me during dinner that her old friends were talking about me, how I had grown into a nice looking man. She said they told her if they had known that I was going to look this good they would never have ignored me as much as they did.

Beth, T and I struck up a good conversation during dinner. Beth mentioned several times to T what a shame it was that I was married, and if I ever tired of my wife she would be willing to take me,

To which T replied “yeah! Me to, too bad he’s my brother.”

The music started playing shortly after dinner and Beth asked T if she would mind me dancing with her. My sister said that it would be all right as long as I didn’t forget whose date I was. Beth and I had danced several songs when a slow song came on, Beth quickly clamped her hand to mine and placed the other around my waist. We moved together in a tight embrace Beth suggestively grinding her pelvis against my crotch. My cock began to pulsate and grow with each passing moment. Just then there was a tap on my shoulder.

“Can I cut in?” asked T.

Beth looked at me as if to say no, but stepped aside anyway. T moved into my waiting arms as I watched Beth’s ass as she walked back towards the Table.

“You weren’t being a bad boy were you?” asked T inquisitively.

“No, of course not,” I replied “Just a friendly dance.”

“Oh really,” said Theresa pulling me against her tighter, “then what’s this” She said, allowing her hand to brush against the tip of my still hard penis.

“That me dear” I said “is called alcohol arousal, you give a guy a few drinks put a hot babe in his arms and boom! Instant arousal.”

“So your off with Beth and forget about poor me! Your date” she said pouting her lips at me.

“First of all, I’m not going off with anyone except you and second your the only one for me tonight ok! Beth doesn’t even hold a candle to you!”

“Good” she said, “because Beth told some of the other women here that she was taking you back to her room later.” That was news to me, because I had no intentions of cheating on my wife with a woman I had a crush on years ago.

Well the night progressed with several bottles of wine and several shots of Tequila drank. T ran interference with Beth all night allowing her to Occasionally guilt me into dancing with her before Carmen or her would come and cut in. By 1 am we were all pretty shit faced and feeling no pain. Beth left me with another incredible boner before giving up and leaving to her room with some other lucky guy.

We all agreed that we were in no condition to drive the distance home and Decided to get rooms. Carmen and T agreed that it would be more cost Effective if T and I shared a room, since we would only be sleeping there a few hours till the buzz wore off. We made the proper arrangements and I made the call to my wife letting her know that I would be home in the morning. She made sure to talk to T to find out whom I was rooming with.

We staggered up to our rooms and found that they were adjoining rooms with Queen sized beds. Carmen and bill were feeling a little horny and quickly said goodnight and went to their room.

“I’ll take the chair ok T” I said trying to sound gallant.

“Don’t be silly, we can both sleep on the bed as long as you don’t hog the Blankets,” “I’m sure you would like to be in a different room right now anyway.”

“No, that’s ok” I said, “I’m exactly where I’m supposed to be.”

I made my way to the restroom and closed the door. Taking a leak I noticed my cock was still in a semi erect state. I began contemplating jacking off so that I wouldn’t wake up with blue balls as well as a hang over in the morning. I decided against it figuring T would wonder what was taking me so long.

I emerged the restroom in my boxers, my still engorged penis swinging Thickly between my legs. The room was dark except for the moonlight shining through the window. Looking towards the bed I could make out the silhouette of T’s body beneath the blankets. I figured she was so drunk that she had probably passed out still wearing her dress. I made my way the short distance to the bed feeling my way in the darkness. It was then that I felt the material of T’s dress, which was lying on the chair.

I climbed in under Kağıthane Escort Bayan the blankets staying as close to the edge of the bed as Possible trying not to disturb T as she slept.

I placed my head on the pillow and that’s when T spoke.

“You’re such a wonderful brother, I love you so much for coming to this Thing with me tonight,” She said leaning over and giving me a kiss full on The mouth. In her drunken state the kiss lasted longer than I expected which caused my dick to jump under the blanket.

“Anytime sis, I love you too! I replied. Theresa lay back down and turned Her back towards me muttering something about being exhausted and needing sleep right away. I hoped she hadn’t seen the tent my cock was making Under the blanket. I lay back and within minutes I was out.

