Catalyst Pt. 02

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I woke up Saturday morning feeling very refreshed and satisfied. The weather was sunny and cool, but would be getting hotter later in the day. As I poured some coffee I replayed the events from the night before in my mind, trying to come to grips with what had happened. Rich had left early to go golfing with some friends, and there was no sign of Jenna. I made some toast and then changed into some work clothes. I was just getting started on my gardening in the back yard when Jenna poked her head out of the sliding glass door.

“Hey, Mom.”

I looked around and saw her, and giving her a smile said, “Hey, good morning, sweetheart.”

She smiled back at me and said, “I’m going to go for a run.”

“Ok, sounds good, be safe.”

She smiled again and closed the door behind her. As I began to pull weeds and tend to my flowers I tried not to overanalyze our brief exchange. Were Jenna and I ok, after last night’s events? It felt like there was more we needed to talk about, but I didn’t want to stop what I was doing, and didn’t want to hold her up from her run.

I worked in the backyard for about an hour, and then went inside to wash my hands and get a drink. As I stood at the kitchen sink sipping some ice water, Jenna came down the hall, fresh from the shower.

“How was your run?”

“Good. Did a little over 5 miles, was such a beautiful morning.”

“What do you have planned for the day?”

“Not much. I need to get caught up on my summer school reading and classwork… I may hang out with Leo again later. Kinda depends on what I feel like doing.”

I nodded, and then composed myself, took a deep breath, and said, “Honey, are we… are we ok, after last night? I’m just concerned that…”

Her laughing stopped me in mid-sentence, and I said, “What?”

She gave me a big smile and said, “Mom, you are such a worrywart. Of course we’re ok, I thought last night was a lot of fun. It’s no big deal, honest.”

“Ok… well I’m glad you feel that way about it… I just feel like we may have stepped over the line last night, and if so, then…”

She was laughing again. I said, “Aren’t you the least bit concerned over what might happen if people find out about what we did last night?”

“No, not really… I’ve actually met a few people at college this last year that have experience with family members. Some good, some bad. Either way it’s not something I would ever talk about with someone I didn’t trust. But we’re all mature, consenting adults, Mom. I don’t have the same outdated notions about sex that you do. To be honest, I feel a lot closer to Dad now, since he and I started messing around. It’s like a whole new level of understanding, a deeper relationship, kinda. It’s hard to describe. But yes. I’m definitely ok with all of it.”

Surprised, it took me a moment to respond. I nodded and said, “Ok, I’m glad. That makes me feel a lot better. Your Dad and I… we used to have quite a bit of fun, with other people. I know he misses it, and I do too. Work has… kind of taken over my life, sad to say.”

“Yeah, Dad told me about some of the things you guys used to do. You kept it all pretty well hidden. I had no idea you were bisexual, I actually think that’s actually kinda cool. And… kinky.”

I blushed and said, “Oh… well… thank you, I guess! I didn’t realize Dad had told you about all those things.”

“He did. It sounds like a lot of fun. I’ve had some experiences with some of my friends at college, especially with Lauren, second semester of my freshman year. Being with her convinced me that I enjoy women as much as men.”

It was like a lightbulb going off in my mind, hearing her talk about being with another woman. That answered one of the lingering questions in my mind. I took another deep breath and said, “Yes. There is something special, almost more intimate, being with a woman.”

“Yes, definitely.”

We stood there, looking at each other in silence for a few moments, both of us looking for a sign, a signal to go further.

I broke the ice, and said, “It certainly was very arousing to me to see your Dad and you last night… kind of blew my mind seeing him inside you… watching you both.”

She grinned again and replied, “I was going to say the same thing about watching Dad eat you and then watching him inside you. Very hot. I didn’t realize you shaved everything off. How do you not get ingrown hairs in front?”

I laughed and said, “I get waxed every month, usually just after my period is over. Been doing that for years.”

“I’ve wondered about giving that a try… shaving is ok, but it’s kind of a pain. Is getting waxed as painful as some people tell me?”

“It is, at first, but you get used to it. I take some pain relief pills before I go in, and that helps… as does having a couple glasses of wine afterwards. To me, it’s worth it. And once my hair starts to grow back, I scrub with a skin exfoliant every time I shower, to avoid the ingrown hairs.”

“Do you have to scrub all around your… around your pussy, or just in front?”

“Just the area in front.”

She thought for a few porno videolar moments, and said, “You look… really smooth.”

