Cannonball Kate (The Hotel)

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The phone sex with young Kate was just as torrid on the Sunday and Monday evenings as it had been the previous week, only this time I got her to use a hair brush handle and a shampoo bottle to fuck herself with in front of the mirror as I talked very, very dirty to her describing all of the things I wanted to do to her on the Tuesday night; as a belated 21st birthday present.

I arrived at the factory around lunch time; and Kate was nowhere to be seen. Apparently she had phoned in sick with a ‘migraine’. Worried that my ‘master plan’ was scuppered I phoned her to ask how she was.

“There’s nothing wrong.” She giggled, “I just…you know…it might be weird if I saw you today…before…you know.”

“Oh.” Was all I could muster, “so…you still want to meet up tonight?”

There was a brief silence before she whispered, “You haven’t changed your mind have you?”

“Hell no.” I sighed, “I just thought. Hey, never mind…do you want me to pick you up?”

“That would be cool.” My horny young housewife chuckled; “but not from here. Do you know where the Red Lion is?”

“I think so.” I replied as I pictured it on the road to the motorway.

“Can you pick me up there? At the bus stop?” Kate laughed; before we agreed a time.

At 7.15 I slowly approached the bus stop and Kate emerged from the shadows; checking in all directions, before quickly getting into my car.

“You look lovely.” I told her as I drove towards the hotel. It was true; she was wearing a tight red dress with a low halter top and what looked like the suspenders of some shiny stockings poking through the dress; plus she had obviously had her hair cut in preparation.

We had a drink in the bar then a nice meal where we flirted a bit and she told me a bit about herself and her background; but as the wine bottle emptied I could sense she was squirming in her seat and her nipples were becoming quite pronounced through the thin cotton.

“Well,” I winked after asking for the bill, “would you like your birthday present now?”

“Yes please.” She tittered, “is it a big one?”

“I’ve never had any complaints.” I winked, as the waiter approached.

Three minutes later we were in the lift with another couple; so had be discrete as I caressed her arse, and as we walked along the corridor behind the other people I slid my arm around her and squeezed her tit which made her twist away from me laughing.

Once inside my bedroom Kate became a little bit nervous so I offered her a glass of champagne, which I’d bought as an extra birthday present, which we sipped sitting on the edge of the bed.

“If you aren’t sure about this; or want to change your mind; just say.” I reassured my young colleague.

She shook her head and sweetly smiled at me, then drained her glass, which I took as the sign to start the fun. Taking the glass off her and placing it on the cabinet I leaned in and kissed her full on the cherry red lips. She immediately responded by twisting her tongue around mine, as I slowly pulled her down onto the bed.

Soon my hands were all over her; squeezing and shaking her massive tits then sliding my hand up her leg until I could stroke the top of her stocking and the suspender. Kate who had her arms wrapped around my neck was breathing very heavily as her kissing became quite intense.

With the skills of a pick pocket I soon had the halter unclipped and pulled down before sliding my hand around the back and did the same to her strapless bra. I broke the kiss and raised myself onto my elbow as I pulled the bra free from her magnificent tits…and they were every bit as great as I’d hoped. Massive and Bayan Escort Gaziantep still standing proud and firm and when I began shaking them like a teenager they felt rubbery and hot. I’d not seen or touched anything like them since my school days.

“Lets get this off.” I smiled as I took the hem of her dress. Without a word Kate moved her arse into the air and let me pull the dress completely off.


She looked amazing lying there smiling just wearing a sexy pair of see-thru silk knickers, matching suspenders, shiny tan stockings and her black high heels.

Raising my eye brows at her I stood up and began unbuttoning my shirt. With a huge grin on her face Kate began stroking and squeezing her tits as she pressed her thighs together and squirmed on the bed, in anticipation of what was to come.

Taking socks off is never easy but I managed before dropping my trousers and kicking them to one side. As I said earlier I’m no George Clooney so tried to suck in my paunch as much as possible; but knew I couldn’t do that all night. Thankfully Kate’s eyes were now locked on the bulge in my underpants. Her young mouthed gaped wide open as I pulled my pants down and off and my cock sprang into life. At just under 7 inches long and with a fat bell-end I know it’s above average; but judging by the look on her face I presumed she was used to something a lot smaller at home.

