Charlotte’s Job

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(This story is set after but separate to my stories Fay 2 and Charlotte’s Bet – read them if you want!)

Jane sat back in her chair in the hotel’s office and steepled her fingers as she considered the day. She was a fine looking woman, 37-years old with cool blue eyes and glossy, smartly-styled red hair. She’d put on a few pounds since her divorce a few years ago but all that had really done was accentuate her hourglass shape – her 145 pounds was spread across 5’7″ although she carried herself in an upright way which made her seem taller. She was acutely aware that most men only noticed her huge, 34G boobs and always dressed to show them, with good bras and low necklines. However, it was not men she wanted to attract. Her divorce had come about because her ex found her in bed with another woman. Well, not in bed – he’d come home to find her spanking their next-door neighbour and she’d admitted that she was only really interested in women.

She’d been raised in a strict environment and as a teen grew used to the feeling of having a well-spanked bottom, but as she entered her 20s she discovered that, though she’d certainly masturbated whilst enjoying the tingling in her reddened cheeks, her inclination was to be dominant. She fantasised about giving out spankings and other punishments. She also realised that she was a lesbian, but had fallen into a marriage to appease her family. Its breakdown was a relief and she’d moved to a new town to escape any remaining scandal where she’d bought a small hotel and settled in to single, dull life. But she was soon yearning for naughty fun. What she ideally wanted were a few younger women that she could play around with, particularly if it involved spanking and caning them, leaving them with red lines on one set of cheeks and tears on the other. Preferably, she’d like a girl who’d like that.

She thought about Charlotte, the 20-year old, blonde maid she’d taken on. She wasn’t sure of the details but knew there’d been some scandal about Charlotte’s behaviour at a party that had seen her parents kick her out, and she’d struggled in the small town to find someone not aware of the scandal. Sympathetic to things like that, Jane was happy to take her on – and her pretty face was another bonus. Her work had been ok, but Jane had scolded her for poor work every chance she could, hoping to manipulate the desperate blonde into a situation where a more physical punishment could be viable. She’d seen Charlotte giving what seemed like lingering looks to her breasts, and hoped this indicated a level of attraction, but it could just have been envy as Charlotte’s own boobs were more a tidy handful. But maybe…

Making her mind up, Jane stood up and moved from behind her desk. Opening her office door, she decided she’d find Charlotte and try to find some fault with her work, and from there try to manipulate her into accepting a spanking in the way so often spelled out in spanking fiction. Charlotte’s reputation was such that, if nothing came of it, she could always defend any stories about her as the fantasies of a sordid imagination and nobody was likely to believe the young blonde.

As Jane headed into the corridor, she almost collided with Charlotte, who was hurrying along without looking up. Jane’s presence startled the 20-year old, who stopped in her tracks. The older woman was equally startled – what on earth had happened to Charlotte?! The slim, pretty blonde’s hair was askew, her deep, sparkling blue eyes Nevşehir Escort were framed by smeared make-up and her uniform was crumpled and wet and…smelled faintly of urine?

“Charlotte! What the hell do you look like? Step into my office, please!” Jane’s natural authority quickly asserted itself, and Charlotte meekly stepped into her office. The blonde was still confused – minutes ago she’d been secretly enjoying herself, masturbating whilst sniffing the panties of the hot new guest. Then she’d been found and, unimaginably, the guest had kissed her and touched her and peed on her! And now, in a right old mess, she was in her sexy, commanding manager’s office.

Jane’s heart was racing, but she forced herself to look cool and stern, looking into Charlotte’s deep blue eyes with her own cooler, blue gaze. She perched her full bottom on the edge of her desk but kept herself held erect, not wanting to lose the extra inch in height she had over the maid. Charlotte could not keep her gaze, and cast her eyes down. The submissive gesture thrilled Jane.

