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Cassie was lying on her bed, masturbating when she heard the doorbell ring. She lay with her long, lean legs open, and her ankles held close together from the panties she neglected to entirely remove. Her flat stomach undulated from the pleasure her dainty hand was causing as it played with her hardened clit. Cassie’s T-shirt was pulled up, exposing her pert breasts, allowing her to tease and pull on her nipples with her free hand. Her blonde head was thrown back, her bright blue eyes lidded from impending ecstasy. She was getting so close. It had been so long since her entire family had been out of the house. She always hated masturbating when people were there. Her parents were so nosy, and there wasn’t a lock on her door either. Her finger rubbed her clit faster and her breathing became harsh. She bit her lower lip in anticipation. That’s when she heard someone at the door.

She stopped suddenly. She calmed her breathing and strained her ears. Who could that be? She wondered. Maybe they’ll go away. Cassie began to lazily play with herself while she waited. There was another ding. Then another. “God damn.” She huffed as sat up, kicking off her panties as she almost tripped over them. She pulled her tight shirt down and searched her floor for something to put on. Another ding. “I’m coming damn it!” She hissed. “At least I was.” She added sarcastically as she pulled on a nearby denim skirt. She zipped it up and started for her door, absently wiping her damp, sticky hand on the fabric as she did so.

She stormed down the hallway. It was probably just some deliveryman. Mom was always getting packages. The front door was closed so she couldn’t see out. Cassie stood on her tiptoes to peer through the narrow panes of glass near the top of the door. She saw two guys standing outside. The first thought that ran through her head was that they were cute; the second was who the fuck were they? The one nearest the door had think, dark hair and was wearing sunglasses. He had on a tank top that accentuated his muscular frame, and frayed jeans. Another guy right behind him was thin and tall, with longish blonde hair that fell in front of his face. He was wearing no shirt, only cutoff denims and a pair of sneakers. The dark-haired guy glanced up at the window Cassie was staring out off. He flashed a grin before Cassie could avoid being seen.

“Cassie?” She heard a muffled voice from the other side of the door. “Is that you?” When she heard that voice she wondered how the hell she didn’t recognize him. It was Bryant, a high school friend of her brothers! He used to always be around, and was almost like a second brother to Cassie. She’d had the biggest crush on him!

“Oh my gosh!” Cassie gushed and she reached to open the door. “Bryant? Is that you?” She asked disbelievingly.

He took of his sunglasses. “Yeah! Hey girl! Damn, you’ve grown!” Bryant said as Cassie reached out and gave him a hug. He put his arms around her and she marveled at how strong they felt.

“Well it has been a couple of years.” Cassie was a little offended. She wasn’t the little girl Bryant remembered. “Who’s your friend?” She asked darting a glance at the stranger behind him.

“Hey.” The blonde guy said. “I’m Nate.” He said extending out a hand. She took it and he gently shook hers.

“Hi, Nate.” Cassie smiled. “Well come in guys. What are you doin g here?” She asked trying not to sound too excited at seeing Bryant again.

“Well, we came to see your brother. Where is Richard anyway?” Bryant said as the two of them came into the house.

“Oh, he’s not coming in until next week.” Richard had joined the Air Force after graduation was finally coming back home.

“Oh damn.” Bryant said. “I thought it was this week.”

“Nope.” Cassie shook her head. She’d been growing aware of the fact that her pussy was still wet and aching for relief. She suddenly wondered if they could smell her sex on her. She put the hand she’d been fingering herself with behind her back.

“Oh well. I’m gonna be in town for a while anyway. I’ll catch him then.” He smiled at Cassie. “Shit, you sure have grown up, Cassie. How old are you now? Eighteen?”

Cassie nodded. “Last week was my birthday.” She said proudly.

“Oh, then I owe you some spankings.” Bryant said lightly. Cassie giggled and blushed a bit.

“Hey, Cassie.” Nate said. “Do you mind if I use the bathroom?”

“Of course not. It’s down the hall there.” As Nate walked away Bryant looked around the living room.

“The place sure has changed.” He said blandly.

“Yeah. Mom and Dad redecorated after Richard left.”

“Yeah I guess they had to after all the hell he and I raised, huh?” He laughed. Cassie giggled again. Bryant wondered down the hallway toward her bedroom. “Where are your folks?”

“Oh, they’re out antiquing or something.” Cassie answered. Bryant grunted.

“Hey, you got Richie’s old room!” Bryant said looking into her bedroom. Cassie hurried and gaziantep bayan escort caught up with him, but he was already walking in. “Sure looks different.”