I had been asleep for a good hour when I heard moaning sounds coming from the room Bill and Carmen where in. The sound was so loud and clear that It sounded like they were in the same room with us. I looked over towards T who appeared to still be asleep, although I didn’t know how.

The blanket were down around T’s stomach by now and in the moonlight I could see T’s chest rise and fall with each breath covered in only the lacy black bra she wore. I inched closer to get a better look at the tits that had caused many jets of cum to shoot from my cock as a youth.

It was then that I heard Carmen talking to my brother in law.

“Oh God yes, yes bill right there finger me right there.”

Oh jeez, I thought to myself I don’t need to listen to this, I’m going to get a total hard-on. But I couldn’t help it they were making so much noise, Carmen squealing and bill grunting, “

“I’m going to fuck your pussy real good come on get it wet, play with your clit you little slut, no one but me is going to fuck this pussy so good.”

She moaned back at him “yeah you are going to fuck it but first you have to get me nice and wet.”

I forgot for a second what I was about to do and laid back, placing the Pillow over my head, my dick now rising quickly, throbbing and aching from the grinding Beth gave me downstairs at the dance and now this.

I felt T adjust herself on the bed and thought how embarrassing it would be to listen to Carmen getting fucked with her awake, but also how erotic. T just turned her back to me and pressed her ass a little closer Brushing my hand with her ass cheek. It felt warm and soft, knowing it was wrong but feeling horny I rubbed the back of my hand against it. Man was she out cold she didn’t even move. Feeling braver and desperately wanting to touch more of T’s beautiful ass I turned over facing her direction.

Slowly reaching my hand under the blanket to the back of her ass. I pretended to be touching her in my sleep. My fingers traced the outline of the g-string as it sank between the folds of her cheeks. No response and feeling bolder I extended my hand to cup one cheek gently squeezing it in my palm. Openly groping T’s ass now I moved my hand from cheek to cheek confirming my thoughts about its firmness.

My hard on was raging at this point standing straight out between my legs. I was feeling its round smoothness when T suddenly moved closer to me bringing her ass cheeks in direct contact with the tip of my protruding pecker. Squirming her ass directly against my bulbous head caused my cock to spasm to which she pushed back a little harder. Was she awake I began to wonder, does she know what she is doing to me? I moved my hand up to her waist and rested it there for a second. Again she pushed back against my dick, which was now firmly nuzzled between her tight buns.

Reaching down I undid the button to the front of my shorts and let my cock spring forth. Nestling itself quickly back between the creases of her ass. I felt some pre come oozing out of the tip of my cock lubing my sisters ass quite nicely. Allowing my cockhead to slide back and forth against her tightly clenched bottom.

What came next surprised me even more. T reached down taking my hand from her hip and holding it brought it to her bosom. I looked over to see if she was awake. T had a beautiful smile on her face but still had her eyes closed. I wondered if she was dreaming of her husband or one of the guys she had danced with earlier tonight. I figured if she was really asleep she would never remember what I did to her and if she was awake she knew what was going on.

Fuck it I thought, go for broke. Carmen and Bill are fucking in the other Room and I have to hear it. I passed on the chance to screw Beth and here I was in bed with this hot woman who just happens to be my sister.

I started to squeeze her breast through her bra, and play with her nipple, This brought small moans from her mouth and much squirming of her ass against my dick. I got daring and slid my hand up under her bra. Gently kneading her small orb in my hand and flicking and pinching the nipple. This produced even better results than expected, T began to buck her hips back Escort Kağıthane and forth. I could feel a warm wetness start to flow onto my dick from were it was wedged between her ass like a hot dog in a bun.

I was way over the point that I cared that this was my sister and it was Wrong or that she might wake up and start screaming. I grabbed her tightly Against my body and started pumping my dick against her, dry humping her like some dog in heat. I could feel the wetness between our bodies drip down her ass cheeks. Knowing her pussy was getting wet I lowered myself Into a better spoon position to see if I could get a better angle to slip it into her pussy. Pulling her g-string to the side I thrust forward a little and felt the outer lips of her pussy giving me just a little resistance. I pushed a little more and felt her rose petals start to Give way to the pressure of my cock.

