Carla Likes to Watch – Me Ch. 02

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Big Dicks

the first installment of Carla Likes to Watch- -Me was under Erotic Couplings so if you’re looking for part 1 that’s where it is.

After our extra hot multiple dildo session Carla was so into having a guy join us in our increasingly interesting sex games that it became close to an obsession with her. She cruised personal ads on the internet. She looked at videos and pictures of male female male sex sessions. She talked about it incessantly. We talked ad nauseam about what each of us wanted and came up with some basic guidelines: we could never get it with anyone either of us knew (she’s in a professional position where if the word got out that she was into sexual kink it could be fairly disastrous for her career not to mention total embarrassment and as for me, well I really didn’t need anyone knowing that I was into sex with guys!). We both had a certain body type in mind. No smokers (smoker cum tastes awful!). He had to be youngish. We both wanted a big cock (and just how the hell would we know?). We finally came to the conclusion that it’d be a decent idea to travel a couple of million miles to find the right guy – – -so off to Las Vegas we went in search of fun and hard cock.

I booked a suite (we could afford it so what the hell) for the weekend at the (they won’t let me put in the name of the hotel) and after settling in looked in the phone book and a couple of those famed Vegas sex rags that advertise anything you might want. As a last resort we’d decided to buy a guy from an escort service but that’s not what we really wanted to do. We finally found a club that was advertised as gay friendly, TV friendly, single and couple friendly and most any other kind of friendly one could ask for. Friday night at eleven and we’re there! I had on some black silk slacks with a dark gray silk shirt. Carla was wearing a four inch above the knees black mini skirt with a beige bare midriff and low cut top (no bra needed with 32b’s) and a black waist length jacket. Dark stay up hose with a red thong for panties. We looked hot. I got us a couple of margaritas and after a little bit we snagged a booth from a couple that was leaving. Not having a clue as to what to do we sat, drank, danced a couple of times and looked. Of course there were a lot of looks at her from both guys and girls and I got a few from members of both sexes too but nothing that either of us was nuts about. About midnight I made eye contact with this very good looking guy. Six foot, 175 maybe, dirty blonde and who cares about his eyes. I looked away and then back at him while he never broke eye contact with me. I had Carla look towards him to see if she approved and lo and behold we were both in agreement that if he was game we were too. So I went over to the bar he was leaning against and ordered another couple of drinks.

“Could we buy you one too?” I asked him as I waited.

“Oh sure. I’d love to drink with you two.” He said as we looked eachother over.

“My names Jeff and my girl friend’s Carla.”

“Mine’s Rob. Nice to meet you.” He said as we shook hands.

“So Rob. You come here tonight for anything in particular?” I asked. He told me that he was from Chicago and was in town for a business deal that had finished that afternoon

“At this point I just want to unwind and de-stress.” He replied.

“Look, I’m going to cut to the chase and if I offend you I don’t mean to. OK?” He said that he doubted that there was much that could offend him so I told him that my girl and I were in town looking for fun. We had it in mind to do a threesome with another guy but that there was a twist: my girl didn’t want to participate. She wanted to watch me and another guy do sex together. I asked if he was into guys at all and he smiled as he said yes. Fuck me! We might be in luck! I took him back to the booth and after introducing him to Carla he slid in between us. We did the blah blah blah stuff and I ordered us each a couple of Julio shots of tequila with Pacificos. We toasted our new found friendship with the first shot and toasted the continuance of the evening with the second.

Rob was talking to Carla when I decided to make a tentative move. I reached under the table and put my hand on his thigh. He didn’t move so I slid up to his crotch area where I found Carla’s hand which had already unzipped him and hauled his cock out. They both looked at me and we all laughed but neither of us stopped our exploring. Nice dick. Felt a bit bigger than mine with the same thickness. Cut. Yum! “Now that we’re into preliminaries maybe we should guzzle down these beers and get out of here for other Eskort Kız happy places. Like our place.” I said to both of them.

“That’s if I can get this back in my pants.” Said Rob as he reached down to tuck himself back in.