“Thanks… I got waxed a few days ago, I usually go at lunchtime or when I have an hour or two. The lady that does me is very efficient, it usually doesn’t take long.”

“I bet Dad loves it.”

“He definitely does.” I paused and took a deep breath before I said my next sentence, “It also makes a difference when you’re eating a woman, there’s no hairs to mess with, no scratchy stubble. I still remember the first time I ate a woman who was waxed. It was… incredible.”

I kept my eyes locked onto hers, despite the growing nervousness within me. I had given her as clear of a signal as I could; would she take it?

She smiled nervously back at me, and said, “I would… definitely like to try that. It sounds really… fun.”

We stared at each other, hiding our desires behind our smiles. I broke the ice again and said, “I’m going to go take a shower…” I swallowed hard and continued, “Maybe, afterwards…”

She nodded and we smiled again at each other, releasing some of the tension out of the conversation. I finished my water and walked into our bedroom, trembling with nervous excitement, making sure to leave the door to the bedroom open. I undressed, leaving my clothes in a pile on the floor, noticing that the crotch of my panties was damp.

I was quivering as I stepped into the shower, unsure of what was next. I tried not to rush, but found myself hurriedly washing my hair and skipping the conditioner. I soaped up as quickly as I could, and gave myself a cursory rinse before turning the water off. I dried myself off and hung the towel on the rack. Looking in the mirror, I asked, Am I really going to do this? I took a deep breath and stepped into the bedroom.

Jenna was sitting on Rich’s side of the bed, completely naked, waiting for me. She looked up when I stepped out of the bathroom and gave me another nervous smile. In her eyes I could tell she wasn’t sure what to do, so I smiled and got onto the bed and patted the spot where I wanted her to lay. She immediately moved into the middle of the bed and laid back. Touching her warm, soft, smooth skin sent an electric thrill through me that I still remember vividly. I kissed her breasts and took each nipple in my mouth, causing her to gasp and moan. I kissed my way down her stomach to her thighs, and she slowly spread her legs apart for me. I took a few moments to caress her thighs and kiss them before settling in between her legs.

Her scent was intoxicating, and there was a large drop of her wetness oozing out from between her outer lips. I reached up and spread her lips apart, seeing her small, pink inner lips glistening with wetness, the large drop sliding down to the base of her tight pussy. I inhaled her scent deeply one more time, then used my tongue to scoop up in between her lips.

The taste was magical. Electrifying. Sugary sweet, delicately feminine. She gasped and gently writhed as I savored her flavor on my tongue, eager for more. I took my time exploring her sweet little pussy, giving her clit pleasure while also dipping my tongue inside of her. I had wanted something like this so bad, for so long; the taste of a woman, the feel of a woman’s pussy wrapped around my tongue. It was satisfying a deep need within me, even as I pushed aside the thought that this was my daughter. She was incredibly tight, something I’m sure Rich loved about her. I fleetingly thought about how I used to be that tight, before I had three kids. Still, none of the guys I had been with had complained, so…

I continued to pleasure her, allowing my hands to caress up and down her legs, gently stroke her stomach and breasts, paying special attention to her nipples. Her moans of pleasure got louder and longer, and I knew I was building her up to an orgasm. For a minute I thought about backing off, so that I could enjoy eating her a bit longer, and then had the realization that I would have all summer to enjoy her pussy, in multiple different ways.

I focused my tongue on her clit and quickened my pace, causing her to writhe harder on the bed and cry out as she orgasmed, each wave of pleasure accentuated by a loud moan and an occasional “yes… fuck yes…”

As her orgasm subsided I pulled back and sat up on my knees, watching her. She laid there for a few minutes, eyes closed, a satisfied smile on her lips. Then she opened her eyes and said, “Wow… just wow… Dad said you were really good… but… wow… that was the best oral I’ve ever had… ever… from a guy or a girl… wow.”

I smiled and said, “Good! I’m glad. I really enjoyed it, too. I can see why Dad was so excited to enjoy that green thong of yours.”

She laughed and said, “That was all an accident, by the way. I never meant for that to happen.”

I smiled and laid down next to her, pulling the comforter over us. I said, “So tell me how you and Dad got started… I picked up on something going on between you two, but you both did a great job of hiding it from me, porno video izle at least in the beginning.”

“Well… it started out kinda harmless, at first. He tried to apologize again, and I told him it was no big deal, that I took it as a compliment and thought it was kind of kinky. He thought it was kinky too, and asked if I’d let him enjoy another pair. I said of course. I gave him the next pair I took off, instead of putting them in the dirty laundry.

