Camping with Step-mom Ch. 04

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We’d been having a great time at Acadia NP. We all got caught by a Park Ranger for skinny dipping. Daddy and Jim went on a whale watching tour. And Sally and I went panty shopping, if that’s a thing.

Jim and I both love Sally. She’s a great Step-mom even though she is only six years older than me. I know she likes to fuck everything in sight, male or female, but Daddy’s the one she comes home to at night. And Daddy’s the one she sleeps with. And Daddy is the one she wakes up with. Even with her wandering cunt they still fuck like rabbits every time they get a chance.

In the morning Sally and my brother, Jim, went bike riding on the Park’s Carriage Roads. There are over 50 miles of unpaved carriage trails for horseback riding, hiking or biking. Cars are not allowed.

While they were gone I decided to give Daddy a fashion show. More specifically, I wanted to show off my new latex lingerie for him. I bought the matching bra and panties yesterday while Sally was shopping for panties.

The latex was thin and translucent, like surgeon’s gloves. I could see my hard nipples pushing out the thin latex of the bra. The panties were molded around my labia and I could see my pubic hair through the thin material.

When Daddy saw me in the latex his dick shot up. “Holy shit Daddy,” I said. “Did my rubber panties give you a boner?” It was a rhetorical question.

I stepped over to him and asked suggestively, “Do you think my nipples stick out enough? How about my pussy, does it look good in the latex?”

He mumbled something unintelligible as I straddled him, face-to-face. Freeing his cock from the confines of his boxers Silivri Escort I pulled one leg of my latex panties out and pushed his dick in between the latex and my pubic mound.

I let the panty leg snap back into place trapping his penis in my panties. You could have said his dick was between a rock and a hard place, but in reality it was between rubber and a soft pussy.

With his dick firmly planted in my panties Daddy leaned over and sucked one of my nipples through the thin latex bra. He said it was like sucking on a baby’s pacifier only there was a real nipple under the latex. He could suck my nipples anytime he wanted, with or without latex.

When I grabbed the length of his cock through the latex Daddy started cumming. I could see his cum spreading out under the latex panties mixing with my pubic hair.

We sat there for a few minutes with his cock still trapped in my rubber panties and enjoyed the intimate feeling.

In the afternoon we went over to the other side of the park to explore the tidal pools at Seawall.

There in the parking was Sally’s favorite Park Ranger sitting in his truck. I walked up to him and asked, “Hi there, are you wearing Sally’s red panties?”

He stammered out a meek “yes.”

“Show me,” I told him.

He unbuckled his pants and unzipped them. Pulling his pants open he showed me Sally’s red panties. His cock was stiff and the knob was peeking out the top.

I asked him if the panties still had cum in them. “Yes, but it’s all crusty now,” he said.

“Sounds like the panties need some fresh cum,” I said. I reached in the truck window and grabbed Silivri Escort Bayan his dick. After a few strokes he came in giant spurts. I used the panties to wipe his cum off my hand. As I turned around to leave I told him he could keep the panties to remember us by.

The next morning Jim and I went to hike the “Precipice” trail. It was a steep trail that was usually closed this of year to protect “Peregrine Falcon” breeding. But we were lucky, there was no breeding pair right now and the trail was open.

I don’t know what I was thinking. It never occurred to me that “climbing” might be part of hiking a trail named “Precipice”. But I knew it was going to get hot on the hike so I wore a cut-off tee shirt with no bra and my favorite hiking skirt with a thong.

When we first came to a spot on the trail where we needed to climb steel rungs I didn’t think about what I was wearing. It wasn’t until a college kid caught up to us on the second climb that it dawned on me that anyone climbing behind me would have an unobstructed view of my thong clad pussy as I climbed.

“It certainly is a great view,” he said with a smile. “Thank you.”

Jim thought it was funny. “You should talk,” I told him. “I was watching your balls and most of your cock most of the time. At least I was wearing a thong and not going commando.”

Before we left Bar Harbor I bought one of those huge Adirondack Chairs to take home. It was a tight fit, but we were able to squeeze it in the back seat of the 4Runner by turning it upside down. But it meant two of us would have to share a seat.

Daddy said he would sit Escort Silivri in the back and let me sit on his lap while Jim and Sally sat up front.

When I scooted in the back seat I whispered to Daddy, “I forgot to put my panties on this morning and my short shirt is making it pretty breezy.”

Daddy said it was coincidence, but he had forgotten his, too.

After getting in a comfortable position on Daddy’s lap I reached behind me and pulled his dick out from his shorts. It was jammed up my ass crack. I told him to put some spit on it so it would slide better.

After a couple minutes of letting his cock slide up and down my crack I lifted myself up and guided it into my pussy. I slowly lowered myself down taking in the full length of his cock.

I sat still for a few minutes not wanting to lose the warm feeling of Daddy’s cock firmly planted in my cunt. I could feel it throbbing.

When Daddy reached under my blouse to feel my breasts he felt the latex bra. It sent shivers all over me every time he ran his hand over my nipples.

I bounced a little on his lap to make him cum. After he came I could feel his penis lose some of its stiffness, but I never let it out of my pussy. Every 30 minutes or so his dick got hard again. A few bounces on his lap and he was cumming again.

This went on for a couple hours before we stopped for a pee break.

I climbed off Daddy’s lap and headed to the bathroom with his cum running down my legs.

When I got back in the car I told Daddy to put some more spit on his dick. “We still have 2 more hours,” I said. I raised myself to take on his cock but this time I aimed it at my asshole.

When we got home Daddy told me he had never before in his life cum so many times in one day. 2 hours with his cock planted in my cunt and 2 hours with it pushed up my ass. And all the time cumming every 30 minutes or so. What more could a daughter do for her father?

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