We had driven over in Carla’s Beemer. “Why don’t I drive while you guys get in the back and get better acquainted. I wan to adjust the mirror so I can see what’s happening!” She said. Why not? So Rob and I got in the back while Carla got in the front. The valet parking guy gave us a funny look. Go figure!

I’ve never been much into kissing guys but Rob put his arm around me and pulled me to him. He stuck his tongue in my mouth and kissed me hard. Tongues dancing around. He sucked mine and I sucked his bottom lip.

“Oh fuck that’s hot looking!” Exclaimed Carla from the front. I was rubbing his cock thru the front of his pants while we made out. He reached up and found my stiff nipple thru my shirt and started tweaking it. My nipples usually get hard really fast and this time was no exception. I was totally oblivious to Carla driving while we both got hotter playing with each other’s bodies. Before I knew it we were at our hotel and once again got the look from the valet guy as we got out of the car. It must have been totally obvious to him that this was some sort of hot sex thing from our disheveled appearance. In the elevator going up to our suite I had Carla pushed up against the wall and was feeling her up while I fucked her mouth with my tongue. Rob was touching her breasts and she was breathing hard into my mouth. He was then behind me running his hands up my legs and between them squeezing my cock and balls making me so fucking hot!

When we got to the room Rob and Carla fell back onto the couch and were making out like crazy. She was sitting with her heeled feet up on the couch and her legs spread rubbing her silk covered pussy while he was kissing her and fucking her mouth with his tongue. I poured each of us a double shot of tequila and everyone took a slight pause in the action. Rob thought it might be a good idea to tie Carla to a chair.

“You mean tie me up naked so all I can do is watch you two – – – I bet you’re going to make my Jeff do all sorts of nasty things to you aren’tcha Rob. Gonna make him suck your cock and your balls and your ass? Gonna fuck him? And I have to be all tied up just leaking cunt juice all over the place? Ummmmmm…..” She stood there and slowly took off her skirt. Standing there in her hose, heels, red thong and low cut top. She bent over and ran her hands up her legs sliding them over her mound and up her torso to her top. She pulled it apart and her hot looking little tits sat there on her chest with these stiff pinkish nipples which she pinched for us, and her.

Thank god for girls who like hosiery! I got two pairs of Carla’s hose out of her bag. But rather than let me do it Rob tied her all by himself. He sat her on one of the tall backed dining room cloth chairs. He then tied her hands together behind the back and tied her long legs back along the back sides of the chair. He used another stocking tied around the arm and leg stockings to cinch the whole thing together. Carla’s pussy was wide spread and open for us to see it’s glistening pink insides.

“Now I know you’ve been with guys before Jeff.” Said Rob. “And I bet you’re the kind of guy who likes a guy that kind of takes control aren’tcha?”

I dimmed the lights in the room and answered him. “Yeah I do. I like being a hot guy’s bitch.”

“Oh goddamn.” Moaned Carla when she heard me.

Rob was now sitting on the couch watching me. “I think you should take all your clothes off for me Jeff. Right there. So I can see your little slut bitch body. Do it. Take it all off for me and for your little whore over there.” I unbuttoned my shirt looking at him the whole time.

“Oh yeah baby.” Breathed Carla. “He’s got the hottest nipples Rob. They get all hard and as big as little erasers when I tongue em and nibble on em. But they get even harder when I bite em. When I make em hurt. He likes that a lot.” I kicked off my shoes and took off my socks. Then I took off my slacks and stood there in my black bikini briefs. My cock was already hard and pushed against the front of them.

“Now take those off Jeff and let me see that big boy clit of yours.” I peeled off the briefs and stood there with my 6!/2 inch cut cock pointing right at him. I’ve got a pretty dick. The head gets red really quickly and I tend to ooze. “Mmmmmmmm, that is pretty Jeff.” He said as he stood and approached me. He took out his wallet and from it took a black ribbon which he held between his teeth as he undressed. Excellent bod! No noticeable body hair other than a thin patch around his seven inch cut dick. Tapered from bottom to this big fat mushroom head. He was obviously hard. He dropped to his knees in front of me and told me to lift up my cock. I did so and he took the black ribbon and tied it around my balls. He got his face and therefore his mouth really close to me and I could feel his breath on me as he tightened the ribbon around my sack to a point where it was mildly uncomfortable. My balls were tight against the skin and each was clearly defined.

