Caught On Video Ch. 02: Buddy Joins

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After graduation I eased into a lazy summer, hanging out with my buddy Ben, smoking weed and lounging around the pool. Today was no different. After being in the sun all afternoon, we head inside to cool off in my room. I lay on the bed playing games on my phone, while Ben sits in front of my computer clicking around the internet. “Where’s your porn stash on here?” he asks as he pokes around file folders on my computer.

“What makes you think I have one?” I say.

“Aha, here we go,” Ben says as he scrolls through a long list of videos and images I’ve collected over the years. “Wow, you’ve got it all. You must beat off constantly.”

Ben opens up a video featuring a stacked, older brunette — fake tits, skinny waste, wide hips and a fantastic round ass. He skips ahead to the action. She’s on her knees with a huge pornstar cock in each hand. Loud slurping and moaning booms out of the speakers as she gives a sloppy blowjob to one guy and strokes the other one. “Dude, turn it down,” I tell him. “My Mom is home.” He turns the volume down to a whisper and skips ahead to see one guy fucking the MILF from behind. The other guy has his fingers tangled in her hair, filling her eager mouth with his cock. In the shadows under my desk I notice Ben is rubbing himself through his shorts. I pretend to focus on my phone while my dick starts to twitch and tingle.

“She looks kinda like your Mom,” Ben says while skipping ahead in the video. I ignore the comment as the video continues to the end where the two guys stroke fast and hard, veins pulsing, on each side of the hot brunette. Ben leans back, obviously rubbing the length of his dick through his shorts. The first guy unloads thick ropes of cum across her upturned face. “Oh fuck yeah,” Ben says, “I want to bust my nut those tits.” I adjust my growing erection as the second guy adds more jizz to the messy facial. “You got more MILFs like that on here?”

“Probably.” I try to return my focus to my phone as Ben digs through my porn archives. He opens and closes a few images, quickly skipping around. Without me noticing he finds himself in what I thought was my hidden stash.

“Holy shit,” Ben says, “that is your Mom.”

“Stop!” I yell. He jumps ahead in the video I stole a few months ago. I shove him aside, knocking over the chair. I grab ahold of the mouse, frantically clicking, closing the video as my Mom wraps her lips around my Dad’s dick.

“Where the hell did you get that, you perv?” Ben asks.

My face is flushed, panic in my throat, I say, “I just found it. I don’t know.”

“So gross,” Ben says as I bat his hand away from the computer. “Let me see it again.”

“No way. You gotta go.”

“Just a little. Come on. What all do they do?”

I know he’s never going to give in. “Fine. Promise you won’t tell anyone?”

Ben chuckles. “What? That you jerk off to your Mom and Dad?”

“Forget it.”

“I’m sorry. I promise. Open it up.”

I look him over, pretending to be put out by the request. “Fine.” I start the familiar video again and plop back on the bed like it’s no big deal. My heart races as Ben gets back in the chair leaning in close to the screen.

“Oh wow” Ben says as my Mom’s full lips wrap around the head of my Dad’s cock. She swirls her tongue around the tip before going deep, holding him in her throat. “Oh man, I would…” A light knock on the bedroom door interrupts him. Ben closes the video swivels around with dumb grin on his face. The door opens just wide enough for my Mom’s head to poke inside.

“Hey Mom, what’s up?” I ask, a little shaky with adrenaline.

“Just saying hi,” my Mom says, eyes narrowed with suspicion. “What are you two doing in here?”

“Nothing,” I say, “just hanging out.”

“Alright then. I’m making dinner later. You’re welcome to join us, Ben.”

“Thanks, but I gotta head home,” Ben says. My Mom smiles, looks us over and closes the door.

A couple of days later I open the front door. Ben is standing there sweating and grinning. “What’s up?” he says as he enters the cool house. “Hot as balls out there, it’s pool time.”

“We getting high first?”

Ben holds up a plastic bag containing a few chunks of light green marijuana. “Damn right.” We both walk into the empty living room. “You been beating off to your Mom while she’s at work?”

“Shut up and pack a bowl.”

“I know I have.” He sets a colorful glass pipe on the coffee table and starts loading it with weed. “I’ve been dreaming of her slobbering all over my dick. And those tits. Just think when you were a little baby you got to suck on those titties all the time, num num num.”

“Fuck you, dude. What if I talked about your Mom like that?”

Ben finishes packing the pipe. “Go for it,” he says with a shrug, “She’s not hot. Kinda gross.” We both head for the backyard. “Make you a deal. You let me watch the whole video later, I’ll never bring it up again.”

Squinting, I look at his grinning mug as we step out into the sunny and sweltering backyard. “One time?” Topkapı Escort I ask.

