Chrissy’s Trip to the Clinic

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This is a work of fiction dealing with incest. If you do not enjoy Daddy/Daughter sex, you may want to avoid this one.

Many thanks to Stargaze and Vixen-Renewed for their editorial assistance!


Thinking back on the events of this particular afternoon still gets me rock hard to this day, by far the most erotic experience of my life. I’m continually amazed that the pinnacle of my sexual career was not with my wife, but rather my very own daughter. Let me tell you how it all happened.

My wife is a successful software salesperson with a major company here in Seattle, and spends much of her time traveling the country visiting her many clients. She’s away a lot which puts a great deal of stress on our marriage, but the pay is fantastic so you make do where you can. We have a wonderful daughter, who’s as cute and as smart as can be, but is quite shy and somewhat immature for an 18 year old. She’s a great kid, but I worry about her at times because she’s so naive and can be pretty easily manipulated.

My wife Sherry and daughter Chrissy had been talking for a while about the need for her to see a gynecologist for the first time, something Chrissy understandably was none too happy about. My wife scheduled an appointment, including a full physical, with her longtime OBGYN, Dr. Perkins, whom Sherry trusted implicitly. The time was set for 4:30 PM, so Sherry wouldn’t have to take the whole day off to drive our daughter to the clinic.

On the morning of the big day, my wife headed out the door to work as usual, and I retreated to my office in the basement, as I run a consulting business out of our home. About 10:00 that morning, my daughter knocked on my office door and asked if she could go to the mall with her friends, since it was summer and school was out, that was a common occurrence. I told her yes, but to be home by 3:00 to get ready for her appointment.

“Don’t remind me,” she responded, rolling her eyes.

“Have fun!” I called after her as she ran up the stairs and out the door.

As luck would have it, that very morning Sherry received an emergency call from a client who said their big software install had crashed their system, and they needed her help ASAP. Of course, she was left with no choice but to go, and took off for the airport towing a couple of software techs along with her heading for San Francisco. In her haste, she forgot to call me until she was at the airport. “David, honey, I’ve got an emergency. ACME Engineering had a meltdown, and I need to get there yesterday. I totally forgot about Chrissy’s appointment. Can you either cancel it of take her yourself?” she barked at me, obviously stressed out.

“I’ll take care of it one way or another baby, you go do your job,” I answered, somewhat upset as these ’emergencies’ happened quite often. I quickly contemplated my options, and thought it was probably best for Chrissy to just get it over with, so I kept the appointment and got back to work without thinking about it again.

Around 2:30 or so I heard the front door open, followed by the sounds of small feet walking on the floor above my head. Two voices were talking excitedly, growing louder as they came down the stairs towards my office. “Hi Daddy,” said Chrissy as she entered the room, followed by “hi Mr. Stevens,” from her best friend Stacy. I said hello and asked them how their afternoon at the mall was.

“Great Daddy, I got a new skirt and Stacy got a cool new pair of shoes,” she beamed. “What time is Mom going to be home to take me to my thing?” she asked innocently.

“Actually sweetie, your mother was called away on an emergency, so I’m taking you,” I replied.

“You’re taking me?” she asked incredulously.

“Yup, so get a shower and be ready to go at 4:10 or so,” I answered.

“But Dad,” she pleaded, looking very annoyed with her hands on her hips.

Before she could say another word I just said “It’ll be fine baby, there’s nothing to worry about.” She frowned and blushed, but turned and left the room with a huff, Stacy right on her heels.

At about 4:10 I put down my paperwork and headed upstairs to find my daughter pacing nervously to and fro in the living room. “Daddy, can’t we just cancel this?” she asked.

“It’s probably too late to cancel. Don’t you want to get it over with so you don’t have to worry about it another time?” I answered.

“I guess so,” was all she could say, pouting.

We climbed into the car and started our journey to the clinic without much chatter. Chrissy was clearly distressed and obviously did not want to make small talk with her father at that time. As we pulled to a stop in the parking lot I looked over and gave her a smile of encouragement, but her face was pink, and I saw her hand shaking as she reached for the door. My poor little girl!

