Cheryl’s Confession

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This is a sequel to my first story of Cheryl and her mother. I plan more to involve Elaine’s bestie and her daughter, Sarah. All characters are well over eighteen years of age and consenting most willingly. This story is totally fiction and intended for mature audiences who are not offended by lesbian love and incest and such. If this kind of thing offends you, please look elsewhere.

Our protagonist is named Elaine Pushkin, Lainey to her friends.


I was sitting in the kitchen, sipping on a cup of coffee and thinking about what had happened. I surely never intended to seduce my own daughter. I was totally weirded out by the thought that I’d thoroughly enjoyed our incestuous coupling. A mother is supposed to be many things to her daughter, but she isn’t supposed to be her lover. That’s gotta be in the Bible or something. I’d looked it up online. “…a person commits incest if [he] … engages in sexual intercourse with a person [he] knows to be… [his] ancestor or descendant by blood or adoption”. I got the feeling that the use of the male pronoun didn’t excuse it in a woman. I certainly had no doubt that our District Attorney would cheerfully prosecute me if he knew what I’d done. He’d campaigned and been elected on a “zero tolerance” platform which endeared him to the more conservative of the voters in our very conservative district. The irony, of course, was the succeeding prosecution of others of the conservative mindset after various kinky activities had been exposed to the light of day. These have been liberally documented in the various daily and weekly periodicals in our State and on the Internet, so I won’t go into that here. I was morally [sic] certain that committing incest with my daughter would land me in the same fix if we were discovered.

Of course, it was my sweet Cheryl who started us down the slippery slope (did I just call it that? Really??) of lesbian sex with each other. I’m not trying to present myself as lily white pure. My own lesbianism caused the dissolution of my marriage to an otherwise honest and honorable man. I was sure I loved him when we got hitched to the point we started and birthed the love of my life. It’s just that I could never resist a pretty woman. At first, Bill forgave me an occasional fling with a girl I might meet somewhere as long as I came home and he got some, too.

Meeting up with the other woman became a more frequent event and sex with Bill just couldn’t compare to the loving I regularly got from other women I met. I finally met The One, fell in love with her and out of love with my husband. By that time, we were both ready to split the sheets and custody of Cheryl. The courts generally favor the mother in a custody dispute and he was enough of a gentleman to avoid totally outing me in public court. We filed jointly, citing “irreconcilable differences” and have remained friends and coconspirators in raising our daughter together. We’ve bent over backwards to accommodate the other for time with our daughter on school breaks, vacations, trips to interesting places, and so on. If for no other reason, I’ll always respect him and celebrate important milestones with him as I would with any close friend.

The woman I met and fell in love with eventually became my next-door neighbor. She was also a divorcee and for pretty much the same reasons. It wasn’t Serendipity that made her buy the condo next door to mine. It was planned to let us have a great sex life and some pretty wild parties, too, at times. For that matter, I had my best friend next door. She had to work to make a living and I had the luxury of being a “stay-at-home mom”. My divorce settlement was more generous than hers.

Whenever Cheryl left for school, Lizzy and I would get together for coffee and gossip and sex before she left for work at her job. It was always good and amazing and energetic and on days she had the evening shift, we generally went until after lunch after which we would team up to clean house, do laundry, shower and dress to welcome our kids home from school.

Up until I was caught by Cherie, I believed we kept our activities secret. I was sure nobody knew but us.

The day after the events described in my daughter’s story, ‘I Caught Mom”, she went to school as usual and Lizzy Gluck, my bestie with benefits, came over, not quite as usual.

She is a truly lovely woman. She has an angular face, brown curly hair and brown eyes. Her complexion is darker than mine naturally. She’s really petite with small breasts I just love to cup and suck and tease. If I’m patient, I can give her an orgasm just playing with her titties and making out with her. Sometimes she lets me tease her along slowly like that and sometimes she needs to get off much more rapidly. Over the years, we’ve learned to read each other’s moods so well we’re almost telepathic.

I’ve always thought our relationship was odd. Lizzy comes from an Orthodox Jewish family and is still a practicing Jew. She isn’t quite as strict as Cami Halısı her parents were, but she is still pretty observant. I’ve learned how to work in a kosher kitchen and we’ve celebrated many holidays with her family over the years. You don’t have to be a Jew to prepare food according to their Laws. You just have to understand the many rules and never wash the milk dishes in the sink or dishwasher meant for meat and vice versa.