“That’s it, but I may need some alone time afterward.”

“Gross.” We both laugh as I punch him in the arm.

“Here, light it up.” Ben hands me the pipe and a lighter. I inhale and spark the lighter, pulling the flame into the weed. It crackles as pungent smoke stings my throat and fills my lungs. I hold it in for a few seconds then exhale as a light feeling rolls into my head. A goofy smile spreads across my face as I pass the pipe to Ben.

I drift around the pool, laying on a cheap, inflatable raft, enjoying the buzz as it takes full effect. The weed and sunshine makes my brain fizz with images of my Mom’s mouth and pussy filled with cock. I think about her tits and all the glances at her cleavage I’ve been sneaking around the house. Ben’s bulge invades my daydream, too. The image of the thick ridge down the leg of his shorts has been slipping into my thoughts the last few days. I flip over, cooling off my swelling hardon in the water.

Ben and I dry off and head back inside, stoned and relaxed. I’m overly aware of the pulse in my prick, feeling exposed in my thin, damp trunks. In my room, without saying much, we both pull up a chair in front of my computer. I try to act like this this is no big deal, but my hand trembles, heart pounding as I open the video file I know so well. Ben leans in, eyes wide, ready for the show.

The video begins with my Mom stroking my Dad’s cock from his point-of-view. “That’s your Dad?” Ben asks. I nod. “He’s got a huge hog.” I squirm a bit as my dick starts to swell. Ben is transfixed as we both watch that cock slide in and out of my Mom’s mouth. She slowly pulls back and dives back down, nose buried in my Dad’s pubes. Ben adjusts himself, no way to hide what’s happening in those swim trunks. The horny, stoned fog blurs my thoughts. My dry mouth hangs open as the video streams by. A few minutes later my Mom is bent over, wagging her big ass. The handheld camera gets a little closer as my Dad rubs her pussy lips with his free hand, smearing her swollen clit with juices.

Ben lets a small moan slip as he leans back in his chair. His dick pushes on the top of his shorts, about to peak out from under the waistband. I lean back too, eyeing his hand as he squeezes his shaft through the fabric. His eyes remain glued to the screen.

Now the camera is even closer. My Dad pushes two fingers into my Mom’s pussy, slowly working them in and out with his thumb on her clit. I’m practically holding my breath, as my stoned brain spins. I squirm as the video shifts to my Dad’s cock sliding between her ass cheeks. Ben reaches a hand into his shorts to fondle his balls. My eyes dart back to the video when the swollen, shiny head of his prick pops free. Onscreen my Dad sinks his dick into my Mom’s perfect twat.

“Oh god,” Ben says. Eyes locked on the doggy-style fucking on the screen, he lifts his hips and slides his swim shorts down to base of his oozing dick. I don’t say a thing as he starts to stroke. After some nervous hesitation I push my shorts down, too. “Damn, your dick is big as your Dad’s,” he says.

I’m mesmerized by Ben’s hand working up and down his cock so close to my own. I just hold mine and watch Ben smear precum all over the tip of of his cock with his thumb. I start to stroke, working up to his pace.

My gaze returns to the video where my Mom lays on the bed, legs wide, rubbing her swollen pussy. The camera bounces over to her for a close-up of her fingers playing with her clit. Ben groans, “Your Mom is such a dirty slut.” The camera glides up her body, and she takes a moment to squeeze her big, soft tits together, tweaking her hard nipples while biting her bottom lip. She smiles and tells my Dad to fuck her pussy with that big, hot cock. She gasps as her tits begin to bounce. The frame bobs down her body to show my Dad’s cock plunging in and pulling out slow, plunging in, out slow, again and again.

Ben and I are right there with the action on screen, hypnotized, beating off to the same rhythm. Waves of pleasure run through my tightening balls. Ben stops to work his shorts down a little more so his big balls can flop out on the taught fabric. They bounce, as he resumes stroking vigorously.

In the video my Dad buries his cock as my Mom writhes, begging for his cum. Next to me Ben’s hips start to thrust up into his tight fist.

“Oh fuck,” Ben groans. My hand freezes, eyes wide as Ben’s first jet of cum spurts high onto his chest. It’s followed by grunting and three more thick shots across his belly. I stroke as fast as I can while his dick continues to dribble. My own orgasm bubbles up quick, cum flies up and splatters on my thigh then gushes onto my hand and pubes as I shudder.

My vision comes back into focus, our gooey dicks softening as we watch my Dad’s jizz flow out of my my Mom’s creamy pussy. Ben grabs a towel off of the floor and cleans himself up. He tosses the towel to me. “Thanks,” I say and start wiping up my mess. Topkapı Escort Bayan He yanks up his shorts, puts on his t-shirt and heads for the door.

