Cassi: Three is the Magic Number

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This story involves some of the same characters as an earlier story, “Cassi Can’t Resist”. However, it is not necessary to read that story to enjoy this one! It also contains limited recounting of man on man oral sex as well as pegging, so if that’s not your cup of tea this is your warning. Otherwise, ENJOY!!

The rushing water felt amazing as it cascaded down my body. The warm water flowing from the showerhead washed the aches of a long day away causing me to smile contently and relax against the shower wall.

Work had been tough. As a teacher at the high school, some days I felt incredibly rewarded by my career choice. Others, I wondered why teenagers were allowed out of their homes. Today had been a lot closer to the latter.

Our high school operated on a 4-day week in order to save some money. Today was the fourth and final day of our week and we had replaced “Casual Fridays” with “Casual Thursdays”. I usually wore a pair of jeans with a school t-shirt on these days and today had been no different.

However, this morning I had been running a little late and grabbed the wrong pair of jeans. This pair was slightly too small and a little tighter than what I would normally deem appropriate for work.

The waist had a habit of riding low, sometimes exposing more than I would like. I had already rushed out the door and was well on my way before realizing my mistake.

I had chosen a pink thong to wear under the jeans today. A fact that unfortunately many other people learned as the day progressed. I teach upper level Math classes at the high school, mainly working with a few classes each of juniors and seniors. Today, my senior classes had a test.

During a test, I encourage the students to ask me if they have trouble understanding a question. I don’t solve any problems for them, but I see no reason not to offer a hint or nudge if that’s all they need. I like to squat down next to the desks so that I am more comfortably close to eye level. Usually this isn’t a problem.

It wasn’t until my third senior class, right before lunch, that I realized how grave my mistake had been. One of my female waited for everyone to leave the classroom before approaching my desk.

“Mrs. Z?” she had said.

“Yes Remy?” I returned. Poor Remy’s face was almost as red as her hair.

“Ummm…Idk how to say this Mrs. Z, but…umm…your underwear was hanging out like all of class. I figured you didn’t know so I thought I should tell you.” She gave me a halfhearted smile, but I could tell she was embarrassed for me.

I groaned aloud. “I’m sorry Remy, thank you for telling me.” I was appreciative of her telling me, but that didn’t save me any embarrassment.

“Of course Mrs. Z, it happens to all of us.” She gave me a friendly smile and walked out of my classroom.

My day hit its lowest point though, the next hour. I was at my desk, grading some tests and overheard a couple boys talking in what they thought were whispers.

“Hey man, did Chase tell you about Mrs. Z?”

“No? What about her?” the other boy had responded.

“So Hannah asked her to come check something on her test so Mrs. Z does right? And she gets down next to the desk and Chase looks up and Mrs. Z’s got this bright pink thong on! And it’s like full on out where he can see it!”

“No way dude, Chase is just making that up!”

“That’s what he told me man! And no he’s not cause Tom said the same thing and he has her a different hour!”

I was absolutely mortified. What a disaster today had been. For the last remaining bit of school, I did my best just to keep my back from facing my students in an effort to preserve any last shred of dignity I still had. Likely, disappointing all of the boys that heard to look for Mrs. Z’s thong.

Needing to blow off steam and embarrassment after school I went to the gym and pushed myself through my weight lifting routine even harder than usual. Reflecting on the events of the day in the shower I groaned loudly, both from my chagrin and from the fatigue and soreness in my muscles.

The shower water was baptism of sorts and when I got out and started toweling off the unease of the day felt like it had washed away.

I examined myself in the mirror as I dried off. I am fairly short, only about 5’3″. My long dark brown hair was slicked back from the water, but it usually hung with natural curls. I cupped my 32DD breasts up, turning side to side to see if I could find the angle that made me slimmest.

I am definitely on the thicker side, about 140 lbs, but luckily I carry most of that weight in my large bosom and impressive rear end. I keep my waist and stomach fairly toned with a regular workout routine and attempts to eat healthy. I kept turning in the mirror, admiring my curves and I smiled at myself.

My large ass was a particular point of pride. I had always had a big butt, however I had committed to weightlifting to tone it and even grow it in recent years. It still had a nice jiggle vip escort to it, but there was definitely muscle underneath keeping it from sagging down.