“Yeah.” Cassie said uneasily. This was the first time a boy had ever been in her room. Her parents were pretty strict about that. She then saw with something akin to horror her panties lying crumpled on the floor next to her bed. He scuttled over and pushed them under it, wishing absently that she’d put them back on. She thought Bryant might have seen her so she put her hand casually on the bedpost and leaned against it. He looked at her. Hard.

“I can’t get over how different you look, too.” He walked a little closer to her. “You’re really pretty.” Cassie felt her cheeks grow hot.

“Thanks.” She managed. “I always thought you were good looking.” As soon as she said that she couldn’t believe it came out of her mouth. But he merely smiled and reached a hand out. He lightly brushed her cheek, still heavy with baby fat. His touch sent a jolt through her, right down to her already-damp pussy.

“So,” Bryant glanced over at the disarrayed bed. “Did Nate and I interrupt something?”

Cassie’s cheeks burned brighter. “Uh…no.” She denied weakly. Bryant closed the distance between the two of them. She felt his hip against hers. His hand slowly crawled down her face, neck, pausing briefly at her left breast. Her nipple was hard; it was plain to see beneath her shirt as she wore no bra and his fingers danced over it for a few seconds. Cassie’s eyes fluttered with the sensation. Then suddenly Bryant’s other hand was up her skirt, his fingers playing lightly on her wet lips. Cassie’s eyes opened in surprise and anger, which quickly melted away to pleasure as he felt his index finger gently stroking her clit. “Oh….” She breathed.

“Um, that’s what I thought.” Bryant murmured into her ear as he pulled her shirt up, allowing her left breast to spill out. The puffy nipple was light pink and rock hard. He gripped her bare breast and squeezed while still gently rubbing her tiny opening. Cassie closed her eyes and leaned her head against Bryant’s chest. She was embarrassed by how easily she allowed him to do this to her, but at the same time she couldn’t stop herself. It felt so good. Much better than when she touched herself. He quietly chuckled. “You like that, huh?” She nodded against him. He replied by pulling on her nipple and pushing a finger slowly into her dripping quim.

“Ah!” Cassie gasped as she felt his finger gingerly probing inside her. She’d put her finger in before, but it never felt like this! She found herself moving her hips up and down, back and forth against his hand. She reached up and clutched his shirt as Bryant wiggled his finger faster and harder inside, as his knuckle ground against her clit. She began panting, rubbing herself faster and harder against his hand, feeling him pinching and pulling on her nipple with the other one at the same time. It was too much for her. She threw her head back and moaned as her body began to quiver with her orgasm. A deluge of wet, sticky fluid dripped onto Bryant’s hand, which only encouraged him to finger-fuck her faster, prolonging her body wracking come.

Cassie felt weak. Her knees were trembling beneath her and if it weren’t for her clutching Bryant she would have collapsed at his feet. She felt Bryant remove his finger slowly while still continuing to rub her drenched slit. He was still teasing her nipple with his other fingers. Then she heard Nate exclaim, “Holy shit!” She looked over at him. He was standing just inside the bedroom door, a look of shock on his face. She’d totally forgotten he was even in the house! She tried to pull away from Bryant and cover herself, but he held onto her tightly, and she was still too weakened to put up a fight. Nate looked over at Bryant, who was grinning madly, then down toward Cassie’s exposed tit, and the hand still busy beneath her skirt. A look of arousal replaced the one of surprise and a smile spread over his thin, angular face.

“Come here, man. This chick is ready to go.” Bryant said as he began to play with her tit with renewed vigor. Cassie looked up at him, angry at his comment and it’s implication, but she couldn’t deny how good the hand stroking her still felt. She found herself overcome with lust unlike never before. At that moment she didn’t care what they did to her as long as it felt this good.

She didn’t resist as Bryant and Nate pulled her shirt off. “Damn, those are some nice titties.” Nate breathed. Bryant grunted his assent as she felt both their hands all over them. Bryant grabbed her ponytail and turned her head toward his. He leaned down and kissed her, deeply and harshly. She felt Nate raining kisses down her neck, then on her breasts and tender nipples. She moaned into Bryant’s mouth as she felt Nate’s hot lips sucking on her nipples.

“I think she likes it, dude.” Bryant mumbled. Then he leaned down and took her other nipple into his mouth. Cassie looked down at the two men sucking on her tits. One of her hands was still wrapped around the bedpost for support, while the other one gripped the comforter on her mattress. She felt both guys’ hands fumbling in between her legs and unconsciously spread them apart further, allowing them more room to play. One of them started undoing her skirt and it dropped to the floor around her feet.

