Caught During my First Orgasm Pt. 02

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“Mind if I show you what I mean?”

The words hit me like a train, and I’m not sure if I’m hearing them correctly—but the look on Bianca’s face tells me I did. I smile with shaky lips.

“You’re cute when you get flustered,” she says.

Without thinking, I lean forward and kiss her. She makes a noise and pulls away, wide-eyed.

I turn my head away. “I—I’m sorry, I didn’t mean to—”

“It’s all good,” Bianca assures, “just didn’t expect that from you, Julie.”

I look toward her again hesitantly, and she holds my cheeks in her hands.

“Let’s try that again.” She pulls me in and our lips meet. This time, I can fully taste them—they taste like strawberries. My heart beats like hummingbird wings as she leans over me, and I can’t believe it’s really happening.

“This won’t change anything, will it?” I say in between kisses. “I don’t want things to be weird.”

“I won’t let things get weird if you don’t.” She pulls my head toward hers, and I moan into her lips.

Bianca and I are comfortable with each other—we’ve chatted about our kinks before, and about our sex lives. I recall lying awake at night some months prior, listening to Bianca and her now-ex girlfriend fucking, wishing that I had somebody to fuck too.

Bianca pulls away from my lips again. “What do you say we take this into my bedroom?”

At my nod, she reaches her arms under me and scoops me out of the chair. I know she goes to the gym, but I’m still amazed at the ease in which she carries me. I keep my legs crossed since I’m only wearing a shirt, and she keeps sneaking glances at my small bush peeking out.

She lays me down gently on her bed, which smells like her. She crawls over me and kisses me softly. Her lips feel perfect on mine, soft and sweet.

“You’re a bad girl, Julie, being naughty like that right out in the open.” She squeezes my breasts outside of my shirt with one hand, supporting herself on the bed with her other. I’ve never been talked to like that before, but it makes me burst with lust.

“I can be your bad girl,” I whisper, a little more confident than before.

“Not a chance.” She squeezes my nipple through my shirt and I squirm with a giggle.

“Why not?” I ask.

“Because you’re going to be my good girl. You’re going to do as I say, aren’t you?”

I giggle again, but she puts her hand over my mouth. Shit, she’s hot.

“Now that that’s cleared up,” Bianca says, “I want you to take off your shirt.”

“B-but,” I stamper, “I’m already half-naked, it’s your turn.”

She smirks. “Talking back to me, now? I want to see your pretty little tits. Go on.”

I take off my shirt. My nipples are already hard, and I can feel my juices flowing below me. Bianca takes in the view for a moment before leaning in, taking my nipple in her mouth. I moan as she sucks and licks it while pinching the other between her fingers.

“You taste good,” she whispers as she lifts up to kiss me again. She cups my breasts in both hands, squeezing them as she bites my lip.

I kiss her back and look at her with pleading eyes. “I want to see you.”

Bianca kisses me once more before pulling away. She reaches to the bottom of her shirt and pulls it up and off, revealing her navy blue sports bra. Casibom I reach up to try and take it off as well, but she grabs my wrists.

“Be patient,” she says.

I’m aching to see her bare, but I nod submissively. She bends over me again, holding me close as she puts her lips tenderly on mine. Despite being naked, this kiss feels more loving than sexual. That is, until I feel her fingers on my thigh.

My soft breaths turn to playful squeaks as Bianca’s fingers trail along my upper leg, rubbing back and forth. She slides her hand around my waist and under me and squeezes my ass.

“A-are you g-gonna go down on me or what?” I giggle.

Bianca simply smiles at me as she continues to stroke my skin. Without even touching it, I can feel my pussy getting wetter and wetter. I feel a drop dribble down to my asshole, and I squirm.

“You really want me to touch you, don’t you?” Bianca says.

I nod hard, staring up at her.

“You’re so cute, I can’t resist those eyes.” She squeezes the inside of my thigh, then moves her fingers upward. The pad of her index finger touches the top of my vulva, and she slowly slides it down with almost no pressure. She tickles the entrance, smirking at my gentle breaths.

