Change in Perspective

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Sometimes people do things they themselves never thought they were capable of. For instance, once in a while you’ll come across stories of people taking up alternative lifestyle or having sex with the same gender at later stages of their life. Something of this sort happened to me, too.

During early years of my life, I never gave any serious thought to my appearance or my body; I was more interested in creativity. In school, I was into sports, especially lawn tennis, and without sounding arrogant; was pretty good in it.

In my teens, I landed a job in one of the biggest radio stations, which was like a dream come true. The work there was not only exciting but also fulfilling. But I was so ambitious that instead of being satisfied with that, I also took up photography with same passion.

With so much happening in my life, I hardly had any time to flirt, to go out with boys or even think about them. This doesn’t mean I didn’t notice boys and men trying to flirt with me, which did make me feel good about myself. By late teens I had a clear career goal, and this gave me time to notice other things in life. One was my younger brother’s not-so-secret affair with a girl.

When he was eighteen or so, James started going out with Anne who was good looking in her own way but since my brother is really handsome — he used to be a model — she wasn’t the perfect match. During their affair, they used to write letters to each other and I used to secretly read them. James’s letters weren’t that explicit, which was surprising, but Anne’s were, very much.

She used to describe everything in detail: how he kissed her, how he held her, how her nipples became hard when he touched her breasts, how much she enjoyed touching his cock and what she felt when he forced her to suck his balls. Initially, I used to get embarrassed but slowly started enjoying them. Of course, he didn’t know that I was reading them.

As I read more, and as the details grew more explicit, I too started to feel urge all over my body. By that time, I knew I had a beautiful face, with big dark eyes and full red lips, complimented by a pretty big pair of breasts and well-developed thighs.

By the time I turned eighteen, I had not only learnt that James loved feeling and sucking Anne’s breasts but also the positions he enjoyed (her riding him was his favorite). After reading the details of their love making sessions, I started to look at him differently.

Sometimes I would give him I-know-what-you-have-been-up-to look, sometime I would laugh on seeing him and sometimes my eyes would wander off to his cock hiding under jeans. All this left him pretty confused. During that time I was pretty close to a cousin of mine who was older than me and experienced in these matters.

Initially, I wanted to tell her about James’s affair but then changed my mind and decided that it would be only my secret. But my cousin did talk about her experiences and she was the one who told me how things happen, what are the sensitive points and what guys enjoy the most.

She told me everything in such a way that sex began to sound exciting and beautiful. It was then I realized that I had a sensual body, a gift that was waiting to be opened, to be explored and experienced. But fate had something else stored for me.

Although I was making a name for myself in the cut-throat world of radio programming, I fell in love with the wrong man at nineteen and married him within a week of meeting him. On our first night, I was expecting long sensual kisses, tight passionate hugs and to slowly make love, but it turned out to be anything but that.

All Harry did was take my clothes off, spread my legs and shove his thing in as hard as he could and within seconds he came and rolled off me as I lay there. To say that I was disgusted is putting it mildly but then I thought maybe things would improve, but he never tried to learn or improve.

Then I got pregnant and gave birth to Dan and with that our love life, or whatever it was, became more infrequent and boring.

To somehow keep myself sane, I started spending hours chatting online with James and old friends. I knew chatting with them was not going to help, especially when I was in no mood to share my misery with any of them, but it was just an attempt to keep my thoughts occupied. During these chat sessions James and couple of my friends did guess that I was unhappy but since I refused to admit or reveal anything they decided not to mention it and tried to cheer me up by telling all kinds of stories and incidents.

My brother, with whom I was always close and whose intimate letters I had read years ago, took the lead and started telling me funny stories from his school and college days and some of them did really crack me up. Then we moved on to more personal stories, after all there is a limit to school and college talk, and we started discussing his numerous crushes and flirting.

Slowly he started to open up, which I think he did just to keep my mind wandering off to my pathetic life, and we started talking about girls and boys and his then-girlfriend Yenibosna Escort and now wife.

One day while chatting I told him I have again started going to gym.

“You’ve always had a good body.”

I smiled and thanked him for the compliment.

