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I know you’re there before I even open my eyes. My senses are so attuned to you, I always know when you’re in the room. I can’t help but smile when I think of your reaction as you find me in bed, asleep, with Casey.


Casey and I had been shopping and indulged in a fairly liquid lunch. A bottle and a half of wine later, I decided I wanted to buy something sexy..something that would really knock your socks off.

“You two have a good sex life, huh?” Casey asked it casually, but I could see in her eyes that she was more than a bit curious.

“It’s incredible, Case. He’s the most exciting man I’ve ever been with. Just the thought of his mouth on me can get me all hot and bothered.”

“So he’s good?” Casey smiled and leaned forward, whispering in a conspiratory tone, “He’s not afraid to go down on a woman?”

“Oh GOD, no!” I sighed dramatically. I knew you wouldn’t mind if I bragged about you. In fact, I could just about picture your smile. “He’s simply incredible. The man has a gift, I tell you.”

We laughed and Casey grinned again, “Well, hon, he loves you and he loves oral sex. What more could a woman ask?? She sighed, stretched in her seat and ran her fingers through her long straight chestnut hair, “I hate being single. I get so damn tired of the ‘battery operated boyfriends’”.

“You’re turn will come, hon.” I said and laughed, “Um, no pun intended.”

We had a good giggle and she suggested that we head to the lingerie store and find a little something to make you smile. I suggested we find something to make you groan instead.

You know that Casey and I have a knack for getting devilish. It was usually one of us getting downright bad and the other one reining us in. But today, we were both full of trouble and the wine was not helping matters . We were feeling rather brazen, so we agreed to pick out lingerie for each other. I picked up an aquamarine satin bra and matching high-cut panties for Casey to try on. I thought the colour would set off her brown eyes and olive skin. I caught her eye across the store and waggled the hangers to show her I was ready. She did the same with hangers holding some dark purple material.

Casey and I had shared a changeroom before, but never in a lingerie store and we had never actually been naked in front of each other. The saleslady gave us a sideways glance as we slid into the small changeroom and giggled.

“You first,” I told Casey. “There’s no way we can both change in here at the same time.”

Casey pulled her sweater over her head then released her front-clasp bra. Her little breasts slid out. They were so perfect – sweet little pink nipples hard from the cold air-conditioning. I thought she’d put on the bra first and then try the panties, but instead she stripped out of her pants and underwear. Casey’s so petite – 5’5″ and naturally thin – not in a supermodel/waif kind of way. But, as I’ve said to you before, I always feel like an amazon when I stand next to her. She slipped into the bra and panties and I had to admire her body. She looked gorgeous as she pivoted around, looking at herself in the mirror. She has such a lovely, round ass and the crotch of the panties hugged her pussy like a caress, showing off its shape but hiding her neatly trimmed pubic hair. Really, she looked perfect.

“What do you think, Lauren?” She asked.

“Honestly, Case, it looks fabulous. God, I pick out great underwear.” I couldn’t help but wonder what you would think of Casey at that moment. How many nights had you led us to a frenzied pitch while whispering how much you’d love to see Casey and I together? How many times had I cum while thinking of just that? Thinking about it was making my pussy tingle in the most delicious way.

Casey’s teeth were almost chattering as she changed back into her clothes. “What kind of sick fuck turns up the air conditioning in an underwear store?? Tell you what, Lauren.” She said as she quickly pulled her sweater down over her slim body, “Let me buy the outfit I picked out for you and we’ll try it on at your place.”

I quickly agreed – I wasn’t sure I wanted my best friend to see the wet spot on my panties as I changed in here.

We grabbed a cab back to the house, giggling as the cabbie tried to keep his eyes on the road and steal glances at the two of us at the same time.

As I opened yet another bottle of wine, Casey searched through our CD collection, looking for “mood music”. Finding some sultry blues, she grabbed the store bag in one hand, the bottle of wine and two glasses in the other, and proceeded upstairs to our bedroom.

She arranged herself on our bed, propped up against the headboard as if she owned the place. With a wave of the little shopping bag, she smiled and said “Okay, woman, time to try on my present to you and Jack.”

