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Another true story but as with all my others, I haven’t mentioned the condom we used. Please play safe.


My friend Christian would describe himself as straight. I think everyone who knew him would describe him as straight. Almost everyone anyway. He had a secret. And I was that secret.

We were work colleagues, in fact I was his supervisor. We got on very well and he knew- and wasn’t at all bothered- about my being gay. He was fairly recently single, not long out of the Armed Forces and seeking a job in a civilian role so put to work his lorry driving skills and qualifications he had gained in the Forces to drive for a haulage and distribution company I was employed at.

In a very non-sexual way, we hit it off, same humour and many mutual interests which at the time involved socialising and working out. I was in my mid 30s, he was about 4 years younger. He kept saying that he had let himself go and that’s how we started hanging out more together as he knew I was a keen swimmer. So he tagged along with me to the pool, which was joined to a gym and we ended up not only swimming but signing up for group exercise classes such as circuit training. We even tried aerobics (his idea in the hope he could meet a lycra clad girl!)

Maybe had, as he put it, ‘let himself go’ but he was a nice looking lad, a sort of Mancunian Matinee idol carrying a stone more than he used to. Nonetheless he was a good looking guy once he made the effort with a shave and haircut and scrubbed up decent enough on a night out.

I find most straight people are cool about getting changed and/ or showered along side another guy until they find out the guy is gay and then all of a sudden they cover up thinking we’ll pounce even though we haven’t previously. But fair play to Christian, he wasn’t shy or bothered.

Often after our work out we would have a pint before heading to our homes, sometimes another lad from work- somewhat and thankfully more shy in the shower than Christian and totally unattractive would join us- and on a few occasions my partner Dave, depending on his work shifts, joined us too for a drink or a pizza.

One day we went to the gym very late on Sunday morning, the session finished and after a shower it was about 12h30 so we went to a pub close by that did great lunches and was always fairly quiet at weekends because it was situated close to many industrial units and offices which were mainly open weekdays only. Walking distance from the tube station to get home so we had a couple of drinks more than usual when we were both normally driving.

That’s when Christian shared a secret with me. He trusted me not to tell anybody, which I was unlikely to do. I had no idea what he was about to unburden. And when he did, I didn’t find it all that shocking but for the circumstances under which it had happened. A guy once sucked his cock.

I told him it happened to the best of us and to some of us, it happened fairly regularly! He reiterated yet again his heterosexuality which I had never doubted. Before he was single, he had been living on and off depending on his postings, with a girlfriend, Alice. They befriended another couple, about 10 years their senior who they saw most weekends. One weekend they couple announced they were swingers and Christian thought his luck was in and he’d be boning the woman even though he wasn’t sure how he’d feel about Alice getting screwed by somebody else. He was certainly up for finding out. Except the twist was, happy as the swingers were with each other, when they played away it was each with their own sex. Again, being an open minded dirty bastard, Christian liked the idea of seeing Alice play and get played with by another woman but didn’t have any inclination to participate in sexual activity with another guy. Nothing further happened until a few weekends later and a bottle of wine too many when Alice Sakarya Escort and the female half of the neighbouring duo started flirting quite seriously and, egged on somewhat by both of the guys, began putting on a show. Christian was rock hard in seconds and ended up sat next to the guy who had dropped his trousers and was wanking away to the spectacle. Christian followed suit, the show got more intense and the guy asked Christian, aching for release, if he could suck his cock.

I can’t give you any more details than that, I wasn’t there, but apparently that’s all that happened although Alice seemingly saw more of the couple after that when Christian was away; when the 2 of them broke up, she became their ‘lodger’. Christian said although he’d been a dirty bastard all his adult life, it had always been with women and although the experience was different and somewhat surreal, it hadn’t fazed him, nor had he any particular desire to repeat it.

After the lunch we headed back to the office and yard which was nearby, although it was closed I wanted to collect something I had left there on the Friday and wanted to check out that evening, plus I was meeting my partner at 4 o’clock, he was coming over straight from work. Christian came too as he had nothing to do and it wasn’t really out of his way. Once we had turned off the alarm to the premises I went to my desk and collected the folder I wanted. Christian was sat on the sofa in reception, a relic from the 1970s. I started laughing.

“What’s so funny?” he asked.

