Celeste Pt. 04

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Non Nude

AN: In case you didn’t read the first few installments, this story has incest between brothers and a god that can modify his body. He becomes a cuntboy (having a cock and a pussy) in this story. Story also has big clit and squirting tags. I hope you enjoy if you decide to read!

The meeting hall was packed. Everything in the room, the tables, chairs, floor and walls were bright white, almost blinding where the sun shone in through the windows. Long conference tables were set up in rows each with tablecloths that touched the floor. Every few intervals there were water pitchers and snacks on marble slabs. Gods didn’t need to eat, but some liked the flavors of food anyway. Connor had never seen Lawrence eat, but Bartholomew liked bourbon and ate honey crisp apples sometimes. The human had never seen all the gods together in one place before and he was in shock. The gods were filtering in from a few doors that circled the hall and he had never seen another building since he’d arrived.

He squeezed Lawrence’s hand and asked, “Do you all live here in this mansion together?”

Lawrence nodded, “Yes, though there are those that prefer the mortal realm+ so they stay there mostly. They should be here today though.”

Connor gasped, “There are gods that walk among us?”

Lawrence’s jade eyes twinkled, “Of course,” he lifted Connor’s hand to his lips and kissed it then smiled when he saw his human lover blush.

Celeste was walking a bit behind Lawrence and Connor smiling at their display. Lawrence should have sent the human back immediately when he arrived, but he was clearly taken aback by his handsomeness. A few days in and, as he was told, Connor apparently took well to the sights and sounds and magic of the gods which impressed Lawrence. Celeste wasn’t sure what their relationship was, but he was rooting for them, especially at times like this, when he could feel that their lust was tempered and they were just enjoying each other’s company.

Celeste felt a tap on his shoulder and he turned. He saw Shyla, the god of dance and slumber, smiling softly at him. She was pretty, with a bountiful mane of golden hair and a brilliant smile. He inclined his head towards her, “Hello my dear.”

She let out a little giggle, “It’s good to see you,” she stepped closer, “I’m free tonight…” she tried to sound seductive.

Celeste kept his face impassive but inside he was rolling his eyes. He had slept with her once, done all the work and left unsatisfied. Though she couldn’t stop praising him. Apparently, she had never had so many orgasms back-to-back before or had been taken in the many positions Celeste kept putting her in. He had tried quite a few in hopes that she would engage. He felt like he had been fucking a rag doll. It was boring and not something he was going to repeat.

He gave her a soft smile, “I’m not sure I will be,” he glanced over his shoulder and saw that Lawrence and Connor had stopped to wait for him. He pointed at them, “I need to go,” he gave her an apologetic shrug seeing the disappointment on her face, then hurried off to meet up with his brother and Connor again.

So it went, every few paces Celeste was stopped, propositioned, touched, and flirted with. And depending on the god they were either rebuffed or told they may get some alone time later, but with no real timeline or promises attached.

Lawrence leaned over and whispered into his brother’s ear, “You are quite popular.”

Celeste pursed his lips, “I’m used to it.”

“Oh?” Lawrence looked surprised and noticed the tight lips and bored expression. His brotherly instincts kicked in and he frowned a bit, “Is this a problem? Do you need Bartholomew or I to speak to some of them?”

“What?” Celeste’s brows rose as he shook his head, “No no it’s nothing I can’t handle…I’m just…not in the mood today for flings.”

Lawrence smirked and leaned close so only Celeste could hear, “Says the man who came quite spectacularly in my lover’s arms just this morning,” when he saw Celeste’s blue eyes slide his way he chuckled, “Surely he hasn’t drained you of all of your passion.”

Celeste blushed a bit and looked away, “No…of course Escort Bayan not,” he stopped walking and waited until Lawrence was facing him. He gripped his shoulders then leaned forward and whispered into his brother’s ear, “it’s just that…after what the three of you did to me…the thought of others is, for lack of a better word…unappealing…” he pulled back and looked at his brother a bit sheepishly.

Lawrence saw the expression for what it was: embarrassment. The god of lust, known for his unending stores of desire and arousal had been rendered near helpless by one session of taboo sex with his brothers and Connor. Lawrence watched as Celeste looked away from him, his embarrassment growing evident by his deepening blush and the way he bit his bottom lip. Lawrence felt for his brother, this was new territory, for all of them, but this new dynamic didn’t interfere with Lawrence’s responsibilities as a god. Celeste wasn’t in any danger of losing his abilities and his work ethic was much too strong for him to falter in his duties, but Lawrence knew his brother wasn’t having nearly as much fun as he normally does when he’s awaken.

He reached out and wrapped his arm around Celeste’s waist and pulled him close. He kissed his cheek, “Sorry we ruined you for other men.”

Celeste chuckled, “Oh stop that! It’s not like I’m moping in the corner!”

Lawrence, with Celeste pressed to his body on one side and holding Connor’s hand on the other, guided them to the very back of the room. The last table wasn’t full, no one really liked being that far from the front, so Lawrence found three chairs easily and motioned for Celeste to sit between he and Connor.

