Carol and John, Illicit Lovers Ch. 02

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Many thanks, once again, to tangentjoker who edited this story.

This part of the John and Carol story can probably stand alone. But for background, I would suggest you read part 1.

This story is fiction. It is about an incestuous relationship. All the characters are aged eighteen or older.


My mother and I had been lovers for a week since the Saturday evening we had acknowledged a desire for each other. A lust that each had kept hidden from the other. Fantasies had been in both our minds for years. Years of lonely masturbation while the lover of our dreams slept in a room across the hall.

We found a deep yearning that could only be satisfied through the sin of incest. But not a sin; not for us. To our lonely selves, it was a joyous meeting of our bodies; of our souls.

We had been insatiable all week. I would wait to hear her car in the garage. I would meet her as she came through the door into the kitchen. I would be naked beneath my robe. My cock would be hard and throbbing. It took all my willpower not to tear her clothes off her. We would suck and fuck until replete and be ready for more within the hour. My nervousness had gone. It had fled with my virginity. At least as far as my mother was concerned.

It was a Friday. The work week was over. We would have each other until Monday morning. We kissed, hard, hot, lots of tongue.

I’ll be right back,” Mom said.

She went to the bedroom; our bedroom now. I had moved a lot of my things into it. I fixed her a drink while she was gone. Whisky and soda, not too strong and lots of ice. It was her way of unwinding after work. Mom drank very little, but she did like a drink after work.

She returned in a few minutes. She had changed her slacks for a skirt. Her skinny legs were nylon covered. She was wearing the moderate heels she usually wore. She was still dressed in the suit jacket and blouse she had worn for work. She had never changed into a skirt before. I wondered what she had in mind.

She sat in a chair in the living room. I brought her drink. She sipped it slowly.

“It is so nice to come home to you, my love,” she said softly. “I’ve been thinking about you all day. I had a hard time getting any work done. Fantasies, hot dreams of you eating me at work. Visions of you under my desk sucking my pussy while I did bank business.”

She smiled then, that beautiful smile that lit up her face. “My panties would be soaked if I hadn’t used a pad. My slacks, too. Just before quitting time, I closed my door and masturbated. I sat at my desk with my hand pushed down the front of my slacks and pretended my finger was your tongue.”

Mom took another sip of her drink then set it on the table next to the chair. She held her arms open to me, then, as her legs spread wide in invitation.

“Show me what you would have done for your mother under the desk.”

I didn’t need to be asked twice. I shed my robe. Her talk had made me hot. I loved to eat my mother after she had been working all day. The idea that she had cum in her pants made her all the more desirable.

I fell to my knees between her splayed thighs. I pushed her skirt up, reaching for the panties. I was rushing things, showing no finesse at all. I tugged on the waist, pulling them over Mom’s bony hips. She lifted her butt to help.

I pulled them off her feet. I brought them to my face to inhale the perfumes, to taste the juices soaked into the pad. To breathe the fragrance, to lick the sopping pad. To taste of the ambrosia; her juices, her cum, the sweat of her crotch, her piss.

I reveled in it, in my mother’s extracts. Mom reached for the panties. Taking them from me she rubbed the pad on me; on my cheeks, on my neck.

She looped them around the back of my neck using them to pull me to her pussy. To lick and suck at her fragrant cunt. Her legs went over my shoulders. Her nylons thrilled my bare flesh. Her heels on the small of my back drummed on my spine as she came with shuddering force.

One hand twisted in my hair. She held me tight to her flowing cunt. I rolled my eyes up to see her, to watch her expression. She was holding the panties to her face, breathing in her essences. She licked at her juices, much as I had done.

She threw them away and pushed me away from her cunt. She slid off the chair to her knees, facing me. We shared a hot, hard, kiss. Her tongue licked her juices from my lips and tongue. She pushed me onto my back to dive on my cock.

She straddled me, pushing her still hot aromatic cunt into my face. Her skirt draped over her ass as I responded to her lust and her heat.

On the living room carpet, we ate each other. Her on top. Me on top. On our sides. She was cumming with screaming shudders. The screams were muffled by my throbbing cock fucking her wet mouth. Waves of orgasmic pleasure tore through her body. Her nylon clad thighs pressed my head. Her hands twisted in my hair as she held me to her cunt. My mother’s cunt that I loved so much.