“I gotta go, man. See ya later.”

“You’re not going to tell anyone are you?”

“No way,” Ben says.

That evening I lay on my bed, while forbidden images drift through my head — my Mom’s pussy, my buddy’s cock, sticky jizz. I’m just really horny, right? I’m not a pervert. I’m not gay, am I? I love tits and pussy, but Ben’s cum spewing onto his chest pushed me even higher.

My phone chimes as an email pops up. I look, it’s from my Mom, subject: Having fun? I don’t like the sound of that. I open it, and it’s just a video attachment. My heart races as I wait for the video to load. Fear and shock hit my gut when Ben and I fill the screen, shirtless, jerking off in front my computer. The camera is looking down at us from an angle. I scurry over to the bookcase next to my desk. Up high, next to an old soccer trophy, is a little black box the size of pack of cigarettes. I snatch it down, yanking out the power cord. I stare at the tiny lens. She’s spying on us?

Back on my phone I skip through the video and watch Ben and I cum. I even like watching myself get off, what’s wrong with me?

Hearing the low hum of our garage door opening I stomp through the house to find my Mom in the kitchen going through mail. She doesn’t look up when I drop the tiny camera on the counter. I bite my lip and clench my fist, staring at her as she smirks to herself, sunglasses perched on her head.

“Is your beat off buddy still here?” She asks, eyes raising to meet mine.

“You can’t spy on me, Mom.”

Her hand snaps up and grabs me by the jaw, pulling me closer with a mean glow in her eyes.

“You broke the rules here. Get Ben back over here,” she says, “We need to talk.”

I sit on the couch in our dimly lit living room, biting my lip raw, knee bouncing, embarrassment stooping my shoulder, while my Mom answers the door. Ben peaks around the corner and says, “Hey, man, what’s up?”

“Why don’t you have a seat, Ben,” my Mom says, directing him into the living room. He perches on the edge of the couch at the opposite end from me. He looks ready to bolt, glancing my way and back to her.

My Mom bends over, wearing gray yoga pants, giving us full view of her ass, while she grabs a remote below the TV. She straightens and turns to look at us, arms crossed under her large breasts covered in a tight, light-blue tank top. Stepping aside to give us a clear view of the large TV screen, she turns it on, and presses play on the remote.

Larger than life on the big screen Ben and I are beating off in the spy cam video. I cover my face with my hand. Ben stammers, “Where, where did you get that. That’s not. Stop it.” He reaches for the remote in my Mom’s hand. She pulls away and shoves him back towards the couch.

“Sit down,” she says. My Mom looms over him as he falls back onto the couch. She leans down and asks, “What were you beating off to, Ben?”

He squirms, not knowing where to look: my Mom’s accusing eyes, the copious cleavage on display, or the video of us whacking off.

“Just some porn,” Ben says, barely audible. Staying in his face she points the remote at the TV and raises the volume. We can hear the sound of my Mom moaning in the background. A few seconds later, in the video, we hear Ben call my Mom a dirty slut. She mutes the TV.

“Is that right, Ben?”

Ben shakes his head, not looking at her.

“You think I’m a dirty slut? Do I make your dick hard?”

“Leave him alone, Mom,” I say. “It’s my fault.”

“You’re right it is,” she says. “But Ben isn’t innocent here. He’s going to pay. Off with the shorts, Ben. I want to see it all.”

“What? I can’t do that,” Ben turns and says to me.

“Mom! Stop it.”

“Ben, I’m not fucking around. Look at me,” my Mom says. She lightly pats his cheek and smiles. “This is the price. Take it all off. Shorts, shirt, shoes. I want to see it all.” She looks back at the video silently playing on the big screen. “Oh, we’re getting to the good part.” She turns and perches the edge of the couch in between us.

We’re all watching the video as cum starts spewing from Ben’s cock with me not far behind. My Mom turns off the TV.

“Well Ben, I think we all enjoyed seeing that,” my Mom says, glancing at me. “Now I want to see the real thing, live and in person.”

We’re both frozen.

“Alright,” she says, “I’ve got two options for you. One, we sit here and wait until Todd gets home. Then we can watch this video again as a family.” Oh shit, I forgot my Dad gets back from his trip tonight. “Or you can do what I tell you and get those clothes off.”

Ben takes his shirt off. Sits there pretending that’s enough.

“Good. Stand here in front me,” she tells him. He gets up stands where she’s pointing. “Now the shorts.” He unbuttons his baggy, tan shorts and lets them fall, keeping his eyes Escort Topkapı on the carpet between us, looking skinny and nervous in his boxers. My Mom asks, “You feel exposed don’t you?” He nods. “Now imagine how I feel? You watched me suck my husband’s cock. You watched him fuck my pussy.”