Connor looked over at Lawrence confused, he wanted to sit next to him, but when he saw the god wink at him, he knew he must be up to something. They all pulled up their chairs and Lawrence casually got a glass of water, he filled it to the brim and took a tiny sip. He was looking forward but his mannerisms were just a tad bit off enough that Celeste and Connor were both watching him with suspicion.

The meeting began with a loud bang of a gong that made Connor jump. He looked forward but could barely see the front. The gods on the stage looked a little bigger than beetles to him. He could hear them clearly though and the first one introduced himself as Carmichael, the god of marriage and began speaking dryly. Connor frowned, this meeting was going to be long and boring he could tell, and he was almost annoyed that Lawrence had dragged him along. He was slowly beginning to slouch when Celeste jolted beside him. He looked over and the god’s face was bright red and he was hissing something to Lawrence. Connor looked over and Lawrence was taking another sip of his water, but with his left hand. Looking down he saw Lawrence’s right hand moving slightly under the tablecloth. Connor had missed when Lawrence had lifted the cloth, but it was now draped over both gods’ laps. Connor lifted his side and reached beneath it.

His hand collided with Lawrence’s and was immediately caught by the god. Lawrence, still looking forward guided Connor’s hand to Celeste’s slowly awakening dick. He felt Celeste tense beside him. And he glanced over to see that Lawrence was whispering in the god’s ear.

“No underwear?” Lawrence’s voice was amused as he spoke softly to his brother.

“You were in a rush,” Celeste forced himself to stay still. Lawrence was cupping his balls, squeezing them gently and rolling them a bit, “my panties were soaked after Connor…” he felt the man in question start to slowly stroke his cock, “you know.”

“I do,” Lawrence smiled, “what I don’t know,” he dropped the sac and slapped it forcefully. He liked the way it made his brother wince. He continued, “is why these are still here…”

Without a word Celeste changed for his brother and shivered when he felt Lawrence’s fingertips pull the newly formed lips apart, leaving his opening exposed and dripping.

Lawrence hummed, “You’re already wet? Here, in public? You like playing with fire, huh?”

Celeste turned his head and furrowed his brows, “You started it!”

Lawrence narrowed his eyes Bayan Escort and suddenly thrust two fingers into his brother. He gave him a wicked look, “Shall I stop?”

Celeste bit his lip and dropped his eyes.

“Good boy,” Lawrence praised his brother then leaned over and spoke softly to Connor as he worked his fingers in and out of Celeste’s cunt, “not too much. I don’t want him to come yet.”

Connor nodded still looking forward and rubbed the palm of his hand on the head of Celeste’s erection. Celeste’s legs spread slowly and he gripped the seat of his chair. Lawrence leaned back in his chair and listened to the meeting, leisurely fingering his brother. Celeste took careful breaths and hoped his face wasn’t giving anything away. His body was getting warmer the longer he was teased, and he shivered every time Lawrence curled his fingers or Connor randomly quickened his pace. He spread his legs more but bumped into both men’s knees. He felt Lawrence lift his leg and place it across his thigh and Connor, surprisingly, did the same thing. Now Celeste was completely splayed open and the vulnerable position made his pussy clench. Lawrence removed his fingers and Celeste blushed when he oozed pussy juice onto his chair.

“Colleagues,” Bartholomew’s deep voice rang out across the room.

Lawrence found Celeste’s marble sized clit and squeezed it. The action made Celeste yelp and Connor, startled, looked over.

Lawrence turned his head and smirked at Connor, “Now.”

Connor understood and quickened his pace, stroking Celeste’s leaking cock with stronger pulls. Lawrence began to assault Celeste’s clit, he alternated between swirling the tip of his still wet finger all around the head of the sensitive bud and pinching it to roll between his thumb and forefinger. Celeste gripped the chair tighter, his nails digging into the underside as his arousal increased. He had been edged for so long he was eager to ejaculate. While Connor stroked the medium sized dick he would bump into Lawrence’s hand and he smirked, knowing what his lover’s fingers were doing. Lawrence had told him how much it had turned him on to fondle Celeste’s clit, something about how large it was tapping into a kink the god didn’t know he had.

Connor removed his hand from Celeste’s cock and pushed two fingers inside of him. He leaned over and whispered, “I love how tight your pussy is,” he heard the god gasp and he smiled, “You’re leaving a puddle all over the chair.”

“On the floor too,” Lawrence was whispering on his other side, glancing at Connor past Celeste’s pretty flushed face, “if we were alone I’d have you lick that mess up.”

A warm thrill rushed through Celeste’s body, making his toes curl as a soft groan escaped his lips at hearing that. Lawrence, still close to Celeste turned his head slightly and looked at Bartholomew. Being gods it wasn’t difficult for either them to see each other despite the distance. The god of war cocked a brow, Connor and Lawrence being so close to Celeste looked suspect already, but then Lawrence winked at him and he saw Celeste’s head fall back and he knew exactly what was happening. He continued with his speech but narrowed his eyes briefly at Lawrence.