I spread my legs wide for her, wanting so badly for Bianca to just shove her fingers in already, but she continues to tease me. She spreads my pussy lips apart with two fingers and licks her lips.

Finally, I can’t take it anymore. I sneak my hands to the back of her hand and pull her down toward me. Her tongue goes for my clit right away, and one of her fingers slides into me. I moan out sharply, my eyes rolling back.

Bianca knows what she’s doing. Her finger rubs my inside with expertise, curling and touching in all the right ways, making me moan out her name. She licks my clit with the tip of her tongue, each movement sending a jolt of electricity up my spine.

She takes her finger out and pushes her tongue into me. I yelp out in a mix of pleasure and surprise. It fills me in a different way than her finger, feeling more slimy and flexible. My pelvis moves up and down as she fucks me with her tongue, and my happy squeaks turn back into moans.

I lean my head back and squeeze my breasts. My underparts feel like heaven, and I forget where I am. I sigh out “Fuck” as Bianca pushes a finger back into me, licking my clit again as she curls her finger up and down.

“There you go,” whispers Bianca, “Moan for me. Louder, Julie.”

She pushes a second finger into me and nibbles down softly on my clit, and I do. I moan her name as loudly as the TV porn that blasted earlier. She pushes the pads of her fingers against the ceiling of my vagina as she licks me hard, and I can feel the finish approaching.

I squeeze my breasts and open my mouth wide as my moans become short and fast. Bianca finger-fucks me nonstop, even as her fingers become soaking wet with my juices. I arch my back up.

“That’s it,” she says, “Cum for me.”

I let out a gasp. “Yes, yes, fuck! Don’t stop—ah!”

I’ve had plenty of sex before, but nobody has ever made me cum. This time was different.

The orgasm comes hard. It crashes over me like a tsunami, and I suddenly find myself in a world of pleasure. Casibom Giriş Bianca’s fingers fuck me deep, and they feel tighter in me now. All I can hear is my own moans and pleads for her to keep going.

After what feels like a hundred years, the orgasm fades, and Bianca pulls away from me.

“Well?” she asks.

I can barely breathe, but I smile and nod. “Fuck, you’re good.”

Bianca leans over me to gently suck my nipples as I catch my breath, my hand resting on the back of her head. I bring my other fingers to behind her bra and gently tug at it. Bianca sits up and pulls it off of her, and her large breasts come free.

“They’re beautiful,” I whisper, reaching up to touch them. She lets me cup and squeeze them in my hands, and she lets out a soft moan. Bianca leans down to kiss me more, and our breasts push up against each other—I smile as I feel her hard nipples poking into my skin.

I bring my hands down her back as her tongue slides into my mouth. My fingers brush at the top of her pajama pants, and she lets me pull them down.

Bianca rolls us over so I’m suddenly on top.

“Your turn.”

I slowly move down her body, kissing every inch. Being on top feels strange, but I can’t deny I like the way Bianca looks up at me, wondering what my next move will be. I play with her nipples with my fingers as I kiss her belly, my heart racing in anticipation.

My lips reach her pubic hair. I bring my hand down to Bianca’s vulva and stroke her softly. I bring my lips down and kiss above her clit, smiling at how wet she’s making my fingers. I trail my tongue down, tickling her vulva as I rub her thighs.

I press harder with my tongue and Bianca moans out loud. I spread her pussy with my fingers and lick her clit softly with the tip of my tongue. I bring a finger to her vagina and push it inside—it’s warm, slick, and tight. I pump my finger in and out, kissing her clit.

Bianca holds my head down as my mouth works, keeping me going. My tongue is covered in her sweet taste, so I don’t complain. I slide a second finger into her and fuck her gently until she tells me to go harder, which I do.

I rub her inner walls as I lick her clit a little bit harder. I grip her thigh with my free hand as I listen to her moans. I find a rhythm, licking her clit in circles as my fingers pump in and out of Bianca.

