Charity Work Ch. 01

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The following is based on a true story, only the names are different to protect identities and all persons mentioned are at least 18 years of age!

This is my first submission so any criticism and feedback is welcome.

Before I get started, let me introduce myself. My name is Carl; I’m 6’1” approx 130 lbs, dark brown hair, brown eyes, toned body with a slight tan and today was a day I will never forget.

I got up this morning around 6am, ready for my volunteer work, a day away from the usual 9-5 regime. I go around and post charity bags once a week for Cancer Research UK. I enjoy getting away and getting some well needed exercise and have my own thoughts for company. Really helps put a lot of things into perspective.

I headed off to Leeds around 7am and arrived at my destination around 7:30am. All I was wearing was my SWFC shorts and shirt. It looked as though I was off for a game of football. I got out of my car, filled up my bag and was on my way. It came to around 11am when I heard a heated discussion going off around the corner so as a concerned person; I went to see if everything was ok. I placed my bag on the nearby wall and took out my bottle of water. As I went to take a drink an angry guy barged into me in such a hurry I dropped the bottle and it went all over the front of my shirt.

I heard a guy shout over “hey are you ok?” in which I replied “yes, I’m fine thanks, he wasn’t watching where he was going that’s all. Anyway are you ok? Things seemed to get a little heated.”

“No, he just broke up with me!” he tried to stutter, bursting into tears. I’ve never had any kind of gay experience in my life before. I’ve been to gay bars before only because I like the atmosphere, but always wondered what it was like to be with another man since my relationship with my high school sweetheart ended the week before. Anyway I went over to the guy and asked him politely “since your ex just spilt all of my water, is there any chance you could fill it up for me please?”

All he could do was smile at me and say “yeah sure, not a problem, come in for a second if you like?” he asked hesitantly. I followed him indoors bursa üniversiteli escort and closed the door behind me. I have a tendency to trust everyone only once and that’s it so this was no different.

“I’m Tom by the way, sorry again about before. How about I hang your shirt outside for 10 minutes or so till it dries out or I could run it through the tumble dryer?” He was probing away rather eagerly not knowing I was rather intrigued about a gay encounter.

“Sure Tom, that’s nice of you, my name’s Carl, just hang it out on the line for a few minutes if you don’t mind” I said to him, “it’s only water so nothing to worry about.”

Tom replied taking off my shirt “I’ll just go hang this out for you Carl, I’ll be back in just a minute” I’m sure all he could think about was my toned abdomen because I noticed the bulge in his tight denim jeans. I was curious to know how big it was, if he was cut or not, hairy or shaven. Tom was about 5’10”, mousey brown hair, slim and had the nicest blue eyes that I had ever seen before.

I got up and went into the kitchen to see Tom trying to hide his erection but he saw me looking. I thought to myself ‘it’s now or never to give this a try.’ As soon as Tom walked back through the door I reached out, pulled him towards me and placed my lips upon his. I opened my mouth to his searching tongue. He immediately made a grab for my cock in which I removed his hands and placed them over my shoulders. We kissed for what seemed like an eternity but was only about 30 seconds or so.

“Wow! That was hot!” is all I could say.

“OMG! Carl what are you thinking? What if Jason comes back? He has a spare key! He will hit the roof!” he blurted out panicking.

“I’m sorry Tom I just wanted to know what it felt like that’s all” is all I could reply looking into his eyes like a puppy staring at hopeful new owners on Christmas Eve.

“Before you say anything Tom, let me just tell you something first. I’m not from round these parts, but still from Yorkshire. I have had urges about what it’s like with another man for some time now and I just couldn’t escort bayan resist your looks, your body, and not to mention your eyes, I knew what I wanted the moment I saw you. I had a feeling you was gay” I said taking hold of his hand and looking deep into his eyes.

“Carl this is crazy, I don’t even know you!” Tom exclaimed. Before he could say another word I kissed him passionately once again and this time he didn’t fight it.

I removed his t-shirt to reveal a lovely tanned body with a nice looking six pack, pretty much the same kind of body as my own. Our tongues danced with one another and with one whole movement I undid his jeans, pulled them down to his ankles and got down on my knees.

His cock was only inches away from my face. The musky smell was overpowering! His cock was around 6 inches long, circumcised and quite thick. I grabbed hold of it in my hand and cupped his balls in the other, was pleasant to find out he was completely bald apart from a small line of hair that led from his belly button to the bottom of the shaft.

I started to wank him off slowly whist licking his balls. All Tom could do is lean his head back and moan softly. I rolled my tongue up the entire length of his now hard, throbbing cock and it was better than I had imagined. I placed my mouth over the head and lowered myself onto it, taking it in inch by inch until my nose was touching the small line of hair.

I could feel his cock twitch in my mouth and he just exploded 5 shots of cum down my throat. It was the most unusual taste, but pleseant all the same.

His cock was starting to go limp so he lifted me up from under the arms and kissed me hard on the lips.

“Carl, that was amazing! Felt better than any blow job I’ve ever had! Are you sure you haven’t given a blow job before?” he asked.

All I replied was “yes Tom, this is my first time with a guy ever.” Before he could say anything else I grabbed his hand and led him out to the hallway. I put the chain on the door so we wasn’t going to be disturbed and dragged him upstairs. I went to the bathroom to splash my face with cold water to make escort bursa sure I wasn’t dreaming and in the mirror I noticed behind me that there was a separate bath tub and shower cubical.

Tom came into the bathroom fully naked so I took off my remaining clothes, walked over to the shower and turned it on. Soon steam was filling the entire bathroom and it was hard to see where Tom was standing, then I felt the warmth of his breath in my ear whispering “you want me to join you?” I found his hand and we got in the shower together.

We couldn’t keep our hands off each other. The water was so erotic bouncing off our bodies as we kissed hard. I found his cock and it was now rock hard again and this time he was going to fuck me and take my cherry.

He grabbed a bar of soap from the side and lubed up my arse in bubbles and his own cock before bending me over in the shower. I placed my hands on the wall only to feel the head of his cock push through my sphincter slowly.

“Are you ok Carl?” he asked sliding into me gently trying not to hurt me.

“I’m fine, don’t stop Tom! Push it all the way in!” I groaned. Before I knew it he was in all the way. He pulled out slowly leaving the head of his cock in my arse. His pace quickened and the slight pain subsided and turned into ounces of pure pleasure. I can’t believe I hadn’t tried this before! He went faster and faster, I could feel his balls slap against my arse with every thrust.

“OH Tom! Give it to me, go harder, faster, deeper!” I moaned out loud. What he was hearing turned him on so much that he thrust deep into my arse, moaned loud enough to wake the dead and shot 5 ropes of steaming hot cum up my arse. Tom stayed in me till his limp cock fell out.

He grabbed the shower head and rinsed me down. I turned round, kissed him lightly on the lips and said “thanks Tom that was great! I better be going otherwise my charity work will never get finished today.”

We got out of the shower, dried each other off and got dressed. We made our way downstairs and into the hall. I passed him my number and said “if your ex gives you any more bother or if you want some more fun then give me a call.”

Tom went out the back and handed me back my shirt which was now dry and said “Carl, the pleasure was all mine!”

“No it wasn’t Tom” I replied, giving him a wink and a kiss on the lips before leaving and hearing the door close behind me. Now I can’t wait for Tom to call. I do hope it’s soon!

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