Careful What You Wish For_(2)

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Be careful what you wish for
You might get it if you don’t wish nicely

We all come home from the bar. You are especially tired because its been a long night. You look at Ted and see that I he tired as well. You are also aware that he isn’t to happy with your decision at the end of the night to invite Sarah home with us. Well that’s too bad Ted, you think, I know that if I brought her drunk ass home you would probably lay off of trying to fuck me for one night. You watch Sarah dance around to some music Ted put on. Ted is watching her with tired eyes, and you aren’t sure if the way he’s looking at her is with amusement or if he might not try to killyou in your sleep tonight. Sarah bends over in front of Ted and starts trying to twerk with her non-existent ass that would never clap and Ted looks right at you with a look that says “are you serious”? Sarah stands up looks at you, sees your eyes, whips around and looks at you then to Ted and says, “You paying more attention to her and I’m the one trying to turn you on? Well try this on for size”. I am shocked as Sarah whips her little halter top off and leans in towards Ted and pushes her big fake tits into his face. You think to yourself that that money she spent was well worth it, the giant breasts on her thin frame look incredible. Ted seems to think so and reaches around behind Sarah and goes for her bra clasp he peeks his head around the side and while looking at you in the eyes pops the clasp open. Her bra pops open and Ted mouths something at you like “I want you so bad” but you cant be sure. And you wont ask him anyways. You brought her back to his place so he would leave you alone. But the site of Sarah’s leaning forward body and the sound of Ted sucking and kissing her breasts is making you angry. How dare they do this in front of me, and then you think with some alarm, was this making you jealous? Immediately you discard that idea as it is ridiculous. You stand up and walk over to them, you look down and see some rather big hickeys forming on Sarah’s right breast and her left nipple is in Ted’s mouth as his hand pinches the right nipple. You decide to be a little tease, and you say to them “Wow I am really tired, I think Teddy im gonna go to your room get in your bed and lay down. I hope you two have fun out here.” Then you do something which surprises both Teddy and Sarah, you lean in and give her nipple a lick and bring your head to yours and kiss her deeply, your tongue sneaking between her lips. She has a very surprised look on her face, but then she gets into it and starts to kiss back but as soon as she does you pull away and say, “Well guys that’s enough for me. I just wish you would have involved me in this and not made me sit there watching you guys. We might have had an amazing time. Dammit Teddy, I wish you just would have come and kissed me and not tried to make me jealous with Sarah here. Oh well I guess maybe another time”

He, looking right into your eyes, says, “You wish that, eh? Even tho you have made it clear you don’t want me, you wish that tonight, OF ALL NIGHTS the night you invited a girl back with us to MY place, you wish for me to take you then walk away from me?” You say back, “yes, that’s what I am saying” he has a small little smile on his face that tells you he knows what you are doing, you are teasing the living hell out of him. He’s your friend and you don’t want that to change. Plus you have heard stories about him. That he is fun in bed but that some wild things sometimes go on. Some of you believes it, the other parts think it’s just storytelling on his part. Even though you have heard some of it confirmed. Well it doesn’t matter because you wont cross that line with him and he wont with you. SO you know that what you just did is a total cock tease but you think its allright because he will just take it out on Sarah. You feel like you probably even helped a little. You move out of the living room into the bedroom and shut the door. You don’t hear anything from the next room but you are pretty sure that they are getting down and dirty. You open his closet and grab a t-shirt and take off your work t-shirt and bra. You look at your ample natural breasts and think to yourself how much more Ted would be enjoying yours if it had been you instead. You shake that thought free. Realizing you must be more tired that you thought. You slip one of his big t-shirts on and lay down. Hoping he doesn’t wake you when he comes in to sleep next to you. Hoping that he doesn’t bring her smell or anything wet to bed with him. Its his bed but you have slept here a bunch of times. You know that he will respect you. You drift off to sleep thinking you hear soft voices and not fucking from the other room.. As you drift you get a picture in your mind of them fucking, a clear picture. Ted standing behind Sarah, she is bent over the couch. Ted is pounding into her, and Sarah is grunting with every ballslapping hip thrust that Ted throws into her. you are so turned on you move in closer and look Ted in the eyes and pull his cock out of sarah’s wet pussy and put it up against Sarah’s asshole. She looks back in alarm and says, “No I don’t like it in the ass ‘staaahh’—–“ she is cut off as Ted pushes his thick cock into her asshole. You love the grunt and little whimper Sarah makes as Ted pushes all the way inside her. his balls deep cock pushed into the limit. She is saying stop but Ted isn’t listening, he starts to fuck her, but slow the faster and faster. You watch at first with satisfaction as he slowly but steadily fucks her dirty little asshole so naughty you are int it but then you notice blood and Sarah Sex hikayeleri is crying hard, and you tell Ted to stop but he won’t and when you look at his face its gone, replaced by a weird light that is pulsing out of his neck and you think to yourself you have to plug the light and it will all..

