Chubby Girls Need Love Too

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As a young girl she was teased. She had always been considered the “fat girl.” Things did not get much better for her as a teen. Nobody asked her on dates. She would soothe herself with food. It was not that she was not pretty. She had a beautiful face. Why do people always say that? Abby Nelson was pretty.

The fondest memory Abby had was when everybody in her house was asleep. She would put her bathing suit on and would float in her parents in ground pool. She enjoyed the peacefulness of the night. She loved to swim but would never have the courage to put a bathing suit on around regular people. The stares and snarky comments would be too much to bear.

Most people did not understand what happened to a person when they were fat. Just getting a cup of coffee is like a freak show. Healthy people stared at you and made jokes to their friends about the “fat girl” getting a coffee and a piece of cake or a bagel. Some people said horrendous things.

When an overweight person got a diet soda, is when the real laughs began. Abby did not enjoy going out to dinner, ever. When she was a kid, her mother always put her on fad diets and would do them with her to keep her on track. She would do them to please her mother but usually would sneak food when her mother was not looking.

Abby was not upset that she was fat. It just seemed to bother everybody else she knew. Food was comfortable for her. She would mostly binge eat when nobody was around. She loved sweets and could easily knock off a gallon of ice cream in one sitting. The problem was she did this most nights.


Abby found masturbating helped when she was sad. She had an assortment of vibrators that pleased her. Her favorite was her Hitachi Magic Wand. She loved how strong it felt on her clitoris. She would lay on her bed, plug in her wand, and make herself wet with the strong vibrations.

Her clit was extremely sensitive which made Abby cum strongly. She liked how wet it made her. She would fantasize about somebody licking her pussy juices and sucking on her big tits.

After pleasuring herself, she got dressed and went on-line. She found a hook-up site that catered to plus-size women. Abby made a profile and attached a picture to her profile. She was nervous but wanted to hook-up with somebody. At this point, she did not care if it was a woman or a man. She needed to have sex with something other than her vibrator.

Pretty soon after making the profile, she got a hit. The man was attractive, and Abby reached out to him right away. She could not believe somebody so attractive would want to be with her. Abby had no self esteem. She saw herself as an ugly fat girl.

Abby noticed more men wrote to her. She was Nevşehir Escort finding that a lot of men seemed to like plus-sized women. She was hoping to hook-up with anybody. She needed sex just like everybody else. She answered every person that got in touch with her.

The good-looking man was giving her lots of compliments. She liked him and they agreed to meet for drinks later in the day. Usually, this type of man would be out of her league. He said he liked bigger women. Abby was excited and a bit turned on.

She grabbed her waterproof vibrator and took it into her shower. Abby played with her gigantic breasts and jammed the large dong into her wet snatch. She pushed it deeper and deeper into her cunt. She moaned like a cat in heat while pleasuring her chubby pussy. She had several orgasms while pleasuring herself in the shower.

She hoped that the man she was meeting would wanted to date and not just have sex. She would bring condoms with her. Sometimes her neighbor and her would screw around but she did not like that he seemed embarrassed by her. She was not a sloppy fat person, but she did have many rolls of fat that just hung there.

She really loved to give blow jobs and her neighbor said she was awesome at that. He liked her gigantic breasts and her huge round ass. Abby was a great lay, she was just fat. Her neighbor liked to take her from behind. He liked to watch her fat jiggle and her huge tits sway to the left and to the right.

He liked holding onto her big hips while fucking her pussy hard. Abby allowed him to fuck her butt too. He really liked to drill into her butt hole hard. Most women don’t like that. Her neighbor loved that about her. He also liked that Abby would swallow his semen. Most women don’t like that. Abby also would let him come anywhere on her body and her hair too.

Abby was happy to have her neighbor. He would hook-up with Abby a lot when he was between girlfriends which at the moment was a lot. He texted her and she would come over. It was strictly only about sex. He didn’t wine and dine her or buy her presents. They were just friends with benefits.

Abby took a nap and got ready for her hook-up. She showered did her make-up and dried her hair. Abby was tall and big boned, but she really needed to lose a hundred pounds or so.

She had brown straight hair, big breasts, and a round ass and lots of belly fat. She had the nicest blue eyes and luscious lips. Her personality was what attracted people to her. She was what you called bubbly.

Abby was ready to go. She drove to the bar herself. She did not plan on getting drunk. She just wanted to have sex if it was offered to her. She hoped that the guy would Nevşehir Escort Bayan want to date her. She always hoped for that.