We walked slowly into the office where I sat Chrissy down before I went to the receptionist to check in. A pleasant older woman took our names and handed me the usual forms to fill out, then I returned to my daughter’s side and Web Tools began the paperwork. In no time it was complete and I handed it in, then the waiting game began. I looked over at my daughter and my heart broke. She looked more scared with every passing second and appeared ready to run out the door at any moment.

Finally, I heard “Mr. Stevens.” I looked up to see the same woman calling my name, so I rose and headed back to the counter. The woman explained that there was a bit of a problem; seemed the nurse had gone home sick, and by law Dr. Perkins could not examine anyone under 21 without another adult in the room. She then asked if it would be okay if I was in the room with my daughter during the procedure, since no other medical staff were around as this was his last appointment of the day.

Left with no other obvious choice, I answered “I guess so.”

She smiled and said, “Good, the doctor will see you now.” She then stood, opening the door for us.

I called out to Chrissy to come along, and she rose with dread on her face like she was being taken to the gallows. When she arrived at the door I lovingly placed a hand on her shoulder and ushered her down the hall, following the woman ahead of us. We were led to a surprisingly large examination room and were told to have a seat. She handed Chrissy a hospital gown, pointed to a screen behind which my daughter could change, and told her to remove all her clothing. She then said the doctor would be in momentarily, smiled and closed the door on her way out.

As soon as the door closed, Chrissy snapped, “get outta here Daddy!” I explained to her as calmly as possible what the receptionist had told me regarding the law, to which she answered loudly, “I don’t care Dad, you can’t see me like this!”

“It’ll be fine honey, I’ll be behind the curtain over here and won’t be able to see anything, trust me,” I said, trying to ease her fears and calm her nerves.

“But Daddy,” she whined as she turned even redder in the face, eyes misting up.

“It’s okay sweetheart, just go behind the curtain and put the gown on, everything will be just fine,” I told her, hugging her softly.

Chrissy stood slowly, shuffled her feet, and moved behind the curtain. I could barely make out her silhouette through the divider, and only her feet under it as I watched as one article of clothing after another dropped to the floor. Erotic thoughts ran through my head and I could not tear my eyes away from the shadowy figure undressing behind the curtain, which shocked me like nothing before. The images troubled me deeply knowing it was my only child at which I was gaping.

She emerged from behind the curtain carrying her bundle of discarded clothes, and handed them to me. My baby looked most unhappy as she stood with her hands behind her back holding the gown together, and I stared at her with an uneasy feeling as I had a hard time losing the obscene images from only moments before. At that moment a hard knock rang out on the door, and in poked a smiling face which asked, “Everyone decent?”

I stood, smiled and held out my hand, “Dave Stevens.”

The man moved through the door with confidence and extended a hand, “Hi Dave, John Perkins” He looked at his chart, then at my daughter and said, “You must be Christine.” She nodded her head with a weak smile, but didn’t make eye contact.

“She goes by Chrissy, Dr. Perkins,” I told him.

“Okay, Chrissy it is,” he responded enthusiastically, and gave her a big smile.

Dr. Perkins was a good looking man, dark hair and eyes, about my height and maybe a couple years older than I. He had a smooth way about him, and I instantly saw why women would find him charming, but there was something about him that made me uncomfortable with the idea of him seeing my wife and daughter in compromising positions.

He apologized for the nursing mishap, and thanked us for our flexibility. He then turned his attention to my daughter and asked, “Ready Chrissy?” She looked petrified, but made a small smile and nodded her head. In spite of her shyness, she really was being a trooper and my heart went out to her.

Dr. Perkins placed his hand on her shoulder and led her to the examination table where he pulled out a step and told her to climb on up. He sat in a chair in front of her and explained the procedure in very simple terms, telling her that it wouldn’t take long, and that nothing would hurt. He asked if it was her first time seeing a Gynecologist, and she nodded without a word. He then said, “Don’t worry, I’ll take good care of you.” In a cheery voice he added, “So, you okay with all that Chrissy?” Again she nodded silently. “Good, let’s get started,” he stated and placed the chart on a bedside table.

The doctor stood and told my daughter to scoot down to the end of the table, and lie on her back. He then turned towards me and smiled, pointed to a mirror on the wall, then pulled the curtain part-way closed behind him. I looked at the mirror and realized I could see most of Chrissy’s Online Web Tools body reflected as she laid on the paper covered table, yet her head was blocked from my view by a cabinet, keeping her from seeing me in return. He came around the curtain and whispered to me, “By law another adult has to be able to see what’s going on, but if you want to close your eyes or look away that’s fine.” I nodded my head and with a smile he moved back towards my daughter.