I smiled and unbuttoned my blouse – noticing how Casey’s eyes never left my chest as I did so. bursa escort The blouse fell to the floor and I reached behind me to take off my bra. Casey was staring at my plump breasts, a strange look on her face. I shivered as I realized she was enjoying this as much as I had enjoyed watching her at the store. My nipples instantly stiffened and I could feel that prickly heat starting again. All of a sudden, I had to be naked in front of her..I wanted to be naked for her… the bra dropped and I quickly stepped out of my skirt. I hooked my thumbs over the waistband of my panties and slid them down my hips, bending over at the waist as I did so, letting my tits sway as I stepped out of the last of my clothes.

Casey moved to kneel at the edge of the bed, “Come here, Lauren,” she almost whispered. I stood in front of her on weak knees and watched her pull the purple lace bra from the package. I put my arms through the holes and she slid it over my shoulders. She was so close to me I could barely breath. I reached back to hook it closed and my breasts strained against the lace. “It’s a push-up bra, hon,” Casey said quietly as she stood behind me and turned me towards the mirror.

You know I don’t wear push-up bras, simply because I think my tits draw enough attention without the extra effort of a bra. These bras almost require an engineering degree to get them on properly. “Here,” she said, “let me help you get into it.”

Before I knew what was happening, Casey’s hands slid into the right cup and held my breast – lifting it so it sat properly in the bra. I watched her reflection as she slid her hand to my other breast and did the same thing. Wow! My tits looked as if they were being served up on a platter…begging to be touched and tasted. I knew instantly that you’d love me in this.

“See?” Casey said against my ear, “You want your nipples right along the edge like this. You can just see them through the top of the lace.” She grazed her nails across my lace covered nipples and I nearly fainted with pleasure.

Casey studied at me in the mirror for a moment and sighed, “Wish I had tits like yours, Lauren. They’re so full and round. Makes you just want to suck them.” Her hands rubbed across the top of my breasts and I couldn’t help but moan softly.

Casey stepped back, turned me around and led me by the hand to the edge of the bed. She sat there and studied my pussy for a moment. I felt extremely vulnerable and extremely excited as she cocked her head to one side and looked at my naked crotch. “I love that Brazilian bikini wax, love,” she said, “It looks so pretty to see you naked like that. I bet Jack loves the fact that there’s no hair to get in the way when he’s got his face buried in your pussy. ”

I nodded..speechless… the way she was talking about you, the images she was calling up of your tongue on my pussy, and having her so close to my naked body was driving me crazy. Casey took the matching panties from the bag and held them out for me. I lifted my leg to step into them and stopped dead. Oh my God. Casey had bought me crotchless panties. I could feel my wetness seeping from me as I stepped into them. Casey’s fingers left a trail of fire as she slowly pulled the delicate purple lace up my legs and onto my hips. She slipped her index finger inside the band and tickled my skin from hip to hip.

“Let’s make sure they’re on properly.” She put her hands on the insides of my thighs and pressed against them. “Open your legs, Lauren, let’s see if Jack’ll like these.”

I could smell my need as I opened my legs and knew that Casey, with her face not 6 inches from my pussy, would have to notice it too.

I knew what was going to happen, but was afraid to believe it was true. My legs nearly buckled as I felt Casey’s fingers lightly brushing my lips. She kept running her fingertips back and forth over my pussy and I knew that they were wet with my juices. Slowly my pussy opened to her, the outer lips spreading. I held my breath as I waited for her to explore me, but she didn’t stop her light movements..back and forth, back and forth. I looked down and watched her stare at my pussy. She looked hypnotized.

I needed more and my hips pushed forward of their own volition, “Casey, please….”

Casey looked up at me and stood up. “Lay down, hon,” she said. “Lay down and spread your legs so I can see your pussy peeking through your panties.”

I was shaking as I laid back on the bed. Casey’s eyes roamed over my body as I rested against the headboard. The cool air on my aching pussy while I still wearing underwear was incredibly erotic. I shivered and my pussy squeezed with need.

Casey slipped quickly out of her clothes and crawled between my legs. I jumped when her index finger ran up and down my lips. She would drag it right over my tight hole and each time I’d hold my breath, hoping she’d push altıparmak escort it inside me. “Oooh, hon, I can see why Jack likes to lick your pussy so much.” she whispered as her face moved closer and closer, “It’s so pretty, Lauren, and almost… succulent.”