We continued talking about other things and couple of days later he said I was looking beautiful, which caught me off guard because he had never complimented on my clothes.

I replied that I wasn’t wearing anything special: Just a white T-shirt (although it was a bit tight, so was revealing the roundness of my big breasts).

“Well you’re looking lovely.”

I didn’t attach any other meaning to his remark and continued talking to him. That day later in the night he text messaged me and asked whether I could come online and since Harry and Dan were sleeping, I replied yes and sat down to chat with him.

As soon as I sat down in front of the webcam, he asked me to put on that T-shirt again.

“Why?” I said, surprised at his request.

“Because you look more beautiful in that then in this nightgown.”

I wasn’t in mood to change but he insisted so much that I finally relented and went back to bedroom and changed into that T-shirt and shorts.

As soon as he saw me, he smiled and thanked me.

We started chatting and I asked him why wasn’t he with his wife Anne instead of chatting with me.

“You’re a much better company, Candice.”

“I’ll tell her that tomorrow,” I replied jokingly.

We continued talking about this and that when suddenly in middle of the conversation he asked me to stand up.


“Because I haven’t seen you for a while and want to see how much weight you’ve gained.”

I wasn’t in a mood to obey that request so told him to shut up and keep chatting, at which he made a face and started talking again but kept asking me to stand up — a request I ignored.

Some days later we were again talking and he asked me how gym was going.

“I’m going every day, but my body’s still not that toned up.”

“You’re much more beautiful than most women, especially Anne.”

“She’s beautiful.”

“She looks lovely because she does all sorts of things, which is why she looks good.”

I asked him what kind of things.

“You know, lots of make-up, all sorts of therapies, exercises, padding, etc.”

Now, I never thought she padded her bra or that my brother would ever say that and I should have ended the conversation there but was intrigued, so said: “No, she’s all natural; I don’t think she pads.”

“She does, always has.”

“She should be proud of what she has and you should tell her that she looks lovely without so much make-up or padding.”

“I want to say something, but don’t get angry?”

“OK, tell me.”

“I like them big, like yours.”

“Shut up,” I said smiling at my younger brother’s confession.

We continued talking about our lives and then the conversation turned to family and cousins and without thinking I blurted out that our cousin used to give me tips on how things are done and as soon as he heard this he got interested.

He started asking me all the details.

“Well, she was experienced, so she used to tell me a lot.”

“Yes, she’s one heck of a girl. She once took off her top and asked me to touch her.”

“No, she didn’t,” I reacted in surprised.

“Yes, she did.”

“What did you do?”

“What do you think?”

His frankness got me interested, so asked him if he had seen anybody else’s in the family.

“I won’t tell you, Candice.”

This made me more curious, so began pleading with him.

“OK, I’ll tell you but only if you stand up and let me see how toned you are.”

In all honesty I didn’t want to give him a full view but curiosity got better off me, so stood up in front of webcam and let him see my T-shirt and shorts. Not satisfied with that he asked me to turn around, so turned and twisted for couple of minutes and then came back and sat down while he continued praising how good I was looking and that gym was working perfectly for me.

While he was busy praising me, I pleaded with him again to tell me who he saw.

In reply he just typed a single word. When I saw that word on the screen I was rather taken aback because Mom always dressed conservatively and kept her breasts, which were big, always hidden.

So when he said he saw hers, I was really surprised. I asked him how he saw them but he quickly changed the topic and didn’t tell me even though I asked him several times.

The next night he messaged me again and within seconds I was online.

This time I wanted to keep chat decent but he was in a different mood. He started telling me that some days back he had gone for shopping with Anne and saw a beautiful low-cut halter top and wanted to buy it but didn’t because it wouldn’t have looked good on her.

“Why not?”

“She doesn’t have the figure for it.”

“You should’ve bought it; maybe it would have looked good.”

“It was a lovely top but I know it Yenibosna Escort Bayan won’t look good on her.”

“OK, if it’s so lovely buy it, I’ll wear it.”

“I’ll buy it if you’ll wear it.”

“I will.”

He then started talking about Anne and that she was too dominating and that he wasn’t really happy with her.