My dick knows what’s going on here. I’m already getting hard. Ben isn’t so lucky.

“Take off your boxers, Ben,” my Mom says, calm, a little nicer now. He looks up at her, then me. He slides the gray striped underwear all the way down and steps out of the small pile of clothes, kicking off his shoes. “Nice job, Ben, you look great.” He doesn’t have much body hair except for a big bush of brown pubes above his limp dick. She pats my knee and says, “Stop staring at your buddy’s cock and join him up there.”

Oh no, what about this boner?

“Come on, you heard me. Same drill, all the clothes off.”

I stand up next to Ben as he covers himself with his hands. I take my shirt off, unbutton my jeans and slowly unzip the fly then push them down to my ankles. I feel weird standing there in my bulging boxers next to Ben. My Mom just raises an eyebrow and points. I drop my drawers, and my hard dick bounces into view. Remembering the tip of her tongue on the end it, makes it swell a little more with each pulse of blood.

My Mom slides off the couch and drops onto her knees in front of Ben and me. He starts to step back to make room, but before he gets far she stops him, lightly wrapping her fingers around his dick, giving him a gentle tug. She grabs me with her left hand, guiding us side-by-side in front of her.

“Ben, I want to see you in all your glory,” my Mom says while cupping his balls. “What’s it going take?”

“Uh, what?” Ben asks. I don’t think anything makes sense to him anymore.

My Mom lets go and pulls her tank top over her head, revealing her big tits held together tightly in a gray sports bra. “Does that help?” she asks.

Ben nods, taking full advantage of the invitation to ogle her chest. My dick is begging for contact, but I hold back. I have no idea how this plays out with Ben here.

My Mom stands up, turns around and bends over as she pushes her yoga pants down, peeling them off her wide hips and ass. Her light-blue panties start to slip off, too, but she stops at the top of her thighs and pulls them up. “Wouldn’t want Ben to think, I’m a slut,” she says as she finishes taking off her pants. Turning around, standing tall in her bra and panties, legs spread with hands on hips, she grins at us. “That seems to be working.”

We all look down at Ben’s cock, sticking out straight ahead, big, thick and proud. Like a loaded gun, he realizes it’s pointing right at my Mom. He grabs it and pulls it to the side, squeezing the head in his hand. Unable to resist I give my own cock a few light strokes.

“None of that, buster,” my Mom says, giving my stroking hand the sideways look. “You need to help out Ben first.” Ben and I lock eyes. Wait, what did she mean by that? “You two want to even the score with me? You’ll do what I say. Give your friend’s cock a little tug. It won’t hurt, I promise.”

“But mom,” I say, feeling like a whining little boy.

“What if I show you guys a little more?” she says while squeezing big handfuls of her bra-covered tits. “Ben, have you ever seen a woman lick her own nipples?”

Ben shakes his head as she reaches up under the sports bra, playing with her tits some more. He releases his dick and steps slightly closer to me. My heart pounds in my ears as I stare at his erection. It looks huge all of a sudden. I turn away and quickly grab it by the base, bristly pubes against the back of my hand. It feels hot and hard with a surprisingly spongey surface.

My Mom looks at me with a smirk and says, “Good, now stroke it.” She pulls the bra up over her head, letting her breasts swing free. I give Ben’s dick a few awkward jerks near the base. His entire body is tense, with his focus locked onto my Mom squeezing her fleshy tits together. One by one she lifts them and flicks her tongue across the hard nipple. “That’s it,” she says, “Nice, long strokes for your Mom.” Her encouragement coaxes my hand to run the full length of his cock. Touching the soft head feels like I’m breaking the last remaining rules. “Now why don’t you play with his big balls a bit.” I move my hand down and graze his sack with the tips of my fingers. They shrink away from me. I cup them in my palm. I can hear Ben’s breathing get slightly ragged. “There you go. Time you return the favor, don’t you think, Ben? Jerk off my son and I’ll show you my hot, wet pussy.”

Ben’s hand is on my dick, pulling my skin up and down the rock hard shaft fast and rough.

“Easy, not too fast,” my Mom says. My hand is back on his cock, our strokes now synchronized as she reaches into her panties and rubs her pussy in big circles. She moans. Pressure builds in my balls.

My Mom lays back on the couch with her legs together, straight up in the air, and slides her panties over her ass. Her plump pussy lips come into view, framed perfectly by her thick thighs. She reaches around and runs a finger down the middle of her swollen, shaved slit. She spreads her legs wide, rubs her clit back and forth to the speed of our mutual stroking and says, “On your knees, son.”

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32