Casey’s tongue flicked over my lips and I moaned. She pushed her tongue inside me and waggled it about before taking it back out and lapping at my pussy with relish. My hands held her head close to me as I tried to her get to pay attention to my clit. All the anticipation had me so close to climaxing that I couldn’t stand it. Her soft hair tickled my thighs as she teased me with her tongue and lips. Her finger suddenly buried itself inside me and I raised my hips..trying to assuage my need. She pressed her finger against the upper wall of my pussy and rubbed that sensitive spot while flicking her tongue over my clit. God, it was too much! My orgasm hit me incredibly hard. My back arched and I stiffened… holding her finger tightly as I pulsed around it. She gently licked me as I rode the wave of my orgasm, finally slipping her finger from me and sucking my juices off of it.

I pulled her head up and kissed her, our tongues playing as she pressed her body against mine. In the back of my mind, I wondered what this must look you would react if you saw us and I knew that I had to keep Casey here until you got home. My pussy tightened again at the prospect of you, Casey and I spending the night in a threesome and my kisses became hotter.

Casey moaned and pressed her pussy against mine. God, she was wet and hot. I had forgotten how incredible it feels to have another woman rubbing herself against me. I pushed on her shoulders and she rolled over onto her back.

“My turn, Case…” I said with a shaky grin. She grinned back and opened her legs. I lay between her legs, cupped her ass in my hands and lifted her pussy to my lips. Her musky smell was such a turn on, I finally understood why you like burying your face in pussy so much. Instinct took over and I opened her pussy with my tongue. Long laps up at first . Just tasting her..enjoying her. She was a bit salty on my tongue but I loved it. I pushed my tongue inside her hole and fucked her with it…she grabbed my head and writhed around on the bed, pressing her clit into my face. I moved up slightly, covered her clit with my lips and sucked on it as I slid two fingers into her pussy and fucked her. I could feel her walls trembling around my fingers as she started to cum and I pushed them as far into her as I could and wiggled them. She grabbed my head hard and almost screamed as she came all over my face. I held on as she came and continued to suck on her clit gently as her orgasm slowed down. Her body relaxed and I raised myself up on my elbow to kiss her on her tummy, just above her mound.

Casey glanced at the clock, “God, where did the afternoon go?” She chuckled, “Jack will be home soon, won’t he?”

I nodded, my fingers feathering over her stomach and making the muscles twitch. I looked at her very seriously, “Stay, Casey.”

She knew what I meant. What I wanted. She swallowed hard once and nodded, “Okay.”

Between the wine, the excitement and cumming, we were both exhausted. I stripped off the bra and panties and lay with Casey on top of the sheets, our legs wrapped around one another. Casey’s hands roamed across my tits, not to excite me, but rather just to explore. Her gentle caresses soon had me nodding off to sleep.

And then, you came home.

I feel your hand running over my tits, cupping them and rolling my nipples between your thumb and finger, making them hard little nubs which you then rub across your palm. I open my eyes and almost laugh with surprise. You’re already naked, your cock standing straight and hard. But the laugh disappears when I see the look on your face. Your eyes are dark with lust as they roam over both my body and Casey’s still-sleeping form. Your hand slides down my body and holds my pussy. I love it when you do that. The sheer possessiveness of the gesture mixed with the heat of your palm pressed against my lips always gets me excited. I open my legs a bit more and lift… pressing myself against your hand. You slide to your knees at the edge of the bed and kiss me passionately. The heel of your hand grinding against me as your tongue thrusts into my mouth. You’re so turned on, aren’t you, baby?

Your mouth drops to my tits and you take my nipple into your mouth. You nibble on it, using your teeth and make me gasp in exquisite pleasure. My hands are lost in your hair as you play with first one breast and then the other. My head rolls to the side and I see Casey, laying on her side, wide awake. She’s breathing hard, her hands playing with her own little tits as she watches you tease me.

I can’t help myself, I groan, “Oh goddd, Casey, this feels görükle escort so good.” My eyes close and I lower my arm over the edge of the bed and wrap my hand around your cock. Jesus, baby, but you’re hard and throbbing! You groan a little as I pull on your cock, just playing with it as I look again at Casey.

