Case 01.3 – Lynn

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These are a series of stories starting with women I have met in my life and adventures started. There are some embellishments to make the stories interesting. They start in the days well before cell phones but the memories are vivid. The women were real, some of the finishes were more than happened but why let the facts ruin a good story! All people were over 18 and so much fun.

The excitement of his first, then second seduction made Lucas think about other opportunities for sex. He couldn’t afford his own place and had to live at home for another year saving for accommodation in his final year of studies at a different college miles away. Sex with Theresa in the car had been exciting but not as comfortable or enticing as a bed. The morning sex with Fiona was a one-off and he couldn’t count on having the house alone again. He needed his own space and decided to sell his car and purchase a van big enough for a bed. He wanted style and decided to dip into his savings to decorate it properly so it wouldn’t appear cheap.

At the same time, he overheard his uncle describing a grand old house he was renovating. It has a series of single bedrooms, a large self-contained flat, a meeting room and best of all, a large garage. Lucas begged his uncle to stay there and guard the place until the renovations started. It was agreed and he quickly moved in spending nights and weekends stripping the van interior, lining it with blue satin and red velour, installing compartments for drinks, food, sheets and towels. He spent his time patiently getting all the detailing correct and using the style his sisters had instilled over the years.

Lucas had also continued his dance classes to the family’s amusement and he was able to practice in the meeting room without being disturbed. The only problem was that the meeting room was being used on Sundays for classes to teach immigrants English. Some of them had small children and the group had organised local girls to look after them during class.

Over the weeks, he flirted with them and especially, one of the regulars Cathy who had a look he was drawn to similar to something he’d seen in Teresa although she was physically different. Cathy had brunette hair with curl ringlets and he guessed D breasts but thinner hips which gave her a completely different walk. Her personality was shy and she reddened when he joked and looked deeply at her. He had just finished a session in the garage and went to clean up when Cathy arrived early with a new girl she introduced as Lynn, who had short blond hair framing a sweet face with soft rosy lips he instantly wanted to kiss. He stopped for a moment to clear his thoughts then shook her hand, liking what he saw in her eyes. She glanced at the floor and he briefly looked her over seeing a cute slight figure with breasts smaller than Cathy’s but the tight sweater maximised the appeal, leading his eyes to the jeans moulded on her small butt and shapely legs.

Lucas left to finish cleaning up and get changed, realising the extra effort made a good impression with girls then found them again to play with them before the language group arrived. Lucas found that Lynn loved music and could play the guitar. They talked about favourite performers and pieces and he watched her face light up.

Then the two girls decided to gang up on him, sitting cross legged on the floor, swapping good natured insults and making jokes about his clothes. Lucas noticed that the zip on Lynn’s tight jeans were undone, giving him a slight view of her knickers. It was probably an accident, but he could never pass up an opportunity to play with a girl, especially this cute one who he liked more and more.

She grinned at one of her own jokes, but really wanting to get this guy’s attention unsure but enjoying the way his eyes looked into her.

“You may laugh at my clothes Lynn, but I can at least dress properly. There’s something wrong with yours. You can’t leave this room until it’s fixed.”

“I don’t believe you.” She and Cathy grinned together, challenging him.

“Well, it is a serious problem. Let me hold your hands when I tell you or you’ll make it worse.”

She looked a bit unsure but decided to play along and put her hands in Lucas’s finding them warm. He held them gently for a moment rubbing the palms, then got a tighter grip.

“Lynn, your fly is undone. I can see your knickers.”

She immediately turned bright red and tried to pull her hands away while Cathy giggled. “It can be fixed, and I insist you let me. I found the problem and I want to help with it. When I let go of your hands, I’m going to do your zip up for you.”

She saw confidence in his eyes and stopped squirming, wondering if he would do it. She barely nodded then breathed softly when he placed her hands on his shoulders and reached to her jeans and found the zip. Lucas gave it a soft tug. “No, the angle’s all wrong. You need to get up.”

He gripped her shapely hips guiding her to stand with him. She felt Anadolu Yakası Escort lost in his stare when his fingers gripped the zip, then one hand pushed the jeans tight against her pussy and felt her heat as he slowly raised the zip. Then he gave her pussy a little pat to a gasp from Cathy and a surprised look from Lynn.

