Charles Ch. 02

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Abella Anderson

This is the second in what I hope will be a series about Charles and I. Charles was my first true male lover who fulfilled my every fantasy with his gentleness and caring. I hope that you enjoy the reading as much as I enjoyed the writing. Comments are always welcome.


It must have been several hours later that we awoke after our first session of making love. The fire had sputtered out some time ago and the room was getting a little chilly. I opened my eyes first – Charles must have rolled over in his sleep since my butt was exposed to the coolness of the room. I rose up on my elbow and gazed down at him; he had a hint of a shadow of growth on his face (I, of course, have a closely trimmed permanent beard), and his eye lashes were long and curled over his cheeks in repose. With his square jaw and Roman nose, he was perfect! Or at least he was to my hungry eyes!

As I watched him, his eyes opened as he stretched out and he smiled up at me saying, “Good morning, and lover. What time is it?”

“About 5:00 a.m.” I replied (just a little embarrassed at his greeting – this was new to me still). “We can likely still crawl into bed and have a late breakfast” Lord, did I really say that?

“First a quick shower; then some more fun and only then, sleep” Charles smiled. “Follow me to the shower.”

He arose and offered me his hand and we walked hand in hand down the hallway (it felt very natural to me now, holding this man’s hand). When we entered the bathroom, I was astounded at its size. It was almost as large as the guest bedroom in my house and had a huge Jacuzzi tub in the corner as well as a corner shower stall with multiple large shower heads. The shower doors were clear glass on three sides. Charles reached into the shower and turned on the water, testing it until it was the right temperature and lead me in. He soaped up a cloth and washed me completely and I did the same for him. Of course, all Sakarya Escort this attention resulted in both of us becoming very aroused – the intermittent kissing didn’t alleviate the problem at all. When I moved to lower my head to his cock, Charles pulled me up and whispered “Not now, lover! To bed first so I can truly make love to you”

I embraced him and kissing him, thanked him wordlessly for his thoughtfulness. I was truly horny and wanted so much to be loved by this man!

We left the shower and toweled each other off with wonderfully thick and soft bath sheets; everything so far was so sensuous about this man, right down to these small details.

While I combed my hair, Charles gave me directions to the master bedroom and went ahead. By the time I arrived there, he had lit several candles and the room was scented with vanilla and roses. It was almost like I was being courted – very surreal but nonetheless wonderful! His king size four poster bed was in the middle of the room and he came over to lead me to it. As we climbed to the centre of the bed, we melted into each others arms to begin kissing once again. Our hands were stroking each other’s bodies and, I felt the same joy as last night in reciprocating the touch of another man as he touched me! This had been my fantasy and it was coming true at last.

Charles moved to kneel beside my hips and then to my feet. With his soft hands, he massaged my feet and toes until I was almost purring it felt so good. Keeping my legs together at his direction, I pulled a pillow under my head so I could watch in breathless anticipation as his hands worked their way excruciatingly slowly up my calves and thighs. Oh Boy was all I could think! He is going to run his hands over my hard cock and soft balls; my cock was streaming precum and was standing almost straight up just begging for attention! But Charles just smiled as he bypassed the temptation, (however, not without licking his lips Adapazarı Escort as he brushed by it) and moved upwards to my chest where he spent several minutes sucking and nipping my already hard nipples to the point that I thought they might explode if he didn’t stop. “Oh god, Charles! That feels so damn great!”

Without a word, Charles reached up to plant a gentle kiss on my lips – I begged for more – but instead he reached over to the table beside the bed and passed me a condom. “Put it on me” he said hoarsely.

“Feeling pretty sure of yourself, aren’t you?” I smiled but hurriedly tore off the wrapper and slowly rolled the condom down the length of his hard as steel cock. I loved the feel of it and stroked him a couple of times until he moved to my feet and raised my legs to his shoulders. I could feel the cool air across my puckered sphincter as Charles looked down into my eyes.

“Are you sure?” he asked with a look of combined concern and lust. He knew of my past bad experiences and was being, I knew, very considerate.

“Oh lord, yes!” I cried. “Just take it slowly until I can get used to you”

Charles stroked my precum soaked cock until his hand and fingers were completely lubricated and then he gently pressed his middle finger against my pucker and as I pressed downward, I felt it slip in easily. He slowly stroked my ass with the one finger and then added another and worked the fingers in circles as deep as they would go. I was already feeling the heat of my passion rising and was humping his hand as my anal passage loosened and lubed.

“Please fuck me now, lover! I want your cock inside me!”

Charles slid his fingers out – I felt momentarily robbed – but I soon felt the head of his cock pressing against my relaxed sphincter ring and, with a slight pop, it entered me. Charles held for a moment for me to get used to the intrusion and then, as I groaned for more, he slid an inch at a time – with Serdivan Escort a short pause after each one – until he was fully imbedded in my ass! It felt more wonderful than I could ever have dreamed! I could feel the pressure of his cockhead against my prostate and this only served to increase the flow of my precum onto my abdomen.

“Please fuck me now! Go very slowly at first, and then harder and faster!” I begged.

Charles kept his eyes on mine as he pulled his cock almost all the way out and then, very slowly sank it all the way back in! This was repeated again and again with just a little more speed and a little deeper each time. I lowered my legs from his shoulders to around his waist to pull him in deeper with each stroke and to raise my self to meet him as he plunged into me! My anal muscles were gripping him every time he tried to pull pout – I didn’t want him to go! After what seemed like hours – but was in reality only about twenty minutes, Charles couldn’t hold off and cried out “I am going to cummm!”

My own cock was throbbing as it begged for release and as I felt Charles cum inside the condom (it stretched out as it filled with his cum and I could feel his spurts quite literally), my own cock burst forth with stream after stream of hot thick cum that covered my stomach, chest and even into my beard!

With my legs still wrapped around his waist, Charles rolled to the side with his one arm around me and the other free hand reaching down to scoop up a handful of my cum from my chest. As I watched he licked most off his fingers and palm and then offered the rest to me. As his softened cock slid out of my ass with a slight pop, he rolled me onto my back and, after removing the condom and throwing it into the waste beside the bed, he moved down my body to lick all my cum from my skin. As he did this, I pulled him around until his cum-soaked cock was within reach and I pulled it down to my own mouth and swallowed it to the base, enjoying the taste of him and the slightly earthy smell of where it had been. Not at all unpleasant!

Once we had finished, Charles pulled a light comforter over us, blew out the candles and I curled into his arms with my leg over his thigh. In only moments, we were both sound asleep.

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