“Turn over and get on your hands and knees.” I firmly told her as I stroked my dick. As expected Kate meekly complied, with her knees on the edge of the bed and her panty covered arse, which was framed with the suspenders sticking in the air.

I knelt behind her and began kissing her fulsome arse and caressing her legs; the musk from her pussy was overwhelming and very, very sexy. Her knickers were absolutely soaking as I probed between her legs with my nose and tongue; occasionally sliding my hands under her belly to play with her tits, sighing and panting as she watched me, wild-eyed and open-mouthed, in the dressing table mirror.

I soon stood up and slowly peeled off her knickers, and her juices were sticking to her fanny like a spiders web as she humbly spread her legs to let me see her dripping pink married cunt which was covered in straggly brown pubes.

I dropped to my knees again and resumed my licking; only this time it was the really thing her hot, juicy cunt. My tongue and nose were everywhere, sliding into her hole then along the tight skin up to her cute puckered arse hole. When I licked that particular hole she began shaking like a shitting dog! (Note to self!)

My balls were soon aching, so I stood up and linked eyes in the mirror as I caressed her arse and thighs before lining my purple knob against her pussy flaps. I nodded; but there was no response, just a sweet smile.

I swear her pussy was so wet it actually squelched as I buried my seven inch bone deep inside her. The feeling was amazing as I pulled back and rammed it deep and hard time and time again, making her grunt and snort.

Even though it was soaking wet her cunt was still quite a tight fit; again making me think her young husband wasn’t very well endowed.

“Is that good?” “How do you like a real man’s cock in you?” I teased her; but she didn’t reply.

Then with two almighty thrusts that had me standing on tip-toes I unloaded my unseeded jizz deep inside her belly, which got the only words from my young lover…”Oh God…Oh my god!”

Sated I pulled my cock out and wiped it on her stocking top, before flopping down beside her, where she pressed her boobs against me and wrapped an arm and leg around too. As I got my breath back, not a word was spoken as Kate ran her fingers through the the hair on my chest then cautiously down along my belly. I smiled to myself when I realised she was staring at my still swollen dick that was covered in our sticky juices.

“You can stroke it if you want.” I whispered. Kate turned her head towards me and smiled, then slid her hand further down until she nervously touched my cock.

“Stroke it.” I whispered. She then ran a manicured nail along a big blue vein, then sharply pulled her hand away and chuckled when I made it twitch!

“You sod!” Kate laughed then playfully slapped my belly; before running two fingers along the length, playing with a lump of spunk at the same time. Watching her dinky fingers wrap around it made it look like a porn-star cock.

“Kiss it.” I firmly whispered, as I stroked her spine, “Kiss the tip.” Kate nervously moved down my belly until her face was next to my knob, “Go on, kiss it.” After flicking her hair behind her ear she did as she was told, placing her lips gently against my knob as it poked out of the foreskin. “Kiss it properly.”

With her hand firmly wrapped around the sticky shaft she did, once, twice, three times with each one being braver and longer.

“Kiss it all.” I now raised my voice slightly. “Down to my balls.” Without a word the young married woman rose to her knees, with her rock hard pink raspberry shaped nipples digging into my belly, did as she was told. Kiss after kiss from top to bottom and back, three times before I told her, “put it in your mouth and suck it.”

After taking a deep breath, she did just that, covering an inch or more with her sweet mouth. “Now suck it.” Although unsure at first she soon got the hang of it, and wanking it too, sucking my knob fully out of the foreskin.

“Mmmmmm…are you sure you’ve not sucked a cock before?” I teased, “You’re a fucking natural!”

The way she was positioned I was now caressing her stockings and glorious arse as she sucked her first ever cock; and one that had only minutes before been inside her young cunt.

“Spread your legs.”

Without missing a breath she spread her legs for me as I watched my spunk running out of her freshly fucked hole.

“Deeper, get more into your mouth.” I gasped, as I ran my fingers around her labia and pubes that were sticking to everything; “and rub my balls,” then rubbing the excess spunk and juice around her arse hole, which made her shiver.