“Perfect now, it fits tightly.” Lucas could see a nervous hunger in her face and heard a giggle from Cathy. He leant down to whisper. “After the class starts, make an excuse to leave. I’ll be here.”

The front door opened as people arrived and the two girls left the room whispering together. Lucas turned on music to practice his dancing, waiting to see if Lynn would take the bait. Later he sensed movement and turned to see her in the doorway.

“Smooth moves. It looked good from here and I really love dancing.”

She was biting her cute lips and watched him approach then take her hands and guide her around the floor. Lucas noticed the shine in her eyes and felt her relax into him. He grinned realising what this did for her, then lifted her head and moved his head close to hers. He rubbed her cheek and she watched his lips wondering if he was bold enough to…

The kiss was soft, teasing and then nibbling her bottom lip. She sighed softly then kissed him back heat rising in her face. He pulled back and looked in her eyes, seeing a keenness, then kissed her deeper, rubbing her sensitive neck. “I wanted to do that when I first saw you.”

She looped her arms around his neck. “You’re bold enough for it. I wouldn’t be surprised by anything you did.”

“Don’t tempt me to show you.” He held her hips and pulled her closer to feel her warm body against him. She smiled and he slid his hand in to cup her jean clad pussy again. She gasped and closed her eyes, shocked at the sudden move. She felt his mouth on hers and opened her lips, his tongue teasing hers deliciously while he undid the zip and slid his finger into her knickers, tickling her soft hairs then moving away.

Lynn gasped at the instant heat or the way he stopped, then he dropped to his knees and pulled her hips closer.

“I think there’s still a problem here. I’ll look closer.” His head moved forward and she felt his warm breath on her skin, then his lips kissing her navel and moving down to kiss her panty covered mound. She groaned loudly and held on when he kissed the top of her thighs in the open jeans.

Then he was standing and zipping up her trousers while her breathing slowed. Finally, he kissed her softly several times and held her close.

“Since you enjoyed that, stay after the meeting and we’ll have more time to ourselves.”

“I… that was hot but…I don’t know.”

“I do and I’d love it. But you’d better get back.” Lucas turned her around and rubbed her ass before giving her a push to the door. She smiled back and left.

An hour later, he heard the class leaving and waited to see if she would turn up. The house went quiet then she was back in the doorway, but looked a bit nervous.

“It was fun before, but this is different. We’re alone and I’m not sure what might happen.”

“Lynn, if anything happens, it will only be fun like before.”

She smiled and bit her lip, watching him move close and hold her hips, swaying with her then softly kissing her.

Lucas deepened the kiss and pulled her against him, rubbing his hardening cock against her. She softly moaned and hooked her arms around his neck. He kissed her face and neck slowly, rubbing her cute ass and feeling her move with him. He used one hand to undo her zip and tease his fingers along her panty line, then went down his knees to kiss the skin and slide the jeans down her legs. He felt her breath deeply and sigh when he kissed her panties, finding her hot. She held his head close for several minutes until he stood, looking into her dark eyes while he undid his shirt.

She touched his chest, liking the warmth and strength, then pulled him down to kiss her again, opening her lips for his tongue. Lucas used the moment to move a hand up her tight top and undo her bra, then reached around and slid a hand under the cup, caressing the tight mound. The heat he had started in her pussy seemed to expand to her boobs and she pushed against him.

“Shit Lynn this is so hot.”

She felt him lifting her top up and raised her arms letting him lift the tight material over her boobs and head, then it dropped to the floor, along with her bra.

She blushed when he looked down at her body and enjoyed the sigh she heard from him. Then his lips found a nipple and she held on to him for stability as he worked both boobs. Finally, he kissed her and rubbed his hands over her panties, cupping her ass and lifting her up. It felt natural for her legs to circle his waist and feel his cock closer against her. Then Lucas was walking, carrying her down a hall and into a room. Finally, he broke the hot kiss she’d been enjoying, then released her Kadıköy Escort down and undid his trousers and shorts. Lynn looked around, realised they were in a bedroom then turned back to see his hard cock by her panties. His hands moved to her knickers but she put a hand on his chest.

“Wait. Please. Oh shit. This is… Oh.”