He walked back to the couch and sat down and back with his legs splayed out so that his hard cock was pointing up and his big balls were hanging down over his asshole. “Get on your knees and crawl over to me bitch.” He said in this low menacing voice. I dropped to my knees and started to slowly crawl towards him. “Hey Carla. Tell your boy here just what he is. Make him feel like the little slut he’s going to be.”

“Crawl over to him Jeff. I wantcha to lick his legs up to his hot looking dick. God you little bitch Jeff. It’s so hot that you’re such a little pig slut for me baby. Crawl over to him for me baby. Be the little slut you wanna be.” I was on my knees at his feet looking up at him and back at her. There was enough light on Carla’s cunt to see how wet it was and how fat her clit was. She’s got a big one anyway and it looked all hot and nasty slick with her cum juice.

“Feel my legs Jeff. Slide your hands up em and feel em. I slid my hands up and down his legs from calves up to his thighs. “Go get some oil to put on me Jeff.” I got up and went to the bathroom to get some baby oil. “I betcha got a toy or so in there dontcha Jeffie? Bring something back with you bitch.” I brought back the oil and our ten inch dildo that Carla uses on both me and herself. “Oh Jeff, you’re a nasty boy aren’tcha. Bet you do all sorts of hot stuff with that big fat cock there. Doesn’t he do hot stuff with it Carla?”

“Oh I fuck him with it and make him blow it. He gets so fucking hot with it in his ass or in his mouth Rob. If I fuck him just right with it he cums without ever being touched on his nasty cock.” Moaned Carla. I got back down on my knees in front of him.

“Stick that dick in your mouth Jeff. Let me see you suck it. See if you do it well enough to allow you to suck on mine.” Said Rob. I stuck the head into my mouth and sucked on it. Slurped on it and treated it just like I wanted to treat Rob’s hard dick. “Oh yeah Jeff. You’re a good little cock boy. Ever seen him suck cock or eat cum before Carla? Ever seen him get a hot cock up into his pussy before?”

“Oh fuck no!” She replied. “But goddamn I wanna see you do him and make him your slut bitch for me. I’m so hot to see it! Fuck him up for me Rob.” He didn’t say another word but just pointed at his cock and nodded his head. I put down the dildo and took his dick in my left hand and lowered my mouth over the red hot looking head. “Oh my fucking god! You’re a cockslut baby!” She said.

I swirled my tongue all around the head and slurped at it while my fingers went up and down on the shaft. “Suck my balls you bitch.” Said Rob as my mouth left his cock and lipped down to his balls. My own balls hurt from being tied so tightly but all I could think of was sucking his big balls and feeling the juice in them with my mouth and tongue. I stroked his dick while I sucked on him first one ball and then the other. After a few minutes I trailed my lips back up his cock and took him back into my mouth. Carla was telling me what a pig slut I was and how she loved seeing me be a whore for cock just like she was. I started bobbing my head up and down going farther and farther down on his cock til he was buried in my throat and I was swallowing the cock head. Giving him a head massage with my throat muscles. “Oh yeah you little cunt. Swallow that cock! Fuck it with your throat!” I was so hot for his cock and cum that I was sucking him and squeezing his balls coaxing him along when he pushed me off of him and I fell back onto the floor. “No cum for you yet mother fucker. The real cunt gets some cock too!”

Carla’s eyes were kind of unfocused looking as Rob got up and moved over to stand next to her. His gorgeous dick was bobbing around and she couldn’t take her eyes off of it. He started moving the cock head all over her face trailing pre cum and my saliva over her cheeks. Her mouth was opening and closing trying to get his dick into it but he kept avoiding her attempts. “Ever seen your girl suck another cock bitch? Fuck if she doesn’t want it bad! Man, look at her try to get it. Wanna see her eat it Jeff?”