I feared someday my large breasts would fall victim to gravity, but for now they still stood out pertly from my chest. I was proud of my figure and I often chose clothes to show it off, a fact that didn’t upset my husband at all.

Smiling to myself, I wrapped up in a towel and exited the bathroom. I was halfheartedly digging through my closet for something to wear when I heard my husband, Matt, enter the room.

“Hey Cassi, how was your day?” he asked with a kiss to my cheek.

I groaned and turned to see Matt sitting on the bed removing his shoes. Matt is rather average looking. He stands about 5’10”, with clothes on he looks fairly in-shape, but naked you can tell he could probably stand to lose a few. He keeps his dark brown hair cut short and his face clean-shaven.

None of that was why I married him though. He is a kind and thoughtful man and he has a pretty good sense of humor. He is very reliable and I know I can trust him. A trait that, unfortunately I don’t share.

Not too long ago I cheated on Matt with an incredibly well endowed, old high school crush. It was a one-time thing and I’ve managed to keep Matt from finding out, but the guilt has weighed on me like a load of bricks.

I’ve tried to assuage that guilt by being extra quick to take the initiative in the bedroom lately. Something, Matt hasn’t complained about at all.

I flopped onto the bed facedown next to Matt and heard him chuckle. I felt my husband’s fingers caress my head and I moaned in appreciation. “Want to talk about it?” he asked me gently.

I turned my head towards him and saw him leaning down next to me. My eyes were about even with his crotch and I couldn’t see his face, which was for the best since I was so embarrassed by what happened at the school today.

I told him about my disaster of a day and a very curious thing happened. As I was sharing overhearing the boys talk about my thong, I noticed a stirring in Matt’s pants. “Is he getting turned on?” I wondered to myself.

I finished my sad tale and rolled over so I could see Matt’s face. Partly, because by talking about my embarrassment aloud I could start to see the humor in it. Also, because I wanted to see if Matt’s face betrayed him like his now rock hard cock.

Matt looked down at me and I could see the desire in his eyes and a twinkle of amusement. He leaned down and kissed me softly. “I’m sorry baby. I’m sure the kids appreciated the show though,” he gave me a wink.

I punched him in the chest in mock anger and he laughed at me. He grabbed for me trying to pull me into a hug, but I resisted.

“Stop Matt! You’re in the doghouse now buddy!” I said laughingly to him. He had his arms wrapped around me from behind and one was cupping my breast as my towel had been torn from me in our roughhousing.

Matt nuzzled into my neck and I could feel his hard cock poking against my ass. “Well, how could I make it up to you?” he questioned.

I was getting excited with Matt’s hands all over me. Although, I was a little curious why it had turned him on so much, the fact that his cock was stiff as a board after my story was turning me on as well.

I pushed my ass back into him, grinding against his hard penis. “I think I know a way,” I said seductively. I heard Matt undoing his belt behind me and before I could even turn around to kiss him I felt his cock pushing at my opening.

Matt ran his hard cock along my pussy lips and my desire only heightened. I pushed back against him trying to get him to push his cock inside of me. He finally relented and we moaned in unison as he slid his full length inside of me.

Matt’s cock was fairly average, probably about 5 inches long. It was thinner than most of the cocks I had seen or been with. It still felt good when he fucked me, especially if we chose the right positions.

From behind it felt like he could reach a little deeper which I enjoy, and if I get on top of him I can usually get off by grinding my clit against him.

Matt makes up for what he lacks downstairs with his talented tongue. Just thinking about him going down on me boosted my pleasure as Matt started to slide his cock in and out of my wet pussy. I moaned as he steadily increased his pace. I knew I wasn’t going to cum with him fucking me like this, but it still felt really good.

I felt Matt roll me over and now I was face down in our bed and he was grabbing my hips. He had built up pace and was slamming into me with enthusiasm.

His cock was as hard as I could remember. I was panting for breath, between the pleasure I was feeling between my legs and the lack of oxygen I was getting with blankets stuffed in my mouth.

I knew at this rate Matt wasn’t going to last long and I was right. His pace quickened even more and I could tell he was close. şirinevler escort

“Fuck, Cass, I’m gonna cum,” he grunted from behind me.

