Camping Lovers

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So there I was 20 years old, barley a hundred dollars in my bank account and alone. I was just dumped by the girl of my dreams. I honestly thought I would never be happy again, but then a certain even came around that changed my life.

The one friend that was there for me through my heartbreak was Chris Jacob Smith, but we all called him CJ. CJ was a year older than I was; he had dark brown eyes, with brown hair and good muscular build. Back in high school he was the guy all the girls wanted to date and be around with. But now after high school he was single and in college and going for a great career as a doctor.

And this is how he helped me through my heartbreak.

It was a bright summer day in 2011; I was barely waking up when I heard a knock at my apartment door. I went to answer the door and there I saw CJ standing there in a tank top and khaki shorts.

“Charlie, I got my parents cabin for the weekend. You know the one we were at after I graduated from high school,” CJ said.

“Is that the one with the lake,” I said half asleep.

“Yeah man just me and you and we can go into the town at night and just explore it,” CJ said.

“I don’t know man I’m still sad that Anna left me I just feel like crap,” I said.

“You got to get back there man you can’t sit on your ass and just let it eat at you,” CJ said.

I looked at him and thought hard. He was right if I just sat down on my ass I would let her win I needed to get out there and enjoy my life.

“Okay let me just get my things,” I said with a smile.

“Great I’ll be in the truck,” he said whistling.

I went to pack my bag and I kept thinking to myself that I made the right choice and who knows maybe CJ and I would find some hot chicks in the small town outside of the cabin on the lake and just fuck them. That’s what I really need just a really good girl to fuck and take my mind off of this bitch, and at the bottom of my back I packed my box of condoms just in case for such the occasion.

I locked the door as I headed towards CJ’s car bag in hand and just a smile on my face, I could feel that this weekend was exactly what the doctor had ordered.

We rolled down the road the whole way windows down and music blasting really loud, we laughed as we cracked a few jokes on the way it was the best time I have had in a long time. It took us about two hours to get to the cabin, but as soon as we got there I did not want to leave. The cabin with the lake was beautiful it was Sakarya Escort the perfect place to live.

“This place is amazing,” I said.

“Yeah I’m hoping my family gives it to me as my graduation present,” he said looking at me.

“So what you wanna do first,” I asked him.

“We should go unpack and I kinda wanna hit up the lake first the sun will be setting soon we should grill up some food and take it from there,” he said.

“Alright dude I’m going to go change,” I said.

We both went into the cabin and put our things in our respective rooms. It had three bed rooms one smaller rooms and the master bedroom. Our rooms were right across each other we could see into the rooms perfectly. We both stripped naked. I quickly saw CJ there in his naked glory. No thoughts came to my head, but I will not lie his ass looked so fine and his cock was nice and cut about 6 inches when not hard. I felt my cock growing…was I actually getting a hard on from seeing my friend naked. He looked at me and smiled as I hid my hard on. I quickly slid on my trunks and ran straight for the lake. As I jumped in I started to think of CJ and his cock and how perfect he looked. My cock started to stand straight up and I began to touch myself to him. I thought it was weird I was not gay yet I was having gay thoughts about my friend. In my mind I wanted him to come into my room in the middle of the night and cuddle with me and start sucking my cock or let him fuck my ass. Either way to have him in my bed tonight would be great. As I felt like I was going to cum I heard CJ’s voice. He jumped in right as I removed my hand from my shorts. I quickly rubbed the water out of my eye and saw him staring at me. I smiled as he started swimming as fast as he could to the other end. I knew he wanted a race so I raced him. We were neck and neck the whole way and finally I was able to pull through on top. We laughed and played for a good while, and then we decided to head back to the cabin.

Once we were back inside we discussed what we should do next. I just wanted to relax maybe watch a little TV, but CJ wanted to go into town and see the nightlife.

“But come on CJ let’s just chill here tonight and tomorrow we can go see what’s up,” I begged him.

He looked at me with a little disappointment but he gave a light chuckle and smiled: “Sure why not.”

“Okay well I’m going to grab a shower before we do anything who knows what was in that lake,” I said.

“I should Adapazarı Escort probably mention that there is no shower in here the only place to get a good shower is the one in the back yard but its a few shower heads lined up with no privacy hope you don’t mind if I shower too,” he said.

