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Adriana Chechik

I was working at my Granny Ella’s place getting rid of the same damn peppercorn trees I thought I had gotten rid of last year. So I got hold of a grub hoe and in a couple hours time the trees and roots were gone, never to return.

Hot, dusty and sweaty the one thing on my mind was a nice hot shower, well a cold drink would be nice too. The temp was ninety degrees with eighty per cent humidity and Granny Ella is walking towards me with a king size can of Coors.

“What a great job you have done Harold. Maybe I should have waited for a cooler day for this kind of work. But I really wanted to get this done.”

“Sit over here in the shade while you drink that beer. I am going over to Jena’s and will be back in a hour or so.”

I watched her stroll down the brick walkway. A light breeze played with her black skirt and my eyes followed that skirt down to her shapely legs and then to those black patent high heels that sparkled in the summer sun as they click clacked on the bricks.

I have had feelings about Granny Ella for the longest time. She is my moms mother and at seventy years old one would not believe it. I have always considered granny to be a “HOT” woman. Shoulder length dark brown hair; bright blue eyes that shone behind a pair of silver oval style glasses with the half-moons for reading. Ella is nicely breasted and those bosoms look great in that mauve blouse with the ruffles.

I think my interest in Granny Ella is due to her dressing.

When she used to ask me to come take care of the dogs, I would shower up and wear her skirt and blouse. I came across a wig at a yard sale that was close to her hair color and style. I could not believe my luck when I tried on her black patent heels with bows! they fit so nice, and there was something very allurring about their black glossy finish that got me quite aroused.

Granny Ella wore bifocals when she was out driving but if she stayed in the house she wore a pair of gold half-round style reading glasses that were hung from an eyeglass chain of small pearls. These glasses and beads for whatever reason got me very much turned on and I would use them to get off with as I wore my granny’s clothes. I had a sneaking suspicion a shrink would say, “You want to make love to your grandmother.”

Having showered and dried I looked for her half-glasses and found them. Then I dressed in her skirt and blouse, wearing black patent heels of course.

There I was, bringing my self off and right when I blew gobs of thick white love sauce, Granny walks in.

I felt so embarrassed I wish the room would have swallowed me up, gone forever. Rumor would have it I borrowed from the mob, and not paying back on time I am now part of a bridge support column.

Perhaps you have heard the ballad of the Edmund Fitz Gerald, a cargo ship that was lost in a hurricane, done by Gordon Light foot. There is a verse.

“When the waves turn the minutes to hours.”

The sticky situation I was in made that verse quite apt.

“Harold, please don’t feel embarrassed about this. I would much rather you have a desire or want for sex than not to. And you have not done anything wrong to begin with.

“I have known for a while that you have been, well getting rid of sexual stress. I still have the bra you came in and I know you like cumming my gold half-rounds, these.”

Granny pointed to her gold half-glasses covered thick in cum with a now spent cock hanging over them. She picked them up and licked them clean.

“I did not know about the cross dressing though, but I don’t mind.”

“Do you like this style Sefaköy Escort of glasses or the squarish gold pair”

“Any pair you have Granny is nice.”

“Have you done anything with these?”

“How could I? you always have them on.”

“Well I will do somethings with these in the next couple of days, something you will really like and I am flattered you would rather mess around with my things than a skin mag.”

Granny must have known the look on my face and said,

“I know you have wanted to, as the saying goes,”Jump her bones.” And I can understand that. You have never wanted a girl friend, you’d rather hang out with your Granny Ella and that is sweet. Clean up and I will get supper ready.”

Granny did not cook much in the summer, she saved her culinary skills for Fall Winter and Spring. On her way back from Jena’s she stopped at a well known Italian place for their great salad and two orders of macaroni; meatballs; sausage; and eggplant.

The lighting was soft and Granny’s piano played Chopin’s classics through a c.d. player hooked to the piano’s innards.

“Harold, would you mind having an honest talk with your granny? I love you and I would not hurt you but I feel there are things you may want to talk about.”

