Candle Light Desert (Daughter) Pt. 01

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One warm evening, Alicas the cute blonde daughter with long hair and toned physique of age 19 was getting ready for her training. She was a 100m athlete, with regular exercise and proper diet she had a great body with abs which was perfectly perfect. Her mother who was the caretaker of the house had a similarly well maintained body, she also used to be a sports person during her time. As years passed she put on some weight at the right parts of her body, which made her a mouth dropping beauty. When both mother and daughter walked together people were confused whom to blush at. Alicas’s father was not around, he had a job which involved constant travel out of the city.

As Alicas was getting ready for her training, she was putting on her tight sports bra (she usually wears a oversized t-shirt above her bra before steeping out) and her favorite pikachu panties under her shorts. Her mother was making health drinks for Alicas. She had paused making the desert for diner, to make the drink for Alicas. Alicas who was always in a hurry came running into the kitchen and demanded her mom to speed up as it was already late. Alicas was running around the kitchen, she slipped and stumbled upon the bowl which had melted dark chocolates, both the bowl and Alicas fell down and she was covered with chocolate allover. Her mother who was watching all these stunts gave a daring look and started laughing. She wanted to make it more funny so she quickly picked up white Choco chips and strawberries from the fridge and put it on Alicas and said the desert is ready now and started laughing. Alicas didn’t mind it and she started eating the strawberries.

Cleaning up and getting ready again will definitely make her impossible to go to training on time, so she asked her mom to inform the trainer that she won’t be able to attend the training for the day. Her mom asked her to quickly go and clean herself up and also suggested her to wash her hair for at least 2-3 times so that the chocolate from her hair will be removed.

While Alicas was trying to standup, mom asked her to stop and picked her up in her hands saying “You will mess up the whole house, so I will drop you in the shower”. While Alicas was carried to the shower, she was teasing her mom by applying chocolate to her face and feeding her the half eaten strawberry. She dropped her in the shower and helped her undress. Alicas wasn’t shy, she quickly removed her shorts and was standing in her inners. Mom made a laugh out of her calling out the pikachu panties. Alicas quickly removed the panties and threw it on her mom’s face. Her mom was stunned to see her daughter having a perfect pussy which was well şahinbey escort trimmed. Now she asked her mom to help with removing the chocolate covered bra. Mom removed it by the legs as the chocolate covered hair might mess up the bra even more. While sliding the bra down, the chocolate spread across her breast to her hips.

While all these things were having, the power went out and Alicas who was afraid of dark quickly hugged her mom in fear. Now mom was also covered with chocolate from her daughters body. She didn’t shout at her as she knew about her fear. The power came back and Alicas saw her mom covered in chocolate, she had a laugh and said “Sorry mom it happened by mistake”. But her mom didn’t hear a word Alicas was saying as she was stunned to see her daughter completely nude, it made her mouth drop. She looked like a well decorated nude desert topped with chocolate. Now mom undressed her self and said if we both roam around the house it will become a mess so lets cleanup everything and go.

Mom was shy so she stripped only to her inners. Mom turned on the cold shower and firstly helped her daughter cleanup, while she was cleaning up Alicas was teasing her mom saying why are you shy around your daughter. Alicas sat down on the bathroom slab while her mom was trying her best to remove the chocolate from her hair. While she was doing those, Alicas was teasing her mom by pinching her or pulling her inners down. When Alicas pulled mom’s bra, it got unhooked and fell down. She was stunned to see those two magnificent beauties of her mom. Alicas shouted saying,”Mom you are damn hot”. Mom gave a blush and continued with her work. Next Alicas was onto her mom’s panties. While she was trying to pull it down, mom was trying to evade it by moving her hips. When she tried to pull it down with sudden force, mom moved her hips and Alicas pinched her mom’s pussy by mistake. Alicas felt awkward and sat there stunned, while mom was aroused by the touch of her pussy by another person after days.

Now Mom sat down and Alicas was washing her mom, Mom was sitting in a angle where her mouth was facing her daughters tonned stomach. While her daughter was moving around washing her, Mom’s urge kicked in and without any second thought she kissed her daughters navel. Alicas panicked and she moved away from her. Mom stood up and dropped her panties. Alicas was stunned by her beauty and was not sure how to react. Her mom had the perfect curves and while she moved all her right parts were jiggling and calling for attention. Now the room was covered with awkwardness. But to their luck the power şahinbey escort bayan went out again. Without any thoughts Alicas came back running into mom’s arms in fear. It was two naked bodies touching each other. The sharp perky nipples of her daughter were poking onto mom’s soft perfect breasts. It turned on both of them. They stayed hugging in the bathroom for 5 mins but the power didn’t come back as before.

