Catharsis Ch. 00

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Author’s note- This is a fictionalization of my older sister’s biography as she told me the story years later. I am uncertain which category the tale will find itself placed in. This is what I think the story is about – a nineteen-year-old woman showing off her body and having very nasty and semi-rough consensual group sex.

Except for a few non-sexual references that set the initial scene in these notes, all the events depicted herein are of legal adults aged eighteen or over. In fact, it was my sister’s eighteenth birthday that set our story in motion.

The three of us kids had been raised by two non-functional alcoholics. Grandpa had money, he paid the household bills and for maids and what-not. Our big brother Hugh, who had been one the few kind people in my life left to go to college when I was thirteen. Shortly thereafter, I practically – although not legally, moved in with my best friend from school — Lisa, escaping the insanity of my own house.

Three years later — on her eighteenth birthday, grandpa’s attorney came to see my sister Monica. She left the house with him — then called me for a favor from his office. We drove her to the bus station, she hugged me, said goodbye, left town and never returned. I did not speak to her again for more than five years. The attorney’s side of their conversation was easy to recount. It was the same two years later for me.


“As of this morning,” the attorney said, as we sat at the kitchen table, and he slowly handed me forms and explained each one before going on to the next. “You can legally sign the documents here. This first one transfers a one-third share of the ‘Contessa’ to you, your brother Hugh holds a third and I am trustee of the other third which are held by your sister Jamie.

“This document, it has to be signed six places, here… And here, transfers to your control two bank accounts, two investment accounts and annuity and a life insurance policy. These two, they don’t have to be signed, are copies of your grandparent’s life insurance policies. This is a copy of the individual life estates they hold on the ‘Contessa.’ This is the title to the Cadillac outside, it is held by your grandmother — you will want to keep it that way for insurance purposes, here is the policy. Here are the keys. You are listed here, on the title, as TOD.”

He was doing his job, and knowing my grandfather’s thoroughness, doing it well. I waited politely, listened and then asked him the only question I really had.

“So, I am eighteen, an adult, free… No stipulations… I can just get up and go?”

“Yes,” he said, “if you would like, we could look at what rental properties are available until the end of the school year so that you could finish up and get on to college in the fall.”

I said yes to his offer, although I didn’t have any intention of following through with my promise.

“I’ll be back in a minute,” I said running down the hallway to my room.

I lied, it probably took three minutes to grab everything I wanted and throw it in a duffle bag and come back out to the kitchen. My life was calling – I was ready to leave.

He offered to show me my new car, a black 1975 Cadillac Deville. Rather than telling him that I didn’t know how to drive, that nobody had ever taught me. That I had never had so much as an actual boyfriend through eighteen pathetic years of life. I let him drive me back to his office where I called Jamie.

She had Lisa’s big brother George come out and drive me to the bus station where I bought a ticket for Lubbock. I told George to go ahead and use the car until I came back for it. As it turned out that would be quite a while.

One Year Later

I had planned on going to Texas Tech University, but they wanted a high school diploma, or at least passing grades and senior standing in high school. Grandpa probably would have leaned on someone if I had asked him to, but I was still really pissed at him and grandma. Today I really feel guilty about that, but they knew what life was like Eskort Bayan at home and they enabled it without raising a finger to change it.

I wasn’t a fucking university student, but I was fucking a university professor of art. John was ten years older than me and he was definitely “warm for my form.” I grew my red hair long on my head while shaving it from my pubes because he liked it that way. There are other, much kinkier things that I do because John “likes it that way.”

He liked it that I fucked other men and told him about it. As I think about it that might be why he is a professor of Art rather than a painter or sculptor. Artists work in media themselves, they take pleasure from their own efforts. Professors watch others and comment on their effort.

He liked to listen to me recount the sex he wasn’t getting from me, I guess it takes all kinds. He didn’t get me involved in this…

“Dear Lord, lead us not into temptation,

For we can surely find it all by ourselves…”

I found it on my own, but he chose me because it excited him.

I always “go-commando” and on that night was dressed like a little “ginger-slut,” a short miniskirt that intermittently, momentarily displayed my “assets.” I was at a bar in the “Tech-ghetto,” near campus. I was a little turned on knowing that there were many male, and a few female, eyes on me.

I made a point to move in a way that very quickly provided little flashes of pussy to the handsomer students there that night. It didn’t matter if they were accompanied or not, it was 1976 after all, not the stone ages. On more than one occasion I have been picked up by a couple, and while I fall more on the hetero end of the spectrum, I have no issue giving or receiving it with another lady.

