Chasing Nadine

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This is another of my true stories and possibly one of the best if not the best sexual experiences and times I’ve ever had. It was that good because it became an ultimate fantasy fulfilled at an early age.

I had no sexual experience up until meeting her except for my 1rst 2 week girlfriend in high school, She ditched me and I was heartbroken. I didn’t date and after high school, I got a job at a department store chain about a mile from my house as a Department Manager for Books And Records. This is where I met Nadine. I was 19 and she was 18. She had gone to the same high school as me but we never met. She got hired in the store as a cashier.

She was a beautiful Irish/ American girl standing 5′ 6″ with an extremely attractive athletic shapely body topped by a grand pair of 36C breasts. She had curly, wavy hair and a bit of an overbite. She dressed very conservatively and hid her charms and was very polite yet very sociable. We flirted for several months and started to create a real bond despite my horniness. This was a usual strip mall with a food supermarket on one end and our chain department store on the other with a huge shared parking lot.

We got into the habit of hanging out after work and talking in the parking lot. Neither one of us partied at this time. No drink, no drugs. As the winter of ’74 in upstate New York came upon us, we retired to hanging out in my car while hers warmed up. After several months, we became fast friends and I became more horny for her despite the fact that I was still suffering the effects of being jilted at an early age. I wasn’t really interested in a love relationship. I was very honest with her about this.

Her background was similar to mine as she was living home with her 2 sisters, her mother and abusive alcoholic stepfather. My father was pretty abusive himself. It was on this fact that we developed a huge trust and camaraderie.

At some point, our conversations turned to sex as we were both technically virgins in every way. I ‘convinced’ her that sex was extremely healthy. She was obviously reticent but ultimately I got around to unbuttoning her conservative cotton shirt and started to get in the habit every night of massaging her breasts and nipples to the point of her extreme frustration and pleasure. She would always push my hands away when ever I tried to massage her pussy. She noticed my obvious frustration at this activity after a while and we eventually got my cock out and at first she ‘massaged’ me and at some point I got her to taste it. After several months of this ‘activity’, we got to the point where I would lick her breasts and she would give me blowjobs. She got very used to drinking my cum. She loved it when I got off.

The next few months would provide an amazing life for both of us. I was playing on Friday and Saturday nights part time in a band beside working our 40 hour a week jobs. Eventually I got her off cashiering and got her transferred to my very popular books and records department as this was an extreme golden age in music sales. She would hang out at our gigs with the drummer’s girlfriend, Lola at the time. The guys in the band Ataşehir Escort would ogle Nadine while her and Lola danced in front of us and tell me what a lucky guy I was (I was! I just didn’t know it yet!).

One time I visited her at her house in the evening while the rest of the family was away. She was ready to sleep and in pajamas. They accented her body that made me reach out and start massaging her breasts. It got so heated that I layed her down, pushed up her top, pulled her bottoms down and started to lick her pussy while pulling on her nipples. She resisted at first but then it became pure bliss for both of us. I love to eat pussy and she had just bathed and was extremely delicious. Once I bliss ed her out several times, I actually tucked her in and left. Another time, I was at my parents house while they were both at work during the day. I looked out the window at some point and saw Nadine pulling her bike up my lawn wearing cut off jean shorts and a tee shirt. I had not expected her. She had no idea who was there. I greeted her and we spoke for a while and on a hunch I told her that I had planned to take a shower and that she should follow me to continue our discussion. Once in the bathroom, I stripped right in front of her with a raging hard on. She was great and non plussed as we continued our discussion (What the fuck was it about?) I stepped in the shower and after about 5 minutes the bathroom steamed up and she said it was getting hot. I persuaded her to strip and join me. She came in and we washed each other and then masturbated each.

As you may have noticed, we had not fucked at this point. I was extremely paranoid of getting someone pregnant and had no desire to have a marriage or family. I had deemed to myself that oral sex was (and is!) extremely satisfying and had convinced Nadine of the same. It was such a pleasure to play with this lovely young woman!

When we worked we would occasionally have the opportunity to take hour lunches together. At this point, she had at my advice, gotten out of her house and was living with her grandmother about 5 miles north of where we worked. I had gotten my own place at 18 about 2 miles south of work. We’d run out of work at lunchtime and while I drove to my place, I would literally pull her breasts out of her shirt and play with her nipples and fondling her while she either blew me or jerked me off. When we got to my place, we’d be actually covering ourselves with what clothing we still had on while running to get inside and hoping the neighbors wouldn’t see. Once inside we’d rip off our clothes and just suck each other as much as we could before we had to be back to work. It was a 15 minute drive each way. One time, during a blizzard, she called me and wanted it real bad. I really tried to talk her out of driving to my place from her grandmothers’ some 6 miles away. She hung up on me and 10 minutes later, her grandmother called me yelling and screaming, telling me what a bad man I was for ‘making’ her drive in the storm. I told her I had tried to talk her out of it but reassured her that she would be fine and wouldn’t let her drive back. Acıbadem Escort Nadine showed up about an hour later sliding down my my dirt driveway. She tried to pull into the parking space as I looked out the window but she got caught up in a rut and couldn’t pull in. I went out and we both tried to get the car into the space. After about 30 minutes in the freezing cold of an upstate New York storm, we both said fuck it and went into my place which was a two and a half room apartment with free heat at $185. I had the heat cranked and as soon as we were inside, I hugged her as she feigned being chilly. I soon started massaging her body all over and removed both our clothes. We spent the rest of the day wrapped a very fierce, articulate 69 position. This was one of the greatest days of my life and I’ll never forget it. It showed me how much someone might ever care for or want me,…(or maybe she just wanted to get away from her grandmother).