“Sure Granny.”

“Well, when I brought you that beer I saw you were very much aroused, was it me you were thinking of?”

“Yes, Granny I was thinking of you.”

“Why would you want your Granny instead of some young thing?”

“I know the way you dress has a lot to do with it.”

“Well, men have turned heads when I walk by, I guess that I have been thinking of you as being younger than you are. That is going to change.”

“Why do my half-glasses with the beaded eyeglass chain turn you on so?”

“Ya know Granny, I have thought of that and even I don’t know. BUT as people do not understand how music works, they still like it, right?”

“I would imagine most people like music.” replied Granny.

“Well, it is the same with me Granny, I just like the feeling of your various pairs of glasses down there and have fantasies about what it would be like to be touched down there by a woman I love.”

“You sound somewhat older than your age Harold and I like that. And to be honest I had thoughts about this when I saw that giant bulge in your shorts and having only done myself with a dildo, It could be nice to have something real there at times.”

“So what other glasses of mine have you enjoyed?”

“Your blue and the gold square ones.”

“Well guys have more fetishes than women do. I could satisfy your fetishes. You would love me to touch you with my half-glasses, silver ovals and patent black heels. What other fetishes do you have?”

“A few of them. Cumming in your bra’s and high heels when I am wearing your clothes and sometimes I would love to dress up like you and practice piano.”

Granny was flattered. The look in her eyes behind those silver oval glasses really mirrored her mood. I knew she was touched in a way she may not have given much consideration to.

“You would really like to be my lover Harold, would you not?”

“Yes Granny, thought of it for a long time, and how nice it could be. Frankly speaking were you not my Granny I’d marry you.”

Granny looked at Harold in a way she never had before. She had to consider many things here. He is twenty two years of age. Graduated H.S. with excellent grades. He works in a music shop and takes care of his financial responsibilities. In short he is no kid. He is a young man who granny feels is old Sefaköy Escort Bayan enough to start living life.

“Harold, for your kindness and love for your Granny Ella I have decided that you are old enough to start enjoying what an older woman can do for you. So let us clean up here and have a piano lesson and Harold you will sleep with Ella tonight. Not Granny Ella, just Ella. When others are around it will be Granny Ella or just Granny.”

So we cleared the table and put the tableware in the dishwasher and headed to her nine foot Baldwin Concert grand. I looked at Ella with more love and respect because she respected me as a man old enough to enjoy what a woman could do for me.

“Lets work on that etude, opus ten number three Harold. You play the melody and I will play the lower cleft.

“O.K. Ella, I just love that piece. I think Chopin wrote it when he was involved with George Sands who was actually a woman of French heritage. She had to take a mans name to get anywhere so far as writing was concerned. The relationship was stormy at times.

“How long have you known that?” Asked Ella in surprised voice.

“For about as long as I have been practicing his works,Ella.”

We worked on a few other pieces of music and Ella was quite impressed with my skills.

“Let us sit on the sofa, Harold.”

My eyes were glued to her rear end as she walked towards the sofa and I was getting turned on by the click clack of her heels on the hardwood floor. I sat next to her on the sofa and Ella says,

“How would you feel about living here with me?”

“That would be great, Ella.”

“You have no trouble just calling me Ella, do you?”

“No, not at all.”

“Well lets go to bed Harold.” Said Ella in a voice that expressed anticipation of fine things to cum.

I watched Ella strip and my eyes were mesmerized by her figure. I could hardly wait for things to start happening.

We were both up on her king size bed and she asks,

“Do you have any ideas about starting your role as my lover?”

“Yes actually I do.”

The light from her bedside lamp was reflected off her silver oval glasses and in my mind they became more erotic.

“I would need your gold half-glasses with the beaded chain, Ella.”

“Here they are, Some how I thought you might want these.”

So I started kissing Ella’s bosoms all around the aureola’s licking hard and fast or slow long and loving, savoring her feminine fragrance. This perfume was called Red Door.