I came with an electric thrill. My cum gushed into her Escort Bayan Gaziantep mouth, filling it, overflowing her lips. She came herself as she milked my cum from my hard cock, as her cum flowed over my face.

We collapsed together and lay like that, head to sex. Somewhere I found the energy to turn, so as to lie face to face with her. I watched raptly as she rolled her tongue through my cum in her mouth. Savoring it, loving it, enjoying the creamy slickness of it.

She kissed me to share it. She swallowed, then she licked her juices from my face. I licked my cum from her cheeks and chin.

We lay there until we had recovered enough to sit up. I stood and held out a hand to her. We stood together embracing, exchanging a loving kiss. Loving now that the initial heat was past. Past for now.

“That was hot, Mom,” I said, my voice husky with the lust, the thought of what was yet to come. “There was something about you wearing that skirt while we made love. That was a real thrill for me. Please leave it on.”

“I thought you would like it. I’ll wear it for you,” Mom said.

I put my robe on. Mom was still dressed, except for her panties. We sat on the couch together. She with her drink. We talked very little, being content to be close.

Eventually, I had to get up in order to get dinner ready. I liked to cook. Since I wasn’t working, it made sense for me to take over that chore.

It was a light meal. Neither of us wanted to overeat. We made some small talk for a while. Mom had shed her jacket but was still wearing her blouse and skirt. As we were sipping our after dinner coffee, she opened the buttons on the blouse to let it fall open. I thought it was hot, the way she did it.

Then I asked Mom something I had wondered about.

“Mom,” I asked. “What did you do before? Before last week I mean. You seem to have a healthy sexual appetite. Surely you didn’t go without.”

I knew part of the answer. I had snooped, after all.

“Oh John,” she said. “Are you trying to embarrass me?”

“No,” I replied. “I am really interested. I don’t mind telling you that I masturbated to visions of you.”

“Well I have my toys,” Mom said. “I masturbated with them. Like you, it was with images of you in my mind. Sometimes, I could almost feel you on top of me.”

She paused before saying, “After your grandfather died, Mom and I would get together once in a while.

“We didn’t make love, but we did mutually gratify each other.” She paused again. “I shouldn’t be telling you all this.”

I didn’t know why she was telling me. I wondered if she knew the reason herself.

“Please go on, Mom,” I said. “I think it’s hot.”

“Your grandmother was very lonely after my father died,” Mom continued. “After she retired, it got even worse. She told me about her problems, about how she was so horny. That simply masturbating wasn’t enough.

“I suggested a vibrator. She was a little reluctant.” Mom smiled. “You wouldn’t know it from listening to her talk, but your grandmother has a prudish side.

“I should say ‘did have’. She got over it,” Mom laughed again. “I had to show her how to use one. That’s how our mutual gratification sessions started. We would get together about two or three times a month once we started them. I think they’ll probably end now.”

“They don’t have to, Mom,” I said.

“I have you now, John. I don’t need the vibrators or the sessions with my mom any longer.”

“But Grandma might still need them,” I told her.

I found the idea of Mom and Grandma together intriguing. I couldn’t help but wonder how far the sessions had gone.

“I’d love to see you use a vibrator on yourself,” I continued. “You can cum a lot more often than I can. You wouldn’t have to wait for me to be ready again. Do you have a favorite toy?” I asked.

“I have several I like,” she answered. “Depending on my mood. Maybe later I can play with one for you. You can masturbate for me. I want to watch you cum. I have never seen it happen.”

“Ok,” I agreed.

“What I really want is to make illicit love with my son all weekend,” Mom said. “Maybe with a little mutual masturbation thrown in.”

“That sounds thrilling,” I responded. “Let’s go sit on the couch while I work up to more loving. You can tell me more about you and Grandma.”

We sat on the couch close together. A couple of hot, wet kisses put us both in the mood for play.

“When I watch porn, one of my favorites is women using a vibrator,” I told Mom.

“I’ve never watched any,” Mom said. “Porn I mean. Maybe we could watch some together. Would you like that?”

“Yes, I think I would,” I told her. “Especially if it was a turn on for you.

“Tell me more about you and Grandma. Did you enjoy the times with her?”

She seemed to think for a moment then she said, “I think I did. If we hadn’t been together for a while I would get antsy. Horny, too.”

“How about Grandma? Did she enjoy your times together?” I asked.

“I think so,” Mom replied. “It was often her who would initiate our visits. ‘Playtimes’, she called them.”