“Yes, do it baby,” I managed. Matt gave me one more big thrust and I felt his cum squirting inside of me. I sighed inwardly. I guess I was going to have to get myself off now; Matt didn’t like eating me out after cumming in my pussy.

To my surprise though, even before I felt Matt’s cock stop spasming inside me, he was flipping me onto my back. “Damn, I like this take charge Matt,” I thought to myself. Quickly, he was between my legs and his tongue made a beeline for my clit.

Electric jolts of pleasure began between my legs and shot throughout my entire body. I could feel Matt swirling his tongue around my clit, taking it between his lips and then flicking it with his tongue. I arched my back and moaned with intense pleasure.

Before long an orgasm was building in the base of my stomach and aching to be set free. I forcibly grabbed Matt’s head, clutching his hair and grinding my clit into his willing tongue.

“I’m gonna cum Matt, right there, I’m gonna cum,” now I was grunting at him. My orgasm rushed over me like a wave, crashing through me and leaving wreckage in its wake. It was a quick, but powerful orgasm and I was left searching for my breath when I came down from my high.

Matt came up from between my legs wiping his lips and kissed my forehead causing me to blush.

“I’m gonna hop in the shower real fast, dinner after I’m done?” I just nodded at him, not sure my voice worked. He hopped off the bed and went to shower.

I lay back, contemplating what had just happened. Matt had been incredibly turned on by the idea that a bunch of horny teenagers had seen my thong. Turned on so much, that he was cumming in no time. To top it all off, he had gone down on me after cumming inside of me. Something, he never does.

I didn’t know what to make of it and resolved to ask Chloe, my friend, when she came over tomorrow. With that conundrum pushed off until tomorrow I got out of bed to get dressed and go about my evening.

The rest of our night passed uneventfully and the morning came soon with the loud ringing of Matt’s alarm. It was Friday, so I didn’t have to go to work and I just rolled over and grumbled a good luck as Matt started his day.

“Hey Cass, is Jaclyn still coming through tonight?” Matt was referring to my old high school friend who was driving to visit her parents a couple hours away from us. She lived about 6 hours from here and rather than drive the whole way to her parents house she had asked if she could use us as a hotel on the way there and back.

“As far as I know,” I grunted into the pillow before turning over. Matt just chuckled at me and started getting ready for the day.

I woke up for good a couple hours later. I rolled over and checked my phone on my bedside table. Chloe had texted me, letting me know she planned to be at my house at 11:30, seeing the time was already 11:15 I forced myself out of bed.

I rubbed the sleep from my eyes and teased my hair a little in the mirror, making an effort to hide the fact I had only just woken up. I peeled off the t-shirt I had slept in and made my way to my closet.

Feeling lazy, I slid on a pair of pajama shorts and an old crew neck sweatshirt. Chloe had been roommate in college so seeing me dressed like this would be nothing new for her.

I walked downstairs to the kitchen to get some coffee going and I heard the doorbell ring. “Come in!” I shouted to the door.

“Good morning sleepyhead!” I heard a second later as Chloe made her way into the kitchen.

“I’ve been up for hours, I don’t know what you’re talking about,” I teased back.

“Uh huh, bring me some of that coffee then since you obviously don’t need it,” she clipped back.

Laughing I poured a second cup for Chloe and brought it to the table. We idly chatted and drank our coffee. I ended up telling her about the events of yesterday, all the way through Matt and my lovemaking.

The embarrassment was wearing off and I was starting to see the humorous side of yesterday’s events so when Chloe started laughing I couldn’t help but join in.

“I’m sorry Cassi, I don’t mean to laugh, that’s really unfortunate,” Chloe took my hand as she looked at me concerned.

“No its okay Chloe, it’s funny.”

“Good, I’m glad you’re able to laugh it off, because I wanna talk about how that got Matt going!” Chloe was getting straight to the point that had me most intrigued as well.

“I know! I’m not sure what to think of that!”

“Maybe he wants to see you fool around with someone else,” Chloe wiggled her eyebrows at me mischievously.

I snorted. “What!? No way that’s ridiculous!”

“What? Some guys are into that! They get off on seeing their girl have a good time or getting with someone else!” Chloe tried to defend herself.

“That’s not real! elit escort That’s just in your sex stories!” I poked fun at Chloe, she liked to read erotic stories on internet sites like .