This was supposed to be a Carla watches and Jeff gets it scene but she wanted to suck on some cock so badly I just had to see her do it. “Oh yeah! Fuck her mouth! Rape it! Do it really hard to her!”

He put his cock where she could get to it and her mouth hurriedly closed over the head. She moaned and slurped around the head but was at his mercy as to how much she got. All of a sudden he grabbed the sides of her head and shoved his cock all the way into her throat and fucked in and out of her for seven or eight hard strokes. She was gagging and choking on him and her eyes were wide open with tears in them. “Oh man she’s a nasty cock whore bitch isn’t she Jeff! No wonder you like her. She sucks cock almost as good as you do!” He roughly pulled his dick out of her and turned back to me. I was so hot I reached out for him and pulled him into my mouth so I could suck him and love his dick. But he pulled away from me and told me to get up and bend over the arm of the couch so he could fuck me. I did as he said and in the position I was in my ass cunt was all open for Carla to see. Rob took some baby oil and poured it onto my ass. A lot of it ran down my legs but he used the rest to lube his fingers. Without another word he slid two fingers into me and started fucking in and out.

“Oh this is an ass that’s had some cock in it before Carla.” And he stuck and third finger into me and was fucking all three in and out of me making me crazy with lust. She was moaning and talking unintelligibly. I could look over and see that her cunt was flowing with cum juices and her eyes were glazed over. He pulled his fingers out and retrieved the big dildo from the floor. After letting me watch him suck it wet he placed it at the opening of my ass and slowly popped the head into me.

“Ohhhhh fuck me fuck me.” I cried out as he pushed it into me until almost all ten inches were inside of me. He then pulled it out and went over to Carla. He slapped her face with it a few times and then without another word he put the head at the opening of her sopping cunt and slid it into her til it was buried. “Fuck that cocksucking bitch! Fuck her with it! Make her hurt!” I moaned as he fucked the length of it in and out of her. Spit was drooling out of her mouth and she was moaning and groaning as he fucked the big monster dick in and out of her. “Oh fuck goddamn fuck me Rob.” I screamed as he left the big dick in her cunt and moved back over to me. He spread my ass cheeks apart and positioned his hot dick at my entrance and plunged into me. I moaned and almost collapsed as he sank into me all the way and just stayed there for a moment. He then started fucking in and out of me going at it hard.

“Oh fuck him baby! Fuck that little faggot bitch’s ass for me Rob! Oh man he loves being your cunt so fucking much! Do him til he can’t walk!” She said through gritted teeth as she squeezed the dildo with her pussy muscles. He was pounding my ass and then taking it almost all the way out before plowing back into me.

“Oh you motherfucking bitch! Your asspussy’s so fucking hot! Squeeze my dick! Make it cum!” He roared. “Fuck I’m gonna cum! Fuck I’m gonna cum!” He screamed as he pulled his cock out of me and got it in Carla’s face. Her mouth was open wide as he stroked it just twice before a jet of white cum blasted out of him and into her waiting mouth hole. Three more hard pulses shot out and hit her face and short hair before he grabbed her head and shoved his still spasming dick into her. I could see her throat contract as she swallowed his cum. God but she looked so hot! I was now sitting back on the floor up against the couch jerking my cock with one hand and fucking my ass with the other. He kicked the dildo over to me and told me to fuck myself with it. I grabbed it and plunged it into my hot hole while I jacked my cock with my other hand. “Hold it in your ass and come over to cum in your cunt’s mouth!” I got up and staggered over to her. He held the cock in me and fucked in and out hard while I slid my fist up and down my red hot dick. I could feel it swell up and I positioned it an inch from her mouth as my cum rushed out of it and into her. Brutally hard cum as I pulsed shot after shot into her mouth. She closed her mouth over the head and sucked it eking all the cum out of me until the intensity of it all made my knees weak and I fell back onto the floor.

“Well boys and girls. That was a nice start. I think I need to make a call to a couple of friends of mine. See what we can do to finish you sluts off!”

Finish us off? Oh my god!

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