He kept his hands on her warm flesh, not trying to remove the last material but kept caressing her skin softly while she kept looking at his cock. “Are you alright?”

“Yeah but… I uh. I’ve never seen one before.”

Energy and desire shot through him as he realised what she said. How was this possible? He kissed her forehead, cheeks and finally her lips. “Lynn, are you a virgin?”

“Yes, but I’m like other girls. I think about sex. Guys must do also. I hope that’s alright, that I don’t know what to do.”

“That makes it really exciting, that I can show you.”

Lynn smiled then watched his lips capture hers in a kiss. She kissed back while his hands continued rubbing her body, making her nipples hard and spreading heat inside her. She felt safe with him, letting him lower her to the bed and lie beside her, kissing her boobs. Her hips moved and he slid his hand inside her knickers, cupping her mound and searching for her clit. The first touch on the sensitive bud lifted her hips off the bed, pushing his fingers down until they found her lips and spread the moisture over her. She attacked his tongue with hers while his finger separated her lips and pushed inside her vagina. She sighed at the entry into her tight tunnel, holding his head tight to her boob.

He used his free hand to push her knickers down and she lifted from side to side to help him. Finally, they were off, letting him run his hands easily along her slit and into her vagina, then tweak her clit. Her hips lifted to each movement and when he judged her mood was right, he reached across to the cabinet for a condom.

Lynn saw what he had and gasped, then held his arm. He saw lust and fear in her eyes. “Do you want to stop?”

“I knew it would happen one day and I’m on the pill. No, I don’t want to stop. Just… don’t rush it.”

He grinned and dropped the condom, seeing her move her legs apart to let him move between them. She looked at his cock get closer to her pussy. “That thing’s pretty big.”

He rubbed it along her thighs then her slit coating the head with moisture. “It will fit just nicely. And it’s the best feeling in the world. Let me show you.”

He moved the hard cock along her slit, finding the small opening and pushing the head against it. She squirmed but he kept pushing until the head slipped between her lips, barely inside her. She held his arms while he pushed forward, making small progress when he just wanted to thrust inside that delicious tight cunt.

“Fuck this is tight.”

“It hurts, please!”

Lucas realised she wasn’t helping him and he’d just about got carried away. He pulled out slowly and softly kissed her face and warm breasts. “This is too much for you and…”

“It hurt but I do want to do it. Maybe it’ll get better.”

“There’s something else I can do and then we’ll see.” He pulled a nipple between his lips, hearing a gasp, then used his mouth on both tits, feeling her relax. Then he kissed down, running his tongue through her pussy hairs to her slit, licking and tasting more wetness from her. She sighed as he nibbled her lips and kissed her pussy, finally teasing her clit. That was her magic button, sending blasts of pleasure from her pussy to warm her body. Her back arched and she opened her legs fully to his lips, getting higher until finally she released, shaking against his probing mouth.

Her hips dropped, not noticing the pillow he’d put under her ass but then she felt him move between her legs. She felt on fire and looked down to his hard cock touching her lips and slipping inside. He kissed her flushed face and rocked his hips, making small movements until he rested against her cherry. “That was easier but it’s still tight. Fuck you’re exciting.”

She pulled his head down to kiss her boobs, moving her legs against his hips. “Keep going. I want this.”

His lust took over as he thrust hard several times, but her cherry didn’t give and her grunts worried him. He didn’t want to pull out again so stopped and held himself still, kissing her. Then he pushed with a constant pressure, rotating his cock slightly inside her. She moaned slightly into the kiss and this seemed easier for her. It felt like minutes had passed until there was a sudden change and he moved forward, getting half his cock inside. She kissed him hard and spread her legs more letting him in deeper, her tight cunt slowly opening until she felt his groin against hers.

“Oh fuck, you’re inside me. How could that big thing fit?”

“Mm, it seems to nicely. And it’s going to get better.”

Her face was flushed but she managed a smile. “Promise?”

He withdrew slowly until İstanbul Escort just the tip was inside. “Definitely.” He pushed forward slowly filling her again, then repeated that several times. This was only the second time he’d been naked inside a pussy and loved the intimate sensations, her tight ripples caressing his bare cock. Then Lynn looped her legs around his waist. He pulled the pillow out, then lowered her ass to the bed and started to fuck her steadily. Her face lit up with the deep thrusts and she started to lift meeting each penetration. She loved the sound of his cock sliding into her and the way he slapped against her thighs.