Abby arrived at the destination. The bar was also a restaurant. The guy she spoke to said he would meet her in the waiting area. They both exchanged photos. She was so excited and hoped he liked her.

When she looked up, her knight in shining armor was standing there. He was even more handsome than his picture.

“Abby. Such a pleasure to formally meet. I’m Michael.”

Abby stood up and they shook hands. She was a bit nervous because he looked like somebody on television. She wondered why he would want her. He must have had a fat fetish or something.

“Would you like to have dinner or just drinks?”

“Drinks would be fine.”

Abby did not want to have dinner. She would feel too nervous to eat in front of him at such an early stage. She hoped he found her attractive. He would certainly be the best-looking guy she would ever have sex with. She hoped they would. She would be sure to give him the best blow job he ever had.

Abby followed Michael over the bar. They both sat down. Michael seemed happy with Abby and they shared pleasant conversation.

“What would you like to drink,” Michael asked sweetly.

“Red wine would be great.”

Michael called over the barkeep and placed their order. Michael seemed to know the bartender and they spoke for a little while. He brought the drinks out and Michael began talking to Abby.

“I just love your name. A beautiful name for a beautiful lady. You have the prettiest eyes. They just twinkle like stars.”

“Thank you. You’re much too sweet.”

“What kind of work do you do? I have a marketing job at an electronic firm. What do you do?”

“I’m an accountant in an insurance business. I have worked there for about ten years.”

“That’s nice. You are so beautiful. I love your hair.”

Abby could not believe all the compliments he was giving to her. Her pussy was getting moist in her panties. She was used to her neighbor having sex with her. She thought it was only because he was desperate. She was hoping this would be different.

Michael leaned over to her and whispered into her ear.

“You’re really turning me on. My cock is so hard for you. You have the loveliest breasts. I would like to suck on your nipples and hold them in my hands. Fucking hell! Abby you’re so beautiful.”

Michael took Abby’s hand and put it onto the front of his pants. She could feel how hard he was.

“Feel that? That is your sexy body making my dick want you. We should get a room. I would love to fuck that beautiful body you have there.”

Abby Escort Nevşehir was horny as hell. She felt this guy really liked her. She wanted to have sex with him.

“We could get a room. You’re making me hot too.”

“I bet your pussy is really wet. I really want to taste you. I am salivating to taste your hot snatch. Let’s go sexy lady!”

Michael paid the bill and Abby held his hand and they walked out. When they walked out Michael took Abby to a private place in the parking lot. She leaned up against the wall and Michael planted a kiss on her lips. Their tongues swirled together in their mouths.

Michael could not help himself he wanted Abby right there. Abby did not say a word. She was just thrilled that he was into her. He unzipped his pants and put Abby’s hands around his cock. He was very endowed.

“I’d love you to suck my cock!”


Abby dropped to her knees and opened her mouth. She was kind of annoyed that this is where he was going to fuck her. It was even worse than when the neighbor fucked her.

Abby accepted his cock into her mouth. She bobbed up and down while holding his warm balls that were nicely shaven.

“Stand up and pull up your dress. I want to taste your ass and pussy.”

Abby pulled her dress up to her waist and Michael pulled her panties down which were soaking wet.

“I knew you were hot, but oh my god, you’re so sexy, Abby.”

Michael licked at her butt hole and his tongue tickled her pussy. Abby looked like a real whore now. She had her dress up over her waist. Michael was indeed gorgeous, but he should have taken her to a motel.

That was not in the cards. Michael spat on his hand and wiped it on her pussy. He pushed his long hard cock into her wet pussy. He grabbed her hips and fucked her hard. Her flab shook as he fucked her hard. He slapped at her buttocks and moaned to her how much he liked her chubby body.

Michael was pleased how easy Abby was. He left her standing there with a pile of cum dripping from her pussy. He took her panties and wiped up the mess he left.

“You’re a sexy lady. You made me cum so hard. We have to hook-up again. I’ll call you sometime.”

Michael pulled up his pants and helped Abby with her dress. He kissed her hard on her mouth and squeezed at her big butt. Michael walked away whistling and Abby fixed herself before walking back to her car alone. She was really hoping he would have taken her to a nice motel and wanted to be her boyfriend.

Abby knew that most men just used her for sex when they were bored. She was going to fix her self esteem and demand she be treated better. She was like a marshmallow. When the neighbor texted she ran. She noticed he called and would stop over and get her fuck from him. She had to get sex when it was available.

She so wanted a prince charming. Perhaps another man on the hook-up site would be that man. She could lose weight and maybe her problems would go away. Abby liked being fat. She was a fat girl.

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