“WHOA!!!!” you come awake with a loud screamed whisper. You don’t know if you were screaming in your sleep or if it was just the dream.. it was a bad one, you reach down to scratch your stomach and your arms won’t move down. Neither will the other. Your arms will move a bit, you try to move your legs and you can they are able to move but your hands wont. You think for a second you have fallen back asleep when you feel a sting on your stomach. You look up and Ted is standing there with Sarah. Both of them are naked with Smiles on their faces. You are trying to understand what is happening when you feel another sting “Wake up!! And stay awake” your hands are tied by ropes to his bed posts. You blurt out “what the fuck Ted? Sarah? What are you doing?”
“Nothing, except doing what you asked. Making you a part of it. So me and my willing little slut here are going to make you a part of our little party. You see I didn’t know it until tonight but Sarah here is a bad little girl who needs to be taught how to be good at being bad. Isn’t that right Sarah?” Sarah just looks at him nodding her head up an down. He says to her, “you may speak. Tell her what you are and what I am doing for you”
Sarah opens her mouth, a little smile threatening the corners of her mouth but she keeps the character up and says “I am a slut but I have no direction” she looks at me in the eyes “Ted said he will give me direction. I want him to teach me to be bad. He said he would be my teacher and we could use you as our ummm” she forgets something and Ted almost shouts “KNEEL” she kneels down and Ted reaches down and opens her mouth and takes his half hard cock and puts it n her mouth. He says “Suck it until I tell you to stop, and do a good job or else” She starts to suck him I watch with fascination for a second then remember where I am. I start to pull on the ropes, but nothing gives. Ted looks at me and says “I told her that you would be like our instructional fuckdoll for our little class tonight. You see my little submissive girl here has had a thing for you for awhile. I figure why deny her that opportunity since you are laying in my bed in my apartment. And you said you wished I had made you a part of it, well here you go. You are now a part of it” you struggle a little harder against the restraints thinking that you might be able to get one lose, but you cant. So you say, “I didn’t mean it likje this, you need to stop this, Ted this is crazy, you have had your fun but I need you to stop this. I don’t want to be a part of this, I will just leave and go home and I wont say anything, please just let me go.” You are feeling very naked already when he says “Sarah take her panties off.” Sarah stands up and gets between your legs. You start to loudly protest and pull on the ropes again, this time you are pulling a lot harder, the headboard bumping the wall loudly as you yank. Sarah down between your legs slowly pulls your little black hot pants off of you you feel the silky fabric slide all the way down to your feet, a pause from Sarah as she looks at Ted he nods then off completely they go. “STOP IT” you yell “STOP IT NOW” Ted leans over and whispers something to Sarah and her eyes light up and he smiles. “Let me go, this is crazy Ted. Stop this please” as you are begging Sarah comes and kneels next to you on the bed your panties in her hand. “I don’t want either of you this is a fucking joke you should stop Sarah I d UUUMMPH” While you are midprotest Sarah takes your panties and shoves them into your mouth. Using her fingers to push them all in all the way in your mouth. You scream but almost no noise comes out. Ted comes over and sits down at the foot of the bed then leans in and you try to kick at him. He tells Sarah “grab her legs and hold them up and apart. You may sit on her face when you do this”

Sarah straddles your face, her smell is sweet and strong in your nose as her wet pussy with big fat pussy lips on her skinny body looking out of place as she settles her wet snatch onto your face with a very soft squishing sound. Her wet pussy getting all over your nose and lips. She leans forward and you feel your legs lifted in the air. And then handed off to Sarah. You are scared so scared you are crying a little and Sarah’s pussy right on your mouth lips up against your nose, the only way you can breathe is through your nose and you wonder how this could have happened. Then you feel a light touch a wet touch and sarah says “yes Ted, lick her pussy. Is it wet?” From between your legs you hear ted with an amused tone he says, “First off you do not speak until spoken to, and yes she is very wet. For someone who is protesting” you feel his lips on your pussy and his tongue pushes out into you and you hear a loud almost slurp sound, “Yes she is very very wet. Dripping even. I would say she is into this. Very into it, taste this. You feel a finger invade your pussy and a small moan escapes you, you are happy because with the panties in your mouth no one can hear it. “Tell me Sarah what does she taste and smell like. Smell my finger then lick it clean” You hear a couple of sniffs then a sucking sound, you assume that sound is her sucking his finger, and she stops sucking it and says, “oh my she smells excited and tastes so good. I want more can I have more?” As she is asking for this she starts Sikiş hikayeleri to grind her hips bac and forth a little. Her wet snatch dragging her big pussy lips back and forth up to your nose down to your chin. Its so uncomfortable and a little painful and you let out another loud grunt, followed by a muffled cry.