Just as my tongue starts to get tired, I feel Bianca convulse. Her moans get louder, and she pulls my head even harder toward her. I force myself to keep going, wanting to bring her to where she had brought me.

“Fuck, Julie,” she sighs. She moves her hips up and down. “Fuck—”

She interjects herself with moans and gasps. Bianca’s juices flood my mouth as she moans my name, rubbing her pussy against my mouth. I don’t stop until she does, calming down and regaining her breath.

“And you say you’ve never fucked a girl before,” Bianca smiles.

“I have now,” I giggle.

She grins. “I’m usually done after one O, how do you feel?”

“I feel amazing.”

“Wanna go for a third?”

I nod eagerly. Bianca pushes herself off the bed and goes to her desk. She bends over, showing off her ass as she rummages around in a drawer. Taking something out, she closes the drawer Casibom Güncel Giriş and turns around.

I inhale audibly. Biana is holding a strapon—one bigger than any real dick I’ve taken before.

“You’ve done anal before, haven’t you?” she asks.


“Sounds fun, I’m out of lube, though…” Bianca frowns. “Next time.”

My mind lights up. Next time. This is going to happen again!

She puts on the harness, eying me with a lustful look in her eyes. I lie down on my back on the bed, but Bianca motions toward the floor. I push myself off of the bed and get on my hands and knees, my breath quick.

She pushes me down so that my head is against the floor and my ass is sticking out. Bianca slaps my ass hard, and I cry out in a blend of pain and pleasure. I feel the dildo poke against my skin, and I wish she had some lube—it’s been months since I’ve taken it in the ass.

I feel Bianca rub my pussy, and I let out a soft breath. Her fingers are replaced by the dildo, right outside of my hole. She lets me sit there in anticipation for a couple of seconds before finally she slowly slides it into me.

As the thick dildo fills me up, I forget about the thought of anal. It stretches me wide, penetrating me deeply. I moan into the floor, feeling completely content. I wish I could lie there forever, experiencing this pleasure nonstop.

And then Bianca starts thrusting back and forth.

It hurts a little at first—the friction almost feels like too much. But the pain quickly fades away and is replaced by a feeling of pure goodness. I feel powerless, my face on the floor and my pussy for Bianca’s to take, as she pumps in and out of me.

She squeezes my ass, then slaps it again. I moan her name, but I think my breaths are too quick for her to hear it. I close my eyes as she pounds into me from behind, filling me up deeply.

A small part of me wishes that she were a boy fucking me with a real dick, but she’s skilled enough that it barely matters. I reach one hand under me and rub my clit as Bianca makes me hers.

My knees feel weak. Bianca fucks me as hard as ever, and I can barely think. All I know is that I don’t want her to stop. I can hear her saying something lewd, but my brain doesn’t process it over the sheer pleasure she’s giving me.

“Ah!” I open my mouth wide as the feelings start to build up. Bianca’s dildo goes deep inside of me, over and over, each thrust sending bliss throughout my body and shivers up my spine.


She pounds me with the strapon, and my insides grip it tight. It’s so much, it’s too much, this can’t stop. Gasps and moans escape my lips. My mind can’t form thoughts or words.

With one final thrust, I’m sent over the edge. Bianca feels like heaven inside of me, and for a moment I forget it’s just a dildo. I cry out in euphoria as she keeps moving in and out of me.

She slaps my ass again and says, “Good girl.”

My orgasm dies down, and Bianca slows to a stop. I roll onto my back, sweating and exhausted. Bianca scoops me off the ground and lays me down on her bed gently, giving me a kiss as my eyes start to droop.

“N-no,” I say quietly as she goes to leave the room. “Stay with me.”

She smiles and returns to the bed, lying down next to me. I cuddle up close to her and she puts an arm around me, kissing the top of my head. She massages my back as I lie against her, all my energy gone. Getting out one last “Thank you,” my eyelids fall and sleep overtakes me.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32