“So, Charlotte,” she began, her tone clipped and level. “We’ve spoken about your standards in making up the rooms and we’ve spoken about your punctuality. You tell me that you need and enjoy your job, that you’re happy working for me. And now I find you like this. I cannot imagine what you have been doing. I cannot imagine that you think I would be happy for you to walk the corridors of my business, where my guests could see you, looking like that!” She hissed the last word, and Charlotte flinched but still said nothing in her defence. “I knew about you when I took you on. I’d heard all about your behaviour at that party, all about what you did with all those boys, but still I gave you a job. Well, I was clear then and let me be clear now – I’m not about to fire you.”

Charlotte looked up, confused. She’d started to cry gently as Jane berated her, but now a look of confused hope was on her pretty face. The older redhead paused for a moment, folding her arms beneath her large boobs, squeezing them slightly together and enhancing the deep cleavage. Again, she noted, Charlotte could not stop herself from looking at the creamy valley. “That is to say, if you stop working here, it’ll be your choice. From what I understand, you chose to let those boys have you. You also chose to walk around my business looking like a toilet floor. Well, here’s another, simple choice for you, Charlotte: you can quit and walk out of here,” she paused again, before continuing. “Or, and I’d prefer this, you can remove that wet uniform, take your panties off and get across my lap.”

The blonde looked stunned by her curvy manager’s proposal, but Jane carried on talking in a level way, as if she was proposing one brand of coffee or another. “I will then spank you, as a punishment for your appearance. Obviously, it will hurt. I will spank you for what I consider an appropriate amount of time and it will be appropriately hard. Before you choose, Charlotte, understand this: I’d like you to continue working for me and I’d like to spank you. If you stay here, this will be the first time I punish you, not the last. Your choice now will be the last choice you make – if you stay, then I decide when you need punishing, I decide how and I decide how hard!”

Jane could feel how wet her cunt was – her panties were sopping. She could not believe that she’d said all that, and could not believe that Charlotte was Nevşehir Escort Bayan still standing there, head lowered, seemingly considering this. Then the blonde spoke. “If…if I stay…if you sp-spank me…”

“Not just spank, Charlotte,” interrupted the redhead. “There are all manner of ways to discipline a girl’s bottom, so if you stay then you can expect to learn about the strap, the belt, the paddle and the whip, as well as being introduced to my hairbrushes and canes.”

Charlotte swallowed, paused, and then continued, her voice a whisper. “So, if you punish me…will it be every day?”

Jane was taken aback – that had not been the question she’d anticipated. Still, better to answer. “It’ll be whenever I say, Charlotte. If I think you’ve been good, then it won’t be at all. If I think you deserve it, then I’ve no problem with putting you over my knee three times a day! And there’ll be no brief spankings – only long, hard ones.”

Charlotte was so excited she could hardly stand up straight. Although Jane had suspicions about her maid’s lesbian inclinations from the way she’d seen her looking at her breasts, she did not know where Charlotte’s desires lay. As a pretty, slender blonde, she’d always turned boys’ heads and had always seemed confident and easy in her sexuality. The event at a party where she’d sucked six guys, had three screw her pussy and two fuck her in the ass had, the other partygoers assumed, come about purely from Charlotte’s overconfidence and sluttish attitude, but there was more to it than that. She actually craved exactly what Jane was now offering her – she craved being dominated and punished. Her hope had been that the forfeit she offered at the party would involve a frat paddle. And now her beautiful boss was offering to spank her, maybe to cane her. If not for the fact that they were still wet with Fay’s piss, Jane would probably have noticed how wet Charlotte’s panties were – as wet and sticky as Jane’s own! Charlotte often spanked herself, alone in her bedroom. But this would be better. She looked at her dominant manager, so beautiful and busty and stern – this would be perfect.

“Yes, miss, please spank me,” Charlotte said, clearly and firmly. “I accept whatever you want to do to me.” The die cast, she looked back at the floor. Jane nodded. She didn’t want to speak lest she shatter the spell that seemed to her have settled over the room – her most precious fantasy was coming true. She had a spare, straight-backed chair against her office wall, which she now pulled out to the centre of the room and sat down on, smoothing her skirt on her lap meaningfully as she did so. Looking coolly at the younger blonde, she assessed her dishevelled appearance.

