Camping Bromance Firsts

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Big Tits

We live in rural western South Carolina in the mountains of the bible belt. I’m 45, from the upper Midwest and married with a daughter. My neighbor is 27 with a girlfriend who are both local to the mountains. Once we moved in, I first saw him mowing his lawn shirtless and boy was he chiseled, rippling abs, huge pecks and arms, tattoo covered with a beard, I can appreciate what a good-looking guy is and this guy was.

I have always been jealous of guys who can have muscles on their muscles I’m not half bad for 45, I’m 6’2″ 180 pounds, broad shoulders and no fat, but I have never been able to build heavy muscle mass I’ve always just been broad and slender. He walked down to say hey, he is 6′ and probably 205. We exchanged who we were and Jim welcomed me to the road, he had bought his house a few years earlier after getting out of the Army.

You need to be careful of who you invite for a beer in the bible belt, it can really turn people off…forever… if you are a ‘drunken sinner’, although the local hypocrites buy their liquor 2 counties away so they don’t get seen. Jim looked like the drinking kind of guy so I asked him if he wanted a beer and he said,

“Oh, Hell yes.”

So, we went down to the house and I got a few frosty cocktails out of the fridge, namely Bud and Weiser. We talked more about where we were from, our families and our houses over another few beers and he headed home for supper.

Over the next few years we became good friends, Jim’s girlfriend is now his wife and he has a 2 year-old daughter. He works odd hours in construction and I work from an office in my house. His schedule brings him home at odd hours and if I am out in my garage he will stop by for a drink and we’ll just bullshit. We have helped each other work on our houses and in general just looked out for the others families when I travel for work or he is away overnights.

We both hunt, fish and in general love the outdoors. Jim mentioned he wanted to start camping again and had bought a tent. I try to take my daughter camping once a month if we can. I have all the equipment that goes with camping often so I told him we should go over to the National Forest nearby where you can just pull off on any small side road and camp. It’s more isolated than a proper campground where you are on top of each other and I enjoy not hearing other people and cars driving by all the time.

We agreed on 3 weeks later to take a three-day weekend and head out there. The time came and I had all the gear packed in my truck with enough food and libations to keep ten people for a week. Jim got home and had already packed the night before; he had to take a shower and say his goodbyes to his wife and we were on the road headed further into the mountains in 30 minutes.

We were both excited, it’s rare for either of us to get time away from home without the families. On our way through the mountains, we had a few beers since idling in first gear in my old pickup on a one lane private dirt road is a safe speed for that. We found a good spot off the road with a fire pit I had been to before, setup and built a fire to cook and get comfortable. It gets chilly at 3,000 feet in the fall and this weekend was not going to be an exception, as soon as the sun set, it dropped from 65 to 40 but we were warm by the fire.

Once it got cooler, we decided to switch from beer to shine. It was a nice smooth 180 proof local variety we can get from some dude and it went down quickly as we passed the jar back and forth. I know Jim gets emotional when he drinks a lot, I think it’s his ugly experiences in Afghanistan and when his inhibitions drop, he recalls what he has tried to repress. I’ve experienced it with him before, he talks about getting blown up in a Hummer by IED’s or roadside bombs and losing several good friends in his unit and how he feels guilty that his family has to pay for his distanced behavior sometimes because he can’t take the thoughts. It’s fine with me that he gets emotional and I usually talk about the good times and it passes. The same happened tonight and once he was calmed down, we pretty much drank ourselves to sleep. We let the fire burn down and headed to bed.

We brought my mattress which comfortably fits two adults and a bunch of blankets my wife packed. She hates sleeping bags and we have a few extra down comforters to camp with. I usually sleep naked, but I stayed in my boxers to keep Jim’s homophobe status safe, but to my surprise he stripped naked and hopped into bed. I got a good look at his dick, which was normal in size, I’m a fairly girthy 8 inches. Now I am jealous of his body, but I feel a little better about his dick, I always imagined it would be a mega-cock. His balls were massive though and hung low for such cold weather. Honestly, I passed out with a spinning tent in my head.

