Cassie’s Love Ch. 06

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“Mom, Dad, Aunt Haley, Aunt Michelle, I think that you should know that Cassie’s had a change of heart and so have I. Can we just come home and work for you? We don’t feel right, spending that much time apart. We’ve never been apart for that damn long! It just … feels wrong somehow. Besides, we discovered that I fucked Cassie bareback after she failed to take her birth control and you know what that means. Somehow, all of the signs point to us staying together for life and never parting,” Hector explained to his parents, counting his mother’s sister-wives about the joint-decision that the twins made.

“Honey, just come on home. You don’t have to explain. You always have a warm welcome with us, you know that. This is where you belong, as your heart has shown you. Right, babe?” Vicki asked Dan, her husband, who beamed as he heard the wonderful news that their twins decided not to leave the nest after all.

“Yeah, and you should just get married, too, in front of the whole family. Tying the knot at last and making it official. Put a ring on that, son, and you, too, princess! You know that’s what you two want deep down, always have, always will,” Dan urged his son and daughter, knowing how deeply in incestuous love his twins were now.

“You got that right, Daddy!” Cassie declared over the speaker phone from the motel room bed.

“So, you two lovebirds really do want to just play house together and raise a bunch of web-footed young’uns, eh?” Haley teased them now.

“Cute, Aunt Haley … very cute!” Hector chuckled at the joke, as he knew that Aunt Haley wasn’t really that quick to judge them.

“Hey, if she didn’t crack that joke, I would have,” Michelle piped in now, her voice sexy as hell as she flirted with her stepson.

“No doubt of that, Aunt Michelle,” Cassie told her stepmother, knowing full well how the Tejana who had been another mother to her was.

“Anyway, you two kids have fun, okay? We’ll be waiting for you with your room intact, though we mean Cassie’s old room, of course. Let’s stop pretending to try to reserve that other room Kayaşehir Escort for Hector. We can have other uses for it. We all know by now that Hector spends every fucking night with Cassie. No sense in waiting for the wedding to formally shack you two up together in your own little cozy love nest there,” Dad announced, knowing that his word was the final say, even though he always consulted and considered the views of his wives and children.

“Thank you guys! Love you, Mom, Dad, Aunt Haley, Aunt Michelle, give our love to everyone back home until we make back! I still don’t feel that this road trip was a waste. We have a lot of great memories from such a short run there,” Hector told their parents, wishing that he could hug them all, as he loved his whole family that much, just as Cassie did.

Once they hung up, Hector looked at Cassie and remarked, “You know, as jealous and exclusive as we are, I sometimes envy Mom and Dad the great support system that they get with polygamy. It really seems to work out well for them. Aunts Haley and Michelle have always been great moms to us, just as much as Mom, not that Mom’s any slouch, either.”

“Yeah, no kidding! If only we weren’t so fucking jealous and possessive, right? It would have its upsides to be sure. Still can’t actually get past the feelings of pain and rage at even the thought of another woman touching you that way or the worry and empathy about the hurt that it would cause you if I fooled around with another guy. I just … can’t bring myself to do it. Besides, we still have a great support system ourselves. It’s just not quite that close or invested. That’s the trouble and the trade-off for monogamy,” Cassie admitted her honest feelings right then.

“Very well said, sis. Now, how about a little less talk and a lot more action, as Toby Keith would say?” Hector winked at his sister, who blushed and giggled as she pushed him to the bed and started tearing off his clothes.

“Just for that, bro, I’m gonna fuck you into next century!” Cassie exclaimed as she gave him repeated love bites Kayaşehir Escort Bayan and hungry kisses.

“Damn, sis!” Hector cried out as his twin took off her panties and stuffed them into his mouth while she mounted his cock.

“A little less talk, a lot more action, right?” Cassie winked at him, “besides, you know that you love the taste of my panties, soaked with my pussy juice, right?”

All that she got from her brother was a muffled yes and nod as she slipped some handcuffs on him to make him her prisoner for the moment. It was time for some roleplay, she figured, a little bondage though the hard-core stuff wasn’t their deal like it was for their parents and siblings. Cassie waved her luscious breasts directly into Hector’s face as she rode him enthusiastically, eager for his dick deep inside her cunt. She was intoxicated as well as intoxicating, the need, the thirst, the cravings quite mutual despite her pretense of dominance. Cassie could never give up her hunger for her brother, body and soul, not in a million years. She was head over heels in love with him and always had been. Hector was the other half of her soul, after all.

Temporarily cuffed and gagged, Hector couldn’t help but relax and enjoy the warmth and slickness of his sister’s wondrous pussy as she rode him harder with each stroke. Damn, he thought, Cassie was a ginger, so she’d always been a firecracker, but this was extremely intense in its raw, primal lust and love. Her ardor was unmistakable and there was no way that the slow-building series of orgasms in an impressive crescendo was in any way counterfeit. It was amazing, even to him, how much she craved him, needed him, threw herself into the joys of serving her brother, even though she was supposed to be in command now.

When Cassie turned around and began riding Hector in the reverse cowgirl position, letting him see her sweet, sisterly ass with its freckled buns, it was just far too much. He erupted in her fantastically slippery twat, filling her with rope after rope of his hot spunk, awfully close Escort Kayaşehir to her womb, naturally. She creamed herself very hard now in response to this, curling her toes as she screamed out a climax that few could mistake for anything but pure ecstasy as she welcomed his jizz balls deep inside her strawberry snatch.

Too exhausted by the day’s events to release her brother yet, Cassandra von Greiner fell asleep for a good half hour before Hector’s panic over still being gagged led to her waking up. Feeling horrid, Cassie removed the panties and gave him a chance to breathe before planting a very feverish kiss on his lips with plenty of tongue. Seeing the way that the cuffs bit into her twin’s wrists, Cassie pushed back tears and released him in a hurry. How could she have endangered him so much? That was never her intention, after all. She adored her brother and she would slice open her own veins rather than live without him. She would have to make it up to Hector someday, that much was clear.

There was only one way to do that.

“Hector, bro … honey, all day tomorrow, during the road trip, I give you a blank check. Carte blanche to do whatever you want, yes, even a hall pass to fuck others and to make me do so. I’m your slave from the moment that we wake up in the morning to the moment that we set foot back in our bedroom back home. You own me all that time, we do not have to repeat anything, you do not have to answer for it, there will be no consequences for anything that you do to me, I will not try to exact any revenge, or anything like that. It’s my way to show my trust in you, especially after you trusted me so well and I didn’t quite keep my end of things, albeit by accident rather than design. It’s an all-day pass and I can’t promise that we’ll ever do it again, but this is for one day, well, most of it, and to atone for nearly killing the only man that I’ve ever loved like that,” Cassie told him through her tears.

Hector was stunned, didn’t know how to answer, so she took that for acceptance. The consequences for this would be far greater for both of them than ever imagined. Fortunately for both of them, their love affair would be stronger than ever for it. Cassie had made a huge mistake, yes, but her chosen penance for it would do far more good than harm, in ways sure to enrich their lives and their romance for the rest of their lives.

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