Chicago’s Downtown Loop

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I hope you enjoy reading my story as much as I enjoyed writing it one handed typing. Exploring my body writhing in pleasure as my fingers explore and disappear inside my soaking wet pussy. My pussy juices flowing, eyes transfixed, waves of pleasure crashing over me. My fingers finding my breast pinching my delicate nipples caressing, squeezing, teasing, them. Bringing one of my breast to my mouth I tease with it flicking my long tongue over my erect nipple. Taking my time I let my fingers slide down slowly over my flat stomach through my soft red pubes to my waiting wet pussy.

Rubbing softly, caressing, making love to myself, letting my fingers play with with my clit. Inserting one then two fingers inside me slowly moving in and out my wetness growing. My juices making a slurping sound as my fingers thrust in then out. I am skilled at the art of fucking myself through years and years of practice. Tingling all over, legs spread and up, knees bent, typing away, writing on my journey of exploration. Moaning as my now wet fingers plunge into me. My body dancing with pleasure, a magnificent feeling, my scent filling the room. Rubbing my swollen clit the first waves of sheer pleasure encompass me.

The sounds coming out of my mouth sometimes surprises me. Something primal taking over, losing all rational control, life is not perfect and neither is my story, it is dirty, unashamed, unedited, baring blemishes and all, bare. they are not a legal brief constructed so every word is perfect, every common in the right place, edited ten times. My tumbling out style of writing comes from emotion, desire, a longing, sexual desire, fun erotica, fantasy. My story came spilling out of me full of lust, raw energy, with no filter, a friend confessing to you. I’m not looking for perfection in my writing, I’m simply purging my mind, looking for earth shattering orgasms. Life is short enjoy the ride.

I know my place in the world I’m a bright, articulate, well educated, highly paid woman but here I’m a writer and a slut. Plunging my fingers in hard, deep ready to cum. I’m Cheryle “Cheri” an Irish Catholic, Attorney, Singer-Songwriter 30year old bi-sexual woman💋

Life’s secrets revealed…. Thank you for reading my story.

Chapter One-The Chicago Loop

The Loop, one of Chicago’s seventy-seven designated community areas, is the central business district of the city and is the main section of Downtown Chicago. Home to Chicago’s commercial core, it is the second largest commercial business district in North America and contains the headquarters and regional offices of several global and national businesses, retail establishments, restaurants, hotels, and theaters, as well as many of Chicago’s most famous attractions. It is home to Chicago’s City Hall, the seat of Cook County, and numerous offices of other levels of government and consulates of foreign nations. The intersection of State Street and Madison Street, located in the area, is the origin of the address system of Chicago’s street grid. Most of Grant Park’s 319 acres are in the eastern section of the community area. The Loop community area is bounded on the north and west by the Chicago River, on the east by Lake Michigan, and on the south by Roosevelt Road.

The Loop is a vibrant area featuring eclectic eateries, shops, theaters and parks. Comprised mostly of high-rises, it’s also home to the 108-story Willis Tower. The iconic “Cloud Gate” sculpture sits in Millennium Park. Grant Park features the large, rococo-style Buckingham Fountain and the renowned Art Institute of Chicago, and hosts annual events like The Taste of Chicago and Lollapalooza.

The United States Army erected Fort Dearborn in 1803 in what is now the Loop, the first settlement in the area sponsored by the United States’ federal government. When Chicago and Cook County were incorporated in the 1830s the area was selected as the site of their respective seats. Originally mixed use, the character of the area became commercial starting in the 1870s, especially after it was mostly destroyed in the Great Chicago Fire of 1871. At that time some of the world’s earliest skyscrapers were constructed in the area, starting a legacy of architecture that continues to this day. In the late 19th century cable car turnarounds and a prominent elevated railway loop encircled the area, giving the Loop its name. Starting in the 1920s many highways were constructed in the Loop, most prominently U.S. Route 66, which opened in 1926 with its eastern terminus in the area.

While dominated by offices and public buildings, its residential population boomed during the latter 20th century and first decades of the 21st; its population has increased the most of Chicago’s community areas since 1950. When Chicago was initially platted in 1830 by the surveyor James Thompson, it included what is now the Loop north of Madison Street and west of State Street. The Sauganash Hotel, the first hotel in Chicago, was built in 1831 near Wolf Point at what Demetevler Escort is now the northwestern corner of the Loop. When Cook County was incorporated in 1831, the first meeting of its government was held at Fort Dearborn with two representatives from Chicago and one from Naperville. The entirety of what is now the Loop was part of the Town of Chicago when it was initially incorporated in 1833, except for the Fort Dearborn reservation that became part of the city in 1839 and land reclaimed from Lake Michigan. The area was bustling by the end of the 1830s Lake Street started to be a center for retail at that time, until it was eclipsed by State Street in the 1850s

Columbia College Chicago and Roosevelt University are all located in the Loop. DePaul University also has a campus in the Loop. The University of Illinois at Urbana–Champaign and University of Notre Dame run their EMBA programs in their Chicago Campuses in the Loop.

National-Louis University is located on Michigan Avenue across the street from the Art Institute of Chicago. The School of the Art Institute of Chicago, one of the nation’s largest independent schools of art and design, is headquartered in Grant Park.

Chapter Two-The Train

The Chicago “L” (short for “elevated”) is the rapid transit system serving the city of Chicago and some of its surrounding suburbs. The “L” provides 24-hour service on the Red and Blue Lines and is one of only five rapid transit systems in the United States to do so. On June 6, 1892, the first elevated–or “L”–train ran from 39th (now Pershing Road) and State streets to Congress Parkway and Wabash Avenue. By 1893, the Chicago and South Side Rapid Transit Railroad extended this line to Jackson Park, the site of the World’s Columbian Exposition of 1893. the Loop, 35-block area of downtown Chicago, Illinois, U.S. The name derives from a cable-car line that circled the city’s central business district in the 1880s, though the term’s use became most common following the completion in 1897 of the Chicago Union Elevated Railway (the “L”), which forms a loop…

The Loop is a vibrant area featuring eclectic eateries, shops, theaters and parks. Comprised mostly of high-rises, it’s also home to the 108-story Willis Tower. The iconic “Cloud Gate” sculpture sits in Millennium Park. Grant Park features the large, rococo-style Buckingham Fountain and the renowned Art Institute of Chicago, and hosts annual events like The Taste of Chicago and Lollapalooza.

When I am feeling down I like to ride the loop starring out the window at the Chicago river. I board the Brown Line (which goes “counter-clockwise”) and ride until it leaves the Loop, next stop Merchandise Mart. At Merchandise Mart I cross over to the other platform and get another Brown Line, which will end up where I started. Which gives me a wonderful view over the Chicago River before and after Merchandise Mart.

Late at night/early morning is the best that window between the bars closing but before rush hour. There is an hour or two of, if played just right, solitude a train car to myself lost in my own thoughts starring out the window at the city I love. I boarded at the Belmont station in the last car and settled in a bench seat by the window. Just before the train left the station a woman entered and took a seat in the front of the train car. She had obviously been crying looking very distraught. She sat there face buried in her hands I guessed late twenties early thirties, five-one maybe, slim with dirty blonde hair. She was dressed in ripped jeans and a T-shirt with no bra on her ample breast wearing pink flip flops on her cute little feet.

I tried to forget she was there starring out the window at the Chicago river but her soft sobs filled the empty car. My solitude broken I slowly walked up to wear she was seated. Taking the seat beside her and putting my arm on her back softly rubbing. “Everything will be ok, honey.” I could feel her pain being in recovery myself just out of an abusive relationship plagued with night terrors I had nights like this when all I could do is cry. She laid her head on my chest and I instinctively stroked her hair comforting her.

We stayed like that for awhile the dark city passing through the train windows. Until finally she lifted her head, looking at me with her soft green eyes “Thank You,” she said with a smile. A tender moment between strangers on a train at four AM. I was still softly stroking her hair when she leaned in kissing me on my soft lips. Our mouths came together, lips parting, I felt her long tongue twisting, arms rapping around each other in a passionate embrace. The train kept rolling down the brown line, we continued making out as my hand found it’s way under her shirt. I cupped her breast rubbing, squeezing, teasing her nipples. Her fingers sliding under my skirt inside my panties through my red pubes caressing my wet pussy.

Her fingers entered me slowly in, then Otele gelen escort out, my wetness growing with each thrust. I lifted her shirt kissing and sucking her breast flicking the nipple with my long tongue. She continued to finger bang my wet pussy as I fumbled to get her jeans open. Sliding my fingers in to find her panties soaked I parted her pussy lips and entered her sliding three fingers in. The train kept rolling down the brown line we kept fingering, kissing passionately, tongues intertwined. She was moving to meet my fingers our finger banging pace increasing, our hips bucking to meet slick fingers plunging inside us. Our moans filling the empty train car the slurping sound of fingers fucking wet pussies the only sounds. We both screamed coming together with earthquake orgasms shaking our bodies as the train moved down the brown line lost in time.

Collapsing in each others arms exhausted, spent, satisfied as the train came to a stop. Looking up I realize we were at the end of the line Albany Park we had rode through 27 stops. We exited the train car holding hands and we crossed to the other platform. Waiting for the morning train to the city I realized I didn’t even know her name.

Chapter Three-Chance Meeting

I’m Cheryle “Cheri” an Irish Catholic woman thirty years old I know my place in the world I’m a bright, articulate, well educated, highly paid attorney but my charity work is what gives me satisfaction. I volunteer at CVLS offering my legal services to woman in trouble, abusive relationships, bad marriages, shoplifting, drunk driving. Giving advice and filing restraining orders, handling divorces, helping then prepare for court appearances as well as many other things. Being a survivor my self gives me a special perspective, offering my services to women in need, is my way of giving back to the wonderful city I love.

It was raining the day I called her name out in the crowded waiting room at the Law Center. Savanah she was wearing dark glasses looking cold and wet but it was her my lover on the train. Shaking her hand I ask her for the questionnaire we give all new clients to fill out. I showed her to the small office I was using. “Have a seat, would you like some coffee?” I asked politely.

“Thank you that would be nice,” Savanah said in a timid voice

Pouring her a cup and handing it to her our hands touch for just a second but there was something in her touch, a spark, a moment, did she remember me? I went through the questionnaire entering the information into the computer asking questions when I needed clarification. She wore the dark glasses to cover a black eye received from an abusive husband, I had suspected as much. I discussed options with her explaining exactly my role in the process would be. We made an action plan and I made a few calls to find her a shelter to go to. Further information about her case is confidential and will not be disclosed here.

A few months later I was eating lunch at Eggy’s Diner by my self, a working lunch, studying documents between bites. “Hi Cheryle,” a friendly voice said. Looking up from my work “Savanah, how are you getting along?” I asked really caring not just saying it.

“Great!” Hugging me she continued “I’ve got my own place, I’m working here in the kitchen, I saw you and had to come say thank you for everything you did for me.” Savanah seemed truly happy.

“No thanks necessary, glad you’re finding your footing again,” I said as I smiled at her.

“You should come see my place, let me fix you dinner,” she offered.

“I don’t know Savanah I’m really busy but the offer means a lot,” I responded politely.

“you have to eat, please come, let me repay you for all the work you did on my case,” her cute voice charming me.

After a few more minutes of this I reluctantly agreed to come to her place for dinner on Thursday night. She gave me her address, said she should get back to work, hugging me again in a warm, tender embrace before she disappeared into the back of the diner.

Thursday night came, I dressed casual, jeans, Depaul University tee shirt and flip flops. Arriving at her apartment building, I buzzed, “Come on up,” came her cute voice through the speaker box. I found her apartment door slightly open, entering I saw her in the kitchen cooking, barefoot wearing boy shorts and a tank top. Turning toward me I noticed how beautiful she is, running over to me she wrapped her arms around me hugging me tight, she was not wearing a bra again.

“We have about an hour till dinners ready, want a glass of wine?” Savanah asked me.

“Sounds great, I would love some wine” I responded.

“Have a seat I’ll be right back with the wine,” she said pointing at the sofa.

Sitting on the sofa, she returned with a bottled of wine and glasses, plopping down next to me. She folded her legs under herself facing me, opening the bottle she poured two glasses, handing me one. Balgat Escort We drank, talked, laughed soon she was up putting dinner on the table, opening another bottle of wine, and we sat to eat. The home cooked dinner was delicious, I was having a great time with her, wondering if she would bring up our ride on the L, as she cleared the plates after dinner setting them in the sink.

She returned but didn’t sit she stood next to me stroking my long red hair gently. “Ready for dessert?” I looked up, leaning down she kissed me her long tongue finding it’s way in my mouth again, I responded in kind, tongues dancing intertwined. Taking my hand in hers, she led me to the bedroom, my head spinning from the wine, passionately embracing again we kissed some more. Passionately kissing are hands roamed freely over each others bodies so so and warm a cute play thing.

Undressing each other and falling into her small twin bed together, coming together, legs, feet, arms hands, fingers caressing, rubbing, our naked bodies so warm, heat growing, full of a lustful sexual desire. Making sweet love to each other through out the night in that small twin bed.

I slowly climbed up on top of her as Savanah’s fingers played with my soft red pubes before plunging into my waiting wet cunt. I moved my hips up and down fucking her fingers, making love to her fingers. Her long tongue felt perfect as she licked and sucked on my pussy her fingers still working inside me. These climaxes had been building all night, starring at her gorgeous body, A emotional end to a wonderful night.

Intertwined in a beautiful sixty-nine with my sweet Savanah, my face buried in her sweet pussy as she worked mine into a frenzy of lust and desire. My mind flashing back to the first time I played with her cunt riding the L train at four AM. The sounds of sex filling the the bedroom passion erupting as her sweet juices squirted on my face. Our bodies shaking, trembling, little toes curling a blissful orgasm for two.

Kissing me sweetly, then passionately, her tongue dancing in my mouth. Our naked bodies coming together, hands, fingers, legs, feet rubbing each other. Pussies grinding together bringing more sexual desire. Intertwining, scissoring, tribadism, legs divided a pleasurable intersection. Our wet clits colliding, rubbing, humping, moaning, ecstasy with a purpose. The art of two women making love so beautifully inclined.

Sweet nectar flowing, fingers inside wet pussies, our toes in each others warm mouths. Split like scissors our pussy rubbing together as we work on each others feet. A strangely erotic experience full of wanton lust and desire sucking her gorgeous toes. Our speed increasing pressing are cunts together humping, rubbing, sucking, licking toes. what an entertaining passion, a tasteful elixir, a wonderful sensory feeling. Two women on fire, a redheads and a blonde, split like scissors. Humping frantically, squeals and sighs, feelings building. Speed increasing here comes another orgasmic delight.

Collapsing into each other, cuddling together, we laid there in a post orgasmic bliss. We drifted off to sleep holding each other trying to make the world stop turning. Savanah my lover, my friend, fellow train aficionado, life is beautiful in it’s randomness. Two battered woman starting life again better then it ever was before.

Chapter Four-Shower

Turning on the hot water in the shower, I sat on the toilet to pee, as the bathroom filled with steam. Savanah walking past me, her gorgeous naked body, flowing blonde hair, amble breast, a hint of a bush, a heart shaped ass and her cute little feet. Climbing in the hot shower, soaping her body, what a beautiful site.

Climbing in with her, washing Savanah’s back with my soft soapy hands, reaching around washing her breast with the hot soapy water, I teased with her hard soapy nipples, taking my time, as I let my hand slide down slowly over her flat stomach through her soft blonde pubes to a soaking wet pussy.

Rubbing softly, caressing, washing, the soap so slippery, making love to each other, letting my wet soapy fingers play with with her little clit, rubbing softly. Inserting one then two fingers inside her, kissing has she does the same things to me. Slowly moving in and out, our desire growing with each thrust. Our soapy fingers making a slurping sound as our fingers thrust in then out. The hot water, the steam, lust, mixing to make a beautiful morning.

Tingling all over with sensory pleasures, legs spread and my right foot raised on the tube, hot water trickling down my ass crack sending shivers up my spine. We could do this for hours, teasing each other. Nearing a shattering orgasm, Moaning, pulling back, moving my hips to meet her soapy slick fingers plunging into me. My body dancing with pleasure, a magnificent feeling, our scents filling the bathroom. Slowly dropping my wet fingers down the crack of Savanah’s tight ass to her little brown flower rubbing my soapy fingers on her tight little asshole. Probing the entrance, gently, poking one wet finger inside her ass thrusting so deep, she lets out a sigh. Then out, then in, adding another wet soapy finger and a third driving hard pounding her ass, which she seems to loves, deeper and deeper. Savanah’s rubbing my wet soapy swollen clit as the first waves of sheer pleasure start encompassing me.

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