“Mmm, God look at that!” Nate exclaimed as the two stared at her nearly hairless pubic mound.

“Looks good enough to eat.” Laughed Bryant as he eased Cassie back onto the bed. He leaned down on the floor and spread her legs apart, exposing her narrow, pink slit. She looked down and Bryant’s handsome face, his eyes glinting with sexual hunger. He leaned forward and she felt his tongue against her clit. She let out a surprised gasp of pleasure. The two guys chuckled. Bryant continued to lick as Nate walked around him, undoing his shorts. Cassie stared through slitted eyes as Nate dropped his shorts and underwear. She watched his erect cock bob up and down as he crawled onto the bed beside her.

Cassie narrowed her eyes at Nate’s penis. She’d never seen on in the flesh before and wondered if his was typical. It was maybe seven or eight inches long, and curved upward, pointing toward the ceiling. The thick, hairy base tapered to a smaller, mushroom-shaped head. The testicles that hung below it were small and firm, looking more like one big ball than two to Cassie. Nate squatted on his knees beside Cassie’s head and reached down and pointed the head of his prick at her face. She wrinkled her nose at it, unsure of what he wanted. “Suck it.” He explained to her and pushed it against her lips. She kept her lips closed, unsure if she wanted his thing in her mouth. Then Bryant did something with his tongue to make her moan with pleasure and Nate took the opportunity to push his dickhead in between her lips.

Cassie’s eyes widened as she felt the foreign object in her mouth. Her initial reflex was to pull her head back but Nate grabbed the back of her head preventing her from doing so. He began to push himself back and forth in her mouth and Cassie realized that, though the sensation was bizarre to her, she didn’t mind the taste of his cock so much. In fact, she rather liked it. She began to play her tongue around it, enjoying the salty taste. “Mmm, yeah that’s it. Oh, you like that don’t you?” Nate’s voice trembled with pleasure.

“Yeah, she likes it.” Bryant rose up from Cassie’s spread legs long enough to mumble. His chin glistening with her juices, he quickly dove back down, lapping noisily at her cunt. While his tongue concentrated on Cassie’s pussy, his eyes focused on his friend’s cock as was pushed in and out of Cassie’s dripping mouth.

“Oh suck it, girl.” Nate demanded and Cassie tried to comply. She wrapped her lips around his head and sucked on it, like she would a lollipop. “Move your head back and forth…yeah that’s it.” Nate coached her. “Oh, fuck yeah, that feels good. Um, you’re a good little cocksucker, aren’t you?” Cassie mumbled something as Bryant pushed first one, then two fingers inside her. With his tongue flicking her clit and his fingers fucking her, Cassie felt another wave of orgasmic pleasure coming. She began to buck her hips up and down, rubbing herself against Bryant’s scratchy chin. He responded by thrusting his fingers faster inside of her and licking harder and quicker against her sensitive little button. She began moaning around Nate’s cock, encouraging him to thrust back and forth faster, making her slurp on his slick rod.

“Mmmmmph.” Cassie’s muffled moans were accompanied by sinuous writhing. Her perky breasts jiggled as the throes of passion overcame her lithe, little body. Her thighs began to quiver as her orgasm hit her, even harder than before. “Oh fuck!” Nate cried as he began to cum inside Cassie’s mouth. A jet of hot fluid suddenly hit the back of her throat, making her reflexively swallow it. Another load emptied into her mouth, then another as Nate’s twitching cock creamed. She tried to swallow that too but most of it oozed out of the sides of her mouth and down her cheek. She was barely aware of it, as she was coming herself, much harder than even before. All that existed for her was her pussy and Bryant’s mouth. It was bliss.

Bryant finally rose again from Cassie’s delectable snatch to see Nate as he continued to slide his spent cock back and forth inside Cassie’s mouth. “Oh dude! You fucking came already?” He asked incredulously as he saw the sperm trickling out of the girl’s mouth. Nate was slowly massaging his length as he grinned over at Bryant.

“Don’t worry, I’m not done yet.” He assured him.

“Really?” Bryant was suspicious. “I got one good cum in me and I’m done for at least an hour.” He said as he stood up. “I wonder how many times you can come, sweet thing.” He said to Cassie as she lay writhing on the bed beneath him. Nate laughed as he withdrew his slimy member with an audible plop from Cassie’s mouth. More of his spunk flowed out from the corner of her mouth. She coughed a bit. Nate lay back against her overstuffed pillows, pulling on his softened erection.