That is what happened that night, an older couple asked me to join them. They were both faculty at Tech. Normally I lied and said that I was a student, but that was a negative with faculty. So, I told a short version of the truth. Both seemed nice and they both, but especially she, were really looking at me. Checking me out.

She announced that she had to “use the ladies’ room,” and I joined her. He patted my ass gently as I left the table and I blew him a kiss in response. As we walked, she asked me in a whisper what it felt like to wear a mini in public without “undies.”

I nearly laughed at the word. I said, “just a sec,” and as we walked into the bathroom, I placed her hand on my twat. It was damp.

She started to stoke me, but I said, “not in the bathroom. Later, in a bed. Take yours off and see how liberating it is.”

She looked at me and she smiled.

“Come on,” I said. “Do it.”

When we returned John had joined her husband – Melvin as it turned out, at the table. We sat boy — girl — boy — girl and managed in casual conversation to let it “slip” that I had talked Penny – as it turned out, to join me in the “just say no to undies movement.” As I had suspected Melvin had seen my denuded slit earlier. So, he was totally enthralled by the prospect of Penny being “bare down there.”

She slowly lifted her skirt as she sat between them and offered them a glimpse. Then we all had another drink and introduced ourselves to each other. John invited a young man who was at the bar to join us. Larry said he had seen my show, which John called “deliciously slutty.” I wasn’t certain what to think, it wasn’t wise, but I went home with all of them — not to Penny and Melvin’s as I expected to, but to John’s.

Penny and I repeated my performance on the way out of the bar. Larry fondled Penny’s thigh right in front of Melvin and began stroking her bare crotch. Getting into Melvin’s car I spread my legs wide for him and John to see. John lifted my miniskirt up to my waist exposing my shorn pussy lips.

“You, Monica, are a slut,” Melvin said as he pushed his saliva moistened finger into my vagina. “I like sluts.”

I love that wonderful feeling when I start to juice hard. I could feel my heart race as it pumped blood down between my legs to get me ready. I was a “slut.” Moreover, I loved being a “slut.” I was going to be fucked by two, maybe three men, maybe Penny too, tonight at their house. Then I would go get strong coffee and a greasy breakfast in the morning.

Melvin said, “I’m going to fuck you right here in the parking lot.” He said it in a normal tone of voice right in front of everyone – his wife, John, Larry and a couple of innocent pedestrians. John said that he would drive Penny to his place – it was the closest. I said not on the filthy asphalt, but I’d do everyone on a proper bed — I even invited the pedestrians who quickly made their exit.

I was dragged into Melvin’s backseat by Larry and unsteady I dropped to its carpeted floor. Melvin drove us quickly to John’s apartment. Larry was young, only a couple years older than I was at the time. He wasn’t smooth and his technique was rough as he finger-fucked me in the backseat. I whimpered and felt like the consummate slut and that just turned me on even more.

Melvin parked the car on the street and Larry helped me to my feet. Penny was holding her longer skirt up on the stairs to John’s apartment so that everyone could see her cunny. I went ahead of Melvin and Larry and gave them a pussy show as well. It was a little bit of a rough area, but we had three bodyguards, and I was young and stupid.

(It touched me the next morning when John, in a completely non-judgmental way told me that while he loved my sexy antics, and that he wanted to see me again, I wasn’t being very safe. That I didn’t know any of them, they were all okay, but that I should protect myself. That I should be young and crazy and have fun, but to always leave myself an out in whatever I did.)

As I waited for John to open the door, I felt fingers probing me. I spread a little to allow them inside of me. It was Penny, the three men went wild when we entered the apartment and Penny and I got onto the kitchen floor and finger-fucked one another with gusto, So hard in fact that she got pushed back into the next room and began to whimper just as I had earlier.

They got even more turned on feeling my sloppy slit and Penny’s. It was live we were the two biggest whores on earth. All three of them were soon naked with their cocks in their hands. Penny eagerly began sucking on Melvin’s while I knelt taking first John and then Larry as they stood on either side of me. It was sort of a competition — but where Penny had eight or so years on me — I was not going to be outdone.

I felt so hot, like I controlled the whole world. Even Melvin was looking at me as his wife fellated him. John reached down and raised my top and began to play with my smallish but very pointy and perky tits. He was gentle, but Larry played with them rather roughly. Then Larry reached down and removed my miniskirt so that I was completely naked.