Dr. Perkins stood by Chrissy’s side and began going through her charts and then gave her a little speech that I’m sure he’d given a thousand girls before. When he was done he said, “Now remember Chrissy, I’m a doctor and I’ve heard everything before, and everything you tell me is a secret between us. Do you understand?”

“I understand,” she mumbled softly.

“Good, now I need you to be totally honest with me when you answer my questions,” he stated very softly, showing her great concern. After that they spoke for a while about medical issues, and I was not really listening to their conversation until I heard him ask about her sexual history, which immediately peaked my interest. He asked if she’s ever been intimate with another person, and she fumbled a bit and asked exactly what he meant. He said, “Well, for starters, have you ever kissed a boy or girl outside of your family?”

I held my breath waiting for her response, and after a long pause she said in a whisper, “Yes, just one.”

“Okay, you’re doing good Chrissy,” he said in an encouraging tone. “And did this person ever touch your body anywhere?” he questioned further.

Another soft “yes.” I was wondering just who the hell had been touching my little girl as lewd images ran through my head. I should not have been surprised being that she was 18 and all, but her shyness and innocence made her seem so much younger. Plus, at only 5’1″, she just seemed so small and childlike.

“Okay Chrissy, I need to know where this person touched you,” he stated.

“Here and here,” she answered, pointing to her chest and groin.

“Who!” I wanted to pull the curtain open and scream at her, yet remained seated, my mind reeling.

Pointing to her mid section, he asked, “When this person touched you down here, did they touch you with their hands or something else?”

She said softly, “Only his hands.” I felt momentary relief that my baby was still a virgin, but still wondered who had touched her.

The doctor then asked, “And did you touch him in any way?”

“Yes,” she said softly.

“Okay Chrissy, you’re doing great, but I need to know how you touched him,” he probed further.

“He made me touch his thing, and then made me put it in my mouth,” she answered as quiet as a mouse. My worst fears about her ability to be manipulated were confirmed when she said, “made me.”

I was furious, who the fuck was messin’ with my innocent little angel, forcing her to jerk him off and suck his cock? Blood pumped through my body with rage, yet it also flowed to my cock causing it to throb obscenely. Images of my sweet little princess on her knees jerking my cock and sucking my dick raced through my head. I’ve always had dominant fantasies of forcing a woman to do things for me, but my fantasy girl’s face was suddenly replaced by that of my very own daughter, causing a shiver to run through me. How could I have thought that about my own flesh and blood, the light of my life?

The doctor asked one final question, “Chrissy, I need to know who this boy is, just in case we find something wrong with you, we may have to be in contact with him or his parents.”

I leaned forward awaiting her response, and after a long pause, she uttered, “Johnny Morton.” Fucking little bastard neighbor of mine! The little prick was about six years older than her and in my mind certainly wasn’t good enough for my baby. He should stick to girls his own age I thought, but then it hit me like a stone that I had been fantasizing about a girl, my own daughter, less than half my age. Just what was I becoming?

Finally he said, “Okay Chrissy, we’ll run a couple of blood tests just in case, but I’m quite certain everything will be fine.”

Dr. Perkins then put the chart back down on a bedside table, looked directly into the mirror at me and nodded his head. He then turned back towards my daughter and said, “Okay Chrissy, here we go.” He began the exam by pulling out various instruments, looked in her ears, eyes, down her throat, all the usual stuff. After the preliminaries were completed, he stated, “Chrissy, I’m going to take the top of your gown down now.”

I leaned forward and stared into the mirror intently as he slowly peeled the fabric down to her waist. He turned slightly to look at me out of the corner of his eye, and I was terribly embarrassed at being caught peeking, yet couldn’t turn away for some reason. It was the first time I’d seen her chest exposed since she was a baby, and her teenage breasts were small but lovely. My pulse raced and my cock pounded Çevrimiçi Web Araçları in my pants as I awaited the doctor’s next move.