I would grasp one of her bosoms and squeeze it tightly forcing the nipple to become redder and harder and gently bite it and suck it at the same time. Ella was really enjoying this.

Then I took her half-glasses and stretched out the eyeglass chain and holding the end of the chain and her glasses I started to move those beads past her nipple making it quiver. I would go slow than fast and at the same time lick or kiss her other nipple. Ella really enjoyed that.

“O.k. Harold, I want to do a few things here now and you really surprised me, you DO know about bosoms and nipples. They liked that.”

So Ella took off her silver ovals. And with them along with her gold half-round glasses started to touch me all over dragging her sexy ovals and her serious half-glasses over the hop of my cock and it was definitely increasing in size. From out of the air she had her patent black heels with her and started to touch me with them, oh that smooth black glossy leather for me is a real turn on and I loved it. Wanting to keep up with tradition I asked,

“Ella, Escort Sefaköy do you have these with the ankle straps?”

Her mouth was a gap with wonder and her blue eyes were shining behind those silver ovals.

“You mean the fuck-me pumps?”

“Yes Ella, the fuck-me pumps, do you have any?”

“No but I can get some, how is it you know about those?”

“Oh various movies Rocky mountain horror show was one or a name similar to it.”

“Well you know more than I thought, so stick your head up my muff.”

I had my head buried deep down and I started to lick her labia short an quick long an slow. alternating between the two. Sometimes I would suck upon her lips or gently nibble at them and Ella was moaning louder and making other mewing and oohing sounds.

I had a couple of things in mind here. I would finger fuck her than I would warm her up a bit more with the heel of her stiletto. So I stuck in my second and third fingers fucking her. She was getting nice and wet. I could hear her pussy juices slurping and sloshing and Ella is starting to work her hips a bit more.

I had already planned to tease her vagina with the heel of her stiletto. She did not know I had this. It was of course in black patent but unlike the shoes she wore earlier with a choppy two and a half inch heel, this had a four inch long slender heel and I slowly inserted it going back an forth gradually working it in deeper and deeper and as I did that I was licking the toe of said heel and Ella is uttering,”Yes yes it feels so good, Oh Harold cum on in!”

That sexy heel came out with a sexy suction like sound and yes I licked it clean, now I am going to do Ella.

I got on top and because my cock was hard as steel, it found its way in with no trouble as she was quite wet there anyways.

My hands were at her sides and I am looking intently at my grandmother I am going to do and does she look so hot and sexy. I thrust my self into her so hard my nuts were getting whip lashed.

“Don’t let my age keep you from slamming me real good, I can take the best one has to offer.

I did not worry about that as I knew what she wanted and what she expected. Ella wanted to be fucked good and hard like any woman who has not had it for some time.

Faster and faster harder and harder I went.I was feeling the pressure building up in my balls as I am making love to a woman I have always loved and wanted to love.

The head of my cock feels like the head of a giant mushroom getting flattened over from the constant pounding Ella’s getting.

I could feel her pussy juices slamming against my cock like the waves upon the hurricane wall, the sloshing and slurping as loud as the roaring ocean, releasing its pent up anger against that hurricane wall.

Suddenly, my balls were too full and hot to hold the cum under pressure and like that hurricane wall being assaulted by the mighty ocean, Ella’s Pussy and everything north of that was blown away with the force of Hurricane winds, blowing that hot thick white cum way up into her.

“Oh Harold what did you do to Ella? You made me feel better than I have felt in a long time! It is going to be wonderful having you live with me and Though I will only want this three or four times a week, I will take care of your needs so far as fetishism is concerned.

We stayed in bed for awhile after talking about how good it was. I told Ella,

“This was my first time Ella, and I am so glad I made it with a real lady.”

“Well that is so nice, you are now starting to live! and I am glad the experience was with a woman you love.”

“Harold, if you can play piano the way you made love to Ella, you will be a concert pianist.”

We got up and went back to the kitchen as there was some apple pie in the fridge. After we warmed it in the toaster oven that pie satisfied the munchies just fine.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32