“My life’s more or less like yours. He hardly ever shows any affection or understands my feelings,” I said.

“Doesn’t he love you, Candice?”

“Yes, he does and he’s a nice man, but he’s not affectionate and there’s no emotional attachment.”

“What do you mean? Do you guys still do it or not?”

“I’ve never done it; he does whenever he wants.”

As soon as I said it I regretted it, because James immediately got sad.

“Has it been this way from the start?” he asked after keeping quiet for few minutes.

“Right from day one but now I’m used to it, plus I’ve tried everything and it hasn’t made any difference.”

James was now both sad and angry, which made me feel sorry, so to lighten up the mood I said: “Tell me how you saw Mom’s?”

“She was changing her clothes and I accidentally saw them from window,” he replied as his cheek turned pink.

“Well, accidentally or not, I’m sure she made your day,” I added bringing a smile to his face.

As it was getting late he said he will talk to me soon and tomorrow he will go buy that top for me but have to promise him that I’ll wear that top only and nothing else inside it.

“Yea, I won’t wear anything under it,” I promised although I didn’t know whether he was being serious or joking.

The next day he messaged me that he won’t be able to come online as he was stuck in work and since I had stopped chatting with others I also didn’t go online.

I was helping Dan with his homework in the afternoon when a UPS guy delivered a package that had the most exquisite halter top I had ever worn – its fabric, the work, the light pink color – everything about it was simply beautiful. I quickly took off my T-shirt and wore it over black bra. Since it had a low-cut, it was giving my breasts a sensual look, especially the way it was exposing my cleavage.

As soon as I wore it, I called him and thanked him for the beautiful gift. He said he was happy because it had made me happy and would see it tonight. I didn’t take it off until it was time for Harry to arrive. As hours went by I grew impatient for him to come online and finally at night he messaged me. I ran to bathroom and quickly wore that top and a scarf over it to hide the cleavage.

“What’s that?” he asked when he saw me.

“The top you bought for me.”

“What’s over it?”

“A scarf because the top has a deep neck.”

“I’d bought it because it would look good on you and now you’re spoiling it by wearing a scarf.”

“What do you want me to do?”

“You had promised that you won’t wear anything else, Candice.”

Seeing the trouble he had gone through and the face he was making, I relented and hiding from his view, took off the scarf and came back in front of webcam in just the top. Now his face lit up and a big smile crossed his face. I knew that not only my cleavage was visible but also a good part of my breasts.

Just as I sat down he asked me to adjust the cam because he wanted to see the top, so I changed its angle and now all he was seeing was half of my breasts fully exposed on the cam.

I know I shouldn’t have agreed to expose my boobs to him like that but have been dying for attention for years and his excitement left no room for any decency or morality. I saw him admiring my breasts and the blue veins running under the soft skin and I don’t know what came over me but suddenly I arched my back making my voluptuous breasts pop out more from the top.

“I wish Anne was like you,” he blurted out taking a deep breath.

“Why, what would you’ve done if she were like me?” I enquired as my lips curled into a smile.


As I was getting more and more into mood, I asked him what he likes best about me.

“Do you mean physically?”



“I don’t know, you tell me.”

“I like everything about you, especially your eyes and…” he replied slowly moving his eyes over my near-naked breasts.

“And what?”

“You know…”

“Yes, I like my eyes too, but I don’t think my – you know what – are that good.”

“Are you crazy? They’re great,” he said looking surprised at my response.

“What’s great about them? Be specific.”

“They’re big, they’re round and you probably have the best cleavage I’ve ever seen.”

“OK,” I replied acting if whatever he had just said was normal.

“No don’t say OK, they’re great and any guy would be proud of them.”

“Harry isn’t and I don’t think you are.”

“Your husband’s stupid, but I’m really proud of them, believe me, Candice.”

“Thank you. By the way I’m proud of what you have.”

“What do you mean?” he asked clearly confused by my statement.

“I read the letters you and Anne Escort Yenibosna wrote to each other and let me just say that big size runs in our family.”

Hearing that, he froze for a minute or so and then burst out laughing.

“Did you read everything?”

“Yes, each and every detail.”