John took two steps to Penny and removed her blouse. Penny’s bust was considerably larger than mine and it needed the support garment that she was wearing. I rarely wear one. In a moment Penny was also fully exposed. Melvin bent her over the kitchen counter and John started putting his fingers in her mouth as Melvin took his and moved lubricant from her cunt to his penis.

Larry helped me up and bent me over the same counter so that I was face to face with Penny. John pushed our heads towards one another, and I took his hint and kissed her on the lips. An hour after I was first fingered, I had scored a kiss. Larry was pushing multiple digits inside of me. His technique was rough and left a lot to be desired, but I came for the first time that night.

What happened, Penny said breaking our kiss and smiling at me, “I came,” I said meekly.

“You came, slut?” Melvin said in mock disapproval.

“Yes, sir,” I said. Even more meekly, if that were possible, picking up on his tone.

“She came?” Penny said, as if disgusted.

“Yes, sir,” I said, “this little fuck-slut came.”

The dialog was getting me close to coming again.

“What did he do to make you come?” John said.

“He fingered my slut-hole,” I said, again very meekly.

“Would the slut enjoy his whole hand?” Melvin said.

“Yes, sir, please fist this slut, sir,” I said.

Penny came as I said that, apparently enjoying Melvin’s penis.

Larry did as requested. He replaced three digits with five while continuing to work very hard on my cunt. The combined effect of his hand, Penny’s mouth, John’s occasional push on the back of my head and the nasty dialog – as all three men and occasionally Penny told me what a wanton and disgusting slut I was — made me come twice more before Penny came again.

After she came again Melvin put a dog collar on his wife’s neck and led her on a leash around the kitchen on all fours. I was helped down on the floor, made to spread my legs real wide. Then Penny came to me, being led on the leash and she begged to be allowed to remove the proceeds from my nasty disgusting hole. That was just too much for me and I might have come again without any stimulation at all.

Of course, I got plenty of stimulation moments later so my memory of the timing of that particular orgasm might be off, I did have two more that night before I either fell asleep or passed out in Penny’s arms.

One of the men got behind her as she ate me tenderly. My eyes were closed, and I was focused on the feelings between my legs. He slammed and slammed and slammed his cock up into her. I felt each thrust travel through her body terminating in a movement of her tongue in my wet and spread open pussy. She let out a scream but continued eating me, soon my slutty new girlfriend began to come.

It was John speaking, “Look at her, the way she comes.”

“Yeah,” Melvin said, “she comes if you just touch her—”

I heard Penny scream again,

“There,” said Melvin.

He then took a long neck beer bottle and began pushing it up inside of her. Into her well fucked hole. Penny cooperated, ground her ass around and pushed back onto it. Soon the bottle was all the way in. John applauded.

“I don’t get one?” I said softly but sadly.

Larry and John cheered my response and Larry found a stubbier one for my wanton slut-hole to devour. It made me feel immensely powerful that I could please the men so. Larry pushed the bottle into my cunt, and I ground my ass around just like Penny had. It was a steinie type and harder to get in, but with a little force Larry got it all the way inside my well lubricated orifice.

My hole was stretched to the limit and it felt so very good. As Melvin lubed his fingers with his wife’s pussy juice and began to finger her ass hole, she crawled over on top of me. On his hands and knees, he followed her and soon he had the fingers from his other hand up in my rectum. Penny was lying on top of me moaning and kissing me as Larry bottle-fucked both of as. Melvin finger-fucked our asses and John watched.

We both came which elicited more verbal commentary about what sluts we both were, and that made us sluttier and hotter. I was a beautiful cycle. Eventually Melvin got hard enough to penetrate her ass and removing his fingers from me he climbed atop Penny, squishing me underneath both as he sodomized her.

Trapped by their weight I felt every thrust until he ejaculated and rolled off her. I heard the door close and John informed me that Larry had to go get some sleep before early classes. College looked like fun but leaving an orgy for sleep. Well, I was just glad that I didn’t have a set schedule to adhere to.

John helped me up and I stood in Penny and Melvin’s kitchen with cum running down my legs. John said that I was “absolutely beautiful.” Damn, I thought, this guy might be weird enough for me. With some effort I walked into the bathroom and went pee. John followed me in. So, I gave him a blow job as I sat, and he stood in front of me. I almost had him over the edge when Melvin walked in.

“You guys about done, I got to… Oh fuck it.” He said, and then peed in the bathtub.

“Almost,” said John, “she can do you next.”

“Really,” Melvin said, looking at me.

Without breaking contact with John’s penis, I nodded in the affirmative as I slid my lips up and down his shaft.

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