Christy’s Helpful Video

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It was going to be another Saturday evening spent alone. Christy, now 37, had been divorced for almost three years. Just when she began to feel completely secure in her relationship with her husband, Todd, he dropped the bombshell. Almost in an off handed way over dinner one evening he confessed his affair with his secretary and demanded a divorce. Christy was devastated.

Christy thought at the time of the divorce it would take her at least a year to get over the emotional trauma. Truthfully, after three years it was still painful. How could he do this to her? Was it her inability to have children? She didn’t think so because they had discussed this and he had never wanted children. It was a non issue. Their sex life, although admittedly had become less frequent and more routine, was still satisfying to Christy, obviously not so for Todd, she thought with shame and anger rising again in her cheeks.

And she was still attractive even at 37. She walked to the bedroom and admired her figure in the full length mirror. She was 5’7″ and 130 pounds, with shoulder length dark brown hair and 36C breasts that still had no sag, and a nice firm ass. I do look really good, she thought. But as much as she hated to admit it, she was still and always would love Todd. She had dated casually a few times since the divorce, but inevitably she ended up comparing them to Todd and it wasn’t fair to her dates. She still held the hope that one day he would come back to her. This was her dream.

Just because she was divorced and lived alone, in no way diminished her needs as a woman, both emotional and sexual. Her female friends could help with her emotional needs, but being strictly heterosexual, they could do nothing for her sexual desires and she didn’t believe in casual sex. That Sefaköy escort left her with only one option; she dealt with her sexual frustration alone. In fact, she had gotten quite good at it.

On this particular evening she had it all planned out. First, she would play a portion of a soft porn video received as a gag gift from Sherrie, one of her closest friends. Sherrie had said, “You can slip this in and watch it some evening with a hot guy you bring home. That will get both of you warmed up in a hurry.” Well, there wasn’t any hot guy besides Todd she would want to share the movie with, and initially she had placed it on the top shelf of the entertainment center and forgotten about it.

She finally took the video down one evening, more out of curiosity than anything else, and watched it while she sipped a couple of glasses of White Zinfandel wine. That was about a year ago. Now the wine and the movie had become a part of a regular ritual, like tonight.

After she finished admiring her figure in the mirror, she slipped out of her jeans and white blouse. She took another look at herself in the mirror as she passed clad only in her bra and light blue panties. She approved. She popped the video in the VCR and hit the play button as she stretched out on her king size bed. Christy propped her head up with two pillows and took the remote from the bed side table. She knew what parts to fast forward to. She particularly enjoyed the scene where two lovers were reunited after a long absence, how hungry they seemed for each other, and how passionately they embraced.

She took another sip of wine while this scene played, and then hit the fast forward again. Now the man(not unlike Todd in many ways) was running his fingers slowly up and Escort Yenibosna down the woman’s bare stomach while he gently licked her ear. Soon, the woman would roll over and push the man down on the bed and playfully mount him with a look of pure animal lust in her eyes. She then began grinding her hips against his upper thighs. He tried desperately to pull her closer and enter her, but she teasingly pushed him away. Because it was a soft porn movie there wasn’t any graphic display, but Christy knew how to use her imagination.

By the time the video reached the part where the man had managed to slide the woman forward enough to gain entry, and she began rocking back and forth on his cock with small guttural moans escaping her lips, Christy could feel the familiar tingle between her legs. Her rather large pink nipples were standing firm and straining against her bra.

At this point, Christy would close her eyes, quickly remove her bra and panties, and concentrate only on the audio portion of the film. After watching this many times she knew the dialogue almost by heart. With her eyes closed, she could hear the woman moaning, “Oh yes . . . honey . . . faster . . . harder . . . make me cum.” The bed springs were squeaking in the background. She listened to the heavy breathing, almost panting, coming from the man. With her eyes still tightly closed, Christy began to gently massage both her breasts. Her nipples were as hard as rocks, but extremely delicate to her touch. She felt a pleasant shiver run down along her spine.

The rhythm of the squeaking bed springs coming from the video increased, along with the even more rapid breathing of the two lovers. Christy could now feel the warm dampness forming between her legs. While leaving Halkalı escort bayan her left hand on her left breast, Christy slowly let her right-hand travel down to her wetness. She let all of her fingers trace the lips of her pussy in one small motion. The first touch was always electric. She shuddered. She lightly pinched her left nipple. A small involuntary moan escaped her lips. Next, she found her clit with her first two fingers and massaged it gently in a circular motion. She could feel her bud swelling under her touch.

The sound coming from the video continued. Christy would now imagine the man was Todd and she was the woman.

“Oh God” the man was panting.

“I’m so close now,” the woman responded.

Christy knew she would be close soon to. She slipped her middle finger deep inside her now soaking pussy, withdrawing a moment and then sliding the finger in again, her hips now moving in rhythm with her finger. Usually she was able to time her orgasm to coincide with the lovers on the video. Tonight would be one of those times; she could feel it.

Christy’s breathing was now coming in short gasps as her index finger found her now completely swollen clit again. It would be soon now. With her eyes tightly closed and her lips pursed, she bucked her hips wildly as she felt herself approaching the edge of a powerful orgasm.

The woman on the screen was screaming, “Now, yes . . . Oh my God . . . I’m cummmmmmming!”

Christy thought, me too . . . I’m soooooo close.

She heard the man on the video say, “Here it comes baby.” Then he let out a deep long moan. Christy, with her right hand furiously working her pussy, and her left hand squeezing her breast, exploded in a mind-blowing orgasm. She locked her thighs together trapping her hand in place against her clit as her pussy muscles contracted again, and again, until she was totally spent.

Totally relaxed, she rolled onto her side, reached for the remote and hit the off button. As she dozed off to sleep, she hoped Todd was somewhere right now regretting what he was missing.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
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