“Oh is it a little to much for you? Grunt and try to yell if its too much” Ted says.
You don’t say anything and Sarah starts to grind harder. And she is getting even more wet. You don’t want to give in, you just want it all to stop. Sarah’s wetness is now leaking into your nose it’s a turn on, or a turn off, you don’t know anymore, you do know that you want the grinding to stop. So you grunt loudly then try to SCREAM it being a muffled scream as the panties quiet you down and her pussy continues it’s face grind. A little laugh comes out of sarah and then she is up off of you. You turn your head to the side and for the 1000th time try to get your hands to your face forgetting the restraints. “You liked the taste of her? well like the little whore who has no self control and the ability to say YES to everything get between her legs and you lick her. I want you to tell me how wet she is, and how it tastes and you are only to refer to her pussy as her “cunt” I want no other word from you that you use to talk about her pussy. Is that understood?” She nods her head and looking you in the eye she winks and goes and gets to the foot of the bed and starts to come up, you clock her in the head with your left knee, she jumps back surprised and holding her head looking at Ted for guidance. Ted says “Shouldn’t have done that. I SAID EAT HER PUSSY!!!” you feel her face dive into you and feel her tongue and lips assault you. You moan a little and then he stands on top of the bed and you look up and see this man squat down over you. He puts his hand on your throat and you freeze. He sticks his fingers in your mouth and pulls the panties slowly out. From between your legs you hear her say excitedly “Her cunt just got super wet” he looks at you in your eyes and says “how about that” and his hands squeeze your neck a little tighter. You hate that word and he knows you hate that word, you say in a slightly strained voice “you know I hate that word, make her stop calling me that” he chuckles, and you get even more angry at that chuckle until he surprises you again. He chokes a little harder and you open your mouth to get a little more air in and your chest raises up into the air as your back arches and he slides his cock right between your lips and starts to slowly and gently thrust his cock in and out between your lips. “Her cunt is dripping now” Sarah happily cries out and she gets her lips on your clit and sucks it into her mouth and he pushes forward almost to the back of your throat and the thought makes you want to gag and as you are thinking that she pushes a finger up in you and suddenly you cum. You cum really hard as you are cumming you are looking up into Teds eyes, he is lookin back into yours, you see what might be a look of concern and you realize that’s what it is, he doesn’t know if you are hurt or enjoying it and he doesn’t know whato to do. You realize he might stop what he’s doing and you suck hard. sucking him to the back of your throat and do a whirl with your tongue around the head of his cock he almost shouts with surprise as you love his cock with your tongue. Your orgasm growing bigger she is right on your clit, perfect eating your pussy perfect you can feel it as you gush, a river of cum gushing out of you, she sucks and licks you perfectly through the whole thing. And as your climax subsides Ted pulls his cock from between your lips and you quivering say “Is that all you got” Sarah laughs down from between your legs. And Ted looks at you and says “no, that isn’t all I got” he stands up and undoes your ropes and as he is undoing them he leans in and whispers “I think I might need an assistant teacher” your eyes widen and you smile. Feeling the ropes come off of your wrists, you put a hand up to his face, and he grabs it and kisses the palm and holds it to his cheek, one more smile at you and he turns to the foot of the bed, where sarah is laying on her stomach looking at you guys a little smile on her face.

Ted says to her “You shouldn’t be smiling because you aren’t anywhere close to finished” she gets a quizzical look on her face and says, “What do you mean?” Ted jumps like a cat to where she is grabs a handful of her hair and jams her face into your pussy and says “What the fuck did I say about speaking when you aren’t spoken to? Now you lick her clean. All that cum that came out of her you lick it clean up.” She starts making a protesting sound and says something that sounds like wait a second and you reach down and grab her head and push it into your pussy and grind it into her. she makes some attempts at breathing but its not easy with your pussy pressed against her face. You let go a little and she lets in a massive breath and then a little short scream. You look up and see Ted has a little butt plug and has forced it into her ass. Her eyes are wide, she looks into yours and when she does you jam her face back into your snatch and say, “How does my ‘CUNT’ taste now, Sarah? You still want to call it that? Huh? Use that dirty fucking word about my sweet pussy?” She is moaning a little and sucking and licking and you look at ted and he puts a finger in her pussy and pulls it out. You can see a string of wetness pull out with his fingers. Sarah is turned on like crazy, and she is going to make you cum again if she keeps it up.