“You shouldn’t have read them, they were personal and too intimate and all that.”

I started to laugh and thought to myself that here I am sitting with my breasts exposed to my own brother and he is complaining about his intimate letters. But he was getting angry, so stopped laughing and instead apologized for reading them, but he wasn’t interested, so apologized again but he was having none of it – and it went on for couple of minutes.

After much pleading, he calmed down a bit and said as a punishment I would have to wear the same clothes I was wearing right now on Friday.

“Why? Are you coming on Friday?”

“Don’t ask questions; just do what I’m telling and no I’m not coming.”

I knew Harry won’t be home on Friday but Dan would be and I wasn’t comfortable in walking around the house in front of him with my breasts exposed and what if somebody dropped in? But he was adamant that I needed to be punished for my indiscretion, so after arguing with him for around ten minutes I relented and agreed to his demand.

Satisfied that he had got his way, he asked me to arch my back again and as I had no energy left to fight with him, I arched it, pushing and exposing my breasts more in the process and allowed his eyes to feast on them.

Convinced that he has had a good look at them, he asked me to stand up and then he saw me from up and down, starting from face, down to my neck, shoulder, my cleavage, my stomach and then my thighs and legs. I knew just like other men he would now go and masturbate and just to make it easy for him, I turned around and allowed him to have a good look at my bums, too. After making sure that he had seen whatever he wanted to see, said goodbye and I went to change my clothes and back to bed.

On Friday morning the first thought that came into my mind was that I had to wear the dress he had asked me and that made me nervous because not only my eighteen-year-old son was at home but also there was a possibility of somebody dropping in and seeing me dressed like that.

After making breakfast for Harry and seeing him to office, I went back to bed and lay there for twenty minutes thinking nothing else but whether I should obey my brother’s order or not.

When even twenty minutes of racking my brain didn’t work, I went to take a shower and as soon as I came out of bathroom I took out the same skirt, the same top and wore them. Although I wanted to wear that scarf over my top but then that would mean disobeying and cheating him so decided to dump the scarf and went out of my room with my near-naked breasts clearly visible.

When my son came out of his room, it took him a good few minutes to take in the sight of his own mom standing in front of him in clothes that were exposing her curvaceous body.

“Mom, what are you wearing?” he asked slowly coming near me.

“Nothing,” I replied winking at him.

Dan didn’t even blink at my answer and continued to stare at my well-rounded breasts.

In an effort to distract him and also to hide my nervousness, I started preparing his breakfast but nothing seemed to help, it was as if his eyes were fixated on my body.

Even during the breakfast, he was more interested in my cleavage, the roundness of my breasts and the nipples struggling to hide under my blue bra than in omelettes.

“It’s OK to look at a woman because we don’t mind when somebody looks at us but don’t stare because that’s not nice, I told him after taking his hand in my hand and making him sit on the couch.

On hearing this Dan lowered his eyes and began looking at the floor, so I gently moved my hands to his face and brought his head up.

“Women don’t mind when somebody looks at them so don’t lower your eyes and look up.”

He slowly brought his eyes up and began looking at me.

As he was sitting on the couch and I had bended my body forward to put my hands on his shoulders, my breasts were now inches away from his face and I was aware that I was providing him an excellent view of my breasts, with just my nipples hiding from his gaze.

After letting him have a good look, I went back to household chores and he too accepted the near-nakedness of my body.

By late afternoon, I was not only feeling more comfortable but was also little aroused by my new look and Dan, apart from stealing glances at my thighs and breasts, had finally stopped staring.

Both of us were sitting in living room watching TV when the doorbell rang and from the voices I heard when Dan went to open the door I knew that the unannounced guests were my parents. As soon as I realized that, I ran to get my scarf but changed my mind halfway and decided to face them with my chest out, literally.

The second Mom saw me standing in middle of the room revealing the soft and smooth skin of my thighs in a skirt that was exposing more than hiding and a top that was not only clearly displaying two pair of well-developed breasts but also shape of the nipples, she just froze and stared at me in disbelief. Dad, on the other hand, didn’t even give a second glance and got busy with TV.

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