“Hey! Those stories have to be based on real people at some point!” Chloe pointed out.

“If you say so,” I conceded. “But, I don’t think Matt is one of those people.”

“You never know!” Chloe gave me a wink.

“Yeah whatever” I laughed off her antics.

We drank our coffee and the conversation moved on. Chloe stuck around until a little after lunch, before heading home to let her dog out. When she left, I got to work tidying up the house. It wasn’t messy, but with a guest coming I wanted it to look tip top.

I also took this opportunity to change and do myself up a bit. I kept things simple with a black pair of leggings and a white sweater on top. I had a purple g string on underneath with a matching bra, one of Matt’s favorites. I hoped it may excite him when we retired to be alone that evening.

Jaclyn and I had been good friends in high school. She had been a year older than me, but we had been in sports and activities together and had become close.

I was the first person she had confided in that she was bisexual and even preferred women sexually. Something that she didn’t hide anymore, but growing up in a somewhat conservative small town she had kept that to private through high school.

We ended up going to different colleges and had grown apart, but we still tried to stay in touch. We texted and followed each other on social media and such, but we hadn’t physically seen each other for a couple years now. Something I was very excited to change.

I had been pretty sure I wasn’t interested in girls in high school so, I never even considered doing anything with Jaclyn. I had no idea how she had felt about me at the time. College had opened my eyes to a whole new world of sexual opportunities though.

I knew Jaclyn was in a long-term relationship now and nothing was going to happen between us, especially in my own home with Matt here! However, I couldn’t help feeling a little tingle imagining if something did.

I finished my housework and started on dinner. I heard the doorbell as I was finishing up. I opened the door and there stood Jaclyn, a huge smile spread across her fair skinned face and her big green eyes shining excitedly.

“Heeeeeeey!!” She squealed and dropped her bag and wrapped me up in a big hug. “Ohmygosh how are you it’s been forever!?” she asked as she stepped back to take a look at me.

“It’s been too long! I’m doing great, what about you?” I was looking her up and down and damn did she look good. She was a few inches taller than me, but that wasn’t saying much. She was dressed in a pair of comfy looking joggers and a cropped hoodie that showed some of her stomach when she moved her arms.

She caught me glancing and pulled her shirt up a little bit to show off a belly button ring and a very toned set of abs. “Like it?” she asked laughing, “I just got it like a month ago, Kelly convinced me.”

I blushed since she had caught me looking and was that a twinge of jealousy I felt when she mentioned her girlfriend? I shook it off and ushered her into the house and down the stairs to where she was going to stay.

“Well this is a setup!” she exclaimed when I showed her where she’d be sleeping.

Matt and I didn’t have a guest bedroom per se, but we had somewhat repurposed our basement into a guest bed/den combo. Matt and I would watch movies or just hang on some nights in front of an electric fireplace.

In the corner next to the bathroom we had set up a little guest bed. In all honesty, he and I used that bed for when lovemaking couldn’t wait until we got upstairs more often than for guests. Jaclyn didn’t need to know that part though!

“Show me the rest of the house!” Jaclyn demanded as she had set her things down. She took her sweatshirt off and started rifling through her bag. She was wearing just a sports bra and I took the opportunity to drink in her figure.

Jaclyn was slender, no change from her high school days. She had always been absolutely gorgeous. She had dark brunette hair that came down to about her shoulders, although she had it done up in a ponytail at the moment. It framed her flawless face perfectly.

Although I couldn’t see them from behind, I knew Jaclyn had modest breasts. Likely, a B cup. This was a fact I had always secretly been thankful for. She was so pretty I had always been jealous of her somewhat in high school, it had been nice to know I at least beat her in one aspect of the genetic lottery.

She looked to be more muscular than I remembered though. She wasn’t big and bulky, but her back and arms looked to be quite toned. She had several tattoos that offered a nice contrast to her fair skin.

She found a shirt and started to pull it on allowing me to catch another glimpse of her toned abs. I couldn’t deny the itch that was developing between my legs watching her.

She turned again to get something from her bag and I couldn’t help looking at her legs. Her sweats were fairly loose through her legs but hugged her ass cheeks quite nicely. Jaclyn had an amazing butt in high school and it looked like she still did.

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