I woke up before it was light and thought I was warm for it being so cold when I realized that Jim was spooning me and his arm was wrapped around my waist and his hand was on my chest. Which was laughable, we had said the night before that we need Anadolu Yakası Escort to stay pole to pole or hole to hole. I wiggled a little to shift around and he just pulled tighter and I could feel his dick was hard and resting against my back… well my dick stood at attention when I felt that.

I’ve never been with a man and I really never considered it, I’ll catch my wife checking a guy out and she’ll tell me a threesome is on the table, then we laugh and that’s the end of it. A few times I’ve thought about a threesome with her and another guy, once with Jim while I’m jacking off, but I never touched him just enjoyed watching him at the opposite end of her. So, I didn’t know what to think of my tent pole. I’m pretty open minded, we have close gay friends and it’s never bothered me, it’s just not my thing.

As I lay there trying to figure out my dick situation Jim moved a little and the feeling of his heat, his ripped arm laying over me, his hand on my chest and his breath on my neck makes my dick rage painfully hard. I thought about what to do if he woke up and figured I’d just blame it on morning wood and mock him for the same. I was confused which turned quickly to fear then to thinking about what it would be like to mess around with a guy. Jim is definitely not that guy though, he’s a man’s man and as homophobic as they come. I just laid there and took it all in.

I needed to get up and piss, so I started to slide out from under the covers and Jim started to wake up and as he pulled his arm back, he bumped into my raging hard on and just kept going to rub his face and wake up. I just laid there waiting to see if he freaked but he reached back around and slid his arm back to my chest this time running over my nipple making me jolt a little, they are the most sensitive part of my body, my wife gives them a little rub when she’s tired of fucking me and shes had too much wine to come because she knows they are my orgasm buttons.

Well now I’m laying here and I really need to take a leak pretty bad so I rolled out of my spot and slipped out to take care of business. Pissing with a hard on is always easier outdoors and more fun than pissing in a toilet where you have to be an acrobat. It was freezing out and my boner was at full mast in my boxers so I tried to conceal my dick in my boxes which didn’t work well, it stuck above the waistband two inches, so I kind of cupped it and slipped back in the tent and under the covers.

Jim was still asleep on his back and as soon as I got back under the covers, he rolled over and went back to sliding his arm over me this time his hand stopped at my stomach and he moved his fingers around a little… another jolt. I laid there in fear of what the hell was happening to me when Jim shifted around and a little closer and his dick slid right up my cheeks its full length and back down. I let out a little low inaudible…umm… moan. My wife always tells me I am clueless when someone is hitting on me, she hates it when we go to a party because apparently I get hit on all night but I’m too stupid to know.

So now I have two choices, be stupid: Get up and head out to light the fire or be confident: Rub my ass against Jims dick and see what happens. I went for the latter with a few circular grinds of my ass pressing back against his hard on which did the trick, he slid off my stomach and down to my dick which he squeezed in his tough calloused hand twice and I hear him say,

“Jesus that thing is fucking gigantic.”

Now I really was afraid, was he mad, kidding…? I didn’t know what to say, in hindsight I was still clueless and worried he was mad. I desperately tried to come up with a joke and replied,

“Yeah, I call him Popeye cuz he’s strong to the finish.”

In his deep southern draw he asked, “You care if I mess around with it?”

“Sure.” I said, “Have at it.”

He loosened his grip a little and ever so lightly began stroking my head with the width of his palm. He was working around the head when he said,

“Oh my God! You’re not circumcised.”

“Nope, it’s the hooded dragon for me.”

He rolled me over and played with my foreskin watching inches away in wonder, rolling the extra in his fingertips like there was a bee-bee or something hidden in there he was trying to feel. Now I was a little more at ease and had propped my head up to watch his rough tattooed hands and fingers rolling around and stroking me.

He asked, “Does it pull back?”

and I reached down and held his hand a little tighter and pulled it down to my balls revealing my head.

“No shit.”

“Jim, you were in the Army for 4 years and you never saw an uncut dick in the shower?”

“Sure a few, but I’ve never touched one.”

He checked by asking if this was OK with me and I just said,

“Have at it.”

So, he kept stroking and asked if it was more sensitive than his, I told him it was, it lives in there and does not get a lot of out time rubbing against things, so go easy with the skin pulled back. His rough fingers handled it perfectly, Kartal Escort not too hard and it amazed me that this tough guy was lightly stroking my dick and was concerned about how I felt about it all.