“Would she like to have a playtime with you and I together?” I asked. I don’t know what had made me so bold. I hadn’t forgotten the conversation I had overheard, when Grandma had indicated that she wouldn’t mind taking me to bed.

Mom wasn’t amused by the idea.

“You can forget any ideas like that, John. Just because we’re lovers doesn’t mean I’ll act like a slut for you. I don’t think my mother would be amused by the thought, either.”

“Ok Mom, I’ll drop it,” I told her. “But you never know if she might. She may still need something like your playtimes, and you two have already broken the ice between yourselves.”

“Your grandmother knows about us,” Mom said with a no-nonsense tone of voice. “If she wants something like that, she’ll say so.”

Mom had told me that her mother had encouraged her to become my lover. She hadn’t told me many of the details, only that Grandma knew about us. I had not told her about overhearing the conversation. I wondered now if I should.

“Mom,” I was stammering a little. “I need to tell you something. I heard you and Grandma talking. I knew that you were coming on to me. That you wanted us to be lovers.” I hesitated, watching Mom’s expression. After an initial look of surprise, she put on a poker face. “I heard Grandma say that she would like to get me in bed, too.”

“That doesn’t change anything,” Mom replied. “I will not bring up the subject unless my mother mentions it.” She was getting a little testy. I thought that if I wanted as hot a weekend as I hoped for that I had better drop the subject.

“I’m sorry, Mom. I didn’t want to upset you,” I said. I kissed her softly. She put her head on my shoulder and hugged me.

“That’s ok, sweetie. You’re forgiven.”

We held each other. Soft kisses turned hot. I sucked her nipples and pushed my hand under her skirt to her bare pussy. I was surprised to find it wet, very wet. Whatever Mom may have said, about inviting her mother to join us, her cunt was saying different.

Her hand was inside my robe fondling my rapidly hardening dick.

“Would you like to watch some porn now?” I asked.

“Yes,” Mom answered. “Let’s make a hot time of it. I’ll get a vibrator. We’ll play together. We both want to watch each other, anyway.”

“I have a couple of videos we can watch on the TV,” I told her. “I’ll go get them.”

Mom went to the bedroom to get her toys while I went to my old room for the videos. I usually watched porn on my computer, but I did have a few on DVD. I picked out one with a threesome as well as a lesbian flick with lots of mutual vibration.

I was feeling thrills in my body already. I was eagerly anticipating what was coming. I was anxious to watch my mother’s reaction. I met her back in the living room. I was happy to see that she was still wearing the skirt and the open blouse.

I decided to play the lesbian video first. As I inserted it into the player, Mom sat sideways on the couch. Her back was against the armrest. Both her feet were on the seat. Her legs were parted. Her skirt was pulled back to her waist. Her finger played in the slit of her pussy.

I sat at her feet with the remote. As I started the video, I gazed between her stringy thighs at the wild tangle of her bush. At the glisten of her juices on the swollen lips of her cunt. I watched her finger sliding over her hard clit. She spread her labia; opening herself for my view.

The redness, the sweet red color of her sex. The puffiness of her yearning. My thoughts were a jumble of desire, of lust. I wanted to bury my face in her heat, her wetness. But I wanted to watch her cum more. To see her expression, to gaze at her sinewy body’s reaction as waves of pleasure tore through her.

She turned her head to watch the show. As the two women on the screen pushed vibrators into each other’s cunt, my mother started to play with hers. She ran it over her clit, back up to her nipples. Then back to her clit as her free hand pinched and pulled at her erect nipple. She may not have had breasts, but her nipples were very sensitive.

She slid the vibrator into herself, sliding it into the tunnel of her vagina, watching the video as she did. The girls in the flick threw their toys aside and went down on each other, each burying her face in the other’s cunt.

I watched Mom closely. She seemed interested. Her tongue licked her lips sensuously as she picked up the pace of thrusting her toy into herself.

The scent of her musk was strong, empowering; enlivening my cock. I was hard. As hard as I had ever been, almost to the point of pain. Blood pulsed into my shaft, throbbing. I stroked myself slowly, softly. It was hard to hold back, but I wanted to watch my mother cum.

I wanted to watch her expression as she pumped the vibrator into her hot, wet pussy. I wanted to watch the toy slide between her puffy lips. I wanted to see her rub the toy against her hard clit. I wanted to see the juices flow from her cunt, glistening on the hairs of her wild thatch. I wanted to sense the fragrant aroma of her arousal.

