Careful What You Wish For

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I’m Tina, 27 years old, about 5’10, 124 pounds with 34C breasts and long legs. My hubby thinks my ass is my best asset, but some of our friends beg to differ with him. Randy had been after me to fuck one of his buddies ever since we got married. He actually wanted me to fuck one of them on our wedding night, but back then I thought he was only kidding. I have always said no. The only guy who ever fucked me was Randy. I was a virgin the first time we made love.

So now we have been married four years, and we’ve done about everything sexually one couple can do, just the two of us. Randy said it was time we spiced up our sex life. I didn’t think we needed any spice. We had sex every day, and on the weekends two or three times a day. But he was always after me to “play” as he called it.

At first it was dressing sexily. Then it came to micro minis with no panties or bra. I would sit in a bar with Randy and make sure guys saw just about anything they wanted to. Then Randy wanted me to get high and dance with some of the guys who asked me, even though he sat right beside me, and my wedding rings were shining.

It would take a few drinks before I got up enough nerve to do it. But after I downed a few, I began venturing out onto the dance floor with different guys. After the initial shock of feeling another man’s body touching mine in slow dances, it excited me when I felt their hard cocks pressed against my belly. Some of them were way bigger than Randy!

Then eventually, I allowed them to slip their hands inside my top and play with my tits. Before long they had their fingers in my pussy and sometimes I’d let them finger fuck me to orgasm. I’d be insanely hot and half drunk and Randy would almost have to fight his way out of the club with me hanging onto to him to our car.

Sometimes the guys would follow us out to the car and I’d flash my tits at them to tease them. Other times I’d lift my skirt and flash my pussy at them. Occasionally I slipped off all my clothes and sat there naked. Randy would play with my tits or pussy. These guys would beg us to let them fuck me. Sometimes they would offer Randy money. One guy laid out five 100 dollar bills on our windshield if he could fuck me just one time.

After these times, we’d go home and fuck each other half to death all night long. I admit it. It excited me to no end. My pussy would get dripping wet just thinking about it.

Last week we were going home after several hours in a club when flashing blue lights appeared behind us. We were on an almost deserted road. Randy was speeding. I was naked, my pussy so wet I was soaking the front escort mecidiyeköy seat, and the air in the car was filled with the scent of my pussy.

We had no warning; the cop car came out of nowhere. Randy pulled over, and I leaned over the back seat to retrieve my clothes from where we’d thrown them. It was summer, and the windows were down. The cop’s voice came over the loud speaker. “Stop where you are, and turn around in that front seat. Do NOT lean over the back.”

I was screwed. I was totally naked and Randy only wore a tight fitting muscle shirt. Randy was drunk and high, and I really don’t think he grasped the situation. I asked him what to do and he said just sit there. I heard two doors slam. A cop walked up on either side of the car. I covered my breasts and my pussy as best I could. The cop on Randy’s side asked for his driver’s license and registration. The cop on my side asked what the hell was going on. I told him we were playing. I said my clothes were in the back seat and could I please get them and put them on. He shook his head and told me to get out of the car.

By this time they realized we were both drunk on our asses, and the other cop told Randy to get out. He was taking Randy back to the cop car. My cop led me around to the front of the car and had me face the car. The gravel hurt my bare feet. I was embarrassed and afraid another car would come along and see me this way. The cop had me lean over with my hands on the car and spread my feet. The night air was bathing my pussy. I’d been so wet in the car that juices were running down both my legs. I knew my pussy would be glistening.

He leaned down and placed his hands on the inside of my legs at my ankles, and slowly moved his hands up the insides of my legs. When he passed my knees and was scant inches from where my legs ended and my pussy began I asked him what he was doing. He replied that he was searching for contraband. I told him there was no contraband inside my pussy and it looked like that was where he was headed. He asked if I preferred a female officer to search me.

I reminded him that I was nude, and there wasn’t a place to hide contraband. He said he would perform a body cavity search unless I preferred a female officer. I told him I would. He then put his hand on my shoulder and pulled my arms behind my back. He clicked the cold cuffs on my wrists. I asked what they were for and he said that in order to have a female officer he would have to book me, take me down to jail, and wait until they got an officer to search me.

No way did I want to go to escort nişantaşı jail. I asked him what would happen if I allowed him to perform the cavity search. He said that if he found nothing I would be released. I knew nothing was inside me. Reluctantly I agreed. He said he would have to get his partner so there was a witness. I asked if my husband could witness, but he said that was not possible.