The exam continued with the doctor touching and rubbing her neck, then down to her chest. He removed a stethoscope from around his neck, placed it on her chest saying, “This might be cold,” then asked her to breathe deeply. He then placed it once more around his neck and moved his hands back to her chest. He peeked at me in the mirror again, then started rubbing her breasts and nipples. “Does this hurt at all Chrissy?” he asked, his hands caressing them in small circles.

“Nope,” is all she said in return.

“How ’bout now?” he questioned, from my vantage point he appeared to be pinching her nipples lightly.

“Not really,” she answered softly.

“Good,” he replied, then moved down her belly, rubbing, poking and tapping here and there as he went. “You’re doing great Chrissy,” he said and pulled the gown up to her neck once more, and I momentarily breathed a sigh of relief.

The doctor then moved closer to her head and started talking to her in a serious tone once more. “Now Chrissy, this is the most difficult part of the exam, I need you to be a trooper, okay?” he asked in a soothing voice.

“Okay, I’ll try,” she answered softly, trying to sound brave.

He then said, “Some girls don’t like to look at what I’m doing during this part, so if you’d like, I can cover your face.”

“Okay,” she answered once more.

“Are you sure that’s what you want Chrissy?” he asked again.

“Yes,” was her short reply.

“Okay, scoot your bottom down to the very edge of the table,” he instructed and she wiggled her way into the new position. Turning, he looked directly at my face in the mirror, then moved towards my daughter’s legs. He slowly peeled the gown up her body, stopping only when her lower belly came into view. He stood above her head and told her to turn her head to the side, then completed the process by draping the bottom of the gown over her face, blocking her view of the room completely.

My cock throbbed once more as her young body was unveiled to my hungry eyes. From my vantage point I could not see her hidden treasure, but her nearly nude form looked wonderful to me, her flawless skin shining bright under the glow of the hospital lights. I had not seen her pussy since I bathed her as a child, and wondered what it looked like now. I was lost in my thoughts when his voice pulled me back to reality, “You doing okay under there Chrissy?”

She answered back with another soft, “Yes.”

“Good girl,” he told her, and adjusted the stirrups at the foot of the table for her petite frame. “Okay Chrissy, I’m going to touch your legs and place them on something, you ready?” he asked her, sounding positive and professional. With that, he reached down and placed one of her little legs in a stirrup, then repeated the process with the other, opening her up wide to both his gaze and my own. He then grabbed a stool and moved it to the end of the table, and sat right between her open thighs.

I couldn’t remember ever being that jealous in my life, and I squirmed uncomfortably in my chair. Not only had the Doctor done that to my lovely wife a number of times, but he was at that moment between the tender naked legs of my only daughter. I watched as he snapped a rubber glove on his right hand, then squirted a drop of lubricant on his index finger. He looked into my eyes once more as he massaged the gel down his finger, obviously preparing to penetrate my little girl. His stare moved to my groin, where he must have noticed the lump in my pants because a wry little smile formed on his lips. I was like a deer caught in the headlights, embarrassed beyond measure at being seen that way, yet unable to turn away from the events unfolding before my eyes. My guts were torn apart as I felt like I was about to watch my daughter get raped, yet it was actually turning me on like nothing before.

He turned forward once more, partially obscuring the view of my daughter’s crotch. “Chrissy, I’m going to touch you now,” he said to my little girl.

“K,” was her only reply.

He scooted the stool forward, closer to my baby’s treasure, and reached his hand between her legs. I shifted my body to the side to get a better view, deeply ashamed of myself inside for what I was doing. I could barely see his fingers trace up and down her pussy lips when I heard him state, “Tell me if anything I touch hurts, okay Chrissy?”

“Okay,” she answered softly from under the gown.

He then turned and looked at me in the mirror once more, and moved one finger on his left hand to his lips, making the quiet symbol. He then turned his palm up and motioned me over, waving his fingers back and forth. My cock lurched in my pants at the thought of getting to see my little girl’s uncovered pussy up close. My mind raced, what should I do? He must have known the situation was turning me on beyond words, and yet he almost seemed to be encouraging my voyeurism. He continued to stare into my eyes strongly until my will was broken and I stood on shaky legs, and walked as if in a trance past the curtain until I was directly behind him. He smiled and nodded, making the quiet gesture again, and turned his attention back to my daughter.

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