“Do you want Jack to play with you, too, Case?” I ask. Your cock pulses in my hand and you mouth gets aggressive on my tits; your sucking and biting making my pussy twitch against your hand and I know how badly you want her. Your finger slips into my wet hole as you press your hand against my clit. You know it’s not enough to make me cum, but it drives me wild. I moan loudly, “Fuckkk, baby, I love that” and raise my hips to get you further into me.

A small moan escapes Casey’s lips and when I look at her again, she’s got her hand between her legs, desperately trying to get herself off. I reach out and take her hand away from her pussy. “Let Jack do that, Casey… do you want that, honey?” You turn your head to look at her, resting against my now red breasts, breathing hard as I continue to play with your cock.

Casey glances at you, your hand still buried in my pussy and she can see your finger move. She knows you’re slowly fingerfucking me and closes her eyes and whispers “Yesss, oh god, yess please.”

You grin at me and kiss me passionately before sliding onto the bed. I roll on my side to watch you two and take your cock back in my hand. It’s obvious Casey’s nervous and you smile at her before kissing her tenderly on the mouth. I watch your tongues play and I’m amazed at how turned on I’m getting. You kiss your way slowly down her throat and over to her tits. Her breasts are small, but her nipples are like hard little erasers. I play with your cock as I watch you take her tits into your mouth and play with them. Fuck, I didn’t think this would be as much of a turn on as it is and I squeeze your cock in excitement. You move lower and I watch Casey’s stomach jump under your mouth. She bites her lip hard as you move ever closer to her pussy. By this time, I’ve had to let go of your cock and play with my very slick with excitement. You settle between her legs and she spreads them wide for you. I can see how turned on she is as she waits to experience that which I had been bragging about earlier. You stop to look at her pussy before starting to play. God, I know what she’s feeling… the sweet torture of waiting for your touch, the excitement that grows when she knows you’re just looking at her pussy. Then you move in and Casey arches her back, her eyes wide in surprise. You’re tongue-fucking her, I just know it. Knowing how good it feels and watching you do it to someone else is driving me mad, my pussy almost hurts I need to cum so badly. But I don’t want to – not yet – so I take a deep breath and turn my attention to Casey’s tits.

I suck on her pert little nipple..nibbling it and rolling it between my teeth and tongue, my hand on her other breast. She’s writhing like a woman possessed as her orgasm gets closer and closer.

I slide up her body a bit, my hands still teasing her tits and whisper in her ear, “He’s good, isn’t he, Casey? My baby is soooo good at making you cum on his tongue.” I suck her earlobe into my mouth and nibble on it as she whimpers, “Watch him, Case. Watch him make you cum, hon.”

Casey does as she’s told and lifts her head to look at you. I look too and we both groan when we see your face buried in her pussy. I’m not sure exactly what you’re doing, but I know how damn good it feels. Casey’s hips begin to twitch; she’s almost there and I want to help you take her over the edge, so I talk to her again, loud enough so you can hear. “Cum on his tongue, Casey. Cum all over his face like you did mine and then, later, I’ll let him fuck you. You’d love that, wouldn’t you? Oh yesss, trust me, hon, You’ll love Jack’s fat cock inside your pussy.” Casey moans as her orgasm hits her and she bucks against your face, smearing her juices all over you. You’re greedy, too. I shiver and heat flares in my lower stomach as I watch you drink from her. I’m in agony.

Casey calms down and you raise your face to me. My, my, what a smile you’re wearing, love. You crawl up the bed and I kneel up, pull your face to mine and kiss you..kissing Casey’s cum from your lips as I moan to you, “Baby, please, I need to cum so badly…”

You lay beside Casey’s recovering body and lay on your back, holding your hands out to me. “Come here, Lauren.”

I crawl up your body, positioning my pussy over your face. I look over my shoulder at Casey. She’s staring at your thick cock standing straight up. I know what she wants to do and breathlessly say “Casey, suck my baby’s cock while he makes me cum, will you?” She grins at me and immediately moves to bring her lips to your dick. As soon as Casey’s mouth touches your cock, you grab my hips and pull me down hard against your face. I can feel your tongue lapping at my swollen walls and put my hands against the bedroom wall to steady myself. Your tongue teases my clit, not quite giving me the pressure I need and I groan very low and rock on your face. You know so well how to make me crazy, baby.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32