I told him his story had made me laugh as it confirmed my belief that he was probably the most experienced member of staff versus the other guys who worked with us (and regularly sneered at his friendship with myself) as he’d had more pussy than all of them and the pleasure of a blow job from some bisexual bloke whose wife was eating out his girlfriend.

“Don’t, it makes me horny thinking about it and I can’t wank off here,” he said.

“Wanking would be such a waste,” I said. “Wouldn’t you rather be sucked dry?”

“It’s been a long time,” he said. “Yeah, why not?”

And with that he undid his belt. I headed over to where he was sat and knelt down, helping to pull down his jeans, immediately greeted by his hard on pushing against his very unattractive and unflattering boxers. I had seen his cock and balls many times in the showers, always flaccid and if truth be told, it was very plain, at least in an unaroused state. He had once asked me why I had shaved mine but to be fair at the gym and pool, I think about half of the guys practice some form of pubic topiary including a large number of straights, but he hadn’t been near a trimmer or razor in years if ever. That said, a face full of fuzz makes a nice change now and again and this was certainly a very nice change.

He closed his eyes and put his hands behind his head, leaning back and relaxing. I, of course, didn’t relax as my heart was racing at the thought of an unexpected load of cum heading my way which I knew I was going to have to work for and I slipped his boxers down too, allowing his throbbing rock hard shaft to slap hard against his stomach, his bollocks hanging free. My own cock was unlikely to be receiving any attention but that wasn’t an issue, the task in hand was… well… the task in hand. I cupped his shaft and pointed his head towards my mouth, his foreskin leaking sticky precum and I leant forward, licking gently. Once I was close enough, I used my hand to pull down his shaft a little, rolling back the foreskin and licked all around the head and his piss slit before taking all of the head in my mouth. I sucked firmly but not too hard, like I was sucking on my favourite flavoured lollipop! He moaned, approvingly.

His cock was quite ordinary when soft but hard, it grew more than I had expected, both in length and girth. I wasn’t sure if Adapazarı Escort I could deep throat the beauty but was up for the challenge and I moved forward after having taken a deep breath through my nose, taking most of his shaft in my mouth, at least as far as the pubes before almost gagging and slowing moving back a little. I bobbed up and down slowly, taking him in deeper each time until I had relaxed and could get all of his tool in my mouth without choking at all, making sure to produce plenty of spit each time so that on the up thrust when only his head was being serviced, it was done so with plenty of lubrication. I sucked, slurped and worshipped that dick. And Christian certainly wasn’t complaining.

His eyes remained closed, probably thinking about Alice and her lesbian floor show for all I knew or cared, all that mattered was how good and hard he was. I had wanted to suck his balls but wasn’t sure if that might be too much for the occasion so I didn’t, instead concentrating on the blow, but as my hands were both free, I did tease his scrotum and balls , somewhere between a tickle and a gentle squeeze, to encourage those juices to keep on flowing. And they did.

If I’m honest, perhaps as I don’t think he had cum for a few days, his precum had a strong but not unpleasant taste initially but as he relaxed more and occasionally gyrated his hips, the taste sweetened and became less bitter but the volumes increased. I tugged a little more on his ball sack which he seemed to like and bobbed up and down a little faster and methodically, hoping I was going to get my reward. My own cock was absolutely bursting in my pants and I was desperate to empty it, at least once I had adjusted it as it was rather constrained by my own underwear and my kneeling position on the floor.

But I guess I was carried away in the moment, the taste of his juices was sensational, really turning me on and making me in to a cum slut, not that I needed any encouragement. I sucked at a more frantic pace, really wanting him to empty his nuts in to my mouth and that in turn tipped him over the edge and the first powerful spurt of spunk hit the roof of my mouth. He shouted out some obscenity and a further 6 spurts and thrusts, well and truly pumping his spunk as I swallowed one spurt after the other.

He stayed rock hard as I made sure he was empty, kissing the last of his jizz from his piss slit, before standing up and heading for the toilet to quickly adjust my hard on- I may have just sucked off a straight boy but didn’t want him to think I wanted anything in return, the taste of him at the back of my throat was rewarding enough.

I returned a minute or two later and he hadn’t moved. He opened his eyes, his cock still rock hard against his stomach, and smiled.