Then he asked if he could have a peek of me in my thongs, and I said sure. At one point I gave him a peek of me in a red g-string, which he really liked. I took a chance and asked if he wanted me to give him the thong right now, and he said yes. So I did. It was really kinky for both of us. Then I asked him if he wanted me to keep giving him thongs, or if he wanted to enjoy the real thing. So that led to him eating me out. I wanted to reciprocate so I sucked his dick. From there we just… started fucking.”

Listening to Jenna talk about it had gotten me aroused, and based on how hard her nipples had gotten, I could tell she was turned on as well. At that moment we heard Rich come home. I said, “Let’s just stay right here and see if we can blow his mind.”

She grinned and said yes. I heard Rich call out, “Jackie! Are you home?”

I smiled at Jenna and said, “We’re in here.”

A few moments later he stepped into the bedroom and froze as he saw his wife and his daughter, both naked in bed together. At first he was speechless, and then said, “So… so… um… you two… and… and… did you… um… uh…”

I smiled and said, “You look sweaty and gross. Go take a shower, then you may come and please us.”

His face was one of utter disbelief, and he continued to stand there, motionless. Jenna spoke up and said, “Go shower, Daddy, so we can play.”

He blew out a deep breath and immediately began peeling his clothes off of him, his cock already growing hard as he stepped into the bathroom and turned on the shower. Jenna and I both laughed at him and then turned toward each other. I said, “Are you sure you’re ready for this?”

She smiled back and said, “I was going to ask you that.”

I laughed, then asked, “How would you feel… about kissing?”

She looked me in the eyes, and said, “I think I’d like that, a lot.”

I moved my lips towards hers and felt her move closer to me. We kissed softly, gently, tentatively, at first, then more passionate, our tongues finding each other as our mouths opened and we began to kiss deeply. Jenna’s tongue was soft, nimble, gently darting out to touch my tongue and lips. It was incredibly arousing and yet bizarre at the same time, to be doing this with my daughter. But that thought didn’t stop me.

We kissed for a few more minutes, our hands roving over each other’s bodies, caressing, squeezing, and then Jenna broke away and sat up, pushing the comforter off of us. She gently pulled my legs apart, and I spread them wider to allow her to get in between my thighs, my eyes locked with hers as she moved down and began eating me. It was not lost on me that the first thing Rich would see when he came out of the bathroom was Jenna’s ass. As I heard the shower turn off and the sounds of Rich drying off, I closed my eyes and gave in to the pleasure of Jenna’s tongue.

A loud moan from her caused me to open my eyes. Rich was behind her, eating her pussy, causing her to twitch and groan, even as she tried to concentrate on giving me pleasure. After a few moments he stood up and our eyes met. He gave me a knowing look and then took his rock-hard cock and slowly entered Jenna, who, upon being penetrated, stopped eating me, looked around at Rich, and moaned loudly as his cock split apart her tight pussy.

Rich gasped as he pushed the last few inches of his cock into her, and then immediately began to slide in and out of her, causing Jenna to moan and shudder again. She turned her head back and our eyes met, but her eyes seemed unfocused, the pleasure of her father’s cock temporarily overwhelming her other senses. Eventually she focused on me and gave me a brief smile before her mouth opened and she gasped again as Rich began fucking her harder and deeper.

Rich was focused on watching his cock glide in and out of Jenna, but looked up and smiled. I knew he was thinking about the same thing I was — how much we enjoyed having another woman to share, how many times we had been in this position with Susan, or another woman; and how we both knew how much I enjoyed being the woman in the middle, pleasuring and being pleasured at the same time.

Jenna’s desperate orgasmic cries brought me back to the present, and I watched as her body quivered with pleasure, Rich not letting up on pumping her as she came. She was spent and so I had her lay down while I told Rich to lay on his back so I could ride him. He got onto the bed and laid down, and I immediately began sucking his dick, thoroughly enjoying the taste of Jenna’s sweet pussy coating his shaft and balls. Jenna was laying on her stomach, less than a foot porno video away, watching everything, a look of fascination on her face.

As soon as I had licked up every drop of her wetness, I got up and straddled him, reaching behind me to guide his cock into my pussy. I sank down on him and heard him mutter, “Fuck yes…” and took that as my cue to begin grinding on him hard. Jenna’s tongue had worked me up into a state of high arousal. I fought off my orgasm several times, wanting to enjoy riding Rich’s cock, but eventually gave in and came hard.