I was raised Lutheran and married an Eastern Orthodox man. I came to love the Orthodoxy, the rituals and artwork, and the various traditions. Lizzy has joined me many times in celebrations at the Orthodox Church, becoming friendly with the old grandmothers who run the place, working with them in the kitchens as well. She says Judaism and Orthodoxy aren’t as far apart as we’d like to believe. She always helps out with the Food Festival we hold every year. She told me both groups are very matriarchal in organization and attitude. The women run the homes in either group.

Lizzy has a daughter, too. Her name is Sarah and she’s a year older than my Cheryl. Naturally enough, Sarah and Cheryl became friends and played together for years before this last year when Sarah went away to college in St. Louis. What I didn’t know is that our intelligent and beautiful girls spied on us regularly. We didn’t hide the fact that we were lesbians and in love with each other, but we never intended to put on a show for anybody’s amusement, prurient or otherwise.

Our daughters managed to regularly get an eyeful of girl-girl sex and they fell in love with each other. It seems Sarah was the enterprising one. She managed to find a nanny cam in a listing on Craigslist and bought it for a song. A stuffed bear with a camera in his belly found its way onto my curio shelf. Times when Lizzy and I spent making love at my home were recorded onto Cheryl’s computer in a secret file that she figured out how to make invisible to me. I’m not a big computer genius. I never found this out until Cheryl and I had a long conversation after I found a certain video file open on her computer one day when she was in a hurry to go to school after waking late.

I was shocked to see images of me with my lover together in flagrante delicto. There isn’t much we haven’t tried in the way of lesbian sexual activity and I found some very hot and crudely edited scenes on her computer now that I’d learned where to look. We were well and truly busted.

Among the files I found on Cheryl’s computer was a special folder with images of her and Sarah together in my bed, enjoying each other. It seems our very own juvenile delinquents enjoyed adult activities as much as their mothers do. I was angry when I first saw what they’d done, but I had to cool down when I began to think about things. After all, they didn’t do anything their own mothers hadn’t done and it looked like they love each other as much as Lizzy and I do. That having been said, I realized watching our daughters together made me very horny.

It was the morning after my daughter caught me with her panties that I found her computer showing that certain scene. My Cherie wanted me to know, it seems.

She came home from school at the usual time. She didn’t act in any way differently than usual, taking her book bag to her room and closing her door as usual to do her homework before supper.

I made a quick supper of a tuna fish salad, fruit salad, and our usual drinks and waited her out. I’d left her computer on, but showing a scene of our girls in a lovely 69. That one had me sitting with my hand in my panties as I watched them make each other have delicious orgasms, pushing me over the brink to a really good cum, too. I was sure she intended to be busted, so I made it quite obvious she was.

When I called her for dinner, she sat down quietly and smiled shyly at me. “Hi, mom. How was your day?”

I couldn’t stay angry at my little angel. I grinned at her and I must have turned a very bright shade of red. “Amazing, dear. How was yours?”

She looked at me cautiously. “Mom, after that first time, I just…”

I smiled and took her hand gently, but I kept my peace. I just looked into her eyes. She was tearing up. “I never knew how to tell you, mom. I guess you know by now. I’m a lesbian and I’m in love with Sarah. I want to marry her.”

I pulled her to me and hugged her. “My dearest girl, you could have told me, you know. I would never get mad at you for finding love. You’ve known I’m a lesbian all your life.”

She held me close to her. “Mom, I know this seems weird, but Sarah’s my sister from another mother. We love each other but it feels like incest to me, so I feel guilty a lot of the time.”

I rocked her in my arms, kissing the side of her face gently and brushing her hair back. I could feel her tears soaking through my blouse, but I didn’t mind that. “My dearest, what do you call what we did the other night, then?”

She began to cry. “Oh, mom, that was even more Cami Halıları incesty and I feel so guilty about it, too. I love you so much. Ever since I figured out that I prefer girls I’ve had fantasies about doing things with you. I even got jealous when I saw those vids of Aunt Lizzy and you together.”

I giggled. “Incesty? Is that a real word?”

She swatted my hip. “You know what I mean. You know I call her mom, too?”