Kate did as she was told and took another two or three inches in; gurgling as she did so. My dick was now getting steadily harder; which was a rarity at my age; but knowing she was watching herself suck me off in the mirror was a helluva aphrodisiac.

“Lick it…lick it clean…and my balls too.” Kate slowly slid my cock out of her mouth and slavishly licked all of my sticky spunk off the shaft and then my sweaty balls, taking each one into her mouth without being told to; as I slid two fingers into her hot cunt and pressed my thumb against her arse hole.

Satisfied she had made my cock as hard as it could get I roughly twisted my fingers around then pulled them out covered in spunk and fanny juices.

“Your turn now,” I breathlessly told her, “Get on top…like you said you wanted to do.”

Still holding my cock in her hand she looked mischievously over her shoulder and grinned, before twisting around and straddling my thighs, her boobs bouncing at the same time. I took hold of my big dick and told her, “get on then.”

Kate smiled and bit her bottom lip as she raised herself and shuffled forwards until I had it positioned ready for her to drop down, “Down you go.” I laughed; and as she slowly sat on my dick began panting and gasping until it was completely filling her up.

“Fuck me…bounce on the fucker till you cum!”

“Oh God.” Kate kept sighing as she closed her eyes as she slowly moved up and down, acclimatising to the size.

“Faster, you dirty little cocksucker.” I firmly instructed her, “fuck my cock properly.” Kate instantly threw her head back and raised her arms to balance herself, before fucking me like a bucking bronco; shaking her tits so hard I was in Heaven. I was grinning anyway; but watching her fuck me like this while she kept staring into the mirror was a treat in itself.

The pace eventually took its toll and Kate flopped forward placing her hands either side of my head and dangling her tits over my face. It would have been rude not to; so I roughly suckled her nipples then began fucking her fast and furiously making her squeal with delight as her tits bounced off my face. That only lasted just over a minute so I pulled her down onto me and we began fucking in tempo as I talked very dirtily into her ear until she began panting and gasping as she rubbed her clit against my pubic bone on every stroke; then the sweetie tensed and let out a huge gasp and a series of grunts she orgasmed on my dick.

After lying snugly in the afterglow for a few minutes, Kate unlocked our sweaty bodies and rolled around until her face was on my thigh, and she began stroking my seriously stiff cock.

“Can I?”

“Of course.” I replied and the young housewife began sucking my dick again; only this time it was already hard and my balls were becoming full of spunk again. She licked and sucked like it was a lollipop and her tiny fingers were running up and down the shaft and balls like termites as I shoved two then three fingers up her stretched twat. After 5 or 6 minutes I felt the unmistakeable tingle in my balls, so moved onto my side and held the back of her hard as I began fucking her mouth until a jet of spunk hit the back of her throat, which took her by surprise and my dick slipped out making the next load land on her face then a third smaller one onto her tit.

“Drain it.” I gasped as I fed it back into her mouth, “suck it all out.” With twinkling eyes that never left mine Katie did just that sucking the last drops of cum straight from the tube; then flopped onto her back giggling and chuckling.

I soon followed; but stroking her heaving tits as I lay beside her.

“Do you want to cum again?” I panted.

“But aren’t you finished?!” She giggled.

“I am; but there’s another way.” As I slid my hand between her legs and began circling her stiff clit through her copious pubes.

“Oh!” She looked surprised; then when a finger easily slid inside the hot hole at the same time, “Oooh!”

To get more comfortable and to get a good view I moved to my knees, with my dick swinging between my own legs. As my fingering got faster Katie began sighing and rolling her hips; then moved her face forward and took my long limp dick back in her mouth. As she sucked on it like a teat it tipped her over the edge and she had a second, even more intense orgasm of the evening.

We lay like that for half an hour; drifting in and out of sleep before Katie decided to get dressed without showering or washing; saying ‘she wanted to smell of me and my ‘stuff’ when she went to bed.’

I arranged a taxi to take her home; and before we walked downstairs gave her £20 to pay for it.

Kate looked a touch shocked then grinned; “That makes me feel even dirtier…you paying me.” Then kissed me before sliding the money inside her bra.

That was the first night of an on/off affair that has lasted 15 years.

Next instalment – Kate gets kinkier and we go to Amsterdam for her 30th Birthday.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32