“Oh, Bartholomew has noticed,” Lawrence chuckled against Celeste’s cheek.

Celeste’s eyes shot open and he looked at his other brother, commanding the stage. The murderous look in his eye made Celeste moan in pleasure. His brother was incredibly sexy when he was angry.

“He wishes he could take my place I’m sure,” Lawrence whispered, his voice thick with arousal, “he’s told me just how much he wants to fuck you here,” he forced his two fingers inside Celeste’s slick opening beside Connor’s fingers. Both of them pushed as deep as they could in that awkward position feeling the inner walls flutter.

Celeste was panting now, caring less and less if they all got caught. His legs were trembling, his hands ached from gripping the chair so tightly, his nipples were as hard as rocks and he desperately wanted them to be sucked. He felt full, the four fingers inside his sex took up so much space that it only allowed for a bit of liquid to drizzle Escort out. His cock was bobbing, bouncing with each thrust of fingers and leaking copious amounts of precum down the shaft.

“Lawrence, you told me how much you liked sucking his clit,” Connor smiled, his lusty eyes boring into his lover’s jade.

“It was wonderful,” Lawrence resisted the urge to kiss Celeste’s cheek, “it was so hard and every lick made him gush,” he removed his fingers and now with more space the pussy flooded the seat and floor. Celeste whimpered.

“He tastes so good,” Connor began to scissor his fingers, “I could drink from his creamy cunt all day.”

Celeste bucked at the language and his eyes rolled back as he moaned. Lawrence’s eyes went a little wide, but his expression showed he was impressed.

With a heated look in his eye, Lawrence began to flick the clit, he liked that it was so hard it barely moved and the way the action practically made Celeste vibrate with pleasure, “Do you want to brother of mine? For us all to take turns drinking from your center?” He chuckled when Celeste rolled his hips and slipped down the chair a bit. He glanced back up at Bartholomew and almost laughed out loud when he saw how angry he looked.

“We don’t have to take turns lover,” Connor’s voice drew Lawrence’s attention back, “He leaks everywhere,” Connor saw a flash of fear as Celeste looked at him with pleading eyes and realized that Celeste didn’t want Lawrence to know that he could lactate. He took pity on him and didn’t continue. He pulled his fingers out and rubbed the opening as if to soothe it then he patted the lips. The gentle smacks made squishing noises, flinging clear liquid onto the god’s inner thighs as the now empty hole was free to leak continuously.

Lawrence risked a gentle nuzzle against Celeste’s ear, “I want you to come. Do it soon, before Bartholomew is finished,” he tweaked the clit before he started to stroke his finger up and down the length of it.

Connor, hearing Lawrence, took Celeste’s cock in hand once more. The entirety of it was wet as it had been dripping precum from the tip. Connor used the moisture as lube and started up a steady rhythm, stroking the erection with a sure grip. Lawrence continued teasing the clit, flicking the tip, rubbing the side, pinching the nub until he made Celeste whimper. He longed to get on his knees and lick that pleasure button again, pull it between his lips so he could feel it pulsate. He moaned against Celeste’s ear just thinking about it, “I want to taste you again. I need this in my mouth,” he quickened his motions, the flicking almost frantic now, “I want to suck it until you come,” he felt Connor begin to twist his hand as it went up and down the rigid arousal. Lawerence reached up with his free hand and grabbed his water glass, “I want to lick it while Bartholomew slams his cock into your hungry pussy and makes you his.”

Celeste came, tensing up as the images his brother spoke of conjured clearly in his mind. Connor aimed the god’s cock to the floor as cum was released from the tip in strong, jerking spurts. It mingled with the juice gushing from his gaping cunt, both hitting the floor with loud lewd splashes. Celeste lost his control on his voice and he let out a strangled cry that turned the heads of the gods in front of him. Lawrence stood, the tablecloth falling from his lap and overturned his glass. The water landed on Celeste’s lap and the floor, masking the sound his still squirting pussy was making.

“Oh shit!” He cried, “I’m so sorry!” He lifted his hands and looked around apologetically at the other gods, “I was clumsy.”

Some shrugged and one reached back to hand Lawrence his napkin before he turned back around like the rest had and focused on the meeting once more. Lawrence had taken the napkin with a grateful nod of his head before he sat back down. He tossed his long ponytail over his shoulder then crossed his legs and arms and gave Bartholomew a smug look. His brother took a deep breath and wrapped up his report. Once he had said the last line of his update he pointed towards the back of the room.

“Celeste!” the god of war practically growled his name.

His brother looked up, still panting, but a bit wary of Bartholomew’s tone.

“You will come to my office at the end of this.”

Lawrence smiled and Bartholomew narrowed his eyes at him and clarified, “Just you Celeste. We need to have a one on one.”

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