Cassie lay in a half-faint. She looked up at Bryant who was standing in between her spread legs. He was undoing his pants. She knew he was going to put it in her and she wondered if it would hurt. She hoped he wasn’t too big. Then Bryant lowered his pants and she saw his penis flop free. “Oh God.” She breathed. His cock was shorter than Nate’s, about six inches long, but much thicker. Cassie doubted she could fit her hand around the shaft and she wondered how it could fit inside her. It stuck out straight, pulsating every few seconds. The head was huge and purplish, and Cassie could see fluid dripping from the tip. She looked down at his dangling balls. She’d seen smaller scrotums on some of the bulls at her grandmother’s farm. Bryant smiled. “Don’t worry, sweetie. It won’t hurt. I’ll be gentle.” He leaned down and, grabbing Cassie’s thighs, pulled her down the bed toward him. He bent his knees, lining his rigid cock up with her pussy. He grabbed his shaft and started rubbing his head against her, eliciting soft moans from Cassie. “See. Now how does that feel?” Cassie admitted to herself that it felt good and relaxed somewhat as she felt his hard meat poking gingerly at her. She glanced over at Nate who still lay against the headboard, playing with his penis, which Cassie noticed was stiffening again. Bryant was intently watching his own cock as he smeared cum from Cassie all over the shiny head. “Mmm, I think you’re ready.” He said as he began to slowly push himself into her tiny hole.

Cassie tensed as she felt him entering her. At first it wasn’t too bad, then she felt like a stab of pain. “Ow…ow…ow.” She murmured.

“Sshh.” Bryant’s voice came in ragged whispers. “It’s okay, baby. Just relax.” He said as he pushed himself another inch inside her. “Oh, God. You’re so tight.” Cassie gripped the comforter beneath her in her hands as she gritted her teeth together to keep from squealing out loud. Bryant slowly forced about three inches of his cock inside her, then stopped. Through teary eyes Cassie looked up at him. He wore an expression that looked like pleasure mingled with pain. Cassie felt her muscles contracting around his pulsating member. Then he began to move back and forth inside her, ever so carefully. With his thumb he began to massage Cassie’s clit.

It took a moment, but Cassie began to enjoy the sensation. She felt herself relaxing and spreading her legs a bit further apart. Bryant smiled approvingly. He reached up and tweaked a nipple with one hand as he lazily fucked her. He began to rub her clit harder and Cassie’s undulations became more urgent. In moments Bryant had coaxed another orgasm out of her. She lay panting on the bed as he felt a warmth spreading over his cock. Her tight muscles relaxed and Bryant took the opportunity to force the rest of his bulk into her. “Ahhhh, fuck.” He moaned as he pushed himself all the way in. Cassie gave out a surprised squeal. “Damn, it’s like a fucking vice!”

Cassie shut her eyes as hot tears began to fall from them. It felt like she was being torn apart as Bryant began to push himself back and forth inside her. She put her hand against her mouth and bit down, not wanting to scream out loud. With her other hand she gripped the bedclothes even tighter. She wanted to stop him but until now Bryant had made her feel so good. Was she doing something wrong? “Ohhhh.” She moaned around her hand as Bryant leaned down, putting his hands on either side of her and pushing himself even further into her. She could feel his heavy balls bouncing off against her ass now. She looked up at his face. In her blurred vision his face was grimace. It looked as if he was in as much pain as she was. He looked down at her and pulled her hand away from her mouth. He grabbed her other hand and held them on the bed above her head. Bryant began to fuck her even harder.

“Oh, god. Oh fuck! You’re so fucking tight, baby! God that feels good.” He was moaning as Cassie gritted her teeth, choking back a groan. “Oh god, I’m gonna come!” Bryant huffed as his thrusts became even more intense.

“Don’t come inside me!” Cassie managed to whimper. “Please.” A few more quick thrusts and Bryant reached down and, pulling his engorged member out of her snatch, wrapped his hand around it. After one stroke thick, ropy streams of spunk flew from the purple tip. The first jet landed a trail of the stuff from Cassie’s chin down to her breasts. Bryant leaned his head back and moaned as he jerked more gouts of the stuff out of his cock.

“God damn.” Nate sighed from his seat next to Cassie. Bryant laughed haltingly as he coaxed the last bit of dripping cum from his slimy tool. The drops fell in a growing puddle that had collected on Cassie’s flat stomach. Cassie looked down at herself, a bit ashamed to have Bryant’s cum all over her, but grateful that he was no longer fucking her. Her pussy felt so numb.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32