Lucas pulled out until just the head was inside her, then pushed slowly forward an inch and back. She sighed at the small penetrations. “God what are you doing, that’s wonderful just there.” He saw how her eyes glazed as he shallow fucked her. This was something to remember and it dulled some of his tingling.

But her tightness was irresistible and he plunged deep. Then back for more shallow penetrations, while she held on and lifted her hips up to each small thrust. Then with a sudden shock, she felt a burst of pleasure deep inside her, groaning loudly and pulled his full length inside her.

Lucas saw her mouth open wide and her eyes glaze and held himself deep. As she started to come down, he fucked her hard, feeling his own orgasm close. She held on as his hard thrusts shifted her on the bed, then he stopped moving and she felt his cock expand and pulse, then damp heat inside her as he came. He stayed deep and she liked his weight on her, then the strange feeling of his cock softening and slipping out.

He moved beside her and she looked down to see liquid seeping from her onto the sheet with spots of pink. “Don’t move, there’s something I need to get.” He got up, moving to the bathroom and returned with a towel and tissues. She grinned at his limp cock, small now, then took tissues from him as he approached her legs.

“No, let me do that. It’s a bit sensitive now.” She gently dabbed tissues on her pussy, soaking up the juices, then the deposits on the bed, smiling at him.

“Lynn that was incredible for me, and I think for you, but how sore are you?”

“I’m not doing it again today, that’s one thing. The other is, yeah it was incredible.”

He lay beside her and pulled her head on his chest, her warm boobs against his ribs. She settled in, relaxing for several minutes. Then she ran her fingers over his soft cock. “That was so hard and big before. Have I worn you out?” Her fingers teased his dick, curious about the bulbous head and veins in the shaft, then realised it was getting bigger.

“Hell Lynn, you should stop that if we can’t do it again.” She saw it get bigger and wrapped her fingers around the shaft, feeling it grow in her hands. “I love doing it to you, it’s amazing this thing. I know we can’t fuck but I just want to play.” Her hand had stroked him to full hardness and he saw lust in her eyes. “Then let’s try something else. First stroke higher, up to the head as well.”

She followed his direction, building his excitement and her eyes solely focused on his cock. For several minutes, she played, enjoying what this did to him. Lucas felt as hard as any time in his life, wanting more from her hands and…

He stroked her face and moved her head over. “Look at what you’re doing to me. Shit, the best feeling. Now keep doing it, then kiss my cock and put your lips over it.” She stopped and looked at him, seeing the desire and feeling the hot shaft in her hand. He looked down hoping she would do it. Lynn moved closer, her blonde hair blocking his view, but he felt soft lips touch his shaft softly, then return for a longer kiss. He groaned loudly letting her know how good that felt.

She breathed hard, then slid her lips over the cockhead, hesitated and took more inside her then lifted up. She saw the moisture on his cock, realised it wasn’t so bad, even nice and took his cock in her mouth again. “Am I doing this right?”

“Feels great for me. Try using your tongue as well and I’ll tell you what feels good. But this is my first one.”

That got her attention and he saw pleasure on her face. She lowered her face and immediately took as much as she could of his hard cock into her mouth. He groaned and lifted up to her, then stroked her face and guided her head up and down finding a good rhythm. Her tongue teased his head and his sighs were all she needed to know his reaction.

The tingling kept going, then suddenly he was bursting inside her mouth. She leapt up immediately, but the next shots caught her neck and chest. He fell back on the bed shattered while she grabbed a tissue and collected the cum in her mouth, then used another tissue to wipe cum off her body.

“That was gross. Sucking you was fun but you didn’t warn me about coming.”

“I was enjoying a fantastic blow job; a warning was last thing on my mind.”

“Still, I… well, it’s done now. Shit, the time, I’m supposed to be back.” They dressed quickly and got into the van to drop her home. She looked in the back interior, almost complete with sumptuous linings and fabric. “Wow, that is cool and stylish. It could have been tacky but you’ve avoided that.”

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