I passed a lump in my throat, but I thought this was the perfect time if I could get through this whole shower without popping a boner I would know that earlier meant nothing and I could get over what happened earlier.

“Sure why not we are friends,” I said.

We walked to the outhouse to shower up. We walked in just in towels and we quickly turned on the water and got in. The showers were open with no walls blocking us, just a lot shower heads lined up in a row. As we both stood in the water we talked about any little thing that popped into our head. I tried my best to avoid eye contact with his cock, I did not want him to get the wrong idea, I knew I was not gay and I was not ready to try it.

“Oh shit,” said CJ.

“What happened,” I asked him.

“I dropped the soap,” he said.

He bent over and I saw into his ass. His asshole looked so nice I could not help, but stare and I slowly started to feel that he was doing it on purpose…was CJ gay or was I just going crazy from loneliness. I quickly averted my eyes and continued to shower when I felt CJ’s hands around my waist and say I’ll get your back. He turned me around and kissed me hard and passionately. I pulled away and stared at him.

“Dude what the fuck,” I yelled

“I’m sorry you were just so down and I think you are really hot and I wanted to seduce you that’s why I planned this trip and I saw the way you looked at me earlier I thought this was something you wanted to try,” he said.

We both stood there naked staring at each other. CJ looked at me scared like I was going to kill him. He was my friend and I cared for him. I walked up for him and kissed him slowly and passionately.

“No words,” I said.

We kissed as we embraced while the water hit us. Our cocks began to grow with every kiss we gave each other. His cock was way bigger than mine, but I did not mind. He pushed me up against the wall and continued to kiss my body everywhere. He worked his way down to my cock and slowly put it in his mouth.

“Oh God,” I moaned as he took my whole cock in his mouth.

I looked into his eyes as he had my whole cock in his mouth. He was doing an amazing job Serdivan Escort on it way better than any girl. He took my cock out of his mouth and started to suck on my balls, he alternated with sucking my balls and sucking on my cock. My precum was leaking already into CJ’s mouth. He got up from his knees and wiped the cum off of his lips, and gave me a kiss.

“Your turn,” he said leaning on the wall and pushing me on my knees.

“But I’m not sure I know how,” I say.

“You don’t need to know you just got to play,” he said.

I looked at his cock; it was huge when fully erect. I opened my mouth and slowly started to work my mouth up and down on his cock. His moans were so loud I was almost certain that the town could hear it. I took his cock out of my mouth and licked the tip of his cock. The pre-cum was salty, but it really tasted good. I sucked his dick for a good while until he said:

“Let’s go to the master bedroom”

We turned off the water and ran into the bed room. As soon as we got there we began to kiss and rub each other’s cocks. I broke the kiss and said:

“Wait really quick.”

I ran to open up my luggage and I quickly took out the condoms and took them with me. CJ looked at me funny as I handed him a condom. He smiled and laughed as he continued to kiss me. He opened up the condom and put it on. I got on all fours and waited for him, he crawled on the bed to me as he began to slowly massage my ass.

“I’m going to loosen you up so it won’t hurt as much baby,” he said.

“I’m ready for you babe,” I said.

He gently fingered my ass, it hurt a bit but nothing I could not handle. After he removed his finger I felt his cock begin to graze my asshole.

“Here I come,” he said.

He pushed the tip in slowly. I let out a yelp of pain I had never had anything in my ass, so I was not ready for the pain that was coming. He slowly inched his cock into my tight ass until he was fully in. It hurt like hell, but it felt amazing once he was in. He put his hands on my hips and began to move me back and forth on his cock. The bed began to rock and creak with each pound of my ass, and with each pound I came closer to orgasm.

“God I’m gonna cum,” I yelled super loud.

“Me too babe, lets cum together,” shouted CJ.

He pulled me close to him as he cummed and at the same time he pulled down on my ball sack and I emptied out all my cum on the sheets of the bed. He pulled out and kissed me while he removed the condom and threw it on the floor. He laid in bed rubbing each other’s chest. I tuned my back to him and he came and spooned me from behind. His cock felt great grazing my ass as he wrapped his arms around my waist. We fell asleep as not only friends, but has lovers my gay first lover.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32