Chinese Doll

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Big Tits

“I’m cuummming…. ooooohhhhhmmmmpphhh” Jerry Yu moans after humping away at his wife, Sally.

Sally has not started to lubricate from the brief foreplay when Jerry forced his 4-inch dick in and made four to five pumps before coming with a whimper.

Just another wham-bang session of Jerry and Sally. But while Jerry is satisfied, Sally is left dry, wanting and unsatisfied. Jerry rolled to sleep while Sally stayed awake for a while before sleeping herself.

Sally, like Jerry is 45 years old, she’s small at 5’2″, 120 lbs with 32B medium sized breast. She is half-chinese and half-filipino. Their marriage is an arranged marriage so there is not much love and affection between them. Though through their 25 years of marriage, she has learned to be affectionate and caring for Jerry.

Jerry is busy with business concerns most of the time. He is in the family’s construction business and works long hours. Jerry has not been very interest in sex save for the occasional visit to Videoke bar and girlie joints to ogle at girls and drink with clients.

At 45, Sally finds herself still pretty, if not sexy. Her smallish frame Kıbrıs Escort and her ivory complexion is pampered by regular visit to the gym, beauty salon and spa. She is the typical Chinese doll.

Sally woke up at 7am. She took a quick shower and called Abigael, Jerry’s secretary to inquire whether the new family driver has arrived. She wants to interview the new driver first thing in the morning as she has some errands and personal business to attend to. Abigael told her that Diego, the new driver is now waiting for her at the driveway.

“What’s your name?” Sally asked the new driver.

“Diego, ma’am” he answer respectfully.

“Ok, do you have any experience?” Sally asked again while examining the hunk of a male in front of her. Diego is tall, almost 6 feet and has strong muscular body. Sally noted that Diego has long and sturdy limbs, he is dark and though not good looking, he is not ugly either.

“Ma’am, I have worked as gardener and all around utility man before I learned how to drive and joined your company.” Diego answered without looking up and look at Mrs. Yu.

“So how long Kıbrıs Escort Bayan have you been with our company?” Sally asked again.

“Less than two years, ma’am.” Diego answered while still looking down. Looking down, he noticed the nice little feet of Mrs. Yu and can’t help but admire her feet, little feet of a cute Chinese doll.

“Ok, prepare the SUV as I need to get to the bank before 10am today.” Sally ordered Diego.

Immediately Sally liked Diego, who is very courteous and respectful so he asked him to stay in the vacant room near the maid’s quarter.

A week after while Jerry has fallen asleep after another wham-bang session where Sally remained horny and unsatisfied, Sally went to the kitchen to get some cold canned pineapple juice. As she was near the maid’s quarter, she heard a moan coming from inside the room of the maid, Cynthia.

Sally slowly peeked at the room and saw Cynthia kneeling near the bed while sucking on Diego’s cock. Diego is lying in the bed while his 9-inch black cock is drenched with Cynthia’s saliva. Sally can’t believe how hard and long Diego’s cock Escort Kıbrıs is.

“Suck me! Shit!”

“You like sucking my cock baby?”

“Yes, I want your long hard cock!”

“You’re so hard! Your cock is so hard, damn!”

Sally cannot believe what she’s hearing and seeing and immediately felt her pussy stir. She was mesmerized by the power of Diego’s black cock. She is drawn by its size and the way it stays hard. Suddenly, they switched sides and Diego started to fuck Cynthia from behind.

“Mmmmm… that’s so good;” Fuck me baby…. ahhhhhh” Cynthia moaned as Diego continued fucking her smearing her black tool with white gooey pussy juice.

Sally’s pussy started to ache and her pussy juice started to drip. She is aching for the powerful fuck tool of Diego. Sally started rubbing the cold pineapple juice can in her cunt. She can feel the hardness of the pineapple juice can as it hit her wet clit.

The chilled can has no match to Sally’s wet snatch. She started to shake and profusely perspired as she slowly came. She just bit her lips to suppress the moan of pleasure she derives from watching her driver fuck the maid. She came twice watching the live sex show of her driver and maid.

“Fuck me! Fuck my pussy!” Diego continued fucking Cynthia for the next thirty minutes where Cynthia came at least three times.

Sally left the scene shaking and perspiring all over.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32