Rich let me rest a few moments before tapping me gently on the thigh, his sign to me to slide off of him. I did, and he took a pillow and slid it under Jenna’s stomach and thighs, and then got between her legs and slid his cock, dripping wet with my juices, back into Jenna. It is impossible to describe how amazingly erotic it was to watch Rich slowly pump his daughter from behind, his eyes closed, head back, her eyes closed, head down.

He began to thrust deeper and I knew he was working up to an orgasm. Jenna moaned loudly and looked back at him. He lowered his head and leaned forward, kissing her passionately as he continued to fuck her. She said, “Are you going to cum in me again, Daddy?”

“Yes… yes… soon… would you like that, sweetheart?”

“Yes… yes, Daddy.”

Watching Rich cum inside Jenna was so amazing that it almost made me orgasm. Based on his facial expression and body movements, he was shooting a massive load inside of her. Her head was down, eyes closed, mouth open, breathing raggedly as he filled her with his cum. Rich held himself inside Jenna for a long time; then eventually slid off of her and took the pillow out from under her, laying on his back in between Jenna and I.

We must have all drifted off, because when I looked at the clock on the wall, almost 40 minutes had passed. Rich was still asleep, breathing deeply, but I could see Jenna moving. I sat up and smiled at her, and she smiled back. I crawled over Rich and leaned over her to kiss her, then kissed my way down her breasts and stomach as she began to open her legs for me.

Some of Rich’s cum had oozed out of her and made a small wet spot on the bedsheet, but I could see a lot more cum still inside of her, and I wanted all of it. My tongue began scooping up as much of his cum as I could get. I was so focused on licking it all up that I didn’t realize she was getting very turned on. When my tongue finally began to focus on her clit, she let out a loud gasp and moan, enough to wake Rich up. Still sleepy, he turned on his side to watch me pleasure our daughter.

After a few moments, Rich said, “Hey Jenna… I think it’s time we put your Mom in the middle… what do you think?”

Jenna smiled and said, “Yes. Definitely.”

Rich had me lay on my back in the middle of the bed, and told Jenna to ride my face in the 69 position while he ate my pussy. I was in ecstasy, as Rich knew how much I loved eating while getting eaten. I could have stayed in that position for hours, as having Jenna on top of me caused the last globs of Rich’s cum to drip out of her pussy and onto my tongue. I was doing a good job of causing her to moan, even as I added some gasps and moans of my own from Rich’s tongue on my clit.

Rich stopped eating me and I felt him repositioning. I knew what that meant, and sure enough he had me lift up my hips so he could slide a pillow under me. A few seconds later I felt his hard cock slide into me, thrusting deep. I let out a long moan and felt Rich began to rhythmically pump me. It felt wonderful, and I did my best to enjoy it while also trying hard to stay focused on Jenna’s pussy.

Rich pulled out of me, and I heard him ask Jenna, “Do you want to suck for a little while?”

Jenna must have said yes, because I felt her lean forward and heard Rich groan quietly as she began to suck her mother’s wetness off of her father’s cock. After a few more moments, Rich slid his cock back into me and continued fucking me. He could tell Jenna was getting very worked up, so after little while he told her to turn around. As Rich continued to slowly fuck me, Jenna repositioned herself so that she was on top of me, her hips up against Rich, her delicious breasts over my face. I took the opportunity to suck on her nipples, and heard her gasp in pleasure.

Rich pulled out of me and had me close my legs, so he could straddle them as he fucked Jenna from behind. He pulled her back towards him so that her face was above mine. It was kinky watching her face twist in pleasure as Rich began to fuck her, hard and fast and deep. Her eyes got that glazed look again, and she moaned loudly and muttered, “Fuck… fuck… yes…” several times. She refocused on me and we began to passionately kiss, our tongues twirling, moans of pleasure still coming from inside her even as our lips were locked together.

She broke contact suddenly and arched her head back, letting out a long, loud moan as her orgasm exploded inside of her. Rich didn’t slacken his pace as she came, giving her multiple waves of pleasure. She slid off of his cock and laid down next to us, while Rich had me flip over and get on my hands and knees, slamming his cock into me hard and deep. He proceeded to fuck me hard and fast, pushing me over the edge faster than I expected, my orgasmic cries causing him to lose it as well, his dick spurting another load of cum inside of me.

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