“Thanks,” he said. “Amazing.”

“Does it stay like that all day?” I asked, jokingly.

“Let’s hope so,” said a voice from the doorway. Shit, my partner was stood there, apparently having let himself in the door I hadn’t thought to lock as a blow job with Christian hadn’t been on the agenda when we entered the office ourselves.

I was trying to think of any plausible excuse as to why Christian might be sat in the reception with his trousers round his ankles and Christian just sat grinning as if the issue was mine to resolve. I think it probably was.

“I only caught the end,” said Dave, giving me a resigned look as if to say I shouldn’t bother with an excuse, he’d heard many before and would hear many more later, but loved me for being a dirty bastard all the same.

He walked over and started undoing my trousers, tugging them down and leaving my underwear not quite up but still covering my hard on which hadn’t subsided, even with the shock of being caught. I wasn’t sure where this was going at all.

Dave turned me away from Christian and tugged my briefs down, Serdivan Escort bending me forward slightly before landing a slap on one of my buttocks.

“You might as well finish it,” he said and spread my legs a little before spitting a load of saliva on my clean and hungry little hole.

Christian didn’t need asking twice.

Still rock hard and with his trousers and boxers still round his ankles, he stood up and waddled over to me, immediately pushing the shaft to a more downward pointing angle so the head was just outside of my wet ring. He took hold of my hips, and I remembered he said previously he had a penchant for bum sex with girls but those that were willing were hard to find. So I knew I was in safe and experienced hands.

He pushed forward gently and his knob end glided against my mancunt but didn’t go straight in, Dave had spat so much it slid over and below it, rubbing my taint. He pulled back and removed one of his hands, using it this rime to push just the tip of his dick inside me. I bent forward a little so my arsehole opened and with that, he replaced his hand on my hip and pulled me carefully back towards him, his cock easing further in me all the time. I’m guessing that although he had shot and I had sucked him dry, there was still some spunk in there and with a second helping of the next load of precum, he was now self lubing my anus.

I thought once inside, he might go easy on me but once every inch of him was in and he could go no further, his balls were pressed up against my arse and he stood still and silent. Dave had stepped back to simply enjoy watching me get rammed.

Christian then started pulling out and pushing in, his cock never fully leaving my arse, in length he was probably about 6 to 7 inches and he pulled back by about half that with each stroke so the head of his cock rubbed against my prostate with every thrust. And he didn’t go easy. He took full advantage of my horniness and clear wish to be fucked and filled to release any energy he hadn’t expanded earlier with me at the gym or when I was sucking him off minutes before. He was in no hurry, although Dave was stood watching, he seemed to enjoy the fact too that he was putting on a show. Several times he changed the pace of the thrusting, I wasn’t sure if he got close to coming and held back or just wanted to experience the different degrees and sensation of bum sex at the various speeds. Either way, he knew how to work and use my arse and I loved the sound of his balls slapping against my cheeks the faster he went.

“Can I come up your guts?” he asked.

I moaned affirmatively.

Dave moved for the first time, standing in front of me. He pulled up my t-shirt and then knelt down, quite low as I was bent forward a little and lower than at normal standing height with my legs spread as much as possible bearing in mind my feet were restricted by the trousers round my ankles. His mouth found my cock, hard still and aching for release since I was on my own knees sucking off Christian. He stopped thrusting and pulled me back against him once more, maximising the amount of dick inside me.

His hips started to pulse, short quick movements and it was pushing me to the absolute edge when he started breathing so incredibly heavy that all 3 of us knew what- and who- was coming. He let out such a roar and held absolutely still as he ejeculated another load of his spunk in me, this time at the other end from before, and in turn I shot a heavy release in Dave’s mouth, so much that most of it spilled on to the floor.

Christian held still a while and then withdrew, my sphincter closed tightly behind his exit, and he headed to the toilets without saying anything. Dave got up, wiping a dribble of my spunk from his chin, and I pulled up my underwear and trousers. Nothing was said as I sorted myself out, wiped the floor and gathered my files, Christian returned from the toilets and we all headed straight for the door in silence, the only words spoken as I locked up being to say our goodbyes.

Of course, I knew I owed Dave one (again) which I repaid a little later… which we both enjoyed as ever, perhaps mischievously a little more so!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32