“Yes, love, and I’m happy you do. I love her almost as much as I love you. She’s my soul mate.”

“Yeah, I get that. Why didn’t you get married? You’re almost there anyway, aren’t you?”

“Honey, when we started together we never knew something like that was even possible. I wanted to keep things under wraps so I didn’t spoil Lizzy’s career or anything. She always scraped by and I did everything I could to help her.”

“I know, mom. You’ve been besties for more than twenty years now, right?”

“Since before you were born. We actually were each other’s labor coaches. She was there when you were born and I was there when Sarah was, too. You know your dad was in the birthing room for you, too. He loves you just as much as I do.”

She looked at me anxiously. “Mom, you don’t expect me to love dad the way I love you, do you?”

I laughed at that. “No, honey, I don’t expect you to jump into bed with him. He’d be shocked and probably die of a coronary.”

She looked relieved. “Good. I love him, too, mommy, but I don’t want to fuck him. I’m in love with Sarah. I figured that out years ago.”

I was momentarily taken aback. “Cherie, have you done anything with boys?”

“Yes, mom. I gave up my V card to Tommy. You remember him, right? We dated for six months in my junior year. I let Frank fuck me, too. I wanted to see what it was all about and see if I liked it.”

I knew about Tommy. I’d made sure she was on the pill and supplied condoms liberally along with advice about when to use them and such. I didn’t know about Frank. I didn’t like him as much.

“Well, did you like it?”

“Well, mostly, but boys are sure different from girls, aren’t they? They both came pretty quick as soon as they were inside me and then they were done before I’d even got started. I don’t understand what the other girls see in that.”

I considered for a moment. “Honey, younger boys just don’t know what they’re doing. You have to train them how to please you. You might try it with an older man, maybe even one in his thirties or forties. They’re more patient and more interested in making a girl happy. Besides, they’re grateful as hell to be able to fuck a cute young girl like you.”

She giggled. “They sure like to look, don’t they? Especially when I wear a short skirt or dress.”

I giggled, too. “Yes, they do. To be fair, though, I love to see a cute girl in a pretty dress, too.”

She looked up at me hopefully. “Mommy, do you like looking at me?”

I took a deep breath and smiled at my little girl. “I love looking at you, honey. You’re the most beautiful girl in the world.”

Her whole face lit up with her joy. “Mommy, would you fuck me?”

I’d never heard words more arousing than that simple request. I felt an amazing wetness in my pussy. “Dearest, I haven’t been able to think about anything else since you sat on my face the other day. I truly want to fuck my little daughter, to commit incest with her in the best possible way.”

“I love you, mommy. I love you so much.”

With that, she kissed me on my lips. Her kiss was gentle, loving, and insistent. We kissed for ages, it seemed to me. During our kiss, she took my hand and placed it onto her breast. She then touched my knee just below the hem of my skirt. As I cupped her cute little breast, I could feel her nipple grow under my fingers. I gently massaged it with the tip of my finger, eliciting a sweet, low moan from my daughter.

Her hand began to caress the inside of my thigh and I parted my legs to give her room to do whatever she wanted. Our kisses became more fevered and ardent as she worked her hand under my skirt to find the gusset of my panties, now soaked with my love juices. I had my legs as open as far as I could to give her room to explore her mother. The thought that she had come into the world from the very pussy she was touching just made me hotter and wetter.

I enjoyed feeling her other breast, making its nipple as firm as the other one. I felt her tugging on my panties so I raised my ass from the chair to make that easier for her. She got down on her knees in front of me and just reached under my skirt to take my panties off, letting me touch her shoulder for balance as I lifted a leg and then the other one so she could get my underwear off.

I sighed. “You’re such a naughty girl.”

With that, she lifted my skirt and began kissing my pussy. I spread my legs widely for her again as I scooted my ass to the edge of my chair. I looked down in amazement as my little girl ate my pussy quite skillfully. She was kneeling in front of me and licking my labia like she would an ice cream cone with long strokes of her tongue. I loved the feeling of her hand on my thigh for balance as she ate me. I could just see some movement lower down and I realized she was fingering herself as she ate me. That was pretty much instant arousal for me.