As time went on, Nadine became more and more confident and her blossoming sexuality took over. People at worked noticed that we hung out a lot and that she started dressing more flattering. I would tell them that we were ‘friends’. She at some point suggested to me that she should move in with me. I knew that she eventually wanted to get married and have children and she knew the reverse of me so I refused and this became the first wall between us. She pushed harder and did things to push me into it.

One time at work during a humid summer day, I was working and she was off. She had finally left her grandmother’s and had moved into an apartment with two other girls that worked there, in a house right across the street from the store. Nadine walked in with a pair of really tight, short cut off jean shorts and a tee shirt with no bra that she had purposely cut off right at the bottom of her breasts so that a little showed. Everyone in the place looked, as this magnificent creature walked in from a balmy summer day to an air conditioned environment, her nipples hardening as she bounced and flirted with other employees. All of us had NEVER seen her dress this way before. She joined me in the record department and very convincingly tried to cajole me to leave work with her as she was extremely in the mood. I had never seen her this horny before. I’d be squatting in an aisle restocking something and she squatted down right next to me and rubbed her breasts on my arm saying, “come on, come on” while I tried to contain my composure. She followed me into the stockroom and I was getting anxious thinking we were going to be discovered by security and get fired. Once in the stockroom with no one around, she put my hand and under her shirt and made me feel her up. I was in a daze while she tried to get my cock out. I convinced her to go and that I would join her after I got out of work. That turned out to be the longest, horniest 3 hours of my life. Once I got to her place across the street, she was dressed the same and her roommates were were out about 3 in the afternoon. We just settled and layed down on the living room floor while I propped myself up on my elbows. We played with each İstanbul Escort other with our clothes on knowing that at some point, her roommates would come back. As we knew, they walked in while we were bliss ed out with Nadine half dressed with her hand down my pants obviously massaging my cock and balls. Her roommates acted like they were disgusted with her behavior and chastised her for being a slut. We just chuckled, completely satisfied with ourselves.

The next phase of our relationship was the hardest after two and a half years of pure bliss. I was an idiot because all this time, I had never kissed her because of her halitosis and I didn’t have the balls to tell her despite our closeness. She wanted a real relationship. She and I always had a completely separate, professional, working relationship and was considered one the hardest working and most profitable departments in the chain. She was an amazing worker and together we turned a few other stores around. We were so good that I was offered a supervisory position and she was offered the manager’s job. I turned mine down because I was focused on playing in bands but she as a complete shock to me at the time, decided to take her offer in another store only 10 miles away. We still carried on but with less frequency due to our schedules. A couple of months later she related to me that she had finally gotten fucked by a guy she worked with outside next to a local creek. It was very romantic for her. She seemed intent on making me experience it but I reminded her of my fear of pregnancy and dislike of condoms. In probably her last act of loyalty and love for me, she went on the pill and I finally got laid at the age of 21. Our visits stepped up with our new activities.

For her birthday one time, I had her over to my place. I still didn’t have the sense to be romantic or buy her a gift.

In appreciation, I slowly disrobed her, gave her a wonderful deep tissue massage as she groaned for a good hour. I then brought out a basin of soapy water with some scissors and a razor. I was still dressed as I sat her on my kitchen table with her legs spread. She leaned back on her palms as I trimmed and shaved her pussy to a smooth surface. By the time I was done, she was leaking and begging me to fuck her. I said it was her birthday and that I wouldn’t be taking it out of my pants. I proceeded to lick, suck and rub my tongue around her pussy till she came in my mouth about 5 times till she was a heavy breathing, panting wreck. Again, one of my favorite moments in my life.

The end came when I started to be attracted by a new girl at work while Nadine was pressuring me to make a real decision. I believe the last time we fucked, I was really horny and her body was ripe while being on the pill. I fucked her unusually hard as I was feeling my oats. After I was done, she again tried to convince me of a relationship and I told her that I was going to a club. As I showered and shaved, she remained naked and obviously hurt as I told her to lock the door on the way out. We never did it again after that. She eventually married that first guy who fucked her. I moved in with the new girl at work and learned to regret it.

Nadine and I saw each other in public a few times after that till I started touring with bands. She to this day is my only regret but still the hottest time I’ve ever had with a woman. I still have that huge oral fetish.

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