Mom suggested that they move to the living room and get candles. Alicas asked her mom to not stop hugging her. So Mom put her hands around Alica’s hips and lifted her and made her sit on her hips like a baby. Alicas wrapped her legs around her mom. Now Alica’s bare pussy was toughing her mom around her stomach, mom could feel that. She slowly walked around the house which was filled with darkness. She lighted the candle and placed it in the living room. Mom said if we don’t dry up we will end up getting fever and cold so let’s dry up. While mom was returning back to the living room with daughter in hip and the towel in hand, she paused herself before the mirror. The mirror was displaying a image which if it was painted would be an hottest erotic painting. They both looked into the mirror and was mesmerized by the exoticness. They both faced each other and went for the kiss. While they were having a deep passionate kiss, their tongue meet each others and moms hands which were on her daughter’s hips were on to her ass, She was crushing her ass with her finger tips.

They both returned back to the living room and mom threw her onto the sofa and went onto kiss her more aggressively. They both were filled with lust and love. Now Alicas rolled over and put her mom under and started slowly massaging her breasts. Mom was too sensitive to her touches and was shaking. After slowly massaging her breasts they went back to kissing again. Now mom rolled her over and they both fell from sofa onto the carpet on the floor. Mom ordered her to lay back on her tummy and wait for a minute. In that moment of exoticness, Alicas lost the fear of darkness. As there were no power still, the room was so hot and both had started to sweat. They were living on the first floor of the building, mom opened the back door so that they would get some air. She looked out and saw the whole street filled with darkness.

She came back and picked her daughter up and moved her to the new setup which she had quickly made ready near the back door. She had laid out the bed and lighted the scented candles. Now Alicas was lying in her bear back, the breeze was filled with chillness that made her nipples escort bayan şahinbey perky and the scent of the candles made it more sexier. Now suddenly Alicas got a sensation of heat on her bum, she was about to shout but mom closed her mouth with her hands. Mom asked her to silently enjoy it. The sensation of heat was from her mom pouring wax from the candle onto her bums. Mom continued on pouring it onto her bum and smacked her ass. Alicas wanted to shout but she was controlling and enjoying the pleasure. Now mom turned her daughter around and started sucking her nipples one by one. Alicas couldn’t control and was squeezing her moms breast in pain and pleasure. After sucking them,mom moved down to her daughters prettiest pussy which was already wet. She gave the pussy a light smack and started kissing her pussy while she was still holding her daughters breasts. She was sucking it hard. Alicas was trembling in pleasure. Now mom moved her fingers from her breasts to inside her daughter’s pussy. She first inserted one finger in and out. Then she included two fingers and ridded her with her fingers slowly.

Alicas was turned on she pushed her mom down and jumped onto her and started sucking her moms breasts just like a baby. They both were lying on top of another and their pussies facing towards the outside world. While she was sucking her moms tits, mom gave her ass a slap. Alicas quickly turned her mom over and gave her a slap saying “Today you are the naughty one” so you should only be smacked, saying that she gave some smacks to her moms ass. The ass cheeks of her mom turned from white to pink. Now Alicas started licking her moms pussy from the back which was so wet. She inserted her fingers into her pussy and started fingering her rapidly, while she was holding her breasts in her other hand. She turned her moms face which was facing inside to house to make it face outside the house.

Now mom flipped her over and Alicas was ass down. She put her pussy onto her pussy and started rubbing and she was looking out of the window while scissoring her. She saw her neighbor’s son(Alicas’s classmate) with his shorts down and hands on his fully grown cock. He had put on a chair and was witnessing the whole show happening in the candle light. He was stroking himself. Mom saw that but she continued with what she was doing. She was scissoring her faster and faster, Alicas was moaning. Then mom inserted her fingers into Alicas pussy and fingered her as fast as she could and on the other side the neighbor’s son was stroking his cock and he was also pacing up. After continuing for minutes Alicas reached orgasm and moaned loud. Mom started playing with her breast while looking out onto the neighbor. Seeing that, he started stroking it so hard and he came. Now mom shifted focus onto her daughter and gave her a kiss and laid back beside her. Both of them were blushing and lying ass down. Amidst this they heard a knock on their door. Mom quickly went and looked in the peephole, It was Alicas’s father!!!

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32