He opened the trunk of his car and pulled out an old army blanket. He led me to the blanket and helped me into a kneeling position with my ass in the air, and my face on the blanket. Then he went to get his partner. My ass was up in the air and spread apart. They had full access to my ass and my pussy. The first cop made a point of putting on rubber gloves to inspect me with. They both got on the blanket beside me. One of them was at my head and one at my rear.

The suddenly, I felt bare fingers on the cheeks of my ass, spreading them apart. He’d pulled off the gloves already. Then a finger slipped down on either side of my pussy lips, and finally dipped into my slit, rubbing my juices up and down. I was trying to not get excited, but I was still half drunk from all I’d drank. He slipped a finger inside me, probing until he was inside me up to the knuckles. He sawed his finger in and out of me. I realized this was a farce. He was finger fucking me. Then he slipped another finger in, and finally three. His other finger began to lightly caress my clit. I was bucking and despite my best intentions I moaned.

The other officer lifted my shoulders off the blanket, and slipped his finger inside my mouth. He ran it all around inside and leaned down and kissed the corner of my mouth. Suddenly, the first officer pushed a well lubed finger inside my ass. I jumped with surprise, and then seconds later was moaning as he sawed his fingers in and out of my ass and pussy at the same time. The cop at my head had unzipped himself and had a huge cock out of his trousers. He rubbed the head over my lips until I opened my mouth and sucked him inside. I sucked him for all I was worth, totally caught up in the excitement of the moment.

Then, as I knew he would, the first cop rubbed the head of his cock up and down my groove. Slowly, he slid it up and inside me. I had one cock in my mouth and one in my pussy. They began a rhythm and I was loving it. They fucked me about 5 minutes and changed places. I loved the taste of my pussy on the cop’s dick as he pushed it inside my mouth. The cop in my pussy was slamming his big cock into me hard. Each slam would drive the other cop’s cock escort topkapı down my throat. I was totally helpless, and I loved it. I was theirs to do with as they pleased. I felt a scalding tingling deep in my pussy and the orgasm hit me so hard I thought I might lose consciousness.

Then they both stopped at the same time. When the one in my mouth pulled out I said noooooooooo, please fuck me. One cop lay down, and they lifted me up like a doll and slipped me down over his cock. I closed my eyes and rocked back and forth, the cock splitting my pussy wide apart. The other cop pulled my cheeks apart and spit on my asshole. I knew what was coming. I told him no one ever had fucked me there. He had a huge cock. I was scared. He rolled up his T shirt and stuffed it in my mouth and pulled back against my head. Suddenly he shoved that big fucking cock right up in my ass. I was totally unprepared. The pain was white hot and I screamed and screamed. The shirt muffled my cries. They were both fucking me like a rag doll and soon the pain turned into raw carnal craving. When he pulled out the T shirt I screamed for them to fuck me.

After they both came inside me (they came like racehorses, I never saw so much cum) and I came like 6 times, we all lay down on the blanket. They told me if I cooperated with them we would be free by Monday morning. They took Randy to a small jail cell and took me to their apartment. All Saturday and that night and Sunday and that night they fucked me over and over and over. Sometimes their cop friends were there. I believe about twelve of them fucked me over the weekend. There would be one in my ass, one in my mouth, and one in my pussy. I would shower, take a drink (they kept me high all weekend) and come into the living room where they all played with me. Saturday night they took me out in a squad car and Tim, a big Irish cop, held me naked on his lap with his cock inside me. We drove all over town with his cock inside me. We would stop and other cops would come over to talk to them. Tim just kept moving me all over his lap, playing with my nipples. I came so often I was limp in his arms. The other cops started to play with my tits while they were talking. God, I have never been so turned on. Tim came three times over a two hour span and never took his cock out of me. But all three of my cops fucked me in that squad car that night. Monday morning they took me home. There were three cop cars. The escorted me, naked, broad daylight up to my door and inside.

When Randy got home, I was in our bed with two cops. Three were downstairs. Randy was red faced but never said a word. That weekend changed my entire life. I am now a police mascot. I have fucked every single male cop in that precinct. Randy hardly ever gets to fuck me. The guys told Randy if he ever mistreated me he would never see daylight again. I guess the real moral of this story is, be damned careful what you wish for. You might just get it.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32