Ted gets Erotik hikaye behind her and gets her to her knees and you hear him shove his cock up inside her. a loud rude wet sound coming from her fat pussy as Teds cock slams into it making his entrance quite audible. You giggle a little at the funny sound and Ted is smiling looking at you and he starts to fuck her. she moans loudly as you watch him play with the toy in her ass as she fucks him. Almost right away she says “I’m cummm unnnn uhhhhhh ahhhhhhHHHHAHHHHHHHH” Her voice gains in pitch and volume, she stops licking and sucking her body going stiff as the sound of her voice becomes just a bare throaty whisper and then a scream and her whole body spasms as Ted Yanks the butt plug out of her in mid orgasm. Her body bucks and shivers Ted grabs hold of her hips and pushes deep into her, and holds on, her eyes are closed, her whisper scream occasionally making a little noise as her body is wracked with pleasured shivers. As it slows down Ted starts to pound her, fucking her hard. he reaches down and pulls her hair yanking her head back and says “Make her cum. Lick and suck till she cums.” You look into her eyes and can tell she is out of it, her orgasm just hitting her like a truck. So when she starts and does a kind of lazy job you suddenly get an idea. You think if we are going to teach her we might as well teach her. you roll to your stomach and get to your knees. Then you back your ass up towards her. You tell her to lick your asshole. “LICK IT” you command. She says, “Wait time out guys I don’t do that I am not into licking someones asshole” You feel her face turned away and her cheek against your asscheeks, you consider for a second letting her not do it, but the feeling of your wet pussy feeling so good and your asshole cold from the rush of juices that ran down over it earlier and the scene of Ted fucking her pussy so hard you think back to your dream. Doesn’t like the asshole, eh? You decide that doesn’t matter. You look back and look into her eyes. She is pleading with her eyes.

Yep, you decide that this student is going to learn to appreciate someone willing to teach her. so you grab her skinny neck in your hand and tell her “Look little girl, we said we were going to teach you and YOU WILL FUCKING LEARN!!” Ted has a big mischevious grin on his face and pulls his cock out and says “See I can do something to your asshole while you do something to hers” and he pushes his cock slowly up inside her and pulls a bottle of lube he used for the plug up from the bed and squirts it liberally onto his cock and her asshole. She goes stiff again and looks like a deer in headlights as his thick cock penetrates all the way in. just like the dream you think and laugh out loud, she looks at you funny but then she gets scared as you flip onto your back with your hips raised in the air and your legs sticking up you grab your legs behind the knees and pull them up and then you see Ted reach forward and stick her face into you. She says “please stop” and you grind your hips up and down, you feel her nose tickle your pussy lips as her lips brush your asshole. The feeling is tremendous and the feeling of power is amazing. As Ted is grunting and fucking her ass she is trying hard not to lick yours but you let one leg go and like a hook put it over around her neck and push her face into you. You whisper in a harsh voice, “lick my tight asshole now.. Do it now or I will make you sorry THAT I can promise you” you don’t even know what that means, or what the threat is, but she seems to get it and you feel her tentatively stick her tongue out and make contact with your tight hole. You say “that’s a good girl, and she sticks it out again and starts to poke at it with her tongue. “That’s right, its not so bad and its making my pussy gush. You with that cute little mouth tonguing my ass. Such a dirty thing to do” This gets to her and she starts to lick, this time with gusto. It feels so good. You reach your hand down and gently rub her head while her tongue massages you. You are purring and moaning and it feels so good you then take your hand off her head and start to rub your clit. She suddenly starts to buck and you realize she is going to cum again. Ted start to fuck her ass harder and says “Look at that the dirty little girl licks asshole and cums from an assfuck” This puts you over the edge and furiously rubbing your clit you cum again, Sarah is cumming but doesn’t stop licking the whole time she cums your pussy gushes again with such force through your climax and Ted shouts and yells “Im CUMMING TOO!!” All there of you cum and cum HARD her tongue pushes against your asshole and she is cumming so hard that she is trying to get her tongue up in you, you just keep cumming your shouts mingling with teds. You both use all your last energy shouting. Then you collapse. Sarah collapses onto you her head resting on your lower stomach. Ted falls to the side of Sarah and lays there panting. He reaches down off bed and picks something up.. its his phone. He points it at sarah and sits up an spreads her ass open and says “niiiice.” After about 30 seconds. He pulls the camera away, and lays down next to you, his head next to yours. He motions Sarah up and she lays on the other side of you her head next to yours. You see Ted put the camera up and start the video he recorded. You all watch with pleasure as you see his jizz run out of Sarah’s tight asshole and down her pussy onto the bed. The video finished he kisses your cheek and lays on his back. You put your head on his chest and Sarah moves behind you spooning you. You lay there with your head on his chest, his hands playing with your hair and your pussy still twitching. Drifting to sleep you dream about Sarah and Ted behind her about to do something she is uncomfortable with. This time you know how it ends….

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32