My head was spinning, the excitement of the moment coupled with the alcohol didn’t allow me to think of what would happen if she awoke with me trying to penetrate her. All that changed in a few short seconds when She thrust her ass back; my cock slid in and was buried about 3 inches.

“You bad boy are you taking advantage of me” T said in a low moan.

“I, I didn’t know what I was doing T, I’m sorry, it’s just that I’m so horny.

She looked back at me with that beautiful face and said “yeah sure.”

“Actually little brother” she said softly “I’ve been awake for as long as you have, I’ve been laying here listening to Bill and Carmen and getting hornier by the minute, I was trying to figure out a way to play with myself when you Woke up.”

“So your not mad at me, for doing this.”

“No, just as long as you forget we ever did this we can continue.”

“Forgotten” I replied quickly.

“Can we get a little more comfortable though?” T asked.

She moved my hand from her tit, pulled herself off my cock and sat up. Reaching back to unhook her bra she teasingly let it slip down off her shoulders. Exposing her breasts to me for the first time since we were children. They were bigger than I had initially thought and they hung down ever so slightly, her nipples hardened in the cool air like small Eraser tips framed by creamy brown areolas the size of quarters.

“You want to suck these,” she asked invitingly

I didn’t say anything, I just lowered myself to one of her tits and took the nipple into my mouth. She laid back on the bed as I sucked and flicked her Tit with my tongue. I felt her moving under the blankets and shortly she lifted her hips and produced from under the blanket her g-string tossing it over to the chair where her other clothes lay.

I gasped as I felt her grasp my cock in her warm hand gently taking the Already primed and lubed meat and begin to work it up and down, she tried Desperately to pull my shorts off but couldn’t

“Can you take these off” she said tugging at my shorts,

“Off course” I said reaching down and removing my shorts, my cock waving back and forth in moonlight, “Anything else”

“Not just yet handsome, give me a minute.”

“God this is so beautiful” she remarked as she stroked the shaft and rolled her thumb over the head.

“You’re so hard” she said “let me taste it in my mouth,” with that she moved to the middle of the bed. My cock inches away from her face she started kissing the purple-mushroomed tip of my prick her mouth soft and wet. I watched as she flicked her tongue in and out of her mouth, licking the length of the shaft. Slowly moving down making loud sucking noises as she took my balls into her mouth one at time.

“Oh yes! Oh yeah baby that feels good, take my cock in your mouth, suck it for me,” I hissed between breaths.

Her ass was out of the blanket and I could see glistening beads of wetness Running down her legs. Reaching my hand out I started caressing and squeezing her ass cheeks, running my fingers up and down from her anus to her pussy, teasingly inserting a finger into her hole occasionally caused her to take a breath and stop Sucking. Mind you I love good head but I love to fuck even more and right now I really wanted to fuck.

“Bring your pussy over here” I said pulling at her hair.

Bringing her face to mine we exchanged a long passionate kiss, the heat and excitement of our actions uncontrollable.

“Straddle my face,” I said, “I want to eat your pussy.”

“Oh your so nasty little brother” she said as she placed her knees on each Side of my face, and lowered herself over my mouth. Her pussy hovering over my mouth I moved my hands up underneath her ass cheeks and spread her pink pussy lips apart, her musky feminine fragrance caused my cock to thrust upward. I started by licking the length of her well-trimmed cunny hole back and forth before sucking on her outer lips taking each into my mouth one at a time. Once this brought out the desired moans from T’s throat I began inserting my thick tongue deep into her tunnel, working it in and out like a small dick. T was bucking and grinding down on my face and was getting quite vocal.

“Oh yes Johnny, lick my clit, shove your tongue in my pussy, oh yes, right There, Oh god yes, small shudders escaped her minutes later and I was treated to a mouthful of cumm juice as her legs clamped down on my head.

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