I could sense her approach to an orgasm. The gasps, the sharp intakes of breath. The lifting of her hips as she thrust the toy hard into herself, faster as she neared climax.

I exulted with her as she came on her toy. As orgasms tore through her body in waves. As she brought herself to yet more thrills as soon as the prior one had passed. As she came time after time until she was satiated with orgasmic bliss.

She pulled the vibrator out of her pussy. She turned it off, but lay there spent. Her back was against the armrest, her head back. Her eyes closed.

She stirred after a few minutes. She sat up and rested her head on my shoulder.

Her eyes were on my hard cock as she said, softly, “It’s never been that good before. It must be because I was doing it for you.

“It’s your turn now,” she whispered after a few minutes.

I was ready. I picked up the pace of my stroking. Aroused as I was from watching my mother masturbate, plus the thrill of her watching me, it wasn’t long before I felt the thrills of impending orgasm. The sensations in the cells of my body. The electric thrill in my cock. My hips lifted from the couch as my cum gushed from me, spewing over my fist and onto my belly.

Mom’s arm was around me. I felt it tighten as she watched. Her free hand turned my head to hers. She kissed me open mouthed. Our tongues twisting and darting around each other.

We laid down on the couch together, both of us spent. We eventually got the energy to go to the bedroom. Mom was still wearing her open blouse and skirt. I thought she looked hot like that. I asked her to leave them on. As we laid on the bed together, I realized we had never got around to watching the second video. The one with the threesome. I tottered back to the living room to get it. I put it in the player for the TV in Mom’s room. I didn’t start it yet, though.

We dozed off for a while, not for long, though. We had been looking forward to the weekend for days; to the time when we would be able to lie in each other’s arms and make love without having to get up for work in the morning. To fuck and suck. To eat each other without restraint. To lie together and inhale the scents of our arousal, the fragrance of our cum. To taste each other; the sweat, the cum, and yes, even the traces of piss.

We woke in an hour. Mom first, she woke me by raining kisses on me.

“We have another video to watch,” I told her.

“I hardly got to see the other one,” she replied with a laugh. “We’ll have to look at it again.”

We sat up in bed leaning back against the headboard. We sat close wanting as much contact between us as possible. Mom grabbed the remote and started the video.

It was surprisingly well done but I knew that. It one of the reasons I had chosen it for my mother’s first experience with porn. I watched Mom as she watched the video. Her expression was neutral most of the time but she licked her lips when the two women went down on each other. She was playing with my cock with one hand. Her other hand went to her pussy to rest on top of mine, which was already there. She guided my finger to her clit as she watched the three actors eating each other in a circle of joy.

About half way through the film, I slid down to lie between her skinny thighs. To rub my face on her wild bush. To cover her vulva with my mouth. To lick at her hot flowing cunt. It was hard to say if Mom was enjoying the video or not but her wet cunt indicated she was aroused. I brought her to an orgasm just as the show was finishing.

When the video was done, she pulled me by the hair to lie alongside of her.

She told me, “I guess you had a reason for showing me that one, John. I did find it quite erotic, though. Your little plot may have worked. I’ll have to think about my mother now.

“I’m not sure about anything right now, only that I love making love with you. Let’s rest a while now.”

We fell asleep, both sexually satisfied.

Mom woke first. I opened my eyes to hear her in the bathroom. I got up and went to join her. She was brushing her teeth. I pissed while she finished up. There was no shyness between us any longer.

Mom was still wearing the disheveled skirt and blouse. The open blouse flashed her nipples as she moved. The tooth brushing finished, she hugged me and gave me a light kiss.

“I’ll make breakfast this morning,” she told me. “I want to feed my lover, keep his strength up.”

“OK. Mom.” I replied. “I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

I walked into the kitchen a few minutes later wearing an open robe. Mom was at the stove, her back to me. As she turned to flash me one of her beautiful smiles, I noticed that the back of her skirt was dark with stains from our cum. I stood behind her and pressed my rapidly hardening cock into the crack of her ass, rubbing it on the stained area of the skirt. My hands went to her tits. I rubbed the flesh around them as if I was caressing a plump pair of tits. I had found that Mom had many of the same feelings as if she had breasts to fondle. She enjoyed my caresses in that area.

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Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32