He looked up again after a minute and said, “You mind?” and grinned ever so slightly.

I said, “Not at all… that feels amazing.”

He turned away and leaning over my lap pulled the skin back over it and reached down and licked the fleshy tip once and pulled his head back like he was testing whipped cream to see if it was sweet or not. He must have decided it was OK because his next move was to slip his tongue into and around the tip while he held all the skin I had to the top. He rolled his tongue around in there until I repositioned a little and he pulled the skin back and slid his amazingly soft lips and rough mustache and beard around the head. I didn’t realize I was holding my breath until I bucked and gasped for air from the most amazing feeling of bristly beard hairs on my dick. He popped off and said it tastes and feels better and softer than he thought it would and back down he went.

At this point, my mind is swirling between the cold, the heat, the new sensations, my homophobe buddy sucking my dick and the anticipation of what’s to come, I had already mentally licked every part of him and was plowing his ass.

I’ve only had my dick sucked by two people, a high school girl who damn near choked to death before she got through the foreskin and my wife who choked once trying to deep throat me and has never tried to again, so I was interested to see him choke on it. I slid my hand over and across his chest and felt thick pecs for the first time and found his nipple which was slightly larger than a quarter and ran my finger around it, he popped back off as he shook from the nipple rub and said,

“Sorry, they’re really sensitive”, “No problem, mine too”

He moved to between my legs and went back to work very slowly enjoying the extra skin with his tongue and the next thing I know I can feel his beard on my balls and the tonsils in the back of his throat. Holy fuck I thought he’s gonna choke and I waited a split second but he stayed down there and sucked and wriggled his tongue against the bottom of my dick and kept going for maybe thirty seconds, I could feel him breathing through his nose then finally he came back up for air with a gasp. He looked up at me and I said,

“Holy shit, that’s a first for me.”

“Funny. You’ve never had your dick sucked?”

“No, I’ve never had anyone not choke on it that deep.”

He shrugged and said, “it’s fine for me.” And he went back down sucking and licking.

I couldn’t take it any longer, it was my turn to tantalize him. I thought of all the things that drive me fucking crazy and planned on giving those to him so I pulled him off my dick and back up to me so I could roll him over and enjoy him. Instead, he slid right straight up me and reached around the back of my head and surprised me with a full on fiery kiss. After a second of hesitation I thought well here I go and I slid my tongue in to mingle with his. Our beards which were full, but not crazy were even tingling with sensitivity… I was a hot mess for his body so I wrapped my legs around his and rolled him on his back while we continued to explore each other’s mouths, lips and beards. His hands were on my head, so I pulled them up above his head and rolled off of his mouth and down his neck to a nipple and traced it until I felt it was too much for him and moved up and over to his finely haired pits and licked and lapped them until I found the spot that was the best for him and spent a little time there then licked my way across his hard biceps and back down to a kiss, then back to repeat the same on the other side. He was clearly enjoying this so far, he was writhing in pleasure and his hands were roving all over me.

I used to ask him if his girl would give him a rim job and he said no way. I asked if he’d ever had one and he said no, he didn’t want anyone down there and I’d tell him to wait marry a girl who’ll rim you. So, it became my mission to let him know what the third level of happiness feels like, I’ve had a few and as anyone knows who’s had one, the feeling can be described as; clenched hands on sheets and electrocution by; bucking, squirming, heavenly sensations wrapped in WOW.

So, I worked my way off his nipple and on my way down scooped his dick up in my mouth which was an amazing feeling. I’ve only ever had the tip of my own dick in my mouth, so this really was new frontier for both of us except I didn’t think I had to ask if he was OK with it at this point. I sucked his dick and pumped the lower half with my hand, ran down to his balls and sucked his hairless sack paying particular attention to the ridge below his balls and when I felt he was ready, I lifted his legs up from the back of his knees and dove in.

