Carnal Rites

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Ten years ago, I decided to join a religious sect. I found their address and visited their office in the center of the city. When I arrived, an old man who introduced himself as the “High Priest,” informed me that in order to join the group, I had to go through an initiation ceremony. Its aim was to purge away the sins of my soul. I was going to be chastised and baptized. I accepted, because I was really determined to become a member of this sect. What I didn’t know at the time was that they were planning to “chastise” me with their cocks. Women were not allowed to join the sect…

The High Priest gave me the address of an abandoned warehouse. The ceremony would take place the following night. When I entered the warehouse, I realized that all the lights had been turned off. There was only candlelight. Seven men were gathered around a circle painted on the floor. Each man was wearing a black cloak. Suddenly, the old man stepped forward and approached me.

“Take off your clothes and kneel on all fours inside the circle. You are not allowed to move out of the circle but you are Sakarya Escort allowed to speak during the ceremony. Everybody else, apart from you and me, will remain silent.”

Without hesitating, I followed his instructions. A few moments later, I was naked on all fours and they were gathered around me.

“Let the ceremony begin!” said the High Priest.

Instantly, the rest of the men took off their cloaks and formed two lines. They were all naked. Three of them stood in front of me and the other three stood, one behind the other, at my back. It was quite obvious that they were going to fuck my mouth and my virgin hole. I was a bit uneasy.

“Do not resist! Their semen will purify you!” said the old man.

Within seconds, the first man grabbed my head and shoved his cock inside my mouth. I couldn’t stop now, so I started sucking him as hard as I could. At the same time, one of the men at my back thrust his big tool in my ass. Realizing that I was a virgin, he became even more excited and started fucking me mercilessly. It hurt in the beginning, Adapazarı Escort but soon I began to enjoy it. I even started pushing my ass towards his rod, so that he could fuck me even harder.

Suddenly, both men pulled out of my mouth and my ass. The man behind each one took his place. Liberated, I grabbed the shaft of the man before me and sucked his cockhead. Meanwhile, the man behind me had begun to pound my hole. He was really turned on. He had grabbed my waist and he was pushing his thick rod deeper and deeper. I was so horny that I screamed:

“Fuck my ass! Harder! Give it to me!”

As I deep-throated the front man’s cock, I grabbed his ass and pushed it towards my face, in order to help him fuck my mouth faster. At the same time, the other man’s tool was stretching me out, ruining my tight hole. When they were about to come, they pulled out. It was time for the third man in each line to perform his anal and oral worship. I was so hot that I decided to tease them before “round three.”

Shaking my ass, I yelled:

“Stuff my asshole Serdivan Escort with your dick! I want your cock-head in my mouth!”

Both men were so turned on, they didn’t waste any time. The man in front of me grabbed my head and pulled my mouth over his balls. I sucked each one, waiting eagerly for his shaft. A few moments later, he was fucking my mouth so hard that his balls slapped loudly against my chin. Meanwhile, the other man had buried his tool inside my ass. With powerful thrusts, he was sodomizing me and I could not get enough of his cock. He had developed a powerful rhythm, fucking my asshole and slapping my ass hard. I was so horny, that I was shaking my ass to take every single inch of his massive dick inside me.

Suddenly, both men pulled out and the High Priest said:

“Now you will be baptized!”

The three men in the front gathered around my face and started jerking off. So did the men behind me, aiming at my ass. Six cocks were going to shoot their load on me. I was eager as hell, so I said:

“I wanna taste your cum! Cum all over me!

The three men in the front ejaculated simultaneously. Their cum covered my forehead, my eyes and my lips. A few seconds later, the three men at the back spread their cum on my ass. I felt their hot fluid running down my cheeks. My asshole had turned white. I had been “baptized” in cum!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32