“I’ve no idea why you smell like a bathroom stall, Charlotte, but you can take your clothes off before you go over my lap.” Choking back a sob of embarrassment (and delicious humiliation) Charlotte didn’t protest at all. She simply shrugged out of her tunic and skinned her panties down her thighs so she was standing, naked but for her pumps, her firm breasts and shaved pussy available for Jane’s gaze. Taking Charlotte’s hand, Jane guided her across her lap into the classic spanking pose, nose inches from the floor, unprotected bottom sticking up. With no further preamble, she brought her hand down hard across the smooth, peachy bottom.

Charlotte gasped. The smack had smarted and the subsequent spanks hurt more. Her bottom was Escort Nevşehir quickly warming, turning from cream to pink to a bright red. Jane had missed delivering a spanking since she’d moved to this town, but quickly got back into the swing of things. Her hand rose and fell, covering every inch of Charlotte’s backside with crisp spanks. Sometimes she alternated between cheeks, sometimes she’d deliver several blows to the same spot. Whatever she did, she made sure it was a firm spank, and she noted that at no point did Charlotte try to escape – she wriggled and winced and cried out and kicked her legs, but she stayed in place, taking the stern punishment.

Jane redoubled her efforts, spanking ever harder and deliberately aiming at the back of Charlotte’s thighs and the sensitive flesh where her thighs and buttocks met. Tears were streaming from Charlotte’s eyes now, dripping to the floor, but she stayed where she was. This was everything she’d wanted. It wasn’t just being punished or dominated that she’d fantasised about. It wasn’t just a role play in her mind – she wanted the hurt. She wanted her bottom to burn and sting. And it certainly did now, as Jane delivered another flurry of hard spanks onto the maid’s ruby cheeks.

Through her excited daze of punishing Charlotte’s pretty, submissive bottom, Jane was conscious that she didn’t want to get too carried away. She needed to spank enough that her lusts were satisfied, but not so much that Charlotte walked out on the arrangement (of course, she had no idea how unlikely that was). Her hand was starting to sting, her forehead was damp with perspiration and her arm was starting to tire. And Charlotte was no longer even wriggling now – she’d beaten the energy out of her, and she hung limply across Jane’s knees, her pert ass still offered up for more spanking, but otherwise she lay still, sobbing. Neither of them realized just how aroused the other was, but both knew that they’d be masturbating at the very first opportunity.

Jane delivered a final, resounding slap, thrilling to the sight of Charlotte’s bright red cheeks flattening under the impact and then bouncing back into shape. She was definitely going to enjoy using implements on this bottom. “Get up,” she said.

Charlotte clambered back to her feet, crying freely, tears dripping from her chin to splash on her boobs – very pretty boobs, Jane noted, though much smaller than her own. Charlotte was rubbing gently at her burning cheeks, trying to soothe the sting. “Right,” Jane began. “Now we understand each other. That’s the shortest and lightest spanking I’ll be giving you. So you’d best improve your behaviour and your standards.” Please don’t, she silently prayed. “Now get dressed and go home – you’re in no state to work this afternoon.”

The blonde nodded, shakily getting dressed back into the clothes that were still damp with the pee from the hot guest, wincing as her tight cotton shorts slid over her hot and stinging bottom. Wiping her tears on her sleeve, she turned to her manager and punisher. “Thank you, boss…miss. Thank you for spanking me. I’m sorry I was bad.” Looking contrite, she hurried from the office. The final words had been to satisfy an element of her fantasy that Jane hadn’t forced, but again both women thrilled to it, and Jane’s hand was in her panties before the sound of her door closing had echoed down the corridor. She tweaked the nipples of her huge breasts through her blouse and bra as she rubbed at her pussy, replaying in her mind the last few minutes, her hand on Charlotte’s bottom, Charlotte naked… She came powerfully, biting down on the back of her hand to stop herself crying out. Now she needed to make sure that, whatever Charlotte did, she’d find fault with it. Life just got better.

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