I’ve never imagined that a man’s ass would smell musky and taste bittersweet, but that is exactly what his smelled and tasted like. I was in my glory Maltepe Escort looking for the direction, speed and pressure of the perfect spot and when I found it, he reached down and ground my face into his hairy beefy ass cheeks. He indeed bucked, wriggled and clenched my head and hair as I drove deeper into his ass. Eventually he started to try and pull back slightly to escape my tongue, so I assumed he had had enough and I licked my way back to his balls, down his cock for a quick twist and suck, popped off it and asked him what he thought of it. He was sweating and his gorgeous chest was heaving, his eyes and smile were wide and he said,

“I did not think that was possible.”

“What?” I said?

“To come without having my dick touched.”

I looked down at his treasure trail and there was a decent load of cum pooled in his belly button and blown across his chest, I leaned in and willingly lapped it all up. I licked his nipples on the way back up to his face and planted a kiss on him and pushed his load into his mouth. We rolled that around for a few minutes and I could feel him swallow it. I was fucking hotter than I’d ever been so I asked him if I could ride his dick which was back at attention.

Now I’m no professional bottom, but I do wriggle a finger or my wife’s dildo up in there once and a while, so I thought I could take it slow and be OK. I had my shower bag next to me in the tent and I know there is a bottle of Kama Sutra scented oil that’s perfect for jacking off or a few drops gets the Mrs. back in juicy land, so I got it out and lubed his cock up, put some up my crack and slid him up to me. I tried in vain to find my hole with his dick, but he reached down and spread me open which made it much easier to find. I slid his head in and thought I was about to die but after just a few seconds of pain and trying to push down and let more in something let loose and his head slid right past my prostate and in. I just sat there for a minute deciding if I could move, he was motionless except for his hands running over my stomach, chest and arms then he rolled his hips ever so slightly and the feeling was new, painful, filling and amazing all at the same time.

So, I started to squeeze and rocked forward, released and rolled back and let him slide in all the way again. Holy fuck this was hot. I sped up slightly, my rocking turned to bucking after a few minutes and the game was on, I reached out and grabbed his chest and dug into it. He grabbed my waist and lifted me off as he pounded me down on his oncoming hips and I rode him wildly until I couldn’t take it and I slowed down so his dick was just rubbing on my hot spot. He pinched one of my nipples hard and spit on his hand and pumped my dick maybe three times and I arched my back as the most powerful orgasm I’ve ever had ripped through me from my mid back, around my ass, up the length of his dick inside me, electrified my balls and exploded through the front of my entire body. With each jolt I slammed his cock back in me as deep as I could, I must have blown ten ropes all over his chest and face and somewhere in there he said,

“I’m gonna cum.”,

So just as I was winding down I rode and bucked more and told him I wanted him to blow his load in me and with one hand reached for the bottom of his balls to swirl around his prostate and with the other, my fingers spread wide open, caught both of his nipples and he came just as hard as I did, I could feel his back arch high and his dick explode inside me again and again as he reared and writhed in ecstacy under me. Once he was done, I collapsed on his chest, let him slide out and put my legs straight for the first time in a while.

We were covered in sweat and cum and whatever that amazing scented oil was, all of my senses were tingling harder than ever and I was almost paralyzed by my first crazy orgasm. It was different than just coming, which is great but is centered right around my balls. This was a supernatural kind of feeling that had almost nothing to do with my balls, this made every cell and nerve in my body orgasm.

I thought I need to just lay here for a minute and I felt his load slide out of my ass and down my balls. He must have felt it land on him and he rolled me on my side licked my load clean and headed down further, lifted my leg out of the way and licked my balls and ass clean of his load. He brought both back up for another 5 minutes of making out with a mouth and beard-full of cum before we both collapsed side by side still riding carnal pulsing waves of pleasure.

Our legs entwined, we turned to each other and smiled and I said with wide eyes of disbelief,

“Holy Fuck, did that just happen?”

“I reckon.” was all he said and he grabbed me by the neck and back of my head, and we kissed a most amazing kiss.

We now sneak off for quickies and camping, he even let me put Popeye to him a few times, he calls it Ouch-eye. Fucking around with each other really has improved our lives, our wives think it’s just the time away from responsibility that makes our trips so relaxing. Jim went to the VA to talk about his experiences with other guys there and he is a better husband and father for not being disturbed so often by his memories and my relationship with my wife and daughter has become a stronger and kinder one.

Ben Esra telefonda seni boşaltmamı ister misin?
Telefon Numaram: 00237 8000 92 32