I began to moan and spasm, bringing my thighs together to keep her face just where I wanted her. Hugging her head with my thighs, I grasped my own breasts, pinching my nipples as I slipped over the edge and came right on my own daughter’s face. My legs became stiff as I came spectacularly, bathing my beloved daughter’s face in my sex juices.

I was gasping for air and crying as I continued to come. She held on for dear life, continuing to lick and suck my clit as I spasmed until I couldn’t take it any more and pushed her forehead away. She understood and backed off after bestowing some very light kisses on my pussy. We used to call them “fairy kisses” when she was a child. We always tried to give each other the lightest kisses we could, just barely perceptible. On my orgasmic pussy, they were simply magical.

I pulled her up and sideways across my lap just to hold her and kiss her. She had gotten quite a facial for her efforts and I found the taste of my ejaculate simply wonderful. I’ve always loved the taste of my own pussy on another woman’s face, especially Lizzy’s, but there was a special piquancy in my taste on my daughter.

She wore it proudly and made no effort to wipe it off. We cuddled and kissed for a bit until I remembered I still hadn’t given her what she asked for.

I gave her a big, loving hug and a kiss on her lips. “Get up for a moment, love. I want to get something for you.”

She grinned saucily at me. “A present for moi? You shouldn’t have, darling! Is it from Tiffany’s?”

I swatted her cute butt and laughed. “I’ll give you Tiffany’s, you little scamp. I’ll be right back. Don’t go away!”

She kissed my lips gently. “Okay, mom. I’ll be here for you.”

As I walked to my bedroom, I looked over my shoulder and smiled. “I love you so much, my dearest.”

I pulled the dresser drawer that had become my toy box and quickly found what I was looking for. I unzipped my dress and stepped out of it, hanging it in my closet. I slid off my bra and I rolled on a pair of black thigh highs. Next, I stepped into the harness and buckled it around my waist. Seeing the big black dildo bouncing in front of me, I became a little more aroused. The last time I’d used this toy was for Lizzy. Actually, I’ve fucked Lizzy a hundred times with it if not more. I thought it was fitting and hoped she’s like it as much as my girlfriend does.

I checked myself in the mirror and quickly ran a brush through my hair and I touched up my makeup. Stepping into a pair of black patent stilettos was the final touch. A quick spritz of my favorite scent and I walked out into the living room. I should say I swayed. I love to parody a model’s walk, feet in a line and my ass wiggling back and forth as I walk the line. When I’m wearing black Rudy (my ebony strap-on), I love to see how he wiggles and bounces as I walk. Lizzy seems to be mesmerized by it. She loved being fucked by Rudy.

I found my Cherie in the living room on the couch. I smiled as I took her hand and helped her stand. She was watching Rudy very closely. I pulled her into a hug so she could feel the new mass between us. She loved that. “Mom, you are just the best. I love you so much!”

“I love you more than anything or anybody, darling.”

I reached down and pulled up the hem of her tee shirt, pulling it over her head. Next, I cupped her lovely breasts through her bra for a moment before I reached behind her to unhook it and take it off of her. I stopped for a second to kiss both of her breasts, giving her nipples a little lick and a suck.

Reaching around her waist, I found the zipper of her skirt and slowly lowered it. I knelt in front of her as I lowered her skirt. She kicked off her sandals and took her legs out of her skirt as she held onto me for balance. Laying her skirt on the couch, I then hooked my thumbs into the sides of her thong, taking it off of her, revealing her lovely pussy. She was definitely wet and her pussy was nicely swollen.

“Do you want me to fuck you here? In your bedroom? In mine?”

She looked at me pleadingly. “Mommy, can we do it in your bed? I want the pictures to remember this forever.”

I hugged her tightly. Rudy seemed to know to work his way between her thighs as we kissed. “Of course, darling. You already have so many of me and Lizzy and, apparently, of two younger lesbians in my bed.”

She blushed prettily. “I’ve only shared with Sarah, mom. By the way, she wants you, too. She loves you as much as I do.”

The sudden thought of making love with my other daughter was enough to instantly soak my pussy. Ohmigod. Shaking my head, I brought myself back to the present. “You wanted me to fuck you, my love. Are you ready for Rudy?”

“Oh, so that’s what you call him. Yes, mommy. Can